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MB and MBR Typo/Grammar Mistake Report [MB v1.7, MBR v1.0]

Posted: July 17th, 2007, 6:51 am
by TheXev
This is a report thread for all the typos and grammar mistakes you may find in Melty Blood English and Melty Blood ReACT English.

Please state:
- The scene
- The mistake (what's wrong)
- Possible correction
- The version of Melty Blood English or Melty Blood ReACT English

NOTE - Before you post a textual error, search this thread to see if it hasn't already been reported.

NOTE - Only report errors ONCE. Do NOT discuss other people's reports, nor our decision on whether or not to fix something.

Current version: Melty Blood v1.7 and Melty Blood ReACT v1.0 [2007-07-19]

Posted: July 19th, 2007, 8:59 am
by marus
A couple quick ones before I go to bed:

Arcade mode, Satsuki Route, vs White Len
"Good Evening. I really am glad to meet you, Satsuki. You were not invited, but it is proper to greet those of your same kind." Fixed

Should be something like, "of your kind" or "of the same kind".

In the manual, V. Sion's quote
"Begone from my site...!" Daichi, please fix

I'm guessing you meant 'sight', unless Sion is moving into real estate.

I probably should go to sleep now... but...

EDIT: Oh yeah, this is MBR version 1.0

Posted: July 20th, 2007, 11:24 am
by ArchDemon
Found a typo in one of Arcueid's win quotes:

You're 'suprised' I won't drink your blood? <-- Should be 'surprised'. Fixed
This will be corrected in the next release.



Posted: July 20th, 2007, 5:51 pm
by aldeayeah
MBR (patch 1.0)

- Arcade mode, Arcueid's Ending CG: her name is misspelled as "Arcuied" in one line. Fixed
- The special victory quote when Nrvnqsr defeats Kohaku is incomplete. Fixed. This was a major bug. That quote wasn't supposed to be for Kohaku.

Posted: July 21st, 2007, 9:19 am
by ArchDemon
Two of Hisui's win quotes were accidentally swapped around. Fixed
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Fixed for the next release.



Posted: July 21st, 2007, 10:41 pm
by lhitmanl
In block "J", in the scene "Tohno Mansion, Underground Kingdom, where Sion, Shiki and Akiha are trapped under the Tohno Mansion, when Ciel shows up, Akiha saids "Show yourself, Curry, and later saids "you seem to be easily used, Curry-senpai." Should be Ciel if I'm not missing something.
It is in Melty Blood Re-Act English

Ryuusoul: No, it is supposed to be "Curry". She is mocking Ciel.

Posted: July 21st, 2007, 11:50 pm
All of these corrections apply to Melty Blood -ReACT- English 1.0 installed over Melty Blood English 1.7.

- Placeholder text still present -- says "XXXX" instead of IE 5.5. Fixed
- "Playing the Game" descriptions inconsistently labelled (uses Roman numerals instead of digits -- minor nitpick). That's not an error, that is being anally retentive. It was a different level of organization, so it makes sense to use different number types.
- Under "Aerial Recovery": "ofo" -> "of". Fixed
- Under "EX Techniques": missing space between "normal" and parenthesis; "when" should not be capitalized. Fixed
- Arcueid: "What are you doing...!" -> missing question mark. More of an exclamation, really.
- Akiha / K-Akiha: "Autumn" misspelled. Daichi, Fix Please
- V-Sion: "Etherlite - Ground" inconsistently romanized as "Etherlite Grand" Daichi, make Regular Sion's "Grand", not "Ground".
- V-Sion: "sight" misspelled as "site".
- Under "Still Having Problems": "compatibility" misspelled as "compatability".Fixed

- Most punctuation is missing.
- "can not" should be "cannot" (multiple).
- "Are you the only one awake, or, are you the only one [/n] asleep?" should have the line break before "or" ("asleep" on its own looks very unprofessional, especially given all that whitespace).
Somebody inserted an older and incorrect version of the White Len Op... They will be subjected to many hours of playtime with Nrvnqsr. The new one shouldn't have these errors.
Stage Select
- "Underground Kingdom" stage caption inconsistent with Story Mode (still says "Kingdom in the Depths of the Earth" -- both MB and ReACT)I already told you why this WASN'T an error last time.
- "Tohno Mansion - Lobby" mislabelled as "Church" (ReACT only) Fix please, Daichi.
- Both arrows labelled as "NEXT" (upper arrow should read "PREVIOUS")No, that's just how it is set up (see the Japanese version as well). You can go in either direction (wheel), so both ways are "Next".)
- "DESTROYED" misspelled as "DESTROIED" in G-Akiha Mode (Hold Shield when selecting Arcade Mode -- ReACT only)We changed the .exe to fix this. You only get this error if you are circumventing the piracy by copying over the files and using a Japanese exe...
You explained your circumstances and you're not a pirate. Sorry for calling you one. However, ensure that error corrections for older versions of our releases are still valid with the newest ones before posting them next time.

Arcade Mode
- Alternates between "judgement" and "judgment". I can't seem to find this error.

Shiki Nanaya
- Before White Len: lone question mark should be preceded by an ellipsis. "that means, I" should be followed by a dash or an ellipsis (end of text block).

Sion Eltnam Atlasia
- Before Satsuki: lone exclamation point should be preceded by an ellipsis. The two-block-long runon should be properly broken into two sentences. No.
- After Arcueid: "vigilance mode" should be capitalized. No.
- Before Shiki: "hindrance" is misspelled as "hinderance". Fixed.

Vampire Sion
- Before Shiki: "finally" should be followed by an ellipsis or a dash (end of text block); "even let you" should be "let even you". Fixed.
- Before Aoko: "off to the darkness" should be "off into the darkness". Can be either, but I changed it.

Arcueid Brunestud
- After Vampire Sion: "surprised" is misspelled "suprised".
- Ending: "Arcueid" is misspelled. "so how about the beach!" is missing a question mark.

Demon Arcueid
- Before Ciel: "mince meat" is one word (no space). Fixed.

- Before Kurenai Akiha: "persistence" is misspelled as "persistance". Fixed.

Kurenaisekisyu Akiha
- After Hisui: "even be anything left of you behind" -> drop "even" or "behind". Why? No.
- Before Nanaya: "Where you going" -> "Where are you going". Denied. I once had the opportunity to speak with Nanaya once. He said like most people, he doesn't have to use essay-style grammar when speaking. Coincidentally, he even said, "Where you going?" after I decided it was best to leave before he cut me up.
- Before Aoko: "I was maybe thinking" -> "I was thinking maybe". Denied. I never spoke with Aoko because I don't enjoy pain. But from what I hear, corrections like this made her blow up Tokyo Tower once.

Hisui & Kohaku
- Before White Len: "Boo-hoo-hoo" -- missing punctuation (end of text block). Fixed.
- Ending: "being any danger" -> "being in any danger". Fixed.

- Start: "sleeping just earlier" -> "sleeping earlier" or "sleeping just a while ago". No?

- Before Neko-Arc: "uglier beyond" -> "ugly beyond" or "uglier than". Fixed.
- After Neko-Arc: "pull off any pranks" -> "pull any pranks. No.
- Before White Len: "a strange place" -> "such a strange place". Fixed.

Nrvnsqr Chaos
- Before Ciel: "That is as far you go" -> "That is as far as you go". Fixed.
- Before Arcueid: "unfortunately merely an illusion" -> "unfortunately a mere illusion". No.
- Ending: extra quote in first line. Fixed.

- Before Arcueid: "has overlooked you and became Len" -> "has overlooked you and become Len"; "Dead Apostle before" -> "Dead Apostle you were before". Fixed.
- Before White Len: "you come" -> "you have come". No.
- Ending: "The Lead actor Zepia" -> "lead actor" or "Lead Actor". Fixed.

- After Sion: "because I'm a kid" -> "just because I'm a kid". No.
- Random win quote: "How's that!" -> missing question mark. More of an exclamation.
- Before White Len: "Just now, I already made her my own." -> drop "Just now" or "already". No.

- After Nanaya: "do you understand very well" -> drop "very well"'; "towards" is overly literal -- should be "how much closer to you I've become". No. It's fine the way it is.
- Before Ciel: "any further" -> "any longer". No.
- Before White Len: "your same kind" -> "your kind".
- Before Aoko: "unpracticed" -> "untrained", "undeveloped" or "unrefined". No. It's fine the way it is.
- Ending: "really is dense only about things like this" -> "is only that dense when it comes to things like this". Fixed.

- Before White Len: "this day will come" -> "that day will come". Changed to "the".

Posted: August 4th, 2007, 2:39 am
by ArchDemon
Found a typo in Nayana's winquotes.
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U.K. English to U.S. Engligh

Judgement -> Judgment Fixed

Found a typo in Walachia's winquotes.
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take -> tale Fixed

Posted: August 20th, 2007, 10:39 pm
by Curry-senpai
Melty Blood Re.Act English v1.0

On the charactor select screen when you get the 5th color option and neko arc shows at the bottom.
she says "Bonus colors can be selected, but they will nyot change on the screen." that "y" shouldn't be their.

screen cap

btw, whats that mean you can select them but they willn't show up?

Posted: August 21st, 2007, 4:50 am
by Chetyre
the y is there because it's neko arc speaking, it's perfectly normal

Posted: August 21st, 2007, 8:32 am
by Ryuusoul
Curry-senpai wrote:Melty Blood Re.Act English v1.0

On the charactor select screen when you get the 5th color option and neko arc shows at the bottom.
she says "Bonus colors can be selected, but they will nyot change on the screen." that "y" shouldn't be their.

btw, whats that mean you can select them but they willn't show up?
Heh. Yeah, that nyot is intentional, as Chetyre mentioned.

It means you can select extra colors, but they won't show up until the match starts.