Windom XP: What would you change?

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Unread post by Rosslyn » January 23rd, 2009, 3:17 pm

I say we quit trying to change the game itself, and work on balancing the mechs

For example, Cymbordium, give it a proper ranged attack will you, either that, or increasing the damage of the Aura Blade.

(yeah, im all for good old cymmie)

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Re: Windom XP: What would you change?

Unread post by Lotos_Alpha » February 22nd, 2009, 4:53 pm

SavKun wrote:We all love Windom XP am i right? (lol)

I want to know what you guys thing about it. If you had the ability to change 2 Things in the game (removal, adding, etc.) what would theybe?

Personally I think the game needs more stages, all 4 stages are pretty similar, and I think having a Desert, Forest, and mountain-range stage would be ideal for a game like this.

I also think the game needs improved netplay, the lag and delay is crazy in this game. It makes playing online with more than one person a total headache
First feature: a 'Gears'. 'Gear' is a special modification of Mecha like a tracks in the foots for fast moving of jump boosters or forcefield.

The second featurte is a new types of maps like underwater or space.

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