Arc Translations Woes, Italian Poem...

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Arc Translations Woes, Italian Poem...

Unread post by Daichi » October 10th, 2005, 6:24 am

This is fairly minor I guess...
Anyway, one of the last things left to translate for Arcturus is a long poem by the famous Italian poet Giacomo Leopardi.

Anyway, the problem.

I was thinking why translate a translation of something when there is a possiblity when there is a chance of error. The ideal thing here would be translate directly from the Italian poem to English. Rather then Italian > Korean > English or Italian > Korean > Japanese > English... (Tho I'm not sure if the Japanese is translated directly off the Korean, but I wouldn't doubt it.) Anyway, the big problem is I have no idea how to identify the poem, as it's not cited anywhere with a title in the game. So I'm here looking for help.

Here is the Japanese Translation of the Italian poem.
Japanese Poem

I'll post the Korean version as soon as I locate it again.

Basic Meaning?

Anyway, here is a partial log of when I asked Ryuusoul to try to figure out the begining of the Japanese version of the poem for me.
[It's] More like one large adjectival phrase
I hardly know how to word this.
Well, are there any big words that I might be able to look for?
The all-uniting ruler from whom evil flows eternally who gathered the supreme knowledge and power of the King of all creation, the Lord of the Earth, and the Prince of all wondrous evil.
something like that...
Oh fun.
wondrous/strange/mysterious evil
That does help tho.
what about the sentence after?
And then underneath it: "I don't know if these words can make you happy/will please you."
I don't know if I can make you happy with these words (lit.)
Ok. thanks a lot.
But "King of all creation" could be "Ruler of all things"
and "Lord of the Earth" could be "Lord of the World"
I'll ask my korean translator to gleam over the poem.

But anyone here fluent in Italian or know anyone as such? For when we identify the poem? (if we do.)

Obviously could use some help from anyone that knows Korean/Japanese.

-Daichi :)

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Unread post by emperor » October 16th, 2005, 2:37 pm

Maybe you should give the people some hints that would enable finding it if they had the collection of his poems in digital form. I think good keywords would be names [Ahriman] and Hades [Ade in Italian] or the date 1835. Other words and are of not much effect, and might not, as soulfang said, match due the choice of words. This is even worse for phrases. There might not be an English version of the poem online, at least not in google, but the probabily is high that if anybody has an ebook of the collection of his poems he might find the poem by using the above suggested three keywords. I think there should be no copyright issues considering he's dead for like 150 years...
Just on an unrelated sidenote, I honestly do not want to know how much drugs it took to write that...
Through translation probably far worse than bablefish the Japanese version of the poem[?] wrote:Please do that my life won't pass the year 1835.
As your priest I am your lifelong orator.
I demand neither luxery nor love from you.
I only demand death, the evil that lies admist the evil.
I demand neither luxery nor love or the likes.
I cannot bear this life anymore.
Giacomo Leopardi
According to wikipedia he did not commite suicide though.

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Unread post by stevevay » December 24th, 2005, 5:38 pm

Hello there!

I'm Italian and I studied Leopardi poems at High school...

Unfortunately I couldn't identify this in any way, I searched in my books, searched all over the net, but there is absolutely no poem which contains the word "1835", which is the best keyword that I could think of...

However I did identify the period in which it could have been written:
the period between 1819 and 1821 is the so called period of "Individual pessimism"; during this time Leopardi was tormented by the loneliness (he did not abuse drugs as far as I know, he was just lonely and pessimistic), and he was pervaded by a wish of death...

Still he did write an enormous quantity of poems and other writings in that period (assuming that he actually wrote this around 1820, which may also be worng...), so it's still a very hard work...

If you want I could help with the translation (when and if the original poem is to be found...), but my English is quite rusty :? , so I'd need a little help from the "mother language" side... :)

Please let me know if I have been of some help, and thank you for the great work that you're doing :wink:

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Unread post by mefredbob » December 29th, 2005, 6:25 am

After some searching, I managed to find this, which is from that poem. I found it on this website I hope it helps.

"Leggi del secondo Zoroastro. Il tempo non ha confini, egli ? increato, ? Creator del tutto. La parola fu sua figlia, e da questa poi nacquero il Dio del bene Oromaze, e il Dio del male Ariman [...]. Leggi Egiziane. Onef Dio del tutto, tenebre sconosciute, oscurit? impenetrabile. Osiride ? il Dio buono, Tiffone il cattivo. [...] Leggi dei Galli, o de' Druidi. L'universo ? eterno, l'anima ? immortale. Onora la natura [...]."

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Unread post by stevevay » December 29th, 2005, 10:59 am

Found it!

It's the hymn to Ahriman "Ad ahriman" written in 1835, an unfinished satanist poem...
Unfortunately I couldn't find the Italian version anywhere, only the Spanish...

Thank you very much mefredbob, you were of great help :wink: , let's keep searching...

EDIT: Found the full version on

Here's the beginning:
Re delle cose, autor del mondo, arcana Malvagit?, sommo potere e somma Intelligenza, eterno Dator de' mali e reggitor del moto,

It's quite long, should I post the full version anyway?
Let me know if you need some help with the translation...

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