Possible mechs you can suggest for the next release?

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Unread post by 04-Leonhardt » November 1st, 2008, 4:54 am

kinda off topic: we could use those new ships in a new game style, like some sort of massive airial fleet battle, with mechs flying between ships, beating the shit out of eachother

and that guitar mech sounds like something...*cough*FLCL*uncough*

we totally need a lord Kanji. (TV robot from FLCL)

Weapon1: Sound Wave (plays guitar, sending out sonic vibrations that stun and damage enemy mechs)
Weapon2: Atamosk's 1985 Les Paul(Swings his mighty "Axe" sunding out short wave sonic vibrations for additional damage)
Weapon3: Sonic Wave Laser (points the guitar like a gun and fires a high intensity laser)
Weapon4: Guitar Hammer (Slams the ground and creates a shockwave that disrupts attacks. e.g. explodes incoming missiles, diffuses lasers, deflects cannon shots
Weapon5: Atamosk form/Boomerang Cannon (Turns red, and doubles speed. Pressing weapon 5 button again while in red form engages the boomerang cannon. Fires a massive energy shot that posseses strong homing ability. reverts to blue form.)
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Unread post by Dr.octagonapus12 » November 20th, 2008, 1:41 am

We need an Exia...VIVA LA EXIA

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Unread post by Siroh32 » November 20th, 2008, 3:34 am

You'll have to either beg for an Exia clone for the full retail version of BFW that's being worked on, but I doubt we'll see it anytime soon given that the melee base of mecha are covered already even in the free version. I suggest a PSP and the newly-released "Gundam vs. Gundam" if you feel the need to play Exia. From the looks of YT videos (as I didn't play the arcade version and the PSP version came out recently, I believe), GvG has basically the same style of gameplay.

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Unread post by Exia » November 25th, 2008, 3:09 pm

Dr.octagonapus12 wrote:We need an Exia...VIVA LA EXIA
YEA MAN EXIA !! from gundam 00 exia rullz and kyrios is good 2 :D

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Unread post by Killer Frog » November 26th, 2008, 1:08 am

If they're dropping new versions of this game for free, wich probably won't come stateside, maybe someone could crack the code for the mechs and make their own. If someone can make a map editor fro Golden Eye for the N64, we can make our own Mecha.

Maybe for the SoD idea there could be a survival mode like thing where a team of like 5-10 players piloting normal frames go after 1 SoD (Wich would be like an ubersised and powerful mecha) that would be played by a CPU or a player. This would be only winnable on the Windom/Liinux side by using some tactics instead of a big bum rush.

Maybe make like an XBox one as a weaker and uglyer version of the Milenium/98 that would move a heck of alot faster and have alot more health, and a 360 that would be like the XP gundams but less pretty, faster and with more HP.

And maybe make the 98 more powerful? I think his blockyness looks kinda cool myself. Plus maybe add the ability to select the color of your frame instead of just the default.

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