Computer issues

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Computer issues

Unread post by WingZer0 » December 10th, 2004, 1:21 am

I've allways had issues starting melty blood and re-act, both on windows xp and windows 2k (1 comp recently formatted) the thing is that after i correctly install melty blood and than re-act, whenever i open the game it just crashes, if it's full screen, my comp will go black as if the game was loading but than it just crashes and no error comes up, if i try to play it windows it does the same thing window pope up stays black than crashes, except this tiem it gives an error,
this issue happens in both melty blood and re-act...

BUT...if i apply the revolve english patch to melty blood the game works fine, and i've tried playing the english demo of re-act, that crashes also, i have no clue what's wrong but i'm guessing it's something to do with the way the game starts up, since i could never get the game working without the patch i don't know how it acts when it loads normally.

So anyway, does anyone have any ideas or possible solutions

p.s. i've tired running my comp in full japanese setting (thats how i managed to install melty blood) diddn't help at all.

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