Nero Chaos (MBAC)

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Nero Chaos (MBAC)

Unread post by Weeaboo » May 25th, 2008, 11:42 pm

Does anyone have any tips for beating this guy with Satsuki? I'm fairly confident with every other matchup (vs the CPU, for all that that matters) but I find it really hard to get past this guy's attacks to get in close to him. I get forced into a lot of corners and end up in pretty uncomfortable situations because of it.

Also colour combination 21 = Tohsaka Rin
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Unread post by mir » May 26th, 2008, 12:30 am

The cpu dies pretty easy to jumpins. Sometimes it tries nero's 2C which can be shielded >.>
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Unread post by abscess » May 26th, 2008, 12:49 am

In Difficulty 5
Versus Mode
There isn't much of a strategy to follow that will work 100%:
-Sometimes just dashing directly to the guy and combo with weak attacks and follow with a medium and/or hard attack (or a super if you can) might do the work. Most of the time you may get your ass kicked to the other side of the scene or combo-ed.
-Do the jumping that resembles a parable that goes almost directly towards the enemy (down -> down-forward -> forward -> up-forward -> up) and in the middle of the jump do another jump and dash in the air to where he is (some times just normal double jumping does the trick too) knock his head with the strongest attack (C button) and when landing on the floor (if he didn't kick attack you already) crouch and C button, he will start falling on the ground if he recieved both punches from the crouching attack, at that moment you could C button him again. If done correctly you have a 4 hit combo. Trying different variations (like combo-ing with weack and medium attacks or something) have to be done in order to get a win.
-Watch out for the jaws that come from the floor and the damn birds. To me those two where the most annoying.

As you can see it's more improvising that following a recipe, but sticking a bit to that plan and improvising quite a lot did the trick to me. Besides, I ain't no melty expert at all.
mir wrote:The cpu dies pretty easy to jumpins. Sometimes it tries nero's 2C which can be shielded >.>
Very true. I got that flaw since the times of SFII for the snes... and the sad thing is that it still does the trick pretty well.....
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Unread post by Weeaboo » May 26th, 2008, 2:17 am

Thanks, I'll try that. I'm not very good at these sorts of games (I remember having my ass handed to me at SFII by my friends quite a lot) so it's no surprise the solution seemed so obvious to everyone else. It's really obvious now you say, it's quite easy to shield (the 2C attack). She's so much harder to win with than Nanaya at the minute but I just get this horrible feeling that he's not that great past a certain point, I was watching some melty bread videos and noticed that he never showed up at all.

Also, which is harder to beat; the cpu on unlimited meter or on 150%? I just got this game so I'm not really sure but it seems like the ai has more health and does more basic damage on 150% so I don't know if the full meter is actually any better for them, considering how much they make use of it (I'd expect them to be circuit sparking every time you got a hold of them).
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Unread post by nobaka » May 26th, 2008, 11:33 pm

My AI glitch seems to work fairly well. Knock him down. Time your 5C so that it will connect just as he finishes standing up. The AI won't get a chance to block. I use this as a desperation move in ReACT Story mode or when I'm against someone like Mech-Hisui.

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