Saccin X Shiki at the park. funny I think.

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Saccin X Shiki at the park. funny I think.

Unread postby zweiterversuch » May 19th, 2009, 11:13 pm

__________________________________-----------------------------------------................................. This might be hard to imagine so I will write what it would be like.

Y for Saccin
S for Shiki.

Shiki goes back home late at night because he was drinking or doing something with some friends, his sister, Arcuied, Ciel and the others when suddenly Saccins comes out from behind a tree at the park.

Y: Good night, Shiki-san.
S: Oh Hi, Yumizuka! Where have you been? I was just drinking something with the guys. I would have invited you but you weren't there so...
Y: Don't is cool.
S: nice. So ....what are you doing?
Y:Nothing really... Hey Shiki-san...
S: mmm?
Y: close your eyes.
S: mm? why?
Y: it is a surprise. Do it pretty please!
S: Ok.
* Shiki closes his eyes.*
S: shouldn't have bothered. Now I really feel bad about not had invited you.
*sniff sniff*
S: what is that smell?
Y: Ta da! It is a corpse! I killed him myself! Look. This is the hand, and this one the foot...or was it the other way...this the hand and that the foot? I don't know I was so...
S: ......
Y: what is the matter?
S: Yumizuka...what is that?
Y: A corpse.
S: and why are you walking around with a corpse....... with your hands covered in blood.....and a blood-stained....
I am going home.
Y: Wait Shiki-san!
S: Don't touch me! You killed somebody!
Y: but I made it for your sake....
S: what the f***! for my sake!? what am I? A corpse eater? Do I have fried fingers for lunch on school or what!?
Y: but are like me...we are now the same.
S: Oh yeah. Everytime we meet my hands are dripping blood and who would be able to forget about the corpse bag I always drag around on sundays!
Y: Shiki-san, there is no need to be rude.
S: Well, how do you want me to be!? happy? oh! Yumizuka! thank you for the corpse! that hand-foot-whatever was exactly what I wanted this year for christmas!
Now I don't have to ask my maids whenever I want somebody else to scratch my butt!

Y: You make your maids scratch your butt, Shiki-san? T-that is not what we are talking about now!
Y: w--well...sorry...I just wanted to be with you and..
S: have you tried to tell me? I could have just said: Hey Shiki! why don't we meet and do something on friday or on the weekend! I don't know. there were so many ways to be with me! Why did you have to select "kill people" instead of "thinking about the girl in the mansion"
Y: "girl in the mansion"?
S: is one of the options of the game... Don't try to change the conversation!
Y: but you were the one who....
S: You know what. I will say nothing about this...just...just give me the hand and we will be at peace, ok?
Y: Ok. Left or right?
S:....mmm... the left one. Yeah left is fine.
Y: here you go.
S: ... so... how did you kill him anyway?
Y: I...I just scratched him and he just fell apart.
S: you just scratched him?
Y: Yeah.
S: and he fell apart, right?
Y: yeah.
S: all by his own.
Y: yeah.
S: Oh god! This guy might have had Lepra or something!
Y: no! no! He didn't have Lepra! I drank his blood, there was nothing in it?
S: You drank his blood!? What kind of pervert are you!?
Y: No! Shiki-san no!
S: I mean....everybody has some wrong habits like thinking about your step-sister, your sister, a nun, a foreigner, two maids, a japanese and a european one, a girl from egipt who apparently likes bondage, and a cat, but to drink somebody else's blood is something else!
........ Yeah...
...Yeah anyways. He didn't have Lepra.
S: well...Aids maybe.
Y: NO! he wasn't sick! he wasn't sick at all!
S: You don't have to explain me. I will take the other thing that resembles a hand just in case this is one of his feet, ok? And don't worry I won't tell anybody about the lepra-guy.
S: Ok! sheesh... you don't have to shout.
Y: I killed him easily because I became a vampire.
S: aha... a vampire.
Y: yeah...
S: is easier to become a vampire and kill somebody than tell me you just want to be with me?
y: but it is so embarrassing to say it...I just couldn't...
S: Oh! but when you have to rip somebody to pieces then it is alright, isn't !?
Y: welll kinda... Yeah.
*Points with the hand of the corpse*
S: You know what? you are sick and I don't want to see you again.
S: what?
Y: Y O U M O T H E R F * * * * * * * *
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Re: Saccin X Shiki at the park. funny I think.

Unread postby Arayashiki » May 21st, 2009, 11:48 am

I laughed so hard at that, even though I knew I shouldn't have
Good job!
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