Apple Street Agency[FF] 10 years post UBW Good end

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Apple Street Agency[FF] 10 years post UBW Good end

Unread post by creativemasta » May 14th, 2009, 5:17 am

Well, my first post here in mirrormoon, and it happens to be a fanfiction ^^;; anyways, This fic will be updated on a bi weekly basis as there are around 8 more chapters here. Hope you'll like this.


Apple street agency



Moscow, Russia

A single Blue prismatic blast created a giant explosion as it ripped through the ghastly, shadowy building. The Sheer force of the blue ray incinerated everything that lay in its path, buildings turned to rubbles, skyscrapers fell, entire stretch of roadblocks crippled and cut in half, gouges formed in line of the rush hour streets of Moscow. Crowds poured out of their cars and buildings, panicked, frantic of the horrifying destruction that the single strain of blue ray imposed upon their thriving city.

The scene was nothing short of...Artistic in a strictly third person sort of way. There was nothing the inhabitants could do before that display of absolute and total destruction,before the blue blast that traversed as far as the eye could perceive, it all seemed mysterious yet verging on the border of magic.

For a moment, there were nothing else but the continuous rumbles of crowds streaming out of the scene like men possessed. Little by little the number of people around the vicinity lessened, replaced by scores of police cars, ambulances and fire trucks surrounding the very source of the destruction. And soon, battalion police officers started raiding the building, trying to apprehend this unclear threat.

People gasped their breath thinking that the nightmare was seemingly over as long dead silence followed the raid. But soon enough the relief turned to grieve as rays of light machined out of the building in an unstoppable burst. Each blast, as strong as the initial attack gradually leveled the entire city of Moscow.

Large section of the city burned down to charcoal, engulfed in a surge of conflagrations after conflagrations. By the end of the outburst of fire, Moscow was no longer the beautiful city it once was, reduced to a graveyard of demolished houses and fallen skyscrapers.

Right in the middle of all the destruction, Chief Officer of the district, Yuri Arshavin broke through the flaming door and made his way inside the burning building, Alone and unassisted, Ignoring his colleagues' attempt to stop his audacious individual action.

He knew the obvious risks this boldness would get him to but he had his own personal motives behind his egoistic act, he wanted to save his fellow officers from this burning hell, but more importantly he desperately wanted to uncover the truth behind the woman’s claim.


Officer Yuri met this flashy woman around two years ago when he had just been promoted to his current rank. That night he and his fellow friends spent their night on a bar, gulping American Beer and Scottish Whiskeys, they celebrated the success he achieved after years of endeavor and hard work.

As one would expect, none of them managed to stay sober and stand up on their feet by the end of their party except Yuri, who had the responsibility of chief officer in his mind had to walk home to bed despite the dizziness and haze that accompanied this event. But his doziness didn't really give him the liberty of safe walking, overtaken by fatigue, he walked inside a seemingly abandoned building before immediately plunging into deep slumber.

Next day he woke up and found himself lying on a sofa inside a smoky room, confronted by a beautiful woman in her mid thirties, clad in a shallow White Shirt and black Levi jeans. she had a short blue hair which reached down her neck, her eyes were sharp and deep, telling a unique story of her own. What's more she was Asian, a rare sight in the rather dull streets of Moscow. He met many woman in his past but this, he had to admit was the most attractive of them all.

She introduced herself as Touko Aozaki, an architect and the owner of this building. Apparently the woman found himself lying on the doorstep of her elevator early in the morning and helped him up to her room.

She added by giving him her contact number and telling him that she's an expert at supernatural cases and shouldn't hesitate to call her anytime. At first it all sounded ridiculous to him, pragmatism was the code with which he lived with and supernatural things didn't seem so alluring to him than the woman herself.

He started his early days in chief position with the expertise expected of an individual like him, but not long after he began confronting strange cases that never came to be solved. As it turned out, the previous head in chief had plenty of cases that were unsolvable by virtually any methods available and left undisclosed.

Finally, after streaks of cases went unsolved, he reluctantly went into contacting Touko with his blueberry hand phone. Surprisingly the woman managed to handle everything with ease, cases that baffled his subordinates seemed like child's play to her. Since then, he began to rely on her professionalism in such a case.

As time grew they became closer, not in a girl-boy sort of way but more like a friendship. Contrary to his first impression, Touko was not exactly the type that you'd like to share your life with, more like a tomboy than a girl she was better suited as a friend than being a girlfriend. One day, during a minor chat in her office. She stoically revealed something that he never even dreamed of, it was a shock but strangely he accepted it without any single doubt in his mind.

“Yuri, I'm a mage."

Strange, he was a pragmatist yet he didn't question the truth of her claim. Perhaps she thought it was safe to reveal her identity, perhaps she wanted something to share with her friend. Whatever the reason, she said those words, hearing them straight from her, there was no more turning back for Yuri Arshavin. The world isn't as normal as it seemed and mages were probably the least of what he can expect to see...


Striding through the fire and the obnoxious black gas fumes, Yuri Arshavin sprinted to the nearest emergency stairway and pushed open the door, the lights inside the room wasn't functioning but the fire hadn't reached as far as this fire proof container. That still allowed for a fast run over the stairs which he did immediately.

Reaching the third floor Arshavin charged on the door, only to find it stuck right there like a magnet. Pulling out his .357 Magnum from his holster strapped on his belt, Arshavin stood beside the doorknob and started firing his gun at the stuck knob. Soon, the knob lost its strength and splintered off the door, giving way for Arshavin to cross. The third floor, he found out wasn't actually burning rather; it was fully intact as if unaffected by any external influences.

Shaking off the anomaly of his head, Arshavin rushed towards Touko's wooden office door and immediately charged in, wielding his .357 magnum in his right fist.

What he first saw inside the room was Touko, sitting on a black briefcase which was trembling and shaking almost frantically. The source of the blast had to have been here but there wasn't anything, not even a single hole was on the ceiling.

Everything was quiet like it had been cut off from the outside, on the far corner of the room were all four of his officers, collapsed on the ground, the faint motion of the officers' stomach indicated that they had life left in them.

“Touko!! Are you alright??

Yuri ran towards the confused Touko. But soon his steps came to a grinding halt and he was trapped in his position, motionless. He tried to move his body but the invisible bind wasn't something that could be freed from easily.

“It seems my barrier didn't cover as much as it should. Hah... her Blast weakened most of what's left of it."
Said Touko, still sitting on her shaking briefcase.

“What's the meaning of this Touko!!?? Answer me!!?"

“Oh, Yuri, there's a case to be solved I presume. I'm sorry but this agency is currently off business."

“Stop shitting me!! Half of Moscow is in rubbles and that's all you can say!!? Bullshit!"
Touko's eyes focused on her affiliate, her expression crippled, glaring at the man helplessly dangling on the air with a hint of killing intent.

“I am a mage, thought what do is swinging magic wands and chanting petty flying spells? If so then you're sadly mistaken Mr. Yuri Arshavin... do you happen to know what's inside this briefcase right now?"
A short silence followed before Yuri made a Nod. It wasn't long before Touko took off her glasses and spoke.

“This briefcase holds an army of a thousand mythical beasts, crammed inside this pocket dimension, Each around the rank of C, some up to B. The one trapped inside the briefcase is the fifth Sorcerer... My sister, Aozaki Aoko. The blasts are mere byproducts of her magic. Her true strength is far more fearsome than what you've seen so far Mr Arshavin. And I assure you The only thing that can match her is a blast from a nuke."

Arsahvin swallowed every last bit of saliva in his mouth, there was no single stutter in her speech. What she's telling is the truth then they're going to see something much fearsome than they'd seen so far. As Arshavin sank in deep contemplation the shakes on her briefcase stopped. Cold sweat formed on her forehead before dropping down her nose.

"..It seems she's done with the killing, That's my trump card wasted for nothing."
Touko stepped away from the briefcase and drew a star on the air, the maneuver tightened the grip of space. Channeling every one of her mana on this one Move, Touko used every one of her mana to brace for what's to come.

“The 651st . Remember to tell this to those who searches for me...please, as a friend."


Before he could finish his last sentence, his mind shut down and he collapsed on the ground, released from the grip of space.

"“Now come to me with your full strength Aoko, Let's get this long cycle of hatred to a close."

Slowly the briefcase trembled, starting at low then gradually the shake built up and blue lights started seeping out side the briefcase. Seconds later, the briefcase slammed open along with a giant ball of blue energy, engulfing Touko, along with everybody inside this ghostly building of Moscow.

-Prologue End-

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Re: Apple Street Agency[FF] 10 years post UBW Good end

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If the girl with the pink hair is Sion, I'll love you forever.

Nice story so far, I'm looking forward to the rest.
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Re: Apple Street Agency[FF] 10 years post UBW Good end

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Yeah, I'm inclined to keep reading it. There are some odd mistakes here and there, but other than that, it's good.
Nice story so far, I'm looking forward to the rest.
IIRC, the rest is in Beast's Lair, but I'm lazy, so I'll wait until it's uploaded here. Skimming through various posts hunting for the next chapter is tiresome for me.
Oh, by the way, the rules here are stricter than in Beast's Lair, pics in the sig aren't allowed..... bummer, ain't it?
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Re: Apple Street Agency[FF] 10 years post UBW Good end

Unread post by creativemasta » May 15th, 2009, 12:22 am

solopy567 wrote:If the girl with the pink hair is Sion, I'll love you forever.

Nice story so far, I'm looking forward to the rest.
Thanks ^^ oh, and the girl in the pic is Sion i can give you that. Expect more to come :D
abscess wrote:Oh, by the way, the rules here are stricter than in Beast's Lair, pics in the sig aren't allowed..... bummer, ain't it?
Really? aww, guess I'll have my Sig removed then ;_;

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Re: Apple Street Agency[FF] 10 years post UBW Good end

Unread post by creativemasta » May 19th, 2009, 2:40 am

okay, here's the next update. The original chapter had something like 8000 words. I managed to cut it into three different parts to make the text be more user friendly. Next update will come soon. till then, nice reading ^^.

Episode 1 : The purple Girl, Enuma Elish and The Prof.

The blazing sun was burning the hell out of this endless stretch of featureless sandy desert. Shimmering haze of heat waves were projecting illusions of oasis on the rim of the horizons.

The ashen illusions made the whole look as if the sand itself was being vaporized by the sheer heat of the sun, even the arid ground where he stood seemed like it's undergoing a cool, swift deposition.

Well, that was obviously dust gliding on the wind but the Steamy and suffocating panorama made that truth seem trite and meaningless to him.

Putting all his observations together, today was obviously hotter than the day before today, the day that passed two days ago, or to compress it all, since the days he spent in this uncivilized dessert of Arabia which roughly translates to 2 weeks time. And that was just considering the fact that his G-shock wristwatch was indicating that the time has just passed seven in the morning.

Even a Dropout of the Mage's Association like himself could see that the place is going to turn to hell pretty soon...not a very good indication at all.

Of course, Shiro had every right to think so. They were in the final stage of their excavation mission and delaying it today would not get them through his client's deadline, something like that happening definitely meant absolute disaster to his already near bankrupt private detective agency.

Moreover, this was definitely going to rid them of their Norwegian sponsor's Ego-Shattering teasings. Two birds in one stone...quite an archaic cliché, but there was none other vocabulary in his head to describe this once in a decade opportunity.
-Three weeks ago-
It all started three weeks ago in their office in North Ireland. Shiro, Rin and Saber were slacking off in their office just like they had been doing for the past month. Of course, that doesn't mean that they were actually enjoying that particular situation.

The truth was that prospectus Customers were rare in their place, for the year they started their business, they had only ten customers setting foot in their building. To add to the dismal tally, the cases were far from pocket filling, nine of the ten customers would come to offer seemingly trivial jobs like searching for their lost cat or dogs.

There was this one particular court-related case that landed them big money, but even that was soon exhausted by the enormous food bill Saber generated single handedly.

As a result, they've been pretty much relying on their self-proclaimed sponsor, Miss Norwegia for pretty much everything down from electricity bills to foods.

The sponsor never really asked for any returns though, her reason was simply that she was enjoying the downfall of her red rival more than everything else, that doesn't mean Rin's been depressed though. She would keep on self suggesting:

“Laugh all you want L---- we didn't ask for anything. Voluntary tributes are more than welcome here.”
and appease her ego, but lately that word too started to lose power, much to her husband's worries.

If anybody asked about the possibility of returning to the M.A, that was definitely a possibility. Sure, she was a five star Magus which meant she had every right to abandon this job and return to the association as a Tutor.

She herself wished to return but still, she had always been hesitant about going back, her excuse was that there was a high chance the exiled Puppet master was going to get her tails sniffed on by the association if she does that And that would in turn cause the woman to unleash the wrath of her mystic black boxes on them. Again, establishing a network with an exile of the Association was definitely a bad move.

Rin's Visionary Global agency plan seemed a far fetched plan, too far fetched that it plunged them into utter miserableness. But that day, this particular situation was about to change, and she was going to reap the fruit of her long labor.

There was this particular purple girl knocking on their door step that day. Saber, as the mascot girl of this agency greeted her with utmost kindness and returned back to the seat on the edge of the room.

Her role was that of an eye candy of sort, to refresh the customer's mind. In other words that was all there was for her to do, Just sitting there still and opening the door whenever there are customers around and making fake smiles.

To think that an Arthurian hero was being used as mere eye candy, that's definitely out of place. But since she's Arturia, such a thing wasn't all that hard a thing to do, the large snack basket on her right wasn't there for nothing. The snacking expense wasn't to be overlooked though.

Still, the aesthetic effect of it was enough to tilt the cost-benefit balance towards saber's favor; the image of a Cute blond pre-teenager gobbling on snacks did add bit of bonuscharm according to Rin, their manager and director.

Aside from that, there isn't much to be said about this office, the tiles are ceramic, there is one large window behind the single Desk of this office and pots of plants are there in every corner of the box, to over simplify it all, it's pretty much dull. Keep in mind though that the exterior of this building isn't exactly as immaculate as this one.

“Good evening Miss um...”

Rin was browsing through some documents when the customer emerged from the door; Most of the documents were empty A4 sheet paper; Obviously she was pretending to be busy.

That cheap act wasn't all that effective anyway, since there were light shining down from the window behind, exposing the blankness of the papers It looked rather ridiculous than refined. The purple girl looked indeed uncomfortable with that stupidity.

“Sion Eltnam Atlasia, please call me sion.”

The girl in peculiar white one piece dress and tight purple overcoat replied in a nonchalant tone as she gently took off her purple beret and took her seat. The attitude was sort of reminiscent of the aristocrats in the Association.

“is there some case needed to be uncovered miss eltnam?...err, sorry miss..sion?”

said shiro,Trying not to be the only excluded one here. The woman was seemingly uninterested with minor formal conversations, more so when Rin saw her eying the gluttony blond girl with a hint of contempt.
She didn't seem to expect much of them. That conjecture became evident as Shiro and Rin saw from the rather nonchalant etiquette of their customer.

“Our organization mentioned that your team might be good at this sort of cases, but now I doubt if this information is to be taken as relevant.”
Rin and shirou rolled their heads, looking at each other with rather confused glance. This woman was definitely not your average customer but that peculiarity is sometimes a good sign, as Prof Melloi would often say as an excuse to his peculiar sleeping habit at mandatory thaumaturgy classes.

“Could you specify this a bit miss eltnam? sion?”

After a brief silence, Shirou started with some nervousness on his face. The girl huffed before Answering Shiro in a rather haughty attitude.

“We originally planned on handing this particular task to the Red Mage. But we failed to contact her and instead decided to trust our money on your agency, seeing that you're close affiliate to that exile of London, we expect your agency to share the same... Expertise in this sort of cases. Keep in mind that we are a concealed group, and external reference materials are rather hard to import. Precisely why we need you to keep this a confidential matter.”
By now, the group realized she was no ordinary customer


“Idiot, she’s talking about Tohko Aozaki!”

Rin, gave a nice prop on shirou's side as she whispered on his ear. There are five main colors given to the five highest ranking Mages in the association, Blue is the title given to a Mage of the highest caliber while red falls right behind that category. Tohko's sister was given the title Blue; While Tohko herself was given red as the title.

“But Tohko's hair is blue!”

Shiro replied seriously, again showing her dumb nature

“Oh, god.”

Pinching Shiro's belly, Rin returned to her customer, this time with a much more serious outlook.

“So, I'm guessing you're a Mage, now what exactly does this have to do with our Partner in Russia?” Tohko's residence was apparently in Russia at that time according to their record

“These are the documents you'll need to get starting this mission, we'll deliver 20 percent through your bank account as the initial payment and the rest via up-front... That is, IF you make it to the deadline... In the event that you fail to deliver this item within this specified month, we will consider this agreement void and re-confiscate the money. The rest of the details are written in the document. I hope we're in business.”

Ignoring Rin's question she brusquely tossed a document filer on the table and returned back to where she came. This time though Saber was too preoccupied with eating snacks to do as much as pardoning her customer from the duty of opening the door.

“Hey! Answer my questions!”

Rin was about to catapult out of her chair when she heard Shirou's loud Gasp. Turns out Shirou was reading the Documents right after that.

“R...Rin!! The...They're talking about a thousand grand here!! in POUNDS!”

“What the...”

Rin's anger immediately died down with that.

After a quick examination of the Document's first ten introductory page, it became clear that the girl was some high ranking Alchemist in Atlas who is In charge of some weird Major named Archaeological mysticism.

After some more cursory scrutiny Rin went into concluding that the woman is actually a revolutionary Progressive in atlas, She was initially exiled from Atlas for her off the paper attitude towards Atlasian values. But it seems after the news came that she managed to seal Tatari, the tenth of the 27 dead apostles, the Alchemists of Atlas had no choice but to give her a new, much more authoritative seat.

Rin also confessed that she actually admired her, but wasn't all so impressed at her stereotypical attitude towards Mages. Alchemists and Mages aren't really considered compatible and the Sion girl wasn't an exception it seemed. But the main objective they were on for was, of course, wasn't about the woman.

After going through some basic signature duties and plenty of introductory pages, Shirou and Rin soon came to the main idea of their quest. The Atlas was basically asking them to retrieve Enuma Elish in the Gate of Babylon!

Other than the illustration pictures of EA which was apparently miles off from the real thing, No other clues were there to be found; she was literally asking them to start from Nil. It was truly a daunting task but The Money of course, wasn't to be forsaken.

As per precaution Rin began by phoning the puppet master, after Continuous streaks of Stoic Russian ringing her ear, it became clear; Tohko was in another one of her nomadic journeys, She has definitely been spotted by the Association yet again.

But To tell the truth, that situation wasn't much of a problem for them,The call was just a confirmation of the authenticity of that Sion girl's claim anyway. And in truth, they didn't really want her to change her mind... Badly.

They started their quest in a nearby bank. After finding out that their account was indeed filled with a big two hundred grand check. They immediately began with their investigation. If they wanted to find a thing as rare as EA it had to be in some old Mesopotamian Ruins, it was clear that they had to hire a professional archaeologist as a guide.

In the Information age, that shouldn't be very hard task if only Rin had been more open minded towards contemporary technologies... So instead of simply looking through Google, they resorted to an archaic method to deal with that problem;Newspapers . After browsing through some old newspapers they went across a peculiar headline.

“Profesor Norton Discovers The Lost Garden of Babylon!”

Professor Norton...yes, Rin clearly remembered that name. Who else wouldn't? After all,that event was something of universal sensation to the world. In fact, so universal that it even managed to impress the majority of authorities in the magi association.

So,By now, their target was locked, .the problem was where could they find him? There weren't anymore mentions about him in any other recent news coverages. His name was never again mentioned ever since The Novel Prize controversy three years ago. It was definitely a time to get down to an old fashioned Q&A's.

First they began with a visiting trip to the museums in Ireland, after going through three of Ireland's most renown museums, they picked up an info about his whereabouts, indicating that he was currently residing in America.

His latest address seemed to indicate a mental hospital. A quick call on the facility revealed his absence in that ground. The truth behind it lay in the Prof's escape; it was never actually made public. Supposedly the higher-Ups of the institution didn't want this incident revealed since that would've resulted in a drop in budget allocation, so they decided to cover things up in an anonymous decision. There was no other choice for Shirou and Rin. A trip to America was the only option for them to get to the old Prof.

By now some of you might think, Why not choose the other Professionals? they're everywhere right? Well, The answer to that is simple, this prof was the first access to the world's only Ruin that never underwent a Scrutiny of the Magi association. And that supposed ruin was the one that had the highest chance of holding EA.

Such ruins have various suggestion spells that make normal excavation missions impossible. The Prof was such a genius (human) that he even Skipped or somehow evaded all the supposed Magic traps. Moreover, the ruin was actually found and explored first by a normal human.

As exposure of magic wasn't a thing Magicians would risk to delve into a human-eyed ruin such as Babylon. The only way for Magicians, or in this case Alchemists could at best do, was of course hiring an external source like the exiled Tohko or EVEN a relatively new agency such as that of Rin and Shiro's.

That was how desperate the People of the association were, desperate enough to hire an exile or even rookies to aid their cause. Until now they never got a hold of any Mystic item in the ruin. The humans were no different but at this state it was just a matter of time before the humans get there first. Which equals,

Dispersion of Magic- Thinning of Magic- Acceleration of Magic decomposition-Disaster.

Rin herself wasn’t about to make that happen being a magical heir of the grand Tohsaka and all. This time they managed to earn some cash from the Sponsor without much of a fuss the reason being of course, this directly had to do with the very existence of Magic.

With loads of financial support and no time to spare, they accelerated their search. They first made their way to the Mental hospital in Utah, Texas.

The investigation actually turned out to be pretty easy when they found out that the hospital actually had the record of the prof's current residence which was meant to be put to good use in case he makes any bold moves.

What Rin did after wards was simply waving the evidences of their treachery on the face of the institutional director. The director, fearing that it would cost his seat dearly, simply handed the detail sheets pronto.

The rest they had to do hitchhike their way to Santa Fe,Texas and find the Professor drinking scotch in his usual strip Bar. After the commotion that took them a week to solve, they were now here two weeks later, somewhere in the desert of Arabia, Well on course to reaching their client's deadline.

End chapter 1

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