unusual taste

Wanwan Panic~~! Loli croissant yeastiality game coming your way!

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unusual taste

Unread post by Darkbalmunk » November 24th, 2008, 3:42 pm

i dont know the game left an unsatisfied hunger, i mean the game seemed a bit short which makes since sense it took a decent time for the oh so lovley translators oh so pretty. but what made me want more is wth only 2 endings O_O.... i would have like a kotaru ending..... T_T. only 2 endings yet there is human lolies to hump lol. and not only that nadeshiko's ending was wtf wth oh dang and wow never expected that.(also is the main character sterile.... 6 times and he does fill them up yet no children.... some one had an abortion or he just plain cant get a women pregnant lol)