A New Life (Fate / Contracts)

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A New Life (Fate / Contracts)

Unread post by Kikuchi » March 17th, 2009, 6:04 am

"Close your eyes. I'll make it quick", I said to the man before me. He was kneeling, clutching his bloody hand while shuddering in fear and disbelief. How could someone who only knows one kind of magic overpower him, who has tens of years of experience, and is by far a more gifted Magus?


He didn't answer, but merely glared at me, like a cornered dog baring its fangs for the final resistance. I bring the sword in my hand down. A quick and clean slash ripped the man's throat apart. He fell down with a dull "thunk", his lifeless body hit the cold marble floor of the office.

The sword in my hand vanished into thin air; its purpose filled. I turned my back on the corpse, but...

"There! In the office!"

"Ready your arms! This is one hell of an expert killer; don't let him escape at all costs!"

Shit! I cursed under my breath. This is bad. Judging from the footsteps, there must be over a dozen of them. I cannot just blast through them; not when the secrecy of the organization is at risk. I kicked the door close.

"Trace on."

Tens of sword solidified in the air, and by a jerk of my hand, one by one sank into the wall, creating a makeshift barricade for this time. Just a second after I finished, sounds of people trying to barge in by force could be heard from the other side of the door. I have no time left. A pair of twin swords appeared at my respective hands; I threw them at the glass window, breaking it.

This is 8th floor, but I had no time to think otherwise. Making up my mind, I dashed with all my might and jumped outside the window just a split second after the people behind blew the door open.

"This is 8th floor!!"

"Is he insane!?"

Sort of thing that could be heard from behind me. I'm already in midair and would crash to the concrete below in 5 seconds. And die even if I'm not killed.

"Trace on!"

A lance appeared in my left hand instead and I thrust it with all my strength onto the wall about 4 metres from the ground. The stopping force was very strong; I almost dislocate my arms when I thrust that lance of mine. Gritting my teeth, I used the pole as a fulcrum and landed safely on the ground.

Just as I was to draw a breath of relief, however...

"There he is! He's down on the ground!"

Hell, there seemed to be no end for their numbers, did there? This is bad...

"Shirou, jump in!!"

...What? I turned my head just to find a girl with golden hair just stopped beside me, riding on a motorcycle.

"Saber!? Why are you..."

"There's no time, come on!"

Without any other words, I simply jumped to the back and gripped her tightly. Sounds of steps could be heard from before us, drawing nearer and nearer. But Saber simply brandished her sword, and...

Just from a single slash, the dozens of men were pushed back as if with a very strong vacuum of gale. Without wasting any time, she immediately punched on, and we both rode together from the place...
My first fanfic :D

Yeah, this is basically an amalgamation between Fate and Hitman. Shirou and Saber are now agents of The Association, who are in some kind of "top secret" department which is specialized in termination of potential threats to the Association.

The setting is some 5-6 years after the events in the 5th Heaven's Feel. For reasons unknown (yet to be explained), Saber is now fully human and Shirou's partner in the Association while still retaining most of her powers.

More canon characters will be revealed one after another, so stay tuned for the story development. ;)
For the background storyline proportion, I think I will pretty much follow anime proportion, since that's the most commonly and widely understood.
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Unread post by Kikuchi » March 20th, 2009, 3:50 pm

Twenty minutes of relentless ride, we are finally home... not really. It's just a small underground flat located in a dark alleyways... a typical quarters for a secret agent residing abroad. We got off from the bike; I unlocked the door, and Saber carefully brought the ride inside through the close fitting door. The smell of oil and grease greeted our nose as soon as we were inside; I searched fo the generator and turns it on.

Soon, the garage and the stairs leading down, as well as other rooms were lit up like a Christmas Tree. "Not bad", I think. "So... Saber?", I caught the girl's shoulder, as she were immediately heading downstairs.

"Yes, Shirou?", she replied, question in her eyes.

"I thought you were supposed to be in London? This is my solo mission, after all. You aren't supposed to be here."

"Uhm, are you suggesting that my presence isn't welcome?", she asked, blushing. Her tone indicated a mixture of embarassment and chagrin.

"No, not at all. I'm just curious why you followed me all the way here", I immediately amended my sentence.

"Umm, well, you see... Rin, I mean, the Colonel told me that you might require assintance. And... it's been a month since I last saw you..."

I see, she's been missing me since, huh? I especially like that part of her, but now isn't the time to go and tease her.

"All right, then. I suppose I shall go and contact her. In the meantime, could you please prepare the tea?"

"But of course." She smiled and walked to the kitchen.

I headed towards my room myself, and turned on the light. There, I approached a small mirror on the table. I took hold of it and channeled my magical energy; its surface began to reflect something else, resembling a figure of a woman. Then...

"I'm done, Tohsaka.", I said airily to the person on the other side.

"You blockhead! Is that how you speak to your superior!?", Tohsaka Rin replied in her most despotic manner. She's still the same old Tohsaka Rin, yes.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am. Target has been neutralized. Mission was accomplished with minimal collateral damage."

"Nice work, Emiya-kun. Next target has been designated. You are to go to Japan and establish contact with the informant in Misaki City."

Tohsaka, I mean, the Colonel flashed a picture of a blue-haired woman

"You can find her in the town's Church. She will respond to the password 'Beef Curry'. She will give you the directive for the next mission afterwards."

Japan, huh? Well, I kinda miss it there... It's been a while, after all...

By the way... "Tohsaka, are we still going to communicate through this rusty mirror? Technological advances aren't there for no reason, you know."

"Y... you blockhead! We are agents of the Association! Magical atmosphere is important to keep! Anyway, if I hear you address me carelessly, I will make sure that's the last thing you ever do!"

She cut the link. Sigh, she never really grows up, does she? Communicating through a rusty mirror isn't at all that cool compared through a laptop or something.

In any case...


A sound of breaking ceramic. I sighed and facepalmed. I should have known better than to let Saber handle anything that is related to kitchen works...
When will I get my 1337th post?

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