Question about Dead Apostles

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Question about Dead Apostles

Unread post by Nerzhul » November 4th, 2010, 9:21 am

Are they ranked by strength? If so, does that mean Primate Murder is the strongest of them all? How can he be stronger than Type-Moon, ORT, or Zelrech?

And how are Dead Apostles chosen? Do they join the organization or does someone just automatically include strong vampires?

How is Zelrech a Dead Apostle when he killed their leader and is part of the mages association?
How is Merem Solomon a Dead Apostle if he's part of the Church and hunts down vampires?
How is No. 18 Enhance a Dead Apostle if he's been stripped of his rank and is hunting down other Dead Apostles (And if he's able to stripped of his rank, does that mean they voluntarily join the 27 Dead Apostles)?
How is ORT a Dead Apostle? He's some alien that doesn't understand human language and doesn't care about its surroundings. He just killed the previous No.5 and slept there ever since.

And why are there 27 apostles? Is there anything stopping them from making a 28th, 29th, etc.?

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Re: Question about Dead Apostles

Unread post by Message » November 4th, 2010, 3:25 pm

These things have already been discussed in other threads. More importantly, this thread breaks rule number 11 (over 9000), and has therefore been locked.

Nerzhul, consider this an official warning. Please follow the rules or stop posting.