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Mech Reviews

Unread post by Wiser Guy » May 14th, 2008, 2:37 am

For future reference, Total Health(TH) referers to the Mech's health multiplied by its number of lives.

Also, the rating is based on how good I am at using the mech, and my like/dislike of using it. If you like close combat to the point of absurdity, the rankings would probably seem unusual for you.

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Whistler WindomXP
Beam Rifle:                      100
Beam Saber:
(Normal)                         70 + 100 + 150
(Up+Dash)                        75*2
(L/R+Dash)                       60 + 60
Missle:                          20*16 (capped at 180)
MIRV:                            20*70 (capped at 180)
Cruise missle:                   150x2 (capped at 150)
Lock-On Distance:                800m
Health:                          1700
Lives:                           4
Total Health:                    6800

When it comes to taking damage, the WindomXP has no equal. With the highest TH of 6800, this mech is guaranteed to last for a while. While the Macross Missile Massacre is good for forcing the opponent to either evade or guard, the low damage cap weakens those missle techniques somewhat. The Cruise missle, though, travels slower than the laser, so much so that you could probably fire off three beams in the time it takes for you to fire the missle and for it to reach the target. The attack might have better homing, a guaranteed knockdown if hit, and higher damage, but for the weapon energy you'll consume it's generally not worth it. Still, the overall Fire-and-Forget policy works, and since traveling in vehicle mode is faster than the boost dash, it's easy to gain some distance or gain in on your opponent.

4 out of 5

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Longhorn Windom Vista
Beam rifle                       110
Long beam saber:
(Normal)                         60 + 70 + 120
(Dash)                           50 + 90
Guided plasma laser:             30*24 (capped at 240)
All range attack:                40*6
High intensity laser:            unknown (capped at 470)
Lock-On Distance:                800m
Health:                          1900
Lives:                           3
Total Health:                    5700

Mid-Range to Long-Range Combat is where the Vista excels. The beam rifle does more damage that the norm, and the Guided Plasma Laser and All Range Attack makes it an excellent choice when you're in the distance. On the other hand, the melee attacks come up as a bit weak, but the attacks are good for pushing away the enemy. The laser is a bit weird in its directions (alright, it kinda resembles urination), but it does the job alright. All in all, though, it's great for the people who hate being up close and personal, but know how to deal with it.

4 out of 5

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Machine gun:
(Facing opponent)                15*4
(After turning around)           15*8
(Normal)                         60 + 70 + 100
(Up+Dash)          100
Grenade:                         150*5
Crazy ball:                      120 per hit
Machine gun rapid-fire:          15*40 (capped at 330)
Lock-On Distance:                800m
Health:                          1300
Lives:                           5
Total Health:                    6500

The Millenium is going to have to be in close range to be effective...Machine gun bullets are faster than a beam, and the cooldown time is shorter, but since they lack a homing ability they won't be as effective at longer ranges. A four shot burst by itself will lack the power to stun the opponent, as well, which is a disadvantage going up against mechs that are preforming a super.

The grenade, as I've seen from other Millenium players, is the key to fighting, as a quick, well-aimed toss of grenades is definitely superior to melee combat, especially when in a corner. Unfortuantely, the aim of the grenades is...Well, completely random, and it can be infuritating to throw five of them less than 115m away from a stationary target and miss completely. The Crazy Ball seems to be more of a scare tactic than anything, as whether the opponent is hit or not by it is, again, completely random. However, it is still effective in convincing your opponent to run out of the effected area and it's useful for leveling buildings, as only 10 hits from this attack will down a building.

Overall, though, this is a mech that presents a lot of difficulties for me to use, mostly due to my hatred of close combat, its unpredictable attack directions, and my reliance on the stun of my 1st weapon. However, I must admit, the 6500 TH eases the pain somewhat, but I'd get far better performance from the XP and 300 more TH to boot. If you don't mind running after your opponent like a rabid dog, and you want to be able to do something in the pursuit, then this mech might be your thing.

2 out of 5

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Type MS-98
Machine gun:                     
(Facing opponent)                12*4
(After turning around)           12*8
Saber:                           50 + (80+70) + 100
Grenade:                         100x5
Grenade (Single shot):           100
Machine gun rapid-fire:          12*40 (capped at 264)
Lock-On Distance:                700m
Health:                          1100
Lives:                           6
Total Health:                    6600

The 98 deserves a little praise. Like the Millenium, this thing has a very high TH, 100 more than its counterpart and the 2nd highest in the game. It will respawn five times as well, so ignored damage due to death (say, if you had 2 health left, and you got hit by an attack doing 100 damage, you'd effectively negate 98 damage due to the respawn) allows it to effectively take almost as much damage as the WindomXP. Its melee attack can do more damage than its counterpart, as well, and considering how focused the Millenium was on close range, it's good to be able to do 70 more damage with it's attack. It can also use its main attack while dashing forward, so it will do far more damage than the Millenium's forward dash attack.

Let's start some nitpicking, though. The 700m Lock-On Distance is the shortest out of the mechs, but it doesn't really matter...Most mechs fall in the 800m range, and it would be pretty difficult for that type of mech to try to take advantage of this by staying within the 700-800m range. It will make things easier for mechs with a Lock-On distance greater than 800m, though. And the machine gun fire does only 4/5 of the damage of the Millenium. The damage cap of the Machine gun rapid-fire is also 4/5 of the Millenium's, meaning that it will do 66 less damage at maximum. And instead of the fear inspiring Crazy ball...

...It fires a single grenade.

A single freaking grenade.

Now I want to rip off this mech's head and beat it to death with it. One grenade will briefly stun the mech if you hit with it. Both grenade attacks have been nerfed as well, as the damage from grenades has been reduced by 2/3 of its Millenium counterpart. But the most overwhelming problem with the single grenade is that it's thrown in a random direction. I have enough beef from when five grenades manage to miss the target completely, but one? And considering the saber's 70 damage bonus has a random chance of occuring, you might as well throw strategy out the window, and use its corpse to clean up the shards of glass.

So what do we have here? Downgrading to the 98 from the Millenium, we give it 100 more TH and an additional respawn, and a random chance at doing 70 more damage with its melee attack...In exchange, the grenades and bullets will do far less damage, we remove the somewhat useful Crazy Ball with a useless Single Shot, and the Lock-On Distance is reduced by 100m! There is no reason to pick this mech over the Millenium, unless you do more damage to your opponents with melee attacks than you would with the machine gun, grenades, and the Crazy Ball combined. Which I doubt, 'cause if you did, you wouldn't be using the Millenium in the first place.

In conclusion, the MS-98 is the Dan Hibiki of Bootfighter WindomXP.

1 out of 5
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Unread post by Depletion_Garden » May 20th, 2008, 1:55 am

Whistler WindomXP Type-B

Whistler Type-B WindomXP
Bazooka: 130
Cannon: 140
Missle: 160
MIRV: 180
Cruise missle: 375x2
Health: 1600
Lives: 4

Similar to the regular Whistler except for several differences -

-Beam Rifle swapped for a Bazooka
-Beam Saber replaced with shoulder mounted cannons
-Cruise Missiles fire overhead rather than straight forward

Overall its geared towards being more of a ranged dedicated mech than the regular version.

Its bazooka might seem a bit inferior to the beam rifle, as beams can go through it and it travels slower. But it does have more of a home in, and hits harder. Its a bit of a toss up, but I generally prefer the bazooka's extra punch. Plus funky explosions play with your opponent's vision.

Its shoulder mounted cannons can fire three times rapidly in succession, and hence you can pull off three hit combos with it. I prefer this over it's counterpart's beam saber combo, which in my opinion, is rather crap.

Missile spray has its uses at mid range, but it has its limitations. If fired too close, the missiles don't get a chance to converge and generally the opponent goes through 1 or 2 of them, and takes piss pot damage.

Its MIRVs function the same as its counterpart, and generally its just there to cause disturbance and wreck buildings. Great support technique, but not something I'd use in a duel.

Cruise Missiles may be slow, but if you lob them from far away enough you can occasionally catch your target off guard. Fire and forget from behind a building. And of course, since you have gauge to use, charge them up and spam multiple salvos of it.

I generally prefer to play this machine at mid close, dashing back and forth between buildings and such. Baiting your enemy to melee and countering them with a 3 shot burst from your cannons do work. Or if you are up to it, you can guard and pull that off. Despite not having a melee attack, it has decent enough countermeasures. Who needs melee attacks when you can pot them in the face?

As for its transformation, I generally don't use it as I don't see that much of a point.

Pros - Wide range of weaponry, high TH. Has countermeasures at all ranges. 3 shot cannon combo.

Cons - General inaccuracy of Cruise Missiles, MIRVs and Missiles generally don't do enough.

I'll probably toss this mech a 9/10.

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