MBAACC Editor Wanted -- Details Within

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MBAACC Editor Wanted -- Details Within

Unread post by Yoten » July 9th, 2013, 8:36 pm

I've gotten roughly 40% of the story campaigns translated since the last translator didn't pan out, but now our problem is the lack of an editor. A couple of leads fizzled and I got tired of waiting so it's time to recruit!

  • Editing translated scripts to correct spelling/grammar errors and re-working awkward dialogue to improve its flow.
  • Keeping stylistic choices and character "voices" consistent between campaigns.
  • Working with the translator (that's me!) and with ArchDemon to incorporate your changes into the final script.
  • Good spelling/grammar. Seriously. This is Nasu writing, but we don't have to add our own problems! :P
  • Access to IRC. Email can work, but being able to get ahold of each other quickly and hash things out in real-time is invaluable.
  • Free time! It's just a fighting game, but there's still a good amount of dialogue. You don't have to poopsock it, but an hour a week isn't going to cut it either. That said, our pace is pretty laid-back and you'll probably out-pace me before too long.
  • Knowledge of Tsukihime and Melty Blood lore.
  • A cat is fine too.


If you'd like to help us finally finish up MBAACC, PM me an introduction with a little information about yourself -- please include any relevant experience you may have and a rough estimate of how much time you can dedicate to this project. Also, complete the editing test and add the entire edited script to your PM. Yes, there's a test!

If you have any questions, feel free to reply to this topic. You can also contact ArchDemon or myself via PM or on IRC (#mirrormoon on I'm on EST time and ArchDemon is usually awake for the other half of the day. Thank you!



Below is one of my translations for a single set of dialogue, with line numbers added for convenience. A number of mistakes have been added in... and a few were there to begin with. Go through each line and look for mistakes, awkward language, or anything else you think should be changed. Re-write entire lines if you must, but while my translations are definitely NOT literal you still need to make sure that your work conveys a similar message/feeling.

01    Shield Knight Riesbyfe.
02    The Apocalypse of Paul, and the Gospel of the Egyptians...

03    You are the performer* of the law chosen by the holy shield
04    Gamaliel, forged from those two apocrypha.

*note: as in, a musical performer

05    One might say you're the arbitrator between sound
06    and the law.

07    A believer among believers.
08    I'm suprised to see you, who is said to be
09    Cardinal Gesburn's favorite, all the way out here.

10    Truly, what is the world coming to?


11    ...Hold your tongue, Executor Ciel.
12    Lamenting the decay of the world is one thing but with a smile?

13    No matter how exceptional the Burial Agency may be
14    you are still one of the devout.


15    My apologies if it came across that way. I'll be more careful.
16    However, Riesbyfe, I believe it is not I who am staining the
17    majesty of our lord, but yourself?

18    Did you think a knight who has given in to a Dead Apostle
19    could still boast of their purity?


20    ...What are you saying?

21    Let's hear it, Executor Ciel.
22    Speak it plainly so that even I, who has nowhere left to
23    to go, can make my final decision.


24    ...It appears that you have some idea of
25    what you really are.

26    --I'm just fulfilling my duty as an Executor. Find
27    your own answers, Riezbyfe. No matter which
28    path you choose your battle ends tonight.


29    ...Geez, what an awful personality you have.
30    Didn't anyone ever teach you that you could tire
31    a person by being too kind?


32    Sorry, but I never had any correct schooling
33    like you did.

34    --Let's get started, shield knight.
35    You use a pile bunker, the same as me.

36    Heh, between you and me though, you're the one person
37    in the Church I've always wanted to go toe-to-toe with.


38    I'd love to. I've always wondered what kind of punch the
39    renowned Seventh Scripture is packing.

40    Whose notes shall echo the loudest? As barbaric as
41    it may be, lets find out with an exchange of blows!

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Re: MBAACC Editor Wanted -- Details Within

Unread post by Yoten » July 23rd, 2013, 10:31 pm

Forgot to update this, but we found an editor and we're back in business!

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Re: MBAACC Editor Wanted -- Details Within

Unread post by Masou » January 19th, 2014, 2:17 am

I'd offer to help out, but I honestly have 1 day of free time per week, and thats usually not even a full day.

However about 3 months from now, I should have more free time.
Hopefully you find someone by then, but if not I might offer my services at that time.
Really depends on how moving from the night shift to the day shift + school pans out for me.


Derp, I didn't read your 2nd response, nor did I look at the dates.

Ignore me!

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