Hidden moves

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Hidden moves

Unread post by Dectilon » March 3rd, 2006, 2:06 pm

One of the fun things with MBR is the new things you keep finding :D

Some of the "secret" things I found are for example that boost jump when you press down and then up and shield at the same time.

Another is that when you use Akiha's Blood Heat super at really close range she grabs the opponents head and deals a lot more damage.

There's also the one that Satsuki's Blood Heat super is more powerful when used on Shiki (both of them)

Have any of you found anything else more or less hidden that you'd like to share?
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Unread post by marus » March 4th, 2006, 11:28 am

Kohaku has one secret move where she injects herself with a medicine that automatically puts her into blood heat and gives her some kind of super armor. She still takes damage normally, but while she's in blood heat she can't be stunned. All this for just 100 for her magic circuit! The downside is that it takes about 3 seconds to charge up, and can be interrupted during those 3 seconds, but it's still damn fun to use. The command is 1632143+C.

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Unread post by Matthias » March 9th, 2006, 7:41 pm

if arcueid catches the first 2 hits of ciel's 3 hit weak punch they do that thing
catch meaning correctly seal/shield the move

I doubt these count as secrets but you might not know about em, and since I really want to add more but can't think of any it'll have to do

nanaya has a down dash
akakiha can air dash twice
Ciel's 623C can be charged to different levels and is unblockable at the final charge
Len's 236A/B can be charged, use charged A for a very long stun, charge B for both the forward and upward shot same time.

umm... I dont know... seal when selecting arcade mode to fight giant akiha?
and if you have final tuned seal when selecting options to mess with a buncha shit... kinda funny playing with 5 double jumps and air dashes

also a rather useless thing I practiced when I got final tuned with ciel..
236A, on wall 214A then 6A/B, repeat from other wall, repeat, repeat, or she has other things you could do, but we like repeating moves don't we? Original melty blood wins for continous black key throwing

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Unread post by Soulanger » May 4th, 2006, 7:01 pm

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[back to the topic]
Yup there are no secret moves in the game but they are very hard to find ones.

Heres my list:

[all characters]
Rush jump(dunno the name)
The character will do a fine jump enabling you to rush towards the enemy

Runaway(ii still make the names)
-------(do an air attack) + 7
Arcueid will jump away after the attack.

Boxing jabs
Ciel will do boxing-like attacks. Its quite funny cause ciel was a character in a boxing game called Glove-on-fights made by Wattanabe.

Kick and throw
Ciel will do a throw after the lower roundhouse kick.

I'll give more if i recall them.

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