Optional Events in Arcturus.

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Optional Events in Arcturus.

Unread post by starkwong » May 16th, 2004, 12:44 am

I will begin to write the optional events here...

Prologue Optional Events

Ragnie (ragnie.scr, ragnie_inter.scr, ragnie_dungeon.scr, field01.scr, field01_night.scr)
1. Talk to the Unnamed Fighter in Motel, then steals 16/17 items in the village, then talk with him again 2 times will get "Seed of Chubika".
2. Talk to Anna in Bar, choose answer "I saw him", then talk with Hans in Motel, finally, go to Bar and talk with Anna again will get 300G gold.
3. Buy the key on ground floor of Maria's house (It cost 50G if you have more than 50G, or 20G if you have less than that), then you may open the drawer in Maria's room and get Maria's pants which will be useful in Dome later.
4. Get the bone in the field (Talk with the farmer), then give the bone to the cow, you will get 3 items.
5. You can find one pigeon that do not fly, and you will find a letter that will be useful later in Answers. Choosing wheather to read the letter does not matter.
6. Search in the dungeon outside the village, you will get a Long Sword and if you find carefully, you may find "Pass Man 2000" telling you to go to Tynie's church.
7. On the way to dock, there is a case that you can get rocks, if you get it at night, you can get 3.
8. On the way to dock, there is a case that you can get Fur Hat in morning, but Banana at night.

Tynie (tynie_first.scr, tynie_inter_first.scr, tynie_church.scr)
1. A fisherman has used up the bait, and you can buy some for him at item shop, you can get $10 change.
2. Talk with the old man in Right Wing of Hotel, listen his tales for 3 times (The last one must choose "Love Story"), then talk with the young man behind hotel and you will get "Membership card" (But no use in game).
3. Go to the first house after the up stairs and talk with the woman inside, promise her for finding her grandchild, then find the girl with a hat and talk with her. After her gone, go back to the house and you will get Persimmon.
4. Don't open the jewel box in weapon shop, and you will get a compass in First Chapter.
5. If you talk with the sister outside the church for 2 times, you can get a banana.
6. "Pass Man 2000" is hiding on the other island outside the church, which you should see him when you walk to the bridge.

Note for "Pass Man 2000" and "Executive Director Kam": Due to a deliberate modification of script (Who? I think should be Sonnori/Gravity or WizardSoft), this two object is completely hidden in the script, which must be called with modification to a flag (Chinese version/English E3 Demo) or modification to script (Japanese Version). I don't have Korean version and I don't know what should be triggered in that version...

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Unread post by Zoel » August 6th, 2004, 10:52 am

Alright thanks alot. I 'll try to add the Chapter 1 sidequest event on here.

i only have 1 right now. But this is pretty good info.
This isn't perfectly accurate but good enough.

On chapter 1 , At that city of Merhem. Drop By the Ranch(or after the events in the ranch) Look for some woman .女主人 she'll give you a rabbit foot. Now go find a poster in the Inn and bunch of event will happen. And you'll recieve 45000g.

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