Translation of MBAACC OP

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Translation of MBAACC OP

Unread postby omegasonic2005 » August 4th, 2012, 5:06 am

Translation of Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code Opening - Blood Drain (Opening Version)

Kanji (from

漆黒の時間 生ける屍には
束縛の中で 与えられた迷夢

君に捧げる 真実の宣告
祈りながら 君を呼ぶ その手伸ばして

さ迷う 罪の波間に 赤い飛沫跳ねる
情念に流され 永久の命を

罪に耐えられず 歪んだ瞳から
至福の涙が 記憶の中 消え去ってく

Romaji (also from

Shikkoku no jikan ikeru shikabane ni ha
Sokubaku no naka de ataerareta meimu

Kimi ni sasageru shinjitsu no senkoku
Inori nagara kimi wo yobu sono te nobashite

Samayou tsumi no namima ni akai shibuki haneru
Jounen ni nagasare eikyuu no inochi wo

Batsu ni taerarezu yuganda hitomi kara
Shifuku no namida ga kioku no naka kiesatteku

English Translation

In this blackened hour, the beautifully arranged corpse
Within its confinement, is given the gift of illusion

I offer up to you a verdict of truth
While praying, I call to you, so reach out your hand

Wandering on the waves of sin, hitting splashes of red
Drained away of passion, an endless life

Enduring punishment, from these distorted eyes
Bliss-filled tears vanish within my memories

Translation for Full Version of Blood Drain and all Full Endings Themes of Melty Blood Actress Again ... OP-and-EDs
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