Melty Blood unofficial support forum FAQ! Updated 2007/04/01

Let's talk about the port of the port of the port of the update of the port of the port of the update of the expansion of the game that will apparently never be awesome enough.

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Melty Blood unofficial support forum FAQ! Updated 2007/04/01

Unread post by TheXev » April 1st, 2007, 3:33 pm

The goal of this part of the Revolve and mirrormoon forum is to provide unofficial technical support for Melty Blood, such as several sites in Japan are dedicated to. I would like this section of the forum to be frequented by those English speaking users that are interested in Melty Blood as a game, but also to track down and trace technical issues with the translated game and the original.

The following is a small FAQ I've created, as I'm sure many people will begin asking the same stupid questions, as more questions become common, I will add them to this particular part of the forum.

How will you patch Melty Blood?

The first few patches will be based on the official Nero0623 (or the final release of 1.100 if you prefer), and will include the add-ons that unlock Nero Chaos and Hisui, and all of the other characters and stages. This will require you to have an original copy of the game. Releasing a complete English ISO of the game is unnecessary and wouldn't promote people purchasing the original game legitimately.

Message, is working on an installer that will work with the original MeltyBlood installation CD. You will not need to have already installed the Japanese version of the game now to install our patch. The new English installer will be compatible with MeltyBlood ReACT.

How will you patch Melty Blood ReACT?

The patch for ReACT will require Final Tuned on your machine. We will create two distributions of the ReACT patch, one with FT and the other without FT(incase you already have it). An installer may or maynot be possible at this point, we have yet to investigate.

How will you distribute the Melty Blood patch?

Via Bittorrent and IRC bots. After the initial release, we'll have direct web links.

When will the game be translated/done?

Translation have been complete for quite some time, and play testing has already finished for the original MeltyBlood.

How were you introduced to Melty Blood?

Well, that's a very interesting story. Alerith and Soulfang were simply saying "Melty Blood" repeatedly in the channel one day because it sounded cool (I guess). I had no clue what the game was about other than it was a game, and that it had a cool but weird sounding name. So, I downloaded the demo and tried it out, and fell in love with it. The release of the Tsukihime anime only seemed to drag me deeper into the story and characters, so I really began to push this project.

Why did you put in the last question?

Because it's a funny story and I want to see how many people really read this. It's also completely true. I do lots of things to force people to read content, that and I get a sick level of enjoyment out of doing it. (Oooh, it's a secret. Hehe).

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