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In a nutshell, who do you think should win?

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Unread post by nobaka » March 9th, 2009, 1:03 am

The only Rubbish one that I've seen that ISN'T about tentacle rape is 10. And I like 10. If there are more like that, please let me know (PM or what have you).

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Re: T-Moon Complex Discussion

Unread post by bryanblade » June 21st, 2013, 7:28 am

people, please, we all know that Tohno Shiki has the mystic eyes of death perception, but that doesn't mean he's all powerful, what's the point of having the ultimate weapon if you don't have the capacity to use it?
against servants? so far, if you're up against a servant like Lancer, who's the fastest dasher , Shiki can't even keep up with him, hence DEAD, end of story
against Archer, we all know Archer is a careful type servant, he won't recklessly just jump into battles and fight them head on, he's an archer, hence, he will do what he does best, Sniping attacks, either a hrunting or a Caladbolg from a few kilometers away, Shiki is dead
i would agree that Shiki can kill close combat type servants such as Saber, but with Avalon, no chance , sorry
up against Assassin(sasaki Kojiro), yes , there's a possibility, let's see if Shiki can avoid those lightning fast slashes from Assassin then
all we know is that Shiki can kill servants, it's a one hit kill, but if he makes one single mistake, he's a dead man himself

now to see who are stronger, the DAA or servants , let's review what Nasu said , k?
Q: Who'd win if the Servants and the 27 Ancestors fought each other? Also, who'd win in a fight between Bazett, a renowned powerhouse of the Association, and Ciel, top class in even the Association?
A: Depends on compatibility, but basically Servants will have the slightly higher advantage. With Saber, Lancer, and Archer classes, we ought to be able to relax and see decent fights. In particular, Saber has THAT sort of Noble Phantasms so against guys like the 27 Ancestors that overwhelm by material quantity and alienness, she'd be REALLY tough.
....Well, there are also some of those tough Ancestors that can withstand a direct hit from Excalibur-class attacks, but against those guys that just (emphasis on just; other stats don't match up) have wickedly high HP, Lancer-aniki'd be pretty tough.

it's all about compatibility , folks,
Nrvnqsr chaos up against Saber, we all know Saber has an anti fortress noble phantasm, and even destroyed the extradimensional evil god of FZ Caster's , so this should be no problem for Saber
if Nrvnqsr chaos is up against Lancer, i doubt Lancer could win , even with his thrown version of Gae Bolg

the only current DAAs(since some were already killed) i could think about going on par or defeat servants are Primate Murder ,ORT, and Altrouge brunestud(since she has bodyguards and even control the primate Murder)

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Re: T-Moon Complex Discussion

Unread post by Message » June 21st, 2013, 9:19 am

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