=RE-Act Slowdown...or Slowpoke=

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=RE-Act Slowdown...or Slowpoke=

Unread post by Blunderbuss » July 26th, 2004, 2:12 am

??????Damn framerate....

??????Hello dear friends, I am having a problem with RE-Act. The game sinks into the depths of 3 frames per second in some of the fights. Actually, while sometimes it happes often it only happes at the beginning of the fight (or the first time you do a move....for example, the first time I do Arcueid's 236+a the game slows down a LOT, but from then on I can do it without the slowing down). The three movements which ALWAYS (90% of the time) do this to me are: the air dashes, the double jump and the landing from a jump. I have tried messing around with the resolution (well actually the colour depth), but while going 16 bit on everything helps, it doesn't solve the issue. I really don't think this is my PC fault (it should be able to handle a game like this), but I'll give you my specs :D.

Athlon AMD XP 2000+ (1.67 Ghz)
RAM, 256Mb
GForce 4 Mx 440 (64Mb)

??????See you around, (and remember Blunderbus=Allegra).


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Unread post by TheXev » July 27th, 2004, 4:08 am

You are not the first person to see this. I noted extreme slow downs with Re-ACT as well. The first step is to go to nVidia?s website and get the latest Forceware drivers for your video card. The second step is to download the 2.004 Melty Blood Re-Act patch which can be found at this link.

If these fail to speed up the game, the last two options are these:

a) Defrag your hard drive. Directly after install, Melty Blood Re-ACT is most likely extremely fragmented, and defragging will help with access times to the hard drive.

b) Install another 256mb?s of ram. My friend Aj was trying to run ReACT on his laptop, and we found that even with minimal programs running in the background that there where still performance issues because more then 256mb?s of RAM was being used; hence the page file to the hard drive was being accessed quite a bit. Only solution for him, since he needs the programs running on the laptop to manage power, is to upgrade the amount of RAM.

BTW Allegra, why didn?t you log onto your other account? I?d like to ?try? and keep the user database as small as possible[/url]

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Unread post by Blunderbuss » July 27th, 2004, 2:43 pm

Well I guess...

??????It's not just me eh. I was checking the performace of RE-Act the other day and according to my calculations when she is on a bad day (RE-Act I mean) she can chew up to 250-300Mb of RAM memory...so yes that must be the problem (although I still have to update my graphic card drivers). Another excuse to upgrade my RAM, I guess. I'll keep you posted for any posible solutions.

??????Well actually I have a half-solution (it doesn't fix the problem, but it reduces the slowdown) and it has to do with the colour depth of MB RE-Act. When you open the proggie you can choose between 16bit and 32bit colour depth, under those optios there is a button (which, if pressed, will take you to a dialog to choose manually for various components the desired colour depth), the configuration that worked best for me was 32bit for backgrounds (they'll look really sloopy in 16 bit) and 16bit on "powers" (you know, things like Ciel dash, Arc's attacks and so on). To do this you simply...:

1?--->16bit (you could go for 32bit here)

??????I hope that helps. Oh, and about the user thing. I had a problem with my previous nickname, and when I change nicks I try to mantain consistency in all the places I go (I mean, forums and the like). That's why I also changed my nick here (it wasn't some idiotic attempt to pretend I'm two different people or anything like that....and also I am not ripping somebody's nick, I can prove that). I am sorry for causing any inconveniences, and you are more than free to delete the old account (Allegra's one) if you like. And also, thanks a lot for helping out "theXev".

??????See you around.


PD: It's "colour" or "color"? I can't really remember (well...don't be so hard on me, at least I think my posts are very readable).

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