Melty Blood unofficial support forum FAQ! Updated 2005/02/26

Let's talk about the port of the port of the port of the update of the port of the port of the update of the expansion of the game that will apparently never be awesome enough.

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Melty Blood unofficial support forum FAQ! Updated 2005/02/26

Unread post by TheXev » February 23rd, 2004, 1:23 am

The Melty Blood translation I have been working on has been in the works for over a year (since well before the Tsukihime anime appeared in Japan).

The goal of this part of the new Revolve forum is to provide unofficial technical support for Melty Blood, such as several sites in Japan are dedicated to. I would like this section of the forum to be frequented by those English speaking users that are interested in Melty Blood as a game, but also to track down and trace technical issues with the translated game and the original.

Please feel free to start subjects about movies, replays, the usual stuff, as there is no real English Melty Blood forum yet. If this gets popular enough, perhaps I?ll even make a forum dedicated to Melty Blood by itself!

The following is a small FAQ I?ve created, as I?m sure many people will begin asking the same questions, as more questions become common, I will add them to this particular part of the forum.

How will you patch Melty Blood?

The first few patches will be based on the official Nero0623 (or the final release of 1.100 if you prefer), and will include the add-ons that unlock Nero Chaos and Hisui, and all of the other characters and stages. This will require you to have an original copy of the game. This is also the only way we have of patching the original Melty Blood, as we can add files to data04.p that will overwrite past sets of files in the data00-03.p in the original game. Releasing a complete English ISO of the game is unnecessary and wouldn?t promote people purchasing the original game legitimately. However, I would like to find a way to create an English installer that would work with the original disc.

How will you patch Melty Blood ReACT?

Currently, if no other patch is released, ReACT?s patches will be based on mbr1119a, or 2.009a. All patching will be done via 07.p, and will include all the files necessary for English menu?s and eventually dialog to be in the game.

So, this is the order we will patch the game:
1. We will release a menu only patch.
2. We will release a patch with story mode completely translated, along with the ending credits, chapter screens, etc.

How will you distribute the Melty Blood patch?

Via Bittorrent and IRC bots. Eventually when we have our own web server, we will host the files on there.

When will the game be translated/done?

[Place generic when it?s done message here][Wait for normal series of comments asking anyway].

Seriously, Tsukihime is top priority right now, so sometime after Tsukihime is finished.

Where can I find the current Japanese patch for Melty Blood ReACT?

Click here to find the website. As of this update, the current ReACT patch is mbr1119a, or 2.009a

Who are the project members?

I, TheXev, am the general project manager. I insert scripts, hack English text into nasty places like the startup menu. I try to keep my project members motivated to work (like Gavionne for example, I sent him my old motherboard) and I generally put the work together everyone else has accomplished. I am attempting to learn real hacking skills (like ASM).

Gavionne (also known as the famous CyberWarrorX of Sega Saturn hacking fame, among other things) was the tools writer on this project. He wrote the unpacker tool for Melty Blood, and the EX3 [the file format MB?s textures are in] to BMP converters. Although we later found out a Japanese fella also wrote a series of converters for Melty Blood and Tsukihime. Gavi?s tools work much better then these set of tools, and he?s more readily available to update these tools if we need him to. Gavionne has been a mentor to me for quite some time, so I look up to him. He?s a good guy, and he?s a great friend to many of us at Revolve.

Daichi is the senior Photoshop expert at Revolve. He is the man responsible for the Photoshopped textures in Farland Symphony. He does awesome work, and his newest previews from the Re-ACT demo just prove how good he is with Photoshop.

NuAngel of x3dfx fame is the lead play tester and script editor. Ohhh, he?s kinda famous if you care about 3dfx cards. He?s a personal friend of mine like Bg77, and I dragged him into Melty Blood at a LAN party by showing that Nero Chaos is the uber p0nage. (BTW, I?m the same ?TheXev? from the x3dfx forums). He?s been a friend of mine for years, and he?s entrusted with stuff I normally wouldn?t let people use (like Gavi?s tools). He?s began to love this series of games just as I have, because the Tsukihime anime ruled.*

A special thanks go out to ?Shih Tzu? and ?The Spatula? for their translations of the dialog menu?s I posted on Revolve awhile back. I have combined their work and made a few edits, so the menu translations should be a solid fit for Melty Blood. If either of you have complaints or comments after the patch is released, please feel free to email me.

ScriptDoc is terrific translator that volunteered his services to Revovle. His current dialog submissions have been fantastic and I don?t think anyone will be disappointed with the quality of work!

Why are you so slow to reply to emails?

I?ve seen some great interest from others in translating Melty Blood, and if I haven?t replied to your email please understand the last week or so of my life has been complete hell (I had an allergic reaction to a fabric softener). I?m usually very prompt with email replays.

What is the secret project?

It?s Tsukihime. Be happy.

How were you introduced to Melty Blood?

Well, that?s a very interesting story. Alerith and Soulfang were simply saying ?Melty Blood? repeatedly in the channel one day because it sounded cool (I guess). I had no clue what the game was about other then it was a game, and that it had a cool but weird sounding name. So, I downloaded the demo and tried it out, and fell in love with it. The release of the Tsukihime anime only seemed to drag me deeper into the story and characters, so I really began to push this project.

Why did you put in the last question?

Because it?s a funny story and I want to see how many people really read this. It?s also completely true. I do lots of things to force people to read content, that and I get a sick level of enjoyment out of doing it. (Oooh, it?s a secret. Hehe).

As a closing statement because I currently can?t think of anything else, I?d like to add these comments. Unlike past projects, like Kyatto Ninden Teyandee, nearly every major issue has been overcome. I would like this project to my first complete project, and I?d also like to out due my fellow Revolver?s by making it Revolve?s first complete project (well, okay, I suppose RPG Maker 2003 was complete, but we were forced to take that down, which sucks, and?well.. were we even Revolve then? I dunno?.I don?t quite remember?). I will start another thread about technical issues to be overcome with the final English patch for Melty Blood.

* Based on the fact that most of us haven?t played Tsukihime the game in a form we understand.
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Re: Melty Blood translation and unofficial support forum FAQ

Unread post by Soulfang » February 23rd, 2004, 2:54 am

TheXev wrote:I?d also like to out due my fellow Revolver?s by making it Revolve?s first complete project (well, okay, I suppose RPG Maker 2003 was complete, but we were forced to take that down, which sucks, and?well.. were we even Revolve then? I dunno?.I don?t quite remember?).

Nope, that was just 'Soulfang and Alerith'. :P