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Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden

Unread post by DryMaltExtract » July 6th, 2004, 12:19 am

I found this site while looking for some information about SRWAG and decided to post a little rant or whatever of what I've done and perhaps a few questions for those who have worked on SRWA.

I recently got ahold of SWRAG and decided to take a look at it's numerous files with the thought of making the Mechs/Pilots/Parts/Attacks into english (I don't know japanese so I can't do the story but I don't really care about that).

As of this writing I've got the majority of the pilots names into english, the mecha names in english, all the spirit atks and their explanations into english, all the battle/intermisson menus etc. into english and I've edited the demo movie graphics to say the title of the series shown in english.

I was/am mainly doing this for myself and some friends of mine as the the translation isn't as accurate as some like, such as changing hot blood to fury and things like that.

I've noticed that Banpresto LOVES to put stuff in all sorts of different files and even make copies of the same data instead of just reading it from the source for some reason (such as the mecha names being stored in different files for the intermission and battle segments of the game).

I haven't used pointers and whatnot that people use to place larger amounts of text into the game so sadly some names have become MazingrZ instead of Mazinger-Z(curse those devils and their two letter sounds with one character!) due to the fact that I'm not that familiar with them and with the way the game seems to read the data I don't know if it's even possible. Kanji was burden due to the fact that I don't know it at all (thankfully the mecha names are in katakana so i can just make it into romanji and know what it is) but was also beneficial because it takes 2 bytes to reference them so I could put two letters where one kanji would be.

Anyway, I was wondering how you were handling things such as robot/pilot names? Is there an easy-ish way to expand the number of letters I can put? I've noticed that with my name replacements, some of the attacks have even changed, such as the case with Great Mazinger, some of his attacks now contain Mazingr, Great, gr, reat in the names. So I'm guessing attack names reference the mecha name when they can, so the kata/kanji/whatever that is being referenced has now changed making some of the names rather screwy(GAH!? WTF! Who does this!?).

Beacause of things like this I was wondering if you knew how the attack names are referenced. I know the pilot records are all the exact same length, and the mecha ones are different sizes, but have a header making it easy to dump the locations that they start. I have yet to find such a header or anything for attack names.

Anyway, that's my little story, hope you enjoyed it. Even if you have no answers/don't care to give answers to the various questions I posed, any little tidbits would be appreciated, or stories of any strife caused by the strangeness of the banpresto coders(why must they put stuff that should be together in different files >_<).


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