MBAC victory messages

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MBAC victory messages

Unread postby Gumaster » August 13th, 2009, 4:38 am

*added* Woah, this actually took me a couple of days to compile.
*added again* Woah, it took me THREE days. Although all I did on the third day was put Len in.
*added again* Yeahh, I totally ignored the Hisui&Kohaku team. Bite me. Added it in.
Note, some of them actually have a musical note symbol in their messages (mostly Kohaku/Arc) but I can't do them, so I just used ~ instead.


"That was too easy. I suggest you increase your basic abilities."
"Are you getting numb? The Etherlight can serve as an anesthesia, so it is not shameful to pass out."
"......Hand-to-hand combat isn't bad. After my return, I will add it to the curriculum."
"There are none who can match our speed. Even the Norse gods could not match the speed of the giant Hugi."
"Predicting and forecasting is taking data from the past and formulating rules to guide behavior towards a desired outcome. You lost because you failed to challenge the unknown."
"There is nothing to be anguished over. Take this as an opportunity for inspection."
"Goodness, I do not wish to be bothered now. Even though I desire more fighting experience, I do not have any free time."
"Ceasing Thought Acceleration, switching to vigilance mode. It was a good fight. I will make good use of this experience."
"Combat finished. Not a hindrance to continued fighting......Hm, it was a pointless distraction."
"Fighting is a matter of luck, you say? There is no development which cannot be calculated. Your loss was simply the result of your inferior skills."
VS Aoko "---This is far enough, I cannot defeat you. Before a sorceress like you gets serious, I will withdraw."
VS Akiha "I wish you would not trouble me, Akiha. I would like for us to remain friends if possible."
VS Shiki "I do not really wish to fight you, Shiki. You throw my calculations into disarray......Um, not your Eyes of Death Perception, but you yourself."
VS Warachia "Get out of my sight, Tatari. There is no place in this world for you."
VS Satsuki "Satsuki, why can't you beat me? Should I scold you or be relieved that you are not maturing as a vampire even with that much aptitude? As your friend, it surely is a complex situation."


"Tomorrow is a new day. A solitary journey with a single trunk and a free spirit. I never had a set purpose to begin with."
"Thanks for the exercise. If I have free time later, let's do this again."
"So long~ I am pretty busy, so if it is fate, we will meet again."
"I'm going ahead. If you haven't learned your lesson, feel free to come after me."
"Geez, you all don't seem to learn. If you keep chasing, I might start to feel some attachment. Well, like gum on the bottom of my shoe."
"I'm not trying to be a stereotypical defender of justice. We dwell on the dark side, so it's best not to come out into the open."
"Oh, if you see a smoking, teacher-like woman with glasses, beat her up. Tell her not to use my name to get money from the Association."
VS Shiki "It seems you have some way to go before being a great man. Bye, Shiki. I look forward to meeting you again in the remote countryside."


"......How laughable. Even after weighing all the benefits, I can never gain that which I want."
"That was truly enjoyable.---I bid you adieu."
"That's that. Huhu, was that a little coarse?"
"What's this? It seems I can fight rather decently. There seems no need for an inversion impulse."
"That was enjoyable. If there is a next time, I will give you preferential treatment."
"Oh, what a terrible wound. I will call a nurse right away, so please do not worry. Ah, but you might want to avoid any suspicious drugs."
"How was it? I only just started to practice dancing, but it was quite good, was it not?"
"You wish to continue? Until you understand, until I am satisfied, I will keep going."
"How dull. Your inferiority is obvious. There is no need to continue."
VS Sion "The odds are with me today, Sion. I may not be able to use the Etherlight yet, but I will not lose to you in a fight."
VS Shiki "See, even I can do well for myself, Nii-san. Next time, please talk things over with me."
VS Vsion "......Farewell, Sion. At least I will make your end painless."
VS Kohaku "Kohaku, your insolence ends here! I revoke your rights to use the surveillance cameras and order you to throw away any strange drugs!"
VS Satsuki "Do you understand, Yumizuka-san? My years as a vampire and loving him far exceed yours. If you are frustrated, you need to train for ten more years."
"VS Hisui&Kohaku "---This goes without saying, but you two better be prepared for a cut in salary."


"That's enough. Any farther is past the point of no return."
"You get it? This is what it means to kill things."
"A black cat, a crow, a hearse. Oh, and I did walk under a willow tree earlier. It's really bad luck for the both of us."
"Do a little better next time. You now know what and who to avoid, right?"
"Sorry. We both held back, so let's just forget about this."
"Too much moving around gets my anemia going, so I'm going to have to stop for now."
"Sorry, but I'm going. I'll call an ambulance, so contemplate your actions from a hospital bed."
"You want another round? I don't mind, but isn't it better for you if we stop?"
VS Sion "By the way, Sion. I'm glad you get along with Akiha and the others, but is it really a good thing to do all those experiments in the basement?"
VS Akiha "That was close......Are you sure you haven't been secretly training, Akiha?"
VS Arcueid "Uwaa, that was close. Look, Arcueid, if it's you, I can't hold back, so don't go picking fights for fun."
VS Ciel "Thanks, Senpai. I'm glad you held back a little for me."
VS Kouma "It's over, Kishima, I'm going. Go walk your own path; there's no need for ours to cross again."
VS Kohaku "You're......not the real Kohaku-san, right?......Um, I'll apologize to the real one, so hopefully I'll be off the hook?"
VS Len "Now do you understand, Len? I can protect myself. I'm glad you're worried about me, but you shouldn't push yourself."
VS Satsuki "That person really seemed like Yumizuka-san...She ran away pretty fast, but what was that all about?"
VS Hisui "Damn, even you are going to attack me, Hisui? Sorry, Hisui. Even if you're a fake, I feel bad for hitting you."
VS Hisui&Kohaku "Sorry, you two! After I finish my business I'll go back to the mansion, and make up for it later!"


"More? It was fun so I can go another round."
"Go to sleep. For a loser like you, it's best to just lie down."
"You're not bad, so I had to be a little serious. I look forward to next time."
"All done~So what's next~"
"You don't like to give up, do you? I won, so you lost. Get it?"
"Huh-? Over already? Hehe-, if not, we can fight some more-"
"Ah, that felt great~It felt like being under the blue sky and whacking away a missile! I've never done that though."
"Oh, over already? You're not as strong as you look."
"......Maybe I stayed out in the sun too long. My abilities must have went down if someone like you managed to put up a fight."
"You're surprised I won't drink your blood? You must be kidding. Don't lump me in with third-rate vampires."
"Sorry, but your chances of winning are zero. If you want to do anything to me, you have to wait until your next life."
"......At times, I just can't understand you all. Even though you know you can't win, you still try and throw away your lives."
VS Aoko "I've managed to give you your first loss! That was fun, Blue. Next time, let's not hold back, alright?"
VS Akiha "Little sister, you're getting sharper every day. Shiki may be a little troubled, but I enjoy increasing my playmates."
VS Shiki "Hehe~, V! So, do you have a better opinion of me? Even if you get serious, Shiki, you still can't beat me~"
VS Ciel "Hey, Ciel. I'm pretty hungry. Since I won, treat me to something okay?"
VS Len "Not bad, Len, I underestimated you......what? You said you just acted like me? That's odd, I don't act that violent."
VS Nrvnqsr "Farewell. This Far East country will be the end of your thousand years."


"Still an amateur, I see. Haste makes waste in battle. How about you consider this for a few days?"
"......Heh. I must say, you were a pretty tough opponent."
"The fight is over. Allow me to listen to your confession during the time you have left."
"......I tore another robe, making this the seventh robe......Seven, I'll leave the sewing up to you."
"Huh? My robe seems a little light......Did I use too many of my swords? Seven, how is this month's budget?"
"This is the difference in our abilities. Do you now understand that the Seventh of the Burial Agency is not just a fancy title?"
"Oh, over already? You gave up quick for boasting so much."
"Maybe I can become a saint? My actions are one with the Lord---with this job done, I'm a little hungry. Time to head straight to Messian!"
"So, have you finally given up? Next time, try and be a little more peaceful."
"Even if I did not possess this ability, I am still the Seventh of the Burial Agency. You cannot kill me."
"So, have you finally given up? Next time, try and be a little more peaceful."
VS Satsuki "I will let you go, but there will be no next time, Yumizuka-san. If you are sorry, do not appear before me until you redeem yourself."
VS Akiha "---Goodness, how surprising. You kept up with me without any training. That power can kill you if you don't do something about it, Akiha-san."
VS Shiki "Upstanding citizens do not walk around at night......Now then, to atone for your sins, how about stopping by my place, Tohno-kun?"
VS Arcueid "It isn't over yet?......That's true. If allowed, I would like to settle things once and for all."
VS Arcueid "Over already? You really have slacked off. This is what happens when you rely on Tohno-kun too much."


"I will allow a brief intermission. Before the start of the second act, I suggest you say all your goodbyes."
"There is no encore. Bravely make your exit."
"Ah, you do not have to push yourself. You are the only one left in the audience, so rest as much as you need. I will extinguish the lights in the hall."
"The curtain. There are no second showings for actors who fall into the abyss of the theater basement. In that darkness, wait an eternity for the show which will never be played."
"The stage is set, the star is here, there is plenty of flesh and blood. What is lacking is a script---I enjoy realism, so a drama without an outline is far more interesting."
"Ki---KIKI, KIKIKIKIKIKI......!!Boring, boring, you humans are all boring! Kill yourselves, kill yourselves, kill your boring selves...!"
"Versatility is evolution, what the masses have approved for a thousand years. Learning, eating, living, killing. At last, reaching the beloved evolution evolution evolution into beasts...!"
VS Sion "You have a long way before you can follow in the steps of Tatari, Sion. Paint yourself in the world of humans and drink from the whirl of emotions."
VS Aoko "Hmph, just who was that? She seemed like both a lover and a fighter."
VS Nrvnqsr "How many centuries has it been since I met an Ancestor? Moreover, I would like to talk with you all night---but, it is safer to just leave. Both of us are too old for such animus."

Red Arcueid

"How do you want to die? Beheading? Trampling? Being crushed? Being blown apart? Instant death? Whatever's fine, you'll be torn apart no matter what."
"It's sad you can't even talk after your head is cut off. I just touched you a little, yet I couldn't even hear you scream."
"Your sense of pain is still working? Your spinal cord is still alive? Your brains haven't spilled? What a good kid. Until the void of your death, you must linger in despair."
"Ha, you're all ripped to shreds! I just petted you a little, but you're like a squid now! Just what are you made of?"
"Disappointing. Living creatures really are pathetic. I wonder if there are any stronger creatures?"
"Not bad. You should just go out with a bang."
"Is it over? Then, your life is also over."
"You don't get it? Meeting me here is pure hell."
"Go ahead and die now. I'll have everyone join you soon."
VS Aoko "You dog of the abominable order...! I won't wait until The Sixth, I will destroy you all with my own hands...!"
VS Shiki "Ahahahahahahahaha! It's your turn now, Shiki! Just like me, see if you can come back after being sliced to pieces...!"
VS Ciel "Huh, over already, Ciel? Not dying after being killed is your only strong suit. You bore me, so just die already."
VS Warachia "You're fired, vampire. I don't remember hiring you as a court jester, so leave my castle at once."


"Everyone dies, so dying here isn't a big deal. Yes, just like this."
"How fortunate. Such terrible luck is proof you're the chosen one."
"Got it? This is what it means to kill things."
"Oh, isn't it your body's fault in the first place? If you wanted to compete with me, you'd need an extra arm or two."
"Be sliced by the blades of summer snow, fragile thing."
"You're no good. Try again in your next life."
"Off with your head. Don't even worry about paying the ferryman as you cross over into hell."
"That was simple. Now, time to disappear until the next night."
"Let your soul scatter in vivid color. The poisonous radiance can at least kill a few bugs."
"You know where you're going? If it's hell, give the devil my regards."
"Judgment has come down from the path which spans from hell. It has been decided that you must die."
"I am the spider that set this web. ---Welcome to this wonderful killing chamber.
VS Shiki "Dying bravely is dying quickly. Rest easy and disappear, Shiki. I will take your place!"
VS Kouma "What, over already, Crimson Red Vermillion......! Are you going to disappear again like you did that night, just like a ghost......!?"
VS Nrvnqsr "Man, I always wanted to fight you. With this, there are no regrets. Now, isn't this the only thing left to do...?"

Vermillion Akiha

"Mm, very good. Natural blood tastes the best."
"That was delicious. The pain was baked to perfection."
"You need to swing your arms around, but I only need to look. You cannot compare in terms of refinement."
"Oh, is it a surprise to be alive? No need to worry, I will not take your life. I am not that horrible of a woman."
"Do you know the fate of those wrapped in these threads? No one can escape my red Locks of Hair."
"What a coward. Maybe me regular self would have sufficed?"
"......Um, this isn't how I usually am. I only lost my self control for a little while, so please don't get the wrong impression, okay?"
"I have to hurry. I enjoy this form the most, but it would be troubling if someone saw me."
"Goodness, there is a limit to recklessness. Next time, choose your opponents more carefully."
VS Aoko "......Umm. I don't mean to be distant, but if you learned your lesson, please avoid the mansion. Going to Nii-san's room is simply intolerable."
VS Shiki "......I hate myself. It does not make me happy to beat you like this, and you will just call me a demon of a sister, Nii-san......*sigh*"
VS Arcueid "As one who drinks blood, I will not lose to you. If Nii-san doesn't mind hybrids, then I won't be quiet about it."
VS Nanaya "Huhu-the fight is over, Nii-san. Now, shall I take revenge for what happened back then?"
VS Vsion "Hey, hang in there, Sion! Isn't healing vampirism your responsibility? What would we do if the doctor became sick!?"
VS Satsuki "Tainted by a Western illness? You are a commoner after all. How does being a servant at the mansion sound, Yumizuka-san?"


"A bad seed will sprout anywhere. Were you gaudy? Were you poisonous? Perhaps your skull will speak."
"Not bad. Come see me if you wish to fight again."
"---What was that? Less than a monkey."
"There is no gain nor loss from killing. Know that it is a shame that you can only live by creating evil."
"Discard the six faculties and six sensations and enter nirvana without regrets."
"Do you need help dying? If you excuse my rudeness, I can bring you salvation."
"The mind is all dharmas, all dharmas are the mind. You're a long way from ichinen sanzen, flashy one."
VS Vakiha "An avatar of Tohno? Bringing salvation to a man-eating demon is laughable. You should be cast back to hell."
VS Nanaya "You exceed your father in talent, but your spirit and technique is lacking...To see you become a hungry ghost is disappointing, Nanaya."
VS Warachia "Grasping nothing is...I understand. For now, I will live on and see."
VS Arcueid "What an absurd woman. You may be some incarnation of Buddha, but you are not suited for this country."
VS Shiki "You have the wrong person. Go after someone else."

Sion Tatari

"What poor blood. It neither offers much nourishment nor does it taste good. Simply put, you are a cheap article."
"Ah, Aah, aah......! Don't, don't show me blood...!"
"Ah, my arms and legs feel like they'll explode---it's like a wild beast inside me is trying to escape---"
"Be glad. Your knowledge enters my memory, your body becomes my food. Your death allows you to enter in some way into the ranks of the Eltnam."
"As long as you carry anxiety, you can't defeat me. What exists here is Tatari, the Dead Apostle Lord who uses your anxiety to deceive your future."
"Even though you still live, why do you appear before me...!?"
"Amazing...this body of a vampire..."
VS Shiki "Ah---I, what am I---Shiki, where are you? I am dizzy, I can't see...where are you, Shiki......?"
VS Warachia "Hu---haha, hahahahahaha! You can hurry up and disappear now, Zepia! The name Tatari suits me far better......!"
VS Len "In my country, cats were viewed as gods. Dreams and lies, nightmares and anxiety, evil and divine---People really do hate that which is too similar."
VS Satsuki "Satsuki......I, I haven't lost yet---I will definitely return you to your old body---and then what......!?"


"Goodbye! Yoroshiku Yuuki!"
"Monstrous cat, shake the heavens! If you look down on me too much, I'll blow you away along with the sun!"
"With a Megaton Punch, wouldn't the one punching also blow into pieces nya~? I wonder. I have to try it on Chiel."
"Hey, a distress signal from Jupiter! Urgent, urgent, just nyou wait, a rescue cat is on the way! But maybe everything will be destroyed before I get there nya~."
"I do have this special move where I drop down on you after going up to the moon. The problem is whether I can bear it myself nya~"
"Cat, fly straight to hell. I'd like my cat food well-done, please.
"Nyine Lives. It seems cats have nine lives, meaning we're a little weaker than Berserker."
VS Shiki/Nanaya "Farewell, boy! It would be best to think of my body as being made from illusions, delusions, or nyightmares!"
VS Sion "I heard cats were equal to gods in your country. I wonder if the cats' paradise is to be found in that country of sand?"
VS Wlen "There is room for only one white cat in this town. You had a lot of potential, but I wouldn't lost to a tsundere. ---Nyow then, time to find the real distress signal."


"Next time, please use the main entrance. You will be greeted with great hospitality if you do."
"Yay, I won, you know~! Alright, even without Hisui-chan I won't lose!"
"Are you surprised? Servants of the Tohno family have at least this much skill."
"I have finished caring for your injuries. When you are all better, please come back to play again."
"Oh my, what a fuss. We should just throw such dangerous things away. Like this!"
"Not too bad. Alright, I will train even harder to control---uh, I mean, protect Akiha-sama and Shiki-san!"
"Was that enough for you? Huhu, next time I will up the dosage."
"Cleaning is all finished. I know how energetic you are, but please do not pull off any pranks, okay?"
"Good medicine tastes bad, they say. Please learn from this and improve your manners, okay?"
VS Akiha "Huhuhu, I win, Akiha-sama. Please up the magnification of the surveillance cameras and the fees for Shiki-san's medicine, just like you promised."
VS Shiki "I'm sorry for being a little rough, Shiki-san. As my apology, please accept the feast which awaits in the dining room."
VS Hisui "Well, I won, Hisui-chan. Then, just like you promised, please leave the cleaning of the mansion to me~"
VS Satsuki "W-wonderful, Yumizuka-san! Such superb reflexes! I'm scouting you for the Tohno mansion's underground kingdom!"
VS Len "Huhuhu, I won, Len-san. Now I get half of Shiki-san's treasured strawberry pie~"
VS Mech Hisui "Not quite there yet. Maybe I should have installed some cooperation software?"

Neco Arc Chaos
"Eat fish if you want to be stronger."
"I truly have a special move where I can attack you at the speed of light. Well, the problem is that my body will start to disintegrate before I reach it."
"Cat! Luck! Cat! This is hell, you shitty cat!"
"Bartender, send some well-done catfood to that customer over there!"
"Monstrous cat, shake the heavens! Careful, next time I will blow away the sun."
VS Neco "A close battle, decided by the width of a sardine...One wrong step and I might have lost..."
VS Wlen "There can be only one monstrous cat. It is the law of nature for the superior species to remain. Yes, I think giving Darwin-sensei a gift during the Bon festival did pay-off nya. I wonder if he liked the small can of food?"
VS Damien Armies "Thus I myself am the last me remaining on this earth. Nya, but leave me alone with some jellyfish and I will multiply..."
VS Neco G666 "What? I sense an impending explosion.....! Space Shot Mode Activate! Goodbye, Earth. I'll be making my escape now......!"

Nrvnqsr Chaos

"You escaped death by a hair. I do not feel like eating. In the first place---that wound is beyond help. Sing of your life with the time you have left."
"Hm...I thought you would make a good addition, but perhaps I was mistaken. Rather than joining with chaos, you should nourish Mother Earth instead."
"To exit is to vanish. The world flows powered by nothingness. The fruit is rotten, the body is lost, life ceases. Know the meaningless of your death being just another turning gear."
"Hmph. Was there something just here?"
"Excessive gorging? Ridiculous. It takes not a god to understand our relationship. In other words, this is survival of the fittest."
"Starvation is the appetite for your self, an inexhaustible tomb. ---Your thirst for life sparks my hunger."
"Your limbs are gone, your mind is scattered. The one eating you is you, already a part of me. Devour your legs, drink your organs."
"This is your departure from this life. You should take a good look at the world you lived in, the world where your regrets will linger."
VS Neco "Such, such a rare specimen exists......!? Wait, don't escape, even if it's a paw print, I must get my hands on it......!"
VS Kohaku "At times, even ravenous beasts are calmed by is best if you leave, human child. I know not why, but my beasts are having difficulty with you."
VS Aoko "......Escaped? Well, that always was something which destroyed order. Taking such a thing into my chaos would not gain me anything."
VS Arcueid "You have become weak, Princess of the True Ancestors. This is a mere formality, but I will avenge my old friend."
VS Red Arcueid "What a waste of time. Or maybe it was not? It did become part of my composition, after all."

White Len

"I bid you adieu, ladies and gentlemen. When you sleep again, we will have another ball."
"Farewell, living one. And welcome, my dead guest."
"Shall we enjoy ourselves? This is the world of the mirror, an unaging paradise. Time cannot touch anything here."
"You still do not understand? This snowy field is my world. There is nothing which will not bend to my will."
"Good night, my sweet. I hope that when you wake from your dreams, you will find yourself in your regular bed."
"You are a sheep, a sheep to guard this field. Your name...let's see, how does Dolly sound?"
VS Vakiha "You certainly are a young lady of your blood. You are more lovely when you follow your instincts like you are now."
VS Nanaya "Y-you are far from a perfect gentlemen, but you have some good points, so just remember that."
VS Warachia "That was delicious, thank you. I made sure to politely taste all of the information you continue to drink."
VS Arcueid "How does it feel to be bitten by the cat you raised? I may be out of line for saying this, but aren't you playing around too much recently?"
VS Shiki "Kindness alone does not make a gentlemen. You do have what it takes, so take pride in that. ---Well, that is probably why Len likes you."
VS Kohaku "Kohaku, please make sure the next hot bath is filled with roses. And don't forget the high class shortcake for afterwards either."
VS Len "Huhuhu, it's over, Len. This time, you will sleep inside me."
VS Mech Hisui "This is your first time in a snow field? Then be careful. The Celestial Wolf Sirius will chase you down if you're not too concerned about reality."
VS Neco "I am also a derivative from various streams, but you are something from another dimension."


"High spirits! High spirits! Sky-high spirits! This is the result of training!"
"Yay, I won-! Now Onii-chan will praise me!"
"Waa, I'm sweaty. ......Yeah. Today was tiring, so time to rest."
"Onii-chan isn't to blame!"
"Owie. My hand is all numb. Oh man, my kung fu still isn't good enough yet."
"Teeyaa! Sooyaa! Eeeyaaa! How's that! You give up yet? Baji Quan needs no second strike!"
"Let's end today's practice. Now, I just have to keep watch over the Tohno mansion."
"No whining-! In the first place, Onii-chan is my Onii-chan."
"Don't underestimate me because I'm a kid. I may be small now, but I'll grow up soon!"
VS Shiki "Onii-chan Get! Ehehe, when we get back I'll make you look at my homework."
VS Nanaya "......? I don't really get it, but that was a wild Onii-chan, right?"


"I, I won......? ......Yay, I did it, Shiki-sama......!"
"Because it was a real fight, I put forth as much effort as I could."
"......Don't fall for me, Baby......"
"You need to calm down. It will be better if you change your ill-mannered ways."
"Was that acceptable......? I am not very skilled at choreographed fighting."
"......I, I am sorry. Um, I do not respond well to being touched, so......"
"Um, are you hurt......?"
VS Kohaku "......I am sorry, Nee-san. I felt an incredibly hostile aura, so I attacked with all my strength."
VS Len "Len-sama, time for your bath. I understand you do not like it, but please bear with it."
VS Akiha "As it was a real fight, I used all my power. Was it satisfactory, Akiha-sama?"
VS Shiki "...Please forgive me, Shiki-sama. It may have been excessive, but it was the only way I could think of returning you to your room..."
VS Arcueid "Ah, that was scary---I wonder why Arcueid-sama felt so dangerous...?"


"Whew, what a job. Hisui-chan, are you okay? Yes. More importantly, your obi is......Ah, woah, that was close. Maybe I should wear western clothes like you next time, Hisui-chan?"
"Hey Hisui-chan, stick out your fingers! Ah......yes, like this Nee-san? Yes, ready, go! V-~"
"---Work complete. Please forgive my discourtesy in disregarding my position. No, it was wonderful, Hisui-chan! Onee-chan loves how you are suited for cleaning the best!"
"Mission complete! The lurking demon is in jail! ...Yes. Nee-san, I think you should also be careful..."
"Hisui-chan, say something victorious! Victory......V."
"......We won? A victory is a victory. It's a super victory, Hisui-chan! ......Yes. I feel a little, embarrassed."
"Ah, exhausted. Hisui-chan, can we take a break? Nee-san, there is still half an hour left. Shall I report your negligence to Akiha-sama? Ah. Hisui-chan, are you actually an informant?"
"...*Sigh* Nee-san, do you have any injuries? I'm okay, but that was a little close. ...Yes. You did well, Nee-san."
VS Akiha "Please forgive me, Akiha-sama. Because this is a standard strike, we resorted to using force. Oogh...Hisui-chan, you are merciless..."
VS Shiki "How do you like our supreme combination, Shiki-san! We comboed you supremely! ...I am very sorry, Shiki-sama."
VS Len "Found you! Len-san, time for your bath~ Len-sama, I understand how you feel, but please put up with it for now."


"Whew, I somehow made it. Oh man, I'm getting used to all this violence."
"Uh um, at times like these a vampire would say......I, I will save your life, so please keep me a secret---right?"
"---I'm getting stronger...I wonder if I could really be a true vampire at this rate..."
"I'm so thirsty......But I have to be strong! If I drink more blood, this person will die. I have to drink blood only once a week and then hide again."
"What are you looking at? Are vampires so rare?"
"Don't underestimate me. Despite how I look, people say I have a natural talent that appears only once every few years."
"You're pretty unlucky. Meeting me while I'm in a bad mood is just about as bad now as when I was my old self."
VS Vsion "Huhu, how was that, Sion? Even though we just became friends, I may have to eat you now."
VS Vakiha "What's this? You seem really weak, Akiha-san. I might take your blood and Tohno-kun, but maybe I'll let you live as a servant of mine?"
VS Nanaya "Teehee, how was that, Killer-san? Do you understand very well just how much closer I've come towards you now?"
VS Ciel "Ahh, I managed to get away. ...Ciel-senpai, you've been more strict these past few days...I might just get done in soon..."
VS Shiki "Are, are you okay, Tohno-kun...!? ...Thank goodness, you only lost consciousness...and, and no one is around. T-then, I'll just t-take a little liberty here..."
VS Sion "Sion, are you okay? You look like you're not feeling well, so should I take you home?"
VS Len "You have a long way to go before you can fight, Black Cat-san. I'm always ready to give you special training whenever you want it, you know."
VS Nrvnqsr "No way, I won......!? U, um, uh, Sorry, I'll stop!"



WOOT ANTICLIMAX. Please let me know if I missed anything, like how I TOTALLY SKIPPED the Hisui&Kohaku team. Brb, facewalling.
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Re: MBAC victory messages

Unread postby Mazyrian » August 13th, 2009, 2:56 pm

Interesting. Haven't checked them all, but at least one is missing: Akiha vs Hisui-Kohaku ("it goes without saying, but your pay will be reduced", or something to the effect)

"This goes without saying, but you two better be prepaed for a cut in salary"
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Re: MBAC victory messages

Unread postby Dark_Habit » August 13th, 2009, 5:44 pm

Nice work; It seems you got alotta free time though :(

Shiki vs Kohaku&Hisui
"Sorry you two!
After I finish my business I'll go back to the mansion,
and make up for it later!"
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Re: MBAC victory messages

Unread postby Keeper of Gil's Vault » August 16th, 2009, 7:39 pm

Lol @ Sachin's victory speech vs. Shiki.
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Re: MBAC victory messages

Unread postby Brainjack » July 3rd, 2010, 4:49 am

Thats nice work...lolx keep it up
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Re: MBAC victory messages

Unread postby James_Marcus » August 24th, 2010, 3:08 pm

I was wondering if somebody could translate these 2 win quotes, please? I have requested them on other forums (even beastlairs) but nobody seems to care ;_;. These 2 small win quotes.


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