Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~

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Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~

Unread post by darkapple » November 26th, 2010, 11:54 pm

Hello everyone.
There's monstergirl game about lamia being translated (about 1/3 complete), and we could use some help as progress is not really impressive...Its not that game is long, but its simply difficult to get some lasting help. So please, if anyone could help us, at least a bit, it would be great.

Here's link to that project: ... ia_no_Baai~

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Re: Mamono Musume to no Seikatsu ~Lamia no Baai~

Unread post by Kid-Wolf » November 27th, 2010, 4:14 am

Best bet for some major help with this is to try asking on gemot, since this is sort of a discussion board for the projects that mirror moon is doing, or people posting up translation patches for games that could relate to the people on these boards.
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