Heart of Steel

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Heart of Steel

Unread post by that one guy » February 23rd, 2009, 7:48 pm

Foreward: First off, this is an entirely dialogue based Fan Fic. It takes place right at the beginning of the Mind of Steel bad end in Heavens Feel, but with a major twist early on. If you're having trouble deciphering what's going on, or you just want to give a few suggestions as to what I should do next in the story, drop me a PM...Here goes, my first FF. Showtime.
Ilya - ...I see. So you're choosing the same method as Kiritsugu. You're going to cast away the person you love most for people you don't even know about.

Shirou - "That's right. Kiritsugu and I are the same. If you want to curse someone, you can curse me."

Ilya - I pity you Shirou. You're going to be deceiving yourself forever with that crying face of yours."
Kirei - The operation is complete. There is nothing more I can do.

Rin - ...So how's Sakura Kirei?

Kirei - I have done my best, that is all I can say. Matou Sakura is sleeping, she should wake up tomorrow morning. What will you do as the successor of the Tohsaka family Rin?

Rin - I don't even have to say it. It's the supervisors duty to eliminate a magus who has turned into a heretic. All the more so if the magus is a relative of mine...Aren't you going to stop me Emiya-kun?

Shirou - ...Yes I am. You shouldn't be the one to do this, I should.

Rin - ...What was that Shirou?

Shirou - I said I should be the one doing this, now move out of my way.

Rin - Shirou, are you even hearing yourself speak right now? Do you know what you're saying? No, this is my duty, and I won't let anyone else take my place.

Shirou - Tohsaka, stop lying to yourself. You can't do this and you know it, now step aside for someone who can.

Rin - Emiya-kun, if you take one step forward, I will...

Shirou - ...Thank you Kotomine. I can't have her trying to stop me now.

Kirei - No no, the pleasure was all mine Emiya Shirou. However, that being said, things are now looking interesting.

Shirou - And why is that?

Kirei - Because you have become him. You have become just like Emiya Kiritsugu, and so you must win this war, even without a Servant. Yes indeed, things have become very interesting.

Shirou - Why do I need to win this war? I'm not a Master anymore, I just need to make sure no one else gets hurt.

Kirei - That is exactly why you must win Emiya Shirou. Because there is no way that any of these people can be saved if anyone other than you retrieves the Holy Grail. Knowing it's true identity, you would strive above all others to gain it, to stop it.

Shirou - Its true identity?

Kirei - It is all the evils of the world, Angra Manyu. During the third Grail War, a forbidden Servant was summoned. Avenger. He was intended to easily defeat all enemies of the Einzberns, and they broke every rule they could to make sure that happened. However, the spirit that was summoned was nothing but a normal boy who had been cursed by his village. He had been made into a living devil, blamed for everything bad that happened to them. So it was only natural that he became spiteful of humanity. When he was summoned, and subsequently defeated, he was absorbed back into the grail. He tainted it, and now only the most destructive and evil means to an end can come about. That is why you will win, because only you know what to do with that kind of power.

Shirou - So, Tohsaka...and Ilya...

Kirei - Yes, they will be fighting for such a thing. And they will not hesitate to use it.

Shirou - "Then...you are right Kotomine. I will win this war. Just like Kiritsugu did."

Kirei - Yes, you are very similar to Emiya Kiritsugu. However, I am not sure how similar you are. For example...

Shirou - What, her? I know well enough that I can't beat Archer...so I guess you're right. I'll do what needs to be done.

Kirei - Hmm...This has become interesting indeed. If you need any help Emiya Shirou, I am always here.

Shirou - I can't trust you Kotomine...but on the rare chance I think you will be of help, I will come to you. Don't forget though, if I think of you as a threat to my goal....I will not hesitate.

Kirei - I did not doubt that for a moment.
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Unread post by Headron » February 23rd, 2009, 8:57 pm

Very interesting i can see where this might be headed and i like it. This is very good and i'd love to see more.

i have only one suggestion. Try and make it a little bit clearer on who is talking when.
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Unread post by that one guy » February 23rd, 2009, 8:58 pm

Yeah, I really should do that. Especially when I start to introduce new characters...

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Unread post by KratosIrving » February 23rd, 2009, 9:58 pm

I like it so far. Makes me wonder what Rin is thinking though, since Shirou will have to kill her and Ilya, and she's standing just a few feet away.

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Unread post by that one guy » February 23rd, 2009, 10:04 pm

Oh no, she's dead. That conversation with Kirei and Shirou happened after he knocked her out. This is why this style is so weird, I guess I didn't imply it well enough that Kirei knocked her out. Yeah, Shirou killed them both. And because of you people I've spent the past hour or two rewriting things because "Oh shit, they'll be mad if I don't include how everything goes down." New post up soon.

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Unread post by that one guy » February 23rd, 2009, 10:15 pm

Shirou - So you're telling me he's dead?

Kirei - Yes Emiya Shirou, Matou Zouken is no longer among the living. He died with Matou Sakura. Congratulations, only one Master remains.

Shirou - ...Ilya...Kotomine, what do you think she will do with the Holy Grail?

Kirei - I do not know Emiya, and I doubt that she knows. She has been made purely to retrieve the Holy Grail. That has been her entire life. The only thing she knows besides this, is that Emiya Kiritsugu was her enemy, and the man who has taken up his mantle is now her enemy. She could very well use it against you.

Shirou - ...You're right. She needs to be stopped. Do you know where she is right now?

Kirei - I'd imagine she is heading to the Ryudou temple. That is where the Holy Grail will materialize when it is complete. However, since every master is dead, the Grail should have materialized by now to the only remaining pair. Since it hasn't, one can only assume that Berserker is not the only Servant remaining.

Shirou - Who's left? I know Rider is gone, Caster was defeated by Saber, Assassin went away with Zouken, he also killed Saber, and Archer died...so I guess Lancer?

Kirei - No Emiya Shirou, Lancer is no longer in this world. He was my Servant, and was one of the first to be eliminated.

Shirou - So who is left?

Kirei - From the feel of things, Archer. And my Archer is currently fighting with him right now.

Shirou - Wait, what?!

Kirei - My Servant from the previous Grail War remained in this world, and is currently fighting with the Archer from this world. And as I suspected, they are at the Ryudou Temple.

Shirou - Well then it's obvious what is going to happen.

Kirei - You are going to stop them?

Shirou - No, we are going to kill them.

Kirei - We? I will have you know that if my Servant wins, I will not stop him from retrieving the grail.

Shirou - Fine, but if he doesn't, or if I beat him, I expect you to help me.

Kirei - ...What shall I do if this is the case?

Shirou - You need to kill Ilya.

Kirei - That is a rather daunting task Emiya Shirou. Killing Ilyasviel while she still has Berserker will not be plausible.

Shirou - That's why I'm going to fight Berserker. I'll stall him while you take care of the main problem.

Kirei - ...Agreed. I was right about you Emiya Shirou, you make everything around you interesting.

Shirou - I'm not sure what to think about that.
Archer - So Emiya Shirou, you have come. I knew you would. And you've brought someone else...

Shirou - You remember what we agreed on Kotomine?

Kirei - Yes I do. I shall uphold my end of the bargain.

Archer - If you're looking for Ilya, she will be here momentarily. She has accepted my only request; she has allowed me to kill you.

Shirou - Are you going to stand in my way Archer?

Archer - Of course I am. What you are doing is the same as what I did. You are ignoring what Emiya Kiritsugus life was like. You never noticed how terrible everything was for him. The regret that the path you are walking brings...It doesn't matter though. That's why I am here. Don't curse me Emiya Shirou, whether you believe it or not, I am actually saving your life. You wouldn't be able to handle that path. You aren't strong enough.
Shirou - I'm going to make this simple Ilya, let me get the Holy Grail, and this will end peacefully. Please, don't stand in my way.

Ilya - So you beat Archer, Shirou? Tell me, did you learn anything from that experience? Do you regret anything that you've done?

Shirou - I learned plenty Ilya. But we shouldn't talk like this. Berserker can't hold out much longer can he? And besides, I can see it in you. You want to kill me too. You want to kill me for abandoning you. Well, here's your chance.

Ilya - ...Fine Shirou. Have it your way. You aren't my Onii-chan anymore.

Berserker - ___________!

Shirou - Oh, Ilya, before this all begins, I do have something more to say. I have no regrets, this is the only path. My whole life was Unlimited Blade Works!
Kirei - So this is the end, Emiya Shirou. Tell me, what will you wish for?

Shirou - I don't have a wish Kotomine. I just wanted this to end with as little blood as possible, so I made it happen. I didn't need the Holy Grail for that.

Kirei - You never cease to amaze me Emiya. So, tell me, what will you do next?

Shirou - Me? I don't know. I'll see if I can get any work in Japan, but if I can't I'll head west. I heard the Russian sect of the Association is in disorder. I suppose I could straighten that out before they all kill everyone.

Kirei - You would probably do well to learn more magecraft first. Ah, but that is not your style, is it? Regardless, for any Japanese jobs you have, I am always at your beck and call.

Shirou - Don't kid me Kirei. You just enjoy this. That being said, you're efficient and aren't dumb enough to go against me. If I need help, I might call for you.

Kirei - True, very true. One question before you go though: What will you tell those closest to you?

Shirou - ...You almost made me laugh Kirei. The ones closest to me? I killed them, and you watched me do it. I don't think I have anything more to say to them.
Edit: I cut the Grail War short a little bit. To be honest, it was kind of boring for me. And I fought the temptation, I really did, but I couldn't resist. I had typed out "Do you regret anything that you've done?" and, god damn if it didn't just creep up on me. Oh well, original content that you all hate coming soon! Just need to do some more editing.

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Unread post by that one guy » February 25th, 2009, 2:18 am

Note: This is set around two years later. After thinking it over, Shirou finished High School while training/practicing as often as he could. During breaks he was trained in basic martial arts by Kirei, because neither had anything else to do really. Introducing two new characters here, Kariya and Armstrong. Kariya is a disciple of The Church and currently resides at the Kotomine Church under the tutelage of Kirei. Armstrong is relatively unknown, and is basically a friend of a friend of Kariyas. Well, enjoy.
Shirou - That depends, what do you think you can offer me? Well, if I'm going to take this job, I'm going to need a few simple things. Transportation to begin with. I'm on an Island nation, what do you want me to do? This is my first job, I don't have the money to get out of here on my own funds. Suffice to say, if you give the job to me, I'll get it done. Minimal. Minimal. Just his location, some of his basic credentials, family members, and guards. That's basic recon, if you can't provide that then you wont get anyone to do this. Like it or not, that's just how it is. Fine. Yeah. That sounds good to me. The fifteenth? That fits well enough into my schedule. Yes. Give me two weeks, maximum. Four, but that requires a good deal of luck on my part. I'd say ten is a good estimate. We'll discuss that after I've dealt with the target. I'm sure you'll be spying on me as I work anyway, so you should know how to contact me. Let me know when you get my ticket ready.

Kariya - He sounded unwilling to be of any use.

Shirou - You'd be surprised how many people don't like dealing with assassins. Are you coming with? Or should I find someone else?

Kariya - What's this? The great Emiya Shirou needs help?

Shirou - Of course I need help, not only is this my first job but I can't do magecraft beyond strengthening and projecting, you know that. It's useful, but I'll need someone else to help with reconnaissance. That would be you, or anyone else I can get to help.

Kariya - Oh, so I'm really not special to you at all?

Shirou - No, you aren't. And don't expect to be.

Kariya - Man, you are cold. Kotomine was right. Well, I guess that works though. Don't need someone getting all emotional in the middle of a mission, do I?

Shirou - I suppose not, I wouldn't know. And it's not a matter of emotions, it's doing what needs to be done.

Kariya - Oh? And what needs to be done? And why do you need to do it?

Shirou - The world needs to become a better place. And I need to do it because no one else can handle it. Hey, you don't happen to speak Romanian, do you?
Armstrong - He says 'Welcome Mr. Emiya, I hope you enjoyed your flight. I apologize for not being able to meet you in person, I am rather busy at the moment. If you will follow this bird, you will find my home near the Tampa Mountain. I realize that it is a fair ways away, but I would appreciate it if you didn't take public transportation. I do not trust anything in this city anymore.'

Shirou - Hmph, he's paranoid.

Armstrong - No, he's smart. At least, in a few cases. I don't know if this area has a train, but if it doesn't he's right...Anything wrong man?

Shirou - Just a little tense. I need something to calm my nerves.

Armstrong - Here, take one.

Shirou - ...You got a lighter?

Armstrong - Hmm? Oh, yeah, sorry about that. You'll cough a lot to start, but it'll calm you down.

Shirou - Hmm...you're right. This is awful, but it works....

Armstrong - What's up with you?

Shirou - Just thinking. Two years ago I couldn't see myself acting like this, even though I'm doing exactly what I thought I would do. I'm saving people...but damn it I didn't think it would be like this.

Armstrong - You're saving people? You're an amusing person Emiya. You're taking up assassination jobs to save people? How does that work out?

Shirou - Aren't you supposed to say 'amazing'? Anyway, think of it like this; this guy is doing dangerous experiments out in the open, right? And he's using our employers research, which he doesn't like. So, by doing things out in the open, he gets the attention of the Association. By getting the attention of the association, he brings their police force. They start a firefight, everyone suffers. However, if I take him out before anyone realizes what he's doing, everything's fine, nobody suffers.

Armstrong - Except him.

Shirou - ...Lets just go.

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Unread post by that one guy » February 27th, 2009, 2:18 am

Shirou - I don't like our employer.

Armstrong - Gestahl? He seemed a little off, but not terrible.

Shirou - He's gonna do something drastic soon...Do me a favor Armstrong, when you can, get some info on his research. Gets some basic info on him too.

Armstrong - Why? You think he's doing something that'll 'Endanger the people'? Geeze Emiya, you're always looking to play hero, aren't you? Whatever, I'll take a peek and let you know what I find. This guy's just an alchemist though, so you shouldn't expect too much. Then again,

Shirou - We don't really have time to talk like this. I'm gonna head out and survey the area. You know how to contact me?

Armstrong - Sure, I've got familiars all around this town.

Shirou - ...Why not just use a phone?

Armstrong - Because I have dignity.

Shirou - I will never understand you magi sometimes. It's simpler to use, and no one you care about is using it. Not to mention it's less expensive.

Armstrong - Sometimes Emiya, I really hate the fact that you're so different. It doesn't matter, I'm not using those...things. I'll just use a familiar, like a normal person would.

Shirou - ...Nobody normal uses those...
Shirou - I've made a camp near his house. I'll spend the next two days observing him. If I can find a weakness, I'll exploit it. If not, we'll begin preparation on Thursday. I've set up a simple boundary field. It's very basic stuff, basically to alert me when someone enters the vicinity. Because it's so simple, he won't suspect what I'm using it for. I've got supplies for five days. If the info I've gotten up to now is accurate, I won't be needing it all. Emiya out.
Armstrong - Emiya, can you hear me?

Shirou - Yeah, what's up Armstrong?

Armstrong - Got some info on Gestahl. He's part of the medicinal branch of alchemy. You know, removing curses, healing mortal wounds, that sort of thing.

Shirou - So he's a doctor?

Armstrong - Not quite. He specifically is researching what the effects of fire based curses are on humans. Meaning he needs live samples. There've been a few counts of kidnaping in the area, ranging from the young to the old. Most people just throw it aside as unrelated, but there's a distinct type of...lets say magical residue in all of the crime scenes. Both Gestahl and his former partner have taken these people for the experiments. I believe they're doing the same research, but Schwartz is using Gestahls as well as his own. Schwartz seems to be more on curing the affects though.

Shirou - Doesn't matter. Both of them are using these people for experiments. I'm not going to let that continue.
Armstrong - We have come here to receive payment for our work. After three days of stake out, the opportunity arose and we made our move. Your partner, Elron Schwartz, is no longer alive. All of his research is intact, and no one was around to see the operation. All in all, a great success.

Armstrong - He thanked us for a job well done, and he won't hesitate to use us again if the opportunity arrises. He says the money is already in our bank account. I think you can do what you wanted too now.

Shirou - Thanks Armstrong. I'm sad our first mission together turned out like this.

Armstrong - Don't be. It was a success, everything from here on out is all you.

Shirou - ...I'll contact you if I have another European job.

Armstrong - You do that Emiya.
And there you have it, Emiyas first job completed. A hard week of work is all it took to rather easily dispatch these very throwaway characters. I've got the next little part planned out, but I need to iron out a few details before I proceed. Thankfully, my life is as dull as dirt so I can continue without much problem.

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Unread post by that one guy » February 27th, 2009, 9:17 pm

Kirei - So Emiya Shirou, you have returned. I take it your mission was successful?

Shirou - Yeah, they're both dead.

Kirei - Oh? So you killed your employer as well?

Shirou - Yep, he was too big of a threat.

Kirei - Hmm...I shall take your word for it. I would celebrate more for your success, but I have a guest to entertain today.

Shirou - A guest? Who is it? Did you end up destroying the fabric of reality and get an actual friend while I was away?

Kirei - No, she is not a friend of mine. She is a superior, part of the Churchs' militaristic branch; the Executioners.

Shirou - Executioners, huh? Well, what do they do?

Kirei - Exactly as they sound, they execute things. Specifically, beings that the Church says does not exist. This particular one mainly hunts vampires.

Shirou - Vampires? They actually exist?

Kirei - Yes Emiya Shirou. You know, you really should learn more about the world around you if you plan to continue this. How would you react if your next target was a vampire?

Shirou - I don't know. How about this; people learn best by doing right? So why don't I kill a vampire or two and find out what to do?

Kirei - This is unlike you, shouldn't you research vampires and find out if they are causing any form of devastation?

Shirou - They're vampires. What else are they going to do? Anyway, give me the name of the person you're, ahem, 'entertaining'. I'll talk it over with her.

Kirei - Fine, I know well enough by now that I can not stop you. Though truthfully, I do not wish to. Her name is Ciel. Oh, and Kariya heard you were back. She is not pleased you haven't visited her.
Kirei - So Ciel, may I ask why you have come to Fuyuki?

Ciel - You may, though I really don't have a reason. I'm just checking up on the few churches around here while I'm in Japan.

Kirei - Oh, and may I ask why you are in our humble little country in the first place?

Ciel - Work. The Serpent slipped through my hands recently, though he has since been taken care of.

Kirei - By you, correct?

Ciel - No, unfortunately he was not.

Kirei - What a shame.

Ciel - Indeed.

Kirei - Ah, I almost forgot. This is an acquaintance of mine, Emiya Shirou."

Shirou - Nice to meet you.

Ciel - You as well.

Shirou - I'll jump straight to the point Ciel-san, I've heard from Kotomine that you are a vampire hunter. Is this correct?

Ciel - I don't believe,

Kirei - Calm down Ciel, he is trustworthy. More so than I, truthfully speaking.

Ciel - ...Yes, I am a vampire hunter.

Shirou - Take me with you on your next mission.

Ciel - And why should I do that?

Shirou - Because in my line of work knowledge is key. If I should ever run into a vampire without knowledge of how to defeat it, I will die and my mission will have failed.

Ciel - And what is it that you do, Emiya-san?

Shirou - I am an assassin.

Ciel - I do not believe a mere assassin,

Shirou - I am not a 'mere assassin' Ciel-san. Though it may not seem like it to everyone, I am a Hero of Justice.

Ciel - A hero of justice? Not only does that sound ridiculous coming from a full grown adult, but I've never even dreamed of an assassin being a Hero of Justice. It almost seems like a contradiction from my point of view.

Shirou - Then it's obvious you've never thought about it logically. You can't save everyone, this is a simple fact. However, by removing the one person who is a problem, you can save one hundred people. By removing ten problematic people, you can save over ten thousand. However, people hate real heroes. They always want to see the make believe third option. Where somehow everyone ends up fine. But, like I said, those don't exist and people will turn on you. That's where I come in. I can do this for everyone, because I can take their hatred. I know what I'm doing is right. So, I need to know how to deal with vampires, and you seem like a good person to learn from.

Ciel - It's not that simple Emiya-san. Vampires are not normal beings, they can not be killed by normal means.

Shirou - Ciel-san, do you know of the Holy Grail War that was held here two years ago? To sum it up, seven Magi summoned seven spiritual beings called Servants. I ended up winning that war using my skills alone. My Servant had died long before the end. I killed a servant using my own weapons. That means they can kill beings that technically don't exist. I believe I can handle a vampire, at least on that level.

Ciel - Is this true Kotomine?

Kirei - Why yes it is Ciel. This boy did just as he says.

Ciel - ...Fine. I can see you are determined about all this. When I get word from the church about any rogue Dead Apostles, I will let you know.

Shirou - Thank you Ciel-san. Now, if you will excuse me, if I don't report in, Kariya will kill me.
Kariya - So you killed them both?

Shirou - I did what was necessary. If I didn't, more people would have died.

Kariya - And what about their families? Won't they come after you?

Shirou - I had Armstrong look it up for me. Gestahl doesn't have family, and most of the Association won't bother coming after me. Schwartz would be a problem, but he's been so cut off from his family recently, I doubt they'll think anything of it. Not to mention no one knows I was the one who killed them.

Kariya - Geeze Emiya, how can you be so calm about all of this? I mean, you just killed two people and don't think anything of it.

Shirou - I just am. Don't think too much about it. Hey, you got a lighter on you? I forgot to buy a new one after I got back.

Kariya - Yeah. When did you start smoking?

Shirou - Armstrong got me hooked. Helps calm my nerves.

Kariya - Whatever. I'm just saying, I want to know why you are...what you are. What happened to you to make you so cold? Wait, no, that's not right. It's not that you're cold, you just...I don't know how to describe it. It's like you stopped caring or something.

Shirou - ...I'm in no mood to describe it to you. If you really want to know ask Kirei. He knows most of the details. Anyway, it's getting late, I'm going to bed. Lock up when you leave."
??? - Senpai...

Shirou - S-Sakura! How are you...but I thought...

Sakura? - I wanted to thank you senpai. If you hadn't killed me, I would have done awful things to people. But you made things better, you always do. So, please, don't feel sorry for me. You made the right decision.

Shirou - ...
Shirou - Heya Fuji-nee.

Taiga - Shirou! It feels like I haven't seen you in so long.

Shirou - It's only been a few months.

Taiga - Yeah, but it still feels like it's been a long time. So, how has everything been going?

Shirou - Good, really good actually. I just got back from Romania with a friend of mine.

Taiga - Romania? What's in Romania?

Shirou - It was a business thing. Me and Gary had a few things to attend to there. We were only there for around a week or so, but it's a nice country.

Taiga - Uh...huh. Whatever. Anyway Shirou, you should start dinner soon.

Shirou - We haven't seen each other in months and the first thing you do is ask me to make dinner. Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

Taiga - Yeah, you're still not making dinner.

Shirou - ...Fine. So how's teaching going?

Taiga - Much better since you left. Nobody calls me Tiger anymore. And Ayakos little brother is doing great on the archery team...

Shirou - It's not like you to get quiet so suddenly. What's wrong?

Taiga - I was just thinking about Sakura-chan...

Shirou - It's been over two years now, right?...I had a dream about Sakura recently. She just kept thanking me...like I did anything for her.

Taiga - Don't get like that Shirou, you know how she felt about you. You made her happy just by being there for her.

Shirou - ...

Taiga - Anyway, so do you have a girlfriend yet Shirou?

Shirou - Hmm? Oh, no, not really.

Taiga - What do you mean not really? Are you hiding something from me? No, you wouldn't be....GAH! Shirou you're so mean! You can't do that to a girl!

Shirou - Woah, woah, Fuji-nee, I think you've got this all wrong. First off, it was just a slip of the tongue. Second, I'm sure Kariya would probably get mad if I said she was my girlfriend. She's the closest to it, but that's still a pretty big stretch.

Taiga - Oooh, Kariya huh? Is that her first name? How long have you known her? What's she like? Is she pretty?

Shirou - Uh...do I really have to answer those questions?

Taiga - Yes, yes you do.

Shirou - Uh...well...geeze, this is so weird. Um, I guess...I guess she doesn't look bad. I've never really thought of her like that though. She's kinda rough around the edges, and a little invasive, but she's a good girl at heart.

Taiga - Girl...so, does she give you a 'little sister' vibe or something?

Shirou - Huh? No, not really, she just acts really immature at times. She'll probably stop by tomorrow if you want to see her that badly.

Taiga - Why not today?

Shirou - I told her I was having company.

Taiga - Ahhh! After all this time you still don't know how to deal with girls Shirou!

Shirou - You know I don't have to make this food for you. I have leftovers, and I'm more than happy with that.

Taiga - Waaah! You're such a meanie Shirou!
Allright, that pretty much wraps up the "in between" time. I'm starting to catch up with myself and the writing I had done before, so I'm not sure when the next update is, but I should get something posted by next weekend. Side Note: Anyone know exactly where Ciel was born?

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Unread post by that one guy » March 4th, 2009, 2:55 am

Ciel - So Emiya-san, tell me about yourself. I like to know at least a few things about my partners. For example, why is a magus eagerly working with The Church?

Shirou - Work with whoever you can to reach your goal. I don't really get the conflict between the Association and The Church, and to be honest I don't really care. I'm not a part of either, and as far as I know the Association doesn't even know who I am yet.

Ciel - What do you mean yet?

Shirou - I'm an assassin Ciel-san, I've already killed two of their members. If they don't know about me yet, they will soon. I can't hide things like that easily.

Ciel - Hmm...I suppose you are right about that.

Shirou - Now can I ask you a question Ciel-san?

Ciel - If you want to.

Shirou - How old are you? I mean, you look younger than me, but it seems like you're a well known and respected person in The Church, which doesn't just happen overnight.

Ciel - ...Are you an idiot Emiya-san?

Shirou - Eh?

Ciel - You don't ask a woman her age. Ever. Especially a woman like me. I can kill you in ways you can not even imagine.

Shirou - !...My apologies Ciel-san...forget I said anything...Geeze, Fuji-nee was right. I really don't know how to deal with women...Anyway Ciel-san, where are we headed?

Ciel - First we board a plane headed for Bourges, then we take the car I've had prepared up to Gargilesse.

Shirou - Um...not to sound rude, but where exactly are Bourges and Gargilesse?

Ciel - France, Emiya-san. My home country.

Shirou - Ah, and there's a vampire there?

Ciel - It is believed there is one near Gargilesse. It seems to be nothing more than an average Dead Apostle, though we should still take caution while there.

Shirou - So, how do they know it's a vampire?

Ciel - There are certain signs. This particular one isn't the most secretive either. It's been leaving behind victims for starters. But even then, if more than ten people go missing in "mysterious ways" we generally will send someone to look. Because I was planning on returning home I offered to take care of it. Not to mention I need to take out some frustration.

Shirou - What? A job not go well or something?

Ciel - You could say that. I've been a member of the executioners for...some time now, and I've had very few missions. All but one of them I have succeeded in. More than just success though, I did them better than I had any right to. But the one thing that has kept me going...I was denied. Do you know what that's like Emiya-san? To be denied the one thing you wanted? Or even worse, to find something else you want and be denied both?

Shirou - ...

Ciel - Emiya-san? Are you alright? You're looking pale.

Shirou - ...How much longer 'till we're at the airport?

Ciel - Depending on the traffic, anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour.

Shirou - We could walk faster than this...Just park this hunk of junk somewhere nearby and lets walk. I can' stand it in here anymore.

Ciel - Emiya-san, I don't know if you've ever rented a car before, but you can't just

Shirou - Then just pull over for a second and let me out. I know the way. Just let me out, and I'll meet you at the airport!

Ciel - Fine. There was no need to yell though.

Shirou - I'm...I'm sorry Ciel-san. I just...I can't take being so cramped right now.

Ciel - I expect you to tell me what you are hiding sometime soon. And you can't just get out of a plane in mid flight either. You will deal with this, one way or another.

Shirou - Fine just...just let me out already!
Archer - You are ignoring what Emiya Kiritsugus life was like.

Shirou - Shut up.

Archer - You never noticed how terrible everything was for him.

Shirou - Shut up!

Archer - You wouldn't be able to handle that path. You aren't strong enough.

Shirou - I said shut up!

Archer - Day after day, the ugliness of the world was shoved in my face. I wasn't allowed to turn away, so I blinded myself. But I couldn't keep my illusions after my death.

Shirou - Just shut the hell up!

Archer - This world is ugly. It hates us for what we do. It betrays us, tortures us, and laughs while doing it. The once beautiful dream I had became so tainted that the word nightmare does not even begin to describe it. I want it all to go away, but I don't have such a luxury. You are my out though. If I can stop you, I just might be able to break this cycle. No, I know well enough that this will not free me. But at the very least it will make me feel a little better, knowing that one of my incarnations doesn't end up like me.

Shirou - AAAAARGH! Just shut up....stay out of my mind. I'm not like you Archer...I can handle this. I don't need to blind myself, I can take everything they throw at me. I can....I have to.
Ciel - I wasn't actually sure if you were going to show up. Not to mention looking like that, you should probably be in a hospital.

Shirou - Don't worry about it Ciel-san, I'm fine. I could use a little rest, but that's about it.

Ciel - You could also use a bandage, your hand is bleeding.

Shirou - Ah, so it is. I thought it stopped earlier, but I guess it opened up again.

Ciel - Why is your hand bleeding Emiya-san?

Shirou - Because it has a cut on it.

Ciel - Well then, why does it have a cut on it?

Shirou - Bricks tend to do that when scraped against the skin.

Ciel - Ah hah, and why exactly were you scraping your skin against a brick?

Shirou - Why not?

Ciel - ...What is wrong with you Emiya-san?

Shirou - Why don't we talk when we're in France? Our plane leaves in a couple minutes and we need to hurry.

Ciel - Fine, just don't get blood on me, it's so hard to get it out of clothes.

Shirou - Tell me about it, I used to wear a white shirt.

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Unread post by Kuuya/Fabre » March 4th, 2009, 2:58 am

Welcome back! I enjoy reading the stuff around here ^_^

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Unread post by that one guy » March 5th, 2009, 10:20 pm

Ciel - The car is this way Emiya-san.

Shirou - Ugh....

Ciel - What's wrong with you?

Shirou - Don't like flying....long trips bad.....need smoke.....

Ciel - Well, please don't while I'm driving. It's a distraction.

Shirou - Ughhhhhh.
Shirou - So, what's the plan?

Ciel - First, we're heading home.

Shirou - As in your home?

Ciel - Yes, I haven't been home for quite some time, but it should be in decent condition. There's a guest room for you as well. You should get some rest, when night falls we go patrolling.

Shirou - How long is this going to take anyway?

Ciel - Anywhere from one day to a few months. That's assuming we're very unlucky.

Shirou - I guess that means I'll be here for awhile. Whoopy.

Ciel - Listen Emiya-san, you volunteered for this. I didn't force you to come. So suck it up and deal with it, or else!

Shirou - Or else?

Ciel - Or else.

Shirou - Or else what?

Ciel - You don't want to know. Suffice to say, my line of work leaves me with rather vivid images of....punishment.

Shirou - Hehehe....I think I'm just going to shut up now.

Ciel - Good idea Emiya-san.
Ciel - He's out already....he could have at least gone to his room... Seven!

Seven - Yes Master?

Ciel - Make sure the two rooms upstairs are clean.

Seven - Why Master?

Ciel - Because that's where we'll be sleeping. My room is on the right, his is on the left. They don't need to be spotless or anything like that, just make them look decent.

Seven - What will Master be doing while Seven is cleaning?

Ciel - Making dinner, not that it's any of your business.

Seven - C-Can Seven have dinner Master?

Ciel - I'll give you some carrots or something.

Seven - Oh thank you Master, thank you thank you thank you!

Ciel - Knock it off and get to work!

Seven - Yes Master.
Ciel - Wake up Emiya-san, dinner's ready.

Shirou - Hmm? Someone say something about....something?

Ciel - Yes, I said something about something.

Shirou - What's something...and the other something?

Ciel - Hah, are you always like this when you wake up?

Shirou - No, I'm usually much better...I blame the flight.

Ciel - I suppose I'll take your word for it. Anyway, dinner's ready.

Shirou - Dinner...dinner is good. What did you make?

Ciel - Curry.

Shirou - Curry huh? It's been a while since I've had any. What else?

Ciel - Else? What do you mean 'What else'?

Shirou - Well you can't just eat curry, you have to have something else.

Ciel - Why can't you just eat curry?

Shirou - Because....you know what? I can tell where this is going. Just forget it, thank you for your kindness Ciel-san.

Ciel - No! Why can't you just eat curry?!

Shirou - Hmm? Did you say something Ciel-san? I was busy enjoying my curry and...curry. If you don't hurry up, I might take you-

Ciel - If you even think about taking my curry Emiya-san, I will kill you.

Shirou - r-r-r-really now? That's good to know then. L-lets eat!
Ciel - Is that really what you're wearing?

Shirou - I could say the same about you. What is that?

Ciel - They're robes.

Shirou - But do you really need the knee high boots?

Ciel - Why yes I do! Besides, they look cool...Tohno-kun said so...

Shirou - They don't! And who's Tohno-kun?

Ciel - They do too! And besides, what's with that getup?!

Shirou - What's wrong with what I'm wearing?!

Ciel - Does it need to be skin tight?!

Shirou - Why yes it does! That way it doesn't get caught in anything, and more importantly, shows off how sexy I am.

Ciel - Are you serious? That's your reasoning?! That is....I'm not sure we should go patrolling tonight. Your words have stunned me stupid. I don't...I don't think I can handle much more of this. I might send you home early.

Shirou - Fine, if you don't like it that much, even though it makes me so sexy, I'll just wear normal clothes.

Ciel - No, no...who am I to judge. Keep it just...just don't tell anyone I know you.

Shirou - You're ashamed to be seen me? You, are ashamed, to be seen, with me? Wow, what a strange place France is where I am the one who's ostracized.

Ciel - What kind of strange place is Japan where THAT is considered fashionable?

Shirou - You know what? Screw it. I'll just wear a T-Shirt. You take the fun out of everything Ciel-san.

Ciel - At least I don't talk about how sexy I look when I so obviously am inferior to other people...
This was all pretty much "fun" stuff. Not really story heavy, but it does all serve a purpose, trust me. Everything I do serves a purpose in the end. Anyway, writing for Ciel is second only to writing for Taiga. Oh, and when we get back to Japan(if we get back to Japan, haven't decided yet) we'll learn Kariyas first name in one of my favorite "fun" parts.

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and again...

I really like this Shirou...
Going straight to his own doom.
If you want to create your own visual novel go there!
Try it out, no compromise!
8 inches in a week!

btw Princess Tutu is still Awesome!!!

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Oh, you have NO idea. The shenanigans Shirou gets into, they're just....just fantastic.

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Unread post by Kuuya/Fabre » March 6th, 2009, 2:26 am

To quote someone from another post in the boards. Shirou is a pinata and when you smack him, lolz comes out.

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I think I figured out why I like writing Ciel and Taiga so much. Taiga is an immature schoolgirl trapped in an adults body, while Ciel is an adult with a schoolgirl crush. Common traits? SCHOOLGIRL! They're just so much fun! Also, a little note from earlier in the fic, Kariya was originally supposed to be like Hisau to Shirou's Kiritsugu. Yeah, BIG change there. As in, so far she's worthless.

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Wow, this is like an Evil Shirou route for me...Everyone died except Shirou. no Rin, no Sakura, no Saber, no Archer, no nobody. Just Shirou. Interesting story.

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Unread post by that one guy » March 6th, 2009, 7:09 pm

Well....Kirei is still alive. That has to count for something, doesn't it?

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Writers block. I ****ing hate it. Minor update while I try to think of where to take this shindig.
Shirou - So, what, do we just walk around looking for a vampire?

Ciel - No. First we do a test, try and keep up.

Shirou - JEESUS! God that is fast...I wonder if I should do this...Yeah, I really should. That's what she gets for making fun of my outfit.

Ciel - Hmph, I expected better of...

Shirou - HI-BYE!

Ciel - him...Well then, I suppose the magus wins that one. Lets just hope he doesn't get too far ahead and lose his way.

Shirou - Haha! Awright, lets slow this puppy down....Agh, I hate doing that. But...where am I?

??? - ???

Shirou - Who said that?!

??? - ???

Shirou - Oh, I didn't think there was anybody out here. Um, hi, how are you?

??? - ???

Shirou - Crap, I hate being in foreign countries. Um...you don't happen to speak Japanese, do you?

??? - ???

Shirou - Didn't think so. Damn, where's Ciel when you ne...

??? - !!!

Shirou - WOAH! Wha-was that a Black Key?

Ciel - Emiya-san, are you alright? Did it bite you?

Shirou - Uh, no, you kinda killed him before he could.

Ciel - Good. But this was very fortunate. I didn't think to encounter the Dead so quickly.

Shirou - Uh...'The Dead'?

Ciel - A vampires familiar. They get energy for their master, usually by eating flesh.

Shirou - Oh, then that's bad.

Ciel - Yes Emiya-san, very bad. Very VERY bad. Especially because I had to kill it. Now we can't trace it back to its master...Well, I suppose we should continue our search. And remember, STAY TOGETHER! Don't go showboating ahead of me again.

Shirou - I wouldn't have if you didn't start it...

Ciel - Regardless, now is not the time for antics like that. Come on now, we have a lot of ground to cover in as little time as possible.
Shirou - Took you long enough.

Ciel - Emiya-san? Did you even go to sleep?

Shirou - Yeah, I got a few hours of sleep in. I made some breakfast, but you seriously need more ingredients around here. Pretty much everything was for curry.

Ciel - You made curry? Great, nothing better to start your day with.

Shirou - I would have made something else to go with it, but like I said you didn't have much. Not to mention when I tried to buy something, I just got a lot of weird stares.

Ciel - That's because you don't speak French. Tell you what, I'll buy you a book or something so you can learn it. Though I don't know how many Japanese books on the French language there are...

Shirou - What if I just went around town and started listening to conversations, would that help?

Ciel - Not without a translator so you'd at least have some idea of what people were saying.

Shirou - Translator huh...I've got an idea. Where's your phone?

Ciel - I haven't set it up yet, just use your cell-phone.

Shirou - I don't have one.

Ciel - ...You are simply astounding Emiya-san. Use mine, but be quick about it.

Shirou - Thank you Ciel-san. I'll be as fast as possible.
Shirou - Hello, is this Mr. Gary Armstrong?

Armstrong - Yes it is, may I ask who's speaking?

Shirou - Oh good, I thought I got the wrong number again. Hey, it's Emiya.

Armstrong - Emiya? So I take it this is about business?

Shirou - Kind of. I'm in France right now, and I might be staying for a while. I was wondering if you could help me learn French. I'll pay you, of course. I don't expect you to do this for free.

Armstrong - Sorry Emiya, I'm actually kind of busy. I've got another client, and I don't know how long it will take.

Shirou - Really? Oh well. Thanks anyway Armstrong. Well, take care of yourself. Don't go dieing before I need you again.

Armstrong - The same could be said of you Emiya. Goodbye.

Shirou - Goodbye.

??? - Who was that?

Armstrong - A former client who wanted my assistance.

??? - You said no?

Armstrong - Of course, I am busy with you. Now, we'll head north-west from here, and gather information around there. You just need to find where it is, right?

??? - Yes. I might need help after that, but I'll make sure you get paid in full when we find it.

Armstrong - That's all that matters. C'mon, lets get going. I want to get this done as fast as possible. If someone ever tells you knowledge is power, tell them to stick it up their ass. Knowledge is what will even scare people like me.

??? - Ah, that's surprising. I didn't think you'd be scared of anything Armstrong-san. In your line of work, I'd imagine that it's very detrimental.

Armstrong - I'm not scared of just anything kid, I'm just scared of what you're looking for.

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Ciel - You learn rather fast Emiya-san.

Shirou - Hmm.

Ciel - It's not perfect, but it should be enough to survive. So long as you people can tell you're not a native.

Shirou - Hmm.

Ciel - Then again, it shouldn't be hard to figure that out.

Shirou - Hmm.

Ciel - The house is on fire.

Shirou - Hmm.

Ciel - Emiya-san, I love you. I want to have your children.

Shirou - Hmm.

Ciel - Emiya-san, if you don't start paying attention to people when they talk, the nightmares will never end.

Shirou - You say something Ciel-san?

Ciel - Yes, something along the lines of "I'm going to hurt you."

Shirou - Please don't. I have to go patrolling tonight.

Ciel - Oh, that's right, it has been a week, hasn't it? Well, to celebrate your return to action, I made you something.

Shirou - You made me something? Please tell me it's not curry.

Ciel - You should be honored to receive my curry, but no. It's not curry. Here, take it.

Shirou - ...What is this?

Ciel - It's a costume.

Shirou - It's green.

Ciel - It's emerald! And trust me, it will look good on you.

Shirou - I'm not wearing this.

Ciel - At least try it on.

Shirou - Where did you even get this from?

Ciel - Like I told you, I made it. Now put it on.

Shirou - You made it? When did you have time to do that?

Ciel - During the day, while you were studying. Now just try it on already!

Shirou - Fine, fine! You don't need to yell or anything...

Ciel - Aah! It turned out better than I thought. Yes, you're definitely wearing this when we go out.

Shirou - Hmm....it's not great, but it's not bad either. Better than wearing a T-Shirt. Especially since I only have a few here...

Ciel - You're a bad liar Emiya-san, I can tell you absolutely love it.

Shirou - Whatever, how much longer 'till we head out?

Ciel - Can't wait to show it off?

Shirou - No, I jus

Ciel - We'll leave in around two hours. I haven't seen any of the dead around lately, so I don't have any leads to really follow. So, guess what we're going to do?

Shirou - Dance?

Ciel - ...Yes, yes Emiya-san, we're going to dance.

Shirou - That's not good, I can't dance very well.

Ciel - Yes, and you can't tell if someone's a part of the dead very well either, so stick close to me.

Shirou - Gotcha. How close are we talking though? 'Cause you kinda scare me, and I have a feeling if I get too close you'll stab me.

Ciel - Use discretion Emiya-san...use it well and use it often.
Shirou - So how can you tell if someone is a part of "The Dead"?

Ciel - Well, there are a few ways, but I don't think you'll be able to do any of them.

Shirou - Why's that?

Ciel - Well, the most basic requires you to understand their language well. The Dead still speak, but they sound...well, they sound like stereotypical zombies. You know what zombies are, right?

Shirou - Yes...but are you telling me zombies exist too?

Ciel - What? No, don't be silly. When people die, they stay dead. This isn't some bad horror film. Anyway, the other ways require special skills that take time to be....

Shirou - Ciel-san?

Ciel - Shh. I've found one.

Shirou - Oh! What do we do?

Ciel - We follow it.
Shirou - !!!

Ciel - Don't do anything Emiya-san. Just look away. I know that we should help her, but if we kill this one too, I don't think we'll have another chance to find the Vampire.

Shirou - ...

Ciel - I know...I know...
Shirou - Where did that come from?

Ciel - It was probably hidden with some form of magic.

Shirou - Well, that doesn't matter, does it? We should just go now and kill it.

Ciel - No, now is not a good time at all.

Shirou - What?! Why not?! The castle is right in front of us! We know for a fact that the Vampire is in there! We let an innocent man die so we could find this place! Why shouldn't we act now?!

Ciel - We aren't prepared wel

Shirou - The hell we aren't! I'm always prepared. (argh) See? Always prepared.

Ciel - I understand that you want to end this as fast as possible Emiya-san, but it's not that simple. If we storm in there now, we will die. The enemy has the terrain advantage first off, second the moon is almost full, and third we've been out all night. We're tired. Now come on. We have to think up a strategy, seeing as now we know where it is.

Shirou - ...Fine. You're more experienced than I am...I suppose I have to listen to you...

Ciel - You don't have to listen to me, but it would be smart. A dead hero isn't worth anything after all.

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