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Arcturus Game Guide.

Unread postPosted: April 26th, 2004, 4:02 am
by Zoel


Game Instructions-
I can't read Japanese so don't expect anything i can do to translate for you. Names are Romanize or taken from offical site.
Right Click = Rotating View. While highlighting char = Menu.
Left Click = Talk , confirm all sorta things.

Keyboard Controls. ----Need game before this can be told.

How to Save?
For those that are playing for the first time and didn't know how to
save there progress.

The Inn or a Blue Aura is the save point.
The Blue Aura is more reliable then the inn , because you
can heal for free and save (like Grandia's Save Point.)
Gameplay Instructions.


Magic can be learned once meeting Eispein. Sizz can learn magic by combining Magic Emblems. Though the synthesize magic you make requires a Magic Emblem to cast ( only 1 and that 1 is the one of the spell's main element.) There are also combine magic that requires Water and Wind. But Sizz only has Wind and no water , and Ai has Water. These magic are can only be made if both characters are there.
Characters-------------Bios will be add later.
They're taken from
If you can translate there bios i can use it for the character bios.
Sizz Flair-- Age 17 Sex:M
Our protagonist. Sizz appears in a beautiful figure
and often been mistaken for a girl. When his father
traded his mother's tombstone for gold , he couldn't stand it
and ran off with Maria to start a new life.
Maria Kates--Age 17 Sex:F

Sizz childhood friend , often mistaken for a boy and have
a crush on Elluard.
Elluard Von Heinberg-- Age 26 Sex :M
Heir of the Haimbelg family. In the public he appeared one to attend meeting withl Prime Ministers. Although , alot of people despise him because of his arrogant attitude. Beside that his family name, excellent features and his ability has gain respect for him.
Tenzi -- Age 39 Sex: M
Being chase by the empire and was rescue by Sizz and company
though why is he being chase? His past is dark history.
Celine-- Age ? Sex:F
She appear many times in front of Sizz but her
true intentions is unknown. She seems to have
a relationship with the emperor.
Carrot Aareth Age 20 Sex: F
The younger sister of the 'Aareth sisters'. Her older sister "Peach" is related through marriage.
Peach Aareth Age 24 Sex: F
The older sister of the 'Aareth sisters'. Her Younger sister "Peach" is only related through marriage.
Ojsten kreutzer Age 26 Sex:M
Ai Zarathustra Age 16 Sex:F
Eispein-- Age?? Sex: M
He save Sizz and Maria from danger and taught them each deadly skills. Though other then that he is a mystery.

Character Party
In Arcturus the maxium amount of members can be use
is only 4 , but usally later you might end up having 6 so
in order to use the other party members you'll have to
go your status ( or Menu ) and reconfigure the order
by right clicking the character and press postion up or down.

Weight & Items
Each character can add more points to the maxium weight. When the points exceed this , your characters move really slow on the Field Map.
Try to store much items as possible on Rogers quick service, if the item
is useless, then discard it because items cannot be sold so be careful
when buying items.

Select a continent to begin a prolouge chapter.

select the one on the right you'll play the charater Sizz and Maria
The one on the left is Elluard.
Elluard's Chapter------------------------------------

Once all the scenes are done. Use Elluard and return to his home (Heiburg Mansion) It should be on fire.

Speak to all people outside, it then should alow you to access the mansion, the Maid Shu is still inside there.

You have 10 mins to resuce her, and avoid the fire at all costs, you'll need all the HP possible to fight the enemys.
Shu is locked up in the 3rd room of the 2nd floor, the door can be opened after you kill all the monsters from the first 2 rooms.
The battle will be simple if your HP is full, if not you just pray that Elluard kills 2 of the monster's in one attack or with his auto counter ablitiy. (might be even something else)
Elluard will collaspe when he arrives outside.

When he awakens in the Inn, leave the room and have a conversation with your brother. Return to the Heiburg mansion and have a talk with your father and everyone else in the mansion and leave.
Now to the Premier's Place (You could use the compass to help you search for it, but you need to know how to read it....) Talk to the advisor upstairs, he can give you from 2000 to 5000 gild to help you out.
Now you should go outside and to the city of Merhem .
Before you reach Merhem 2 assassin's will show up to kill Elluard.

Boss------ Huss and Grantz
Now before reaching Merhem you should raise Elluard's lvl high enough so that he can do his first techinque (The one with the Back filp) you'll need it for the golem boss.
At Merhem you should visit the Inn, and you'll see the Aarseth sisters. After a event with Shu occurs it's time for you to get outta here and to the city of Martinne but before you can enter you'll encounter a boss "Golem"

And sorry for the poor english. And feel free to add more things for this guide. such as side quest or edit the guide , or write a better one.

Unread postPosted: April 26th, 2004, 8:07 pm
by Zoel
---------Sizz and Maria's Prolouge guide----------------------
When you start, Sizz will be asked to collect bills that people owe his father.

You now have to search for 3 people in town..

Farmer Hatsusen (ハッセン) is located outside with his cows. He tells you that you need to get the money from his wife. (who is inside the house)

Next you should search for Hunter Brandon ブランドン .Which has gone out to hunt ( you will have to gather some information from villagers before your able to leave).
Search for him in the Wilderness and you'll have to carry him back when you find him. Due to the fact that he has been injured. (dont worry its automatic) His Wife will give you the money for the bill and some bonus for your efforts.

And finally you should talk to the Bartender.Talk to the lady dressed in black, she will ask you if you say a man dressed in black left town. Select yes, and she'll give you a 100 gild.

Return Home, after an arguement with your dad, you decided to get outta town with Maria. Now in the wilderness, I suggest you find all treasure chests you can, because you won't be coming back for a long time. When you reach to the ship, pay the sailor to get in.

Once you have control over Sizz , Maria disappears and is nowhere to be found. So talk to sailor crew in the engine room twice. Now go speak with the Captain's representive in the Captain's Cabin. Now find all the saliors and talk to them once your finished go find the Beggar and talk to him 4 times, then the captain and his representive and then back to the Engine room. Speak with the sailor, and leave the engine room then speak to the Sailor in the Corrido. When this is finished. You should move back to the Deck and look for Maria.

------------------------Arrival to Tynnie---------------------------

Search for the Motel "Barrack" talk to the lady, now go find the Job Bank. Accept the job for Rodger's quick service (RQS).
Each time you finish a request go back to RQS.
First request from RQS:

Bartender requires you to deliver a cup of glass to the weapon shop.
Second request from RQS:

Recieve the Strawberry Jam from the G-mart and Deliver it to the Diamond Inn.
(you can go back to G-mart to get some gifts from the Employee once the request is finished)
Third request from RQS:

Just deliver it to the Church. Once it's done you wont be able to come back here until chapter 1.
After all the scenes are finished, the flashback should be over, and Eispein will teach you how to play. When your done this, you should go to Martinne. Once there Sizz will look for water, and get taken away by Tenzi.
-------To chapter 1---------------

Unread postPosted: April 28th, 2004, 6:46 pm
by Zoel
---------Chapter 1 guide------- First Half
As soon as the chapter starts You'll start a battle with 3 charaters (Elluard,Tenzi and Maria.) againist those soldiers. ( they're patheic nothing to worry about.)
Once the battle is done. You'll gain control over Maria and Sizz .Now go to the Bar and see all the events.
Now it's time for you to reach the city of Merhem, it's through the way were you pay a 100 gold to get through(Better be prepare before you go cause it cost money for the trip.).
But i recommend you to go to the Port of Tynnie first ( There's a side quest there (although i don't remember the full quest so somebody has to write it down)
At Merhem look for the farm type place. it should trigger a event with Tenzi.
With all this event done . You can now leave. Go leave Merhem . And now go to Dome .you should go back the mansion of the Heiburg family and talk to Elluard's Brother, And all the people inside. Leave the mansion and exit through the west And by reaching the town of Penama ( don't know exact spelling)
You should look for a kid that's outside quite close to the inn. it should lead all townfolks to come in. After all the dialouge. You should able to leave town through the west and get to the castle.

Inside the castle it'll split into 3 ways, the one in the center cannot be open without a key. On the west side there will be a save point and a door that's lock with the blue key. Anyways go east each room will contain a switch and will open a door to another. Eventally when you reach downstairs, the place will split into 2 ways , one is with a door that's closed the other is a dead end. Go to the deadend there should be a switch near by the chains (it'll unlock that door.) Reaching in you'll meet somebody( forgot his name) and he'll send 5 Water Slimes at you.
Defeat them and go further. You'll see bunch of prisoners here, each room will require an underground key to open, move to the upstairs nearby , it's a room filled with treasures. One of them contain the Blue key
after you get this , go back to the beginning. Now only this time head west and go to the save point if needed. But further more open the door that requires the blue key. Now in the 2nd floor there is chest scatter all over the place , and each of them should contain a underground key(Each key open 1 prison cell below , and there should be 5 of them)
There should be a room that's locked and there would be switches beside it , to open it do the following.
_ N
W___E facing north
_ S
(1) 2 (3) (4)

Touch the switches in brackets , but do 5 last. You should know if the switch is on when there's a fire over it.
After this you should find another chest (Underground key) and a way to upstairs. I recommend you to go back and unlock those prisoners(you should only go back if you have 5 keys) . Continue upstairs will lead to the other side of the castle , and you'll also see that person again.
Find him in this room(should be around the corner with the blood covering all of it) He'll summon 5 fire swords ( you should watch out cause these guys could kill.) Now that's finish , go farther, till you find a save point it has a door that you can't get through . You should look for a stairs to go down from here , you'll see another cutscene , now go to the room of where he is. You'll find his body lieing dead , check the book beside it , it'll be a Key. Go all the way back to the beginning , this key will allow you to access the center door that was close. Inside here check the chest then examine the skeleton , you'll find another key. IT's time for you to walk all the way back to that door that was locked at the 3rd floor of the otherside. Opening the door , you'll see a room like a catheral and a boss fight will start. (Boss should be simple if you made some magic with Sizz)
Celine will come and save the day. Once this is done leave the room.

You'll now automatically go outside. Anything left unfinish in the castle , you should go back and double check.
Go to Capital of Dome , look for the Exit that leads the map to north.
It'll split into 2 ways. one to Lachiymasa and another place, i recommend you to get power up and also get the fire pillar spell(made from spell making(there's a guide from Kou-Net of how to make magic) Upon reaching to Lachiymasa there's a save point (save here) Once you look around and find a event with a Old man you can't go back unless you sucessfully completed the Mines.

I think this part is a sidequest. Not really sure , but i recommend doing it. ( it's gets you really strong. Plus get Sizz the Fire Pillar Spell before coming here , or else i think you'll have trouble with the Boss.)

Fire Pillar Combination. Making it in a Magic circle.
ファイア・ピラー (spell in name in Jap or katakana)


------------------- ---------(A) ( Fire Or 火)


-------------------------《Erkekjter エルケシュテル》

(M Earth 地)----------------------------------------- (S Earth 地)


This might look a bit confusing but , if you made magic before i think you'll get the idea. or If you have find the magic guide somewhere.
Before Entering the mines i recommend creating a extra save before coming here.( if these monsters are to strong for you either you level is to low or something else. The path splits into 2, going to the left side you could find Save point.
In the right contains platforms you'll have to jump to(i recommend you to fall off because there is 2 chests underground.(it contains 10000 Gald and a QuarterStaff.) Jumping into platforms will eventally lead you to a room after. Path will be pretty linear and your goal is basically to go more deeper per room. When you reach to the room with the jelly fishes. Look for the room that contains a event with maria and a lot of Treasure chest sitting beside people that died before. Grab all the chest , and get out of here. Before you can get into the upper area , i recommend you to save
because there is a boss fight.
----------Boss HP 4000 x2 and 3 bats
Battle offers 65500 EXP at lv 15

This boss can be very deadly due to their speed and power(2-4 hits can kill you if not careful)plus a bunch of bats.if Sizz is able to cast Fire Pillar, these guys will be dead if they're corner from the spell. While they're getting fry in the fire pillar ( Cast another one at the same area ) If you fail try again. After the boss is defeated you'll arrive outside.
(Now i check the game again this part should be mostly accurate.) August 8 Update)

Alright with all this finish , it's time for you to go from Merhem to port city Tynnie. Upon entering you'll encounter Celine again , she'll give out her background story and such stuff and also will start a battle with that officer (. Now you'll need a passport to get around Twins Island. Enter the bar and a series of event will trigger. Find Celine near somewhere beside G-mart. And Celine will join the party , now show the passport to the soldier that's guarding the path to Twin island .

The bridge to twins island is broken , and you'll need to fix it. Tenzi when out to help .And you control Sizz and Celine and they are suppose to collect 4 piece crane borne wood (本を集める役割を担う) or something like that. they're located 1 pass the river and 3 around the forest.
Once you finish all this , you can now cross the bridge. There are treasure chest along the way , but if you find a 2nd brige with a man lying there talking about some turtle , that is the correct route . You can look for them since you won't be coming back here after you finish this place.

In the End of route there will be a Boat , and a huge amount of Event will trigger and you'll start a battle with the Turtle.

-------------------Boss battle Turtle.------------------------

BP: 1400 HP : 700

This guy is really easy , he's not really damaging nor fast , the only problem is his high amount of defense. Which makes him take a while to kill. Just give it all you got and he'll be dead in no time.

Once it's all the battle is finish , The Turtle Swallows Celine , and Sizz went charging after it. You'll now be controlling only Sizz inside the Turtle's Body. The problem is , it's really big and looks similar , kinda hard to find the way , and they're are treasure chest in here and they can be only gotten once.
Once you reach to the end you'll find Celine and you'll be outta here.

After all the events are finish.
Pick up the Ear ( i don't know what it's for.) And get out of here. there's a boss battle ahead . You can save if you want just in case.

You'll be fighting Ojsten kreutzer. He carrys 5 soldiers with him. You can take out kreutzer really fast by using Elluard's Special ( the one that does a backflip) And when that's done. It's time to head back to Tynnie. And Stop by the Inn ( not Barrack).
And a boss battle happen again cept with Maria alone , it's the guys that try to assassinate Elluard in the beginning , cept they still have the same status and they can be wipe out instantly. Many events will occur . Such as Sizz's Scar is becoming Larger , etc..

Now some Kidnapping Incident has occur in the Sandis involves a girl from Baara . Well anyways you'll hear the full story when you get to Sandis . This city is next to Baara. Well when you get there Soliders will surround the place , and your stop is the inn.

Read the Next post for more of the Guide.(currently there's nothing in there yet.)

Unread postPosted: April 29th, 2004, 8:52 pm
by Gillian Seed
Hey dude ! Why don't you write your own walkthrough ? :)

Unread postPosted: April 29th, 2004, 9:12 pm
by Zoel
Nah , i haven't fully wrote an entire walkthrough yet. Plus this forum is translating Arcturus sometime in the summer, I just hope that by then people can help me edit that walkthrough , then i'll make the compelte one

Unread postPosted: May 10th, 2004, 1:21 pm
by starkwong
I am very excited that some guys are going to translate Arcturus into English version...

In fact, Gravity had released an English version of Arcturus Demo many years ago (Should be in 2001 E3), it may be useful for the translation...

And for the optional jobs, there are many jobs in each chapters (and some are meaningless because of some other event not triggered or because of tons of bugs in the version I played - Simplified Chinese version). I may translate some information on optional jobs here later.

Unread postPosted: May 10th, 2004, 6:38 pm
by Zoel
Thanks that would really help . And i haven't even beated the game either of course , and somehow i think i'm stuck.

Unread postPosted: May 11th, 2004, 7:54 am
by starkwong
I will start posting it after finishing my university examination (On Saturday)...

btw, anyone here knows how the data files are encoded? (I found the data format is very strange, if I can unpack and pack it again, I can patch the damaged script introduced in Chinese version)

Unread postPosted: June 28th, 2004, 3:34 pm
by gaz_2_k
Zoel wrote:Nah , i haven't fully wrote an entire walkthrough yet. Plus this forum is translating Arcturus sometime in the summer, I just hope that by then people can help me edit that walkthrough , then i'll make the compelte one

I'm currently working on a guide myself, but it's taking ages to do :(
I also would like to know whats the best program to use if i want to extract the PAK files? (mainly the music one)

Unread postPosted: June 28th, 2004, 4:04 pm
by starkwong
gaz_2_k wrote:I'm currently working on a guide myself, but it's taking ages to do :(
I also would like to know whats the best program to use if i want to extract the PAK files? (mainly the music one)

I used GrfWiz (Originally is for Ragnarok Online but a Japanese modified that for Arcturus because their structure is almost the same), and I also modified that for extracting Launcher.pak and Music.pak. You may change them yourself (By using Visual Basic 6) or I may put my modified version later.

But extracting the music files in music.pak seems to have no use, because the original unpacked files are of type adp (ADPCM?), which I can't any programs that can read it.

Unread postPosted: June 28th, 2004, 4:54 pm
by gaz_2_k
I used GrfWiz (Originally is for Ragnarok Online but a Japanese modified that for Arcturus because their structure is almost the same), and I also modified that for extracting Launcher.pak and Music.pak. You may change them yourself (By using Visual Basic 6) or I may put my modified version later.

But extracting the music files in music.pak seems to have no use, because the original unpacked files are of type adp (ADPCM?), which I can't any programs that can read it.[/quote]

damm, i was hoping to grab all the bgm from the pak file :(, but thanks for the info on GrfWiz. do you have a link to it or this modified version? thanks in advance :D

Unread postPosted: July 1st, 2004, 2:12 am
by starkwong
gaz_2_k wrote:damm, i was hoping to grab all the bgm from the pak file :(, but thanks for the info on GrfWiz. do you have a link to it or this modified version? thanks in advance :D

OK, I uploaded my modifed version of GrfWiz which can unpack Launcher.pak and Music.pak as well.

You may download it at (Source code included)

Unread postPosted: July 1st, 2004, 7:34 am
by gaz_2_k
OK, I uploaded my modifed version of GrfWiz which can unpack Launcher.pak and Music.pak as well.

You may download it at (Source code included)

Thanks a lot man! ;)

Unread postPosted: July 10th, 2004, 4:59 am
by Zoel
Alright i'm gonna make a much more simple guide. check it out. it's edit and i think it'll be a lot simple to understand. If you like the original i'll post that one back instead.

Unread postPosted: August 6th, 2004, 10:55 am
by Zoel
Anyways i updated the guide again. Chapter 1 is really long that is only half finish , and the game suppose to have 5 chapters in total. (prologue , 1 , 2 , 3 and Final.)
But anyways i'm using this new post for the next half of Chapter 1. ( i be editing it once i put stuff up.)

Chapter 1 part 2.

After staying in the inn , one of the Aareth joins you( Carrot). Now you want to look for somebody house around water or something , don't worry he's in Sandis because you can't get out of here. Well talking to him will make him bring you into Pensula , ( this is quite a big dungeon There is exactly 3 floors and have mostly ninjas on the underground level. )Your there are bunch of chest upstairs but none of them are to useful. You goal is to go underground right now. In the underground level , there is 3 paths , one to a save point , one room with 3 chest and even more deeper leads a boss fight. The room that leads to the boss have skulls and a path made outta bones before it.

Once you reach underground level 2 , you'll fight Stian
You can use carrot to steal stuff from him , but i haven't tested , because i kill him quick. This group is fast but not really , all you need to do is waste Stian then it's all over.

Defeating him will automatically bring you back to Sandis. And Carrot will leave you. Now It's time to go over the city of Dome . You'll be fighting a group of ninjas. Once the battle is over. it's time for you find the path to ゴールドロア ( Soldrna Iron Bridge is what you're looking for.), but use to compass to find this path.) On arrival you'll find a old man surrounded by ninjas ,after defeating them , the old man will notice Tenzi as the real emperor , and now Tenzi will tell about his past.
Once you gather control of Tenzi. You suppose to collect 4 items for the girl to sell. So talk to everyone in town they'll give you something.

A young couple together will give you one thing .
A lady dress in pink (like the ones selling lottery) also gives the item
Person dress link a buiness man , around the fountain.
And a young man that's quite far from the fountain.

once this is finish go back to where to girl is. And talk to man besides her.
Once that's done go find where the save point is , and walk further , bunch of guards will arrive and take you away (hail you as the Emperor.)
Looks for the Woman's Waiting room in the Costellairum palace. (there's is a lot of rooms in here , also at once place there's is 3 treasure chest , you can open them if you want , but i don't know if you'll recieve them.)

The game will show a huge amount of events and will take you back where you left off.

Now that you're at the Iron Bridge . Cross through it and travel till you reach to the city of Answers. At the City go to the Pub , and speak with bard , after go you the Residense of Gran -???( i forgot the name.) You should trigger a scene where Elluard is kissing the maid and able to get into the place. Once the events are over , you'll be at the pub and the Aareth sisters will join you. Leave the city and you'll heard a noise of a strange man , it appears he is suffering . Once it's Done The sister stole 3 items from him.
Come back to town , since the inn is finish , i think you sleep till night in order to sneak into The Residence of Gran? Not really sure.

Unread postPosted: August 6th, 2004, 6:14 pm
by AznTyrant256
awsome guide!

Unread postPosted: August 9th, 2004, 1:21 pm
by Gillian Seed
Zoel> can't you just write all those things in a .txt file ???

Unread postPosted: August 9th, 2004, 5:22 pm
by Zoel
Ahaha. You're right about that. and yes i did put it on a text file or at least rich text format. But i need some one to host it for me. Though

Unread postPosted: August 9th, 2004, 7:49 pm
by Gillian Seed
Zoel wrote:Ahaha. You're right about that. and yes i did put it on a text file or at least rich text format. But i need some one to host it for me. Though

What about gamefaqs ?
They have an Arcturus section.
If you don't like gamefaqs, I can host it for you coz I have plenty of space :p
Gamefaqs is better coz not everyone can find the exact link to my personal webspace, but it has some requirements... (80 columns max .txt file)

Unread postPosted: August 9th, 2004, 10:04 pm
by Zoel
True Gamefaqs does have his faqs section. < though i never have summit a faq on there. and plus the Arcturus on gamefaqs is the wrong game. It's some space shooter made by Europeans called Arcturus.