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Windom XP SP3 melee combo

Posted: December 28th, 2008, 8:43 pm
by iamandragon
If this is daylight obvious, ignore me.

I've read in the wiki that using charge melee + melee cancel to combo into normal melee for massive damage. I deem it not as useful as my ('the' if everyone knows it) double melee combo for SP3 only.

Works best when you catch your opponent near ground:

Charge melee attack
(finish the combo!)

After the last hit, double tab booster to DASH. (consumes 1/3 EX gauge)

Normal melee--SP3 will start slashing away at its immobile target, missing on one of the first three hits, hit on the fourth and fifth.

WARNING: SP3's charge melee is not enough to build up 1/3 of EX gauge required for the dashing part.