Revolve and Mirror Moon Translation Project Merge

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Revolve and Mirror Moon Translation Project Merge

Unread post by TheXev » September 10th, 2004, 7:55 am

The last few weeks have been very exciting for Type-Moon lovers and Revolve. The Mirror Moon Project has officially joined Revolve Translations, as working apart would produce nothing of value for either group. The results of the merger are this:

* Tsukihime's translation is now in full swing, and Revolve will lend its hand in hacking and Photoshop work. The few translators that where prepared to work on Tsukihime after Melty Blood's completion will move over to Tsukihime first.
* The Mirror Moon Project will become a sub group of Revolve, dedicated to the translation of Type-Moon games.
* Melty Blood will go on the back burner for awhile (we'll still be working on that blasted font though). This logically makes sense to me, as there is a lot of terminology from Tsukihime that will cross over into Melty Blood, and I would like to see it remain consistent across the board.
* I, TheXev, will remain on NScripters hacking (if it?s possible), and NScript programming (text insertion). ONscripter coding and NScripter programming will be handled by chendo.
* There are now three translators working on Tsukihime: AstCd2, Ryuusoul, and tjm. We are looking for people who wish to help editing, revising, or starting translations, so please email []chendo[/url] ( [remove NOSPAM]) or join the IRC channel if you would like to help. As always, anyone and everyone is encouraged to make serious post in our translation forum about the translated terminology of Tsukihime (this means NO ?keep up the good work? post in that particular forum).
* Current progress on Tsukihime sits at 19% (up from 12% at the beginning of the week) via the Mirror Moon CVS system. This does not include any revision/editing/text insertion yet.
* The IRC channel?s name has changed to #revolve, and we have moved to the IRCHighway network. Follow the IRC link on the navbar to connect to our channel.
* The website's layout will slowly change (as I find time) to reflect the changes from the merger.

As for other news you may be interested in:

* Farland Symphony still needs solid and reliable translation power.
* Arcturus has two new korean translators; sssssz & Vivid. After a little more organization, this project should be running smoothly again.

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Unread post by DragonNeoReborn » September 10th, 2004, 8:10 pm

19%... wow, I wonder if it will keep moving at this pace. Great Job!!!