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F/HA Translation by Blue

Unread post by Blue Gunner » June 24th, 2007, 12:43 pm

Well, as said in other posts, I have started to translate F/HA. Here is what I have currently, the mini story told at the beginning of the game with seemingly (I don't know, haven't finished the game yet) no relevance to the main story. Enjoy ^^



(moon appears)

"The evening is frightening", he said.

(disappears, replaced by an apartment block)

The place was Kurokizaga Block Number Four, Semina Mansions, 11th floor, Room number 2.
That was his room.
His name was.... Right, lets call him A.
A was a student who'd just turned 21, and had moved in just before spring.
It was his first ever move, the first time he'd ever lived on his own, and his first time in an unknown district.
The introverted A was living with no cares while getting adjusted to Fuyuki City (one step at a time).

From the first, A was suited to living alone; he had few friends, there were few people he knew around, and he said it wasn't hard going at all.
Rather, he was thankful for having it that way.
A, who tended towards reclusiveness, didn't have anyone - neither friends nor family interfere in his new life, it seemed he preferred it like that.

(scene changes)

A had no complaints about his life.

Except two.
It was a long, long corridor to the entrance,
and the family next door who moved in a month ago, thoughtless to the point of hopelessness, had surpassed his capacity to bear.

(scene changes to a hall)

Since moving in during Spring, he had had those complaints - no, those worries.
The mansion his parents provided for him had a living room, dining room and a kitchen, and was paid for monthly.

(scene changes to the room)

The space was just right.
A, who loved to be alone, had expensive tastes, and there was no way he could like a humble lifestyle.
If a dwelling is to spacious then it should be spacious.
To he who hated the outside world, this was his fortress.
The fortress had to be spacious and solid. It must not be easily reachable. If it isn't hidden away, one can't relax.

(scene changes to a window)

That's right.
A didn't like a single person.

He was living alongside other people.
Something outside of himself was intruding, and he unconcsiously feared it.

(scene changes to the room)

I should add one more factor as to why A chose the Semina Mansions.
The distance from the entrance to the living room.
From the first to the last, in order to get inside, and in order to go outside, one absolutely must go through the length of the corridor.

(scene changes to a corridor)

From the living room to the entrance is a straight line of four metres in length, with neither closet nor bathroom along it's length.
It was a rare long corridor in the mansions, but that length was something that A probably liked.
That perfect spaciousness, that perfect approach.
The long barrier to the entrance, to both the inside and outside, was an ambiguous boundary.
That corridor was the true "entrance" that seemed to cry out, that is, that unnatural road.

When first attempting to put that lifestyle into practice, for some reason one becomes interested in this corridor.
Even though length as wonderful as this was something to be interested in, he wondered why, and after a few months he finally understood.
(corridor becomes dark)
It was a simple tale.
In that long corridor, there weren't any lights.

It seemed it was a structural defect, that there wasn't any space to put them. The corridors in the other units had them, but it seemed that they'd forgotten in room 2 floor 11.
It was a foolish story.
It wasn't that the builder had forgotten to put lights up.
After a few months of living there, to only realise now makes one think oneself strange.

(scene goes black)

If we retrace our steps.
At the time when he didn't realise such a thing, he was probably already off the rails.

(scene changes to lobby)

Autumn came, and new people moved in to the room next door.
It was a family that had good luck, even in rough times.
A young couple with a three year old daughter, and when they moved in, their only relation with others was a simple greeting.
(scene changes)
The only thing A knew about them was that their family name was XX, and that their daughter was called XY.

(scene changes to apartment block, nighttime)

The Semina Mansions has only two apartments on each floor, and is in the shape of an 'L'.
At the angle of the "L" is the entrance, and the apartments are on the lengthways and sideways.
(scene changes to emergency exit)
At the entrance is an elevator and the doorway to the emergency stairs. There are times when A meets the XX couple, and on rarely he encounters only XY.

(scene changes to a button pointing down)

"Oniichan, won't you push the button for me?"
(scene changes to the elevator)
When they met, the little girl said that.
The elevator buttons were in a place higher than the little girl's height.
If she raised her hand then it wouldn't be in a place she couldn't reach, but for some reason she never raised her arm above her shoulder.

(scene changes to elevator door)

While he remembered that it was strange for this girl who was still only three years old to go outside, A listened to her requests.
He met the girl not only at the eleventh floor entrance, but also at the first floor entrance.
(scene changes to lobby)
The girl was waiting in front of the elevator, and on A's return or when he went to go out she would raise her face, and looked up at him.

(scene changes to the button, the words "Oniichan, won't you push the button for me?" appear and disappear)

(scene goes black)

In the period that they made this interchange many times, A knew the young girl's name.
Although, A could never memorise her name. Perhaps it was because he didn't have any interest in other people. Because she always wore a red hood, A gave the young girl the name of "Red Hood".

(scene changes to some pigeons)

I'm repeating myself, but A was an introverted youth.
So far as it didn't threaten his singular lifestyle, the outside world held no interest for him.
(scene changes to shutters)
That is to say, for example, if he listened at the walls, he could hear the arguments of his neighbours, once every two days the voice of the young girl crying,

the (screams that are louder than normal, I'll use piercing) woman's piercing screams, the young girl's broken arm not raising above her shoulder, neglected due to hangovers,
Red Hood not allowing her bruised and beaten face to be seen due to her father's persuasion. Well, that's all to do with other people.

(scene slowly turns to night)

Don't tell me that the room next door, barely a metre from the entrance, was making a ruckus.
At any rate, the entrance to A's room was long.
Because the screams carried over many metres, he couldn't help hearing them flowing as he gazed at the television screen.

(scene changes to living room)

Yet, the noise that night was exceptional.
It was a glass-shattering scream.
A voice crying like a siren. (as in air-raid siren)
It reverberated from the entrance, a noise that violently burst through the door.
"thud thud" came the noise of something that reverberated through his room.

(scene changes to the moon)

The time was 2am. To him, who enjoyed staying up all night quietly on his own, that night was the only one that got on his nerves.
Be reasonable, his mind protested as he stood up (it says raised his waist, but I think stood is the point it's getting across)
He stood, then sat straight back down.
----Oh, it probably settled down.
(scene changes to living room)
How the home environment had become in the room next door, A didn't know. He didn't bother to think about it. It wouldn't be good to interfere with something that was none of his business.

(screen changes to white with green characters)

It was all their responsibility (self responsibility)
They should solve their problems themselves, thought A as he took the remote control and turned up the volume five bars.
After staying up all night, when he turned off the television and was just falling asleep, the regular street returned to quiet nighttime.

(screen goes black)

The next day, A knew that there had been a double suicide in the family next door.
(scene changes to a door)
It was his first experience being questioned by the police.
Yesterday evening, XX-- (wife) argued with XX-- (husband) and murdered him with an edged instrument. After slashing at the daughter she took her own life.
When questioned about the events of last night, A replied "I was sleeping so I don't know."
The policeman politely made to leave. To that back, A asked only one question.

"Excuse me, how is the young girl?"
The policeman slightly knitted his eyebrows,
"There was blood left on the weapon, so there was no question that it pierced a body. We think the blood is from a fatal wound."
But, there was more.
It had a bad air to it, the young policeman murmured.

(scene goes black)

"There wasn't a corpse, you know. Not anywhere.
Not in the room, not in the entrance where the girl ran to."

It was that simple a story.

After being attacked by her mother with the edged object, it seems the girl (Red Hood) ran to the entrance.
However, there was no trace of her movements after that.
The bloodstains stopped in front of the elevator.

(scene changes to a door)

"I wonder why she didn't use the elevator.
No, why didn't you go to aid your neighbours? No matter how insane, you could have at least pushed the doorbell."

(scene changes to the button)

"Oniichan, would you push the button for me?" (this fades quickly)


A didn't think that it was because either of the buttons were too far for her to reach.

(scene changes to a door?)

The policeman left, and A, who was left behind, started imagining/thinking. (it says imagining, or having ideas)
2AM. Running from the deranged mother not to the entrance, but with her face collapsed into tears, the figure of the girl desparately continuously knocking on A's door.
(scene goes black)
The girl's corpse was never found.

(scene changes to the moon, then the apartment block)

A few days later.
In the deep of the night, at the same time as that night A realised that he could hear a strange noise.
(scene changes to night window)
The actual noise itself was quiet. It was at a volume that could barely be heard consciously. (when one is conscious)
For some reason (soreganandearu), A momentarily stopped thinking. He decided it was just the wind softly rattling the windows.

The noise came every night.
Thud, thud.
The faint noise in the manner that got on his nerves.
("the evening is frightening
" flashes across the right side)

A, who realised that the noise came not from the window but sounded from the entrance,
(skips a few lines)
walked down that long corridor, his legs carrying him all the way to the entrance.

(scene: the entrance grows bigger, then changes to a door)

"Who is it", he called over the intercom.
There was no answer.
Even as A got to the entrance, that small sound,

(scene shifts to the eye hole)

He checked through the spy hole (the small circular window in the door, i forgot the word >.<)
The circular, warped view. There was no-one in the tidy entrance.
Only, a red coloured spot on the cream coloured floor,

(screen shakes violently, turns red and returns to the spyhole)

It seemed as if his eardrums would burst. There's no-one in the entrance. The sound won't stop. A's eyeball was on the spy hole. There's no way no-one's there. You just can't see from this angle. The sound won't stop. Right under the spy hole. At the bottom of his view, something,
(in red characters, the words "OPEN IT" appear and disappear (akete))
Red, something wearing red cloth, it's stuck right on the door ----

(red handprints appear, the screen goes red)

He ran back through the long corridor.
The hands of the clock pointed to 2AM.

(the screen goes black)

Visiting deep in the night had become normal.
(screen changes to the moon)
The noise came back every night.
A never opened the door.
(screen changes to the window)
The noise will come tonight.
The small noise that could almost be dismissed as hearing things.
("the evening is frightening" flashes across the screen)
But, there was already a pain piercing through the swelling in his brain, shaving his nerves like a bladed object.

The days wore at A's mind. (the increasing amount of days hounded A's mind)
The end of autumn.
Already, he who heard the noise no matter what time it was,
That evening, he was resolved.
He would see what it was that was stuck to the door.

(scene changes to the corridor)

He walked down the long corridor.
The light of the outer corridor filtered through the glass of the entrance.
He who crossed the long, lightless corridor,
(the words "OPEN IT" flash across three times in red characters)
pushed the entrance door open.

(scene changes to the outer corridor)

On the other side, there was nothing, no-one.
That harsh knock that reverberated in his skull could not be heard.
Of course. You couldn't expect a foolish story like that to be true. There was no sound or red cloth in the first place.
Haha, ha, ha.
He was all mixed up with laughter and relief. (dictionary says jumbled)
His freezing cold body suddenly returned to normal temperature.

(scene changes to the emerg. exit)

It was just an auditory hallucination.
Somehow, beyond all expectation, it seemed that he had been concerned about that incident.
In the time he hadn't realised, he had felt a sense of sin, had been living in a damaged delusion.
Not anymore.
Because, when he opened the door, all that ended.

(screen changes to a door)
He wiped the sweat off his forehead and closed the door. (closed the entrance)
(screen goes black)
Locking the door, he raised his face. (shutting the key)
(the screen looks red and white)
Before his eyes,
The long, long, dark corridor that he had been interested in,

(screen shows someone's lower half)

His eyes widened. (his pupils expanded)
(scene shifts a little higher)
In the middle of the corridor, something
(scene shifts to a smiling red face covered by a hood)
wearing a red hood,
a familiar corpse,

(screen shifts to a long shadow)

It seemed to want to request something (implore, appeal)
(scene shifts higher)
Without any reason, A was sure that if he listened he would die.
(scene shifts to a the red outline)
Lips sunk in darkness opened.
(scene shifts to the white face with the red smile)
Like a watermelon hollowed out by a knife.
In a voice dripping with blood, Red Hood said,

(scene centres on the face)

"Oniichan, the button------"

(the screen is covered in KYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!)

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Unread post by haderach » June 27th, 2007, 7:02 am

very good initiative, wish you good luck :wink:

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(Makidera Kaede appears)

What the hell, that was sooo boring! Why so many facts? Mitsuzuri, too particular about detail! Too good at drama! And you talk too much!" (for too long)
(she moves to tears)
In the first place, why did that A move house if he was in such a condition, why-----!"

(zooms on Kaede)

11th of October, past midnight, the training room.
Makidera Kaede's strange voice echoed in the midnight autumn air.

(Mituzuri Ayako appears)

"Moving... well, if that's possible there's should be no pain.
You've been out of a house like that for, how many years did you say?
(Kaede opens her eyes)
Humans you know, are beings that prefer love over a little anxiety.
If everyone moved into a house with a ghost in it, by now this island would be empty."

"Fumu. Connotative words. I see, so we all connected and yet not connected to ghost stories.
----It's time, Makidera. Can we serve the ceremonial wine under the long corridor?" (時に蒔寺。長廊下のお酌さまは健在か?)

(Kaede changes to an angry face)

"That's bull! We don't have anything so distinguished as that in the house! Also, the corridor doesn't fill with water at night when there's no rain! I don't have any ancestors who were pirates along Setouchi!"
"Haha. I see, Makidera lives in an old house too. What, is the corridor a gate for the demons?" (onimon = demon/ogre gate)

(Kaede smiles)

"Shut up. The corridor isn't scary! I wanna move to a cool new condo! (she uses the word fashionable)
(opens her eyes)
...by the way, what's that about a demon gate? A new chakra?"

(the girls look pained, Issei appears)

"... you know about chakra, why don't you know about demon gates...
Demon gates are an unlucky place, words suggesting an evil omen. If we say it precisely, to the north east. That is to say,"

(zooms on Issei)

Ryudo Issei.
The son of the master of Ryudoji and the president of the student association.
From that position, the eye catching young man accompanying me on the club camp, had turned his eyes this way.

(shows Issei and Kaede)

"Ho-, truly the son of a temple. You really are doing things properly, aren't you, saying things like that.
(she looks to the side)
But I'll pass it up this time. What I want to hear is something a little more cosmopolitan. Ghosts and things aren't quite what I want." (ghosts and things aren't quite in the right direction)

(she opens her eyes, he puts on an angry face)

"Look, something like a meteor falling on Tohsaka's house in the Edo period or that there's really a huge cave under Fuyuki city, talk about something more realistic--!"

(Kane appears)

"No, I think that the stories we just heard are quite real enough.
About the true story we heard a while ago, meeting the girl in the corridor proves A was the true crimal, and he concealed the corpse on the wall of the corridor... am I right?"

(Yukika appears)

"Um... Kane-chan, I think that she meant content other than ghost stories" (possibly, I think that the content of the ghost story was different)

(Ayako appears)

"She also said "Speak about more realistic stories" too. Makidera, what did you expect ghost stories to be like?"
Well, outrageous stories are Tohsaka's specialty, so why don't we hear the one we've all been waiting for?"

(Tohsaka appears, smiling)

"That's not true. (Because) I have no idea what outrageous stories Makidera likes to hear."

Tohsaka Rin elegantly counters.
In this group's behaviour, she takes this manner regularly.

(Ayako appears)

"I apologise. Well, what about Mato? Although, someone in first year said that Captain Mato was exceptionally frightening when they saw her."

(Sakura appears)

"M, me?! I, I don't really like scary stories all that much, I'm just good at telling ghost stories..."
By the way, Mituzuri senpai. Who could it have been that said that about me?"
(the candle goes out, Rin frowns)
"...Ha. You should know that you're scary in that way, Sakura..."

(zooms on Rin)

She whispered in a small voice. (she let out a small voice)
In order to keep quiet the fact that T?saka Rin and Mat? Sakura are sisters. (in this place, so that the amount of people who know that T?saka Rin and Mat? Sakura are sisters)

(view returns to Issei)

"Calming down is all well and good, but you've probably only just begun, right.
Whether you continue or not, I think that if Makidera makes any more noise I'll have to suspend this party."

(Ayako appears)

"That's right, we're annoying the sleepy priests as well. If Makidera says she won't shout anymore then let's continue."
(Kaede appears)
"I'm not making noise. I was just saying that we shouldn't be talking about prettied-up stories..."

(Switches to Rin and Kaede)

"The problem is that the next will probably be the same, right? Have some patience Makidera, is something we won't say, although I will say something similar, even though it's likely hopeless.
Well, Makidera-san? Can you stop screaming?" (your screams, can you stop them?)

"Of course I can stop them. My strong points are running and swimming, you see."
(Rin smiles)
"So I've heard, so let's continue like this. Hm, I wonder if Saegusa-san be next..."

(Yukika appears, shaken)

"Y, yes! Ah..... except, I haven't had any experience telling them, ghost stories, those"
(Rin appears)
"It's ok, because you don't have to try to scare us." (you don't have to make it unreasonably scary)
Ayako's was a lifelike dramatization, it was a bad type. Makidera's fear likely came from the fact that she knew about the events in the Semina Mansions."

(Yukika smiles a little)

"R, really?"
"Hm. So there was a family at the heart of the Semina Mansions story. One month after that, the youth next door's whereabouts became unknown, there was an actual search as well."

(Kaede appears in front of all three)

"Quit it---! Q-U-I-T IT--! That A just went off on a long trip for some reason! It's something fantastic! Sometime he'll just up and come back!"
Why did you have to give such a cool oniichan such a reason for disappearing, you rotten guts Mituzuri Ayako!!"

(zoom on Yukika and a candle)

"Eh... Did he, did A really disappear...?"
(switches to zoom on Kane)
"Yeah. It's the same as the owner of the Mansions said, so it cannot be wrong. That's right, isn't it storyteller?"

(switches to zoom on Ayako)

"It's because it's that sort of story.
Oh yeah, it isn't just my dramatisation, but the facts in rumours that would be enough to do it.
Because Makidera was scared, it would be good for someone to continue in the same vein as Saegusa-san. Does anyone have any ghost stories they've heard?"

(switches back to Yukika, with Kaede in the background)

"Ah, if that's what you want then I have plenty. Um... do you all know about the ghost by the window? Although, it's a rumour that's been going around since the start of second term..."

(switches to Rin and the candle)

"What's that? This is the first I've heard of it."
(switches to Sakura)
"The figure of the ghost house, right? The kyudo first years were talking about something like it." (she says something like "figure monster western style building"

(view back to Yukika and Kaede)

"Yes, that ghost house.
There was somewhere in Fuyuki, an unused western style building, and it's said that in the middle of the night there's a staring figure standing at the window sill."
(Kaede narrows her eyes)
"Eh? What sort of figure, Yuki? Also, what do you mean by an unused western style house somewhere in Fuyuki?" (yes, she actually asked that. rather, what is xyz)

(Yukika shuts her eyes, looking pained)
"That's something I don't know either... I wonder if there are that many people who go near it.
(she opens her eyes and smiles)
Actually, although it seems that there are some people who have seen it, people who get lost by chance and wind up finding the building. Nothing but trees going round and round, the building empty except for the ghost of a woman on the second floor."

"What the hell is that? An empty western building with a single woman? That wouldn't happen to be Tohsaka's house.
(Kaede pulls a face)
Toh~saka, your house is a ghost house~!"
(Yukika stops smiling)
"Er... I, I wonder. I'm sorry, Tohsaka-san. Was this story all about your house?"

(view of Rin and Sakura)

"Don't apologise, Saegusa-san. It isn't like it's the first time my house has received such treatment from the neighbourhood, so I'm quite used to baseless slander like Makidera-san's."

(zooms on Rin)

That wasn't baseless slander.
Deep down, Tohsaka's house really is of the ghost-house type.

(Yukika appears)

"We, well we'll stop that story right there, we'll talk about Shinto!
Umm, recently in Shinto, when it becomes dark you can see something in the sky, something like a huge string..."

(zooms on Yukika)

Saegusa Yukika, gathering all the courage at her command.
.................................. At a guess. That would likely have been a display for onlookers.

(zooms out)
"...That. Has anyone seen anything, that thing like a string?"
(switches to Kane)
"I've heard the story, but unfortunately I haven't encountered the mystery myself."

(Rin appears, looks rather worried)

"The sky? The night sky? ...It isn't about a figure standing on the roof of Central Building... it isn't a story like that, is it?"

(Ayako appears)

"Haha, what a concrete example! It's that red figure standing on top of the roof of Central Building! ...is the story I often hear, but Saegusa-san's may be something different?"

(zooms on Rin looking anguished)

The gaze of the storyteller girl.
Tohsaka Rin, who loves to wear red clothes, is what she's thinking of, and makes a pained face.
It's already been half a year since the 5th Holy Grail War ended.
I wonder if she's still going on her nightly patrols.

(switches to Kaede and Sakura)

"Have you seen it, Makidera-senpai?"
(Kaede move's slightly)
"Nup. But it's probably a UFO!"
(Ayako moves to the foreground)
"I could see that one coming.
Makidera. You're mistaken about ghost stories."

(change to Kane foreground)

"That's right. What we're talking about is an occult story, not a cosmic one.
The character "Maki". I sympathise, but no matter how long you wait the moomoo story you love isn't coming."

(Kaede looks embarrased)

"Ke. I, I, I haven't read anything like that, that funnily strange book about radio signals! Cos that's soo boring!"
(Kane crosses her arms)
"Well, things that have those boring things do accumulate.
(she opens her eyes a little wider)
....By the way, about the mirage above Shinto in question."

(view of all the girls)

Everyone moved their head slightly to the side. (I'm not sure how to word that one. It says shakes their necks to the side)
Bad luck, but it seems no-one here's seen it.
More than before, a vague feeling begun. This, what do you call it.

(changes to Issei and Kane)

"...If we're talking about that rumour then I have something.
A long time ago, in the forest in the suburbs there used to stand a castle, a story like that, right? I heard there's a new interpretation.
It seems that, if you keep aiming for the castle and enter the forest, you come across the ghost of a forgotten army, who leads the you to a battlefield."

"Also, only the one who passes through all the barriers will come to the illusory castle - and the sister stay-in maids will look after him and things like that."

(All the girls, a massive "Ha?" passes over their heads - zooms on Rin)

"Ryudo-kun? Where did you get that from, your dream of sharing your room with beautiful women?" (she just says sharing your room)
(changes to Issei)
"N, no. I thought it was a strange story too! But seeing as there are people who've seen it it can't be helped, right? If you think I'm lying then you can rough it out in the suburbs on your own!"

(changes to the candle)

.......what do you call it, that thing.
It's actually interesting, this.

(changes to Kaede and Ayako)

"What about Emiya? What do you think of that tough story Ryudou just told?"
Said the storyteller to me, who had until now been taking it for granted I would be sitting and watching.
Well, I don't have a comment, but because I've been silent until now...

"It wasn't anything big, but it's not like Issei would just make up a story, would he? Ryudoji is close to the forest, and there really could be something unexpected."
It's not like I don't have any thoughts on it.
....and, in any case, not meaning to break the story but I have to go to the toilet.

"Sorry, I just have to go to the toilet quickly. I'll be back in a flash, so go on without me.
Looks I surprised Makidera a bit." (because it looks like Makidera was surprised in a good spot)

(Kaede makes a fist)

"Geh..! H, hum. Fine, whatever. Just do whatever you can.
I'm a woman, I can't lose to Emiya, right?"

Makidera, still with that mysterious reaction.
Seeing as how I'm having lunch with Tohsaka, I can always see when there's something up with Makidera.

(scene shifts outside)


Next installment.
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Last part of the prologue. Thanks to the scene replay function, it gives me a name for it - "Prologue - The Ghost Story at Ryudoji".

When I went outside it was chilly.
The night air of the mountains is cooler and sharper than that of the city.
My face was groggy and my thoughts dim, but due to the chill I snapped back to the present.

I looked up into the night sky, and tried vaguely to take a deep breath.
So, I've already walked twenty metres from the camp room.
In the corridor that traverses the temple, for no reason I decided to think about something new, to say something new.

(scene changes to the sky)

"---Well then."
Firstly, what should we think about. (philosophize)
Why don't we try to put the previous situation in order.
If we look from the perspective of the recent event, today's camp story.
Recently, at the largely unpopular school culture festival, the hard-working captain of the Kyudo club, Sakura, the watchful storyteller and the Drama club have a strange relationship.
After the twisting and turning argument, the club camp for the sake of the dying school culture festival was opened.
Issei offered us the place, and I was simply invited as labour. Something called "cooking roster".

Still, even though it's been a noisy couple of days, you couldn't say it hasn't been peaceful.
---- half a year ago.
The war for the Holy Grail, the whole story.
The war in which something was gained and something was lost.
Remembering it like this as the days and months pass by, I feel rather relaxed.

The Holy Grail War is a story of the past.
Fuyuki City no longer has a reason to struggle.
The Holy Grail is gone, the Servants have disappeared, the deceased have returned, and time without problem is gently passing.

(the moon turns red, then disappears)

A change in these days isn't needed.
The factors that bind the days together are all present.
Yesterday and tomorrow are similar, and enjoying the small changes that come is the proper way for humans to live.

(scene returns to the temple)

"......, Ah, aah---------------"
I stopped thinking.
(scene zooms on the temple walls, and the figure off Caren slips in and out of sight)
.... I'm certain that there was another reason for this camp..."

"---What was that?"
Just now, someone or something was stanfing in the corner of my vision.
.... it was in the direction of the grounds. It was far away so I didn't see it clearly, but something like a figure ran towards to the mountains at the back.

---- it was probably one of the temple monks.
We aren't the only ones in Ryudoji.
It seems there's someone in the grounds, but there's nothing I can do about it.

"Ah, right. More importantly, toilet-toilet"
(scene goes black)
Increasing my pace, I shuffled to the corridor --- and.
Turning around the corner, I bumped into someone who had just come out with my shoulder.

"Ah, I'm sorr--"
(Caster appears)
"I also apologise, as I am also at fault."
My thoughts halted.
Although I was completely surprised, I had no idea why.

(Caster smiles)

"Although, you have to look out more.
Don't think running in the corridor is admirable, little boy."

(Caster leaves)

Caster, sweeping past me.
Elegant and ironic as always, but it's rare to actually see her face.
Although. What I was surprised at, compared to it ----
"...That's it. It was that Caster is a fantastically beautiful woman."
(screen goes black)
My thoughts were restarted after that soliloquy, and I continued down the corridor.

(scene changes back to the temple)

My face went blank.
I finished my business and went back to the camping room.

(scene changes to Kaede and Yukika shaking, with Issei in foreground)

"... and then Yahachi rose. The mother who had wanted to meet her beloved son one more time, the son the villagers had harrassed and killed, in her madness summoned the dead.
The risen Yahachi found his body lacking. Legs, arms, organs, brains, all missing.
In order to supplement the lacking places, every night, she would take from the villagers she had captured---"

Issei's eyes were bright.
Indeed a son of the temple, using keywords such as "graveyard", "corpse", and "retribution", nothing coming out of right field.
(changes to Kane and Ayako)
Of course Makidera-san, the storyteller and the ghost-story proof icebox, and even Tohsaka are preparing for the punchline of the ghost story.
(Sakura, Rin and Kuzuki flash past before screen returns to black)
Everyone is in the same situation, and then,
---- Just now, it seems that, something strange has happened.

Even Kuzuki sensei is listening quietly to Issei's story.
Fuji-nee the leader,
(Taiga appears and punches a couple of times)
"Why do you think the tiger is strong?
Because the are by nature unafraid of scary stories. By nature, Shiro and the rest of you are weak to scary stories, so you have to undergo special training like me!"

(screen goes black)

She goes on with a face looking like she's about to cry and one foot resting in front.
This is the resignation of the role of leader.
Even so, the boys and girls of about the same age concentrating in the dark let this one go, and appoint Kuzuki sensei as the new leader.

(returns to Issei)

"...and so Yahachi became a thinking corpse. Although it seemed sad, when Yahachi finally became able to call his mother's name, the mother had already been killed. Her wicked spells had eaten her body.
Yahachi was sad. Being raised wasn't a fun thing. But, by putting up with the pain, his mother won't look pitiful.

"And then - Yahachi tried to raise his mother like she did him... but for some reason he just couldn't do it.
The left hand set of spells it's mother gave him, no matter how many times he repeated them, no matter if he made two or three mountains of the villager's meat, bled two or three rivers of blood, could never raise his mother."

"Wh, what is that. Th, the zombies are increasing at your discretion. It's so pitiful, let them multiply. (this line actually means that he chooses how many zombies there are. let its mother come back)
Nowadays it isn't unusual for a mother to be two or even ten people.
And why is your tone so strange, student president?"

(Issei looks annoyed)

"Hey, you stopped me at the good part Makidera! This story is one passed down through the Ryudo Family!"

(His glasses flash)
Naturally. The standing position of the mother and the (弥八) had changed. It was a question of boundaries. Among the evil arts, there is one mystic that allows a wish to come true."

"That is - something that can use a living person to raise a dead person.
If a dead person eats something that it was friendly with, then it can return to life.
Seeing as there was no people, things that a corpse eats were already too far gone." (it reads that the only things corpses eat was already too far converted to raw materials)

(scene changes to the candle)

...it seemed beneficial.
Certainly, dead people cannot wish for things. It was still breathing when this happened.
Even if dead people have been raised back to life, dead people can never raise other dead people.
That's right, when was it?
Summoning the dead is a role that can only be taken by those living.

(zooms on the candle)

"Not knowing this fact, Yahachi continued gathering blood and meat for an eternity. For the sake of his mother, who wouldn't get up, he continued to collect limbs here at Ryudoji. (it is a story about...)
This is the mountain of bodies told of in Fuyuki, the reason for the graveyard at Kageyama."

(the candle goes out)

Issei's story ends.
A candle goes out.
Moving down the order. (of people speaking)

(Rin and Issei appear)

"... I heard it ended like that. I didn't think that the son of a temple would talk about graveyards while staying at a temple.
I salute your immaturity."

(Issei grins)

"Mm, it's because we're in this area today.
In order to smite the enemies of Buddhism, we use whatever we can."

(returns to an empty room)

Who'll be next to speak?
According to the rules for a camp, after one hundred stories have been told, (after resulting in one hundred stories)

(Ayako appears)

"Hey, it's Emiya next.
It's pretty difficult coming after the student president, but I've got one thing I'd like to ask of you."
(Sakura appears)
"Don't worry, Storyteller senpai.
Senpai, you're good at ghost stories, right? Because it seems threatening Fujimura sensei in the summer is effective."

(scene goes back to the candle)

All eyes are on me. (all eyes gather)
... I know one or two ghost stories, but this is the first time I've told them to so few people. (there are one or two ghost stories attached to this body)
No, from the beginning it wasn't right to let someone hear this story.
I can't do strange embellishments, and I can't judge whether something that's interesting to me is boring to another.

(view to Rin)

"You can relax, Emiya kun.
As always, it's allright for you to think that this is the warehouse."

...damn, I'm shy here. (could be referring to Rin, the line is ...まいった、こっちが照れる )
... well, that's the way it goes.
I don't feel right but this is a festival.
Well, to pull to a close this until-now enjoyable camp,
(view changes to a lit candle)
"---Well then, I have one long story."
Without a pattern, let's tell this tale for the first time.


And that's the prologue of F/HA. Hope you enjoyed it ^^
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Unread post by bloodmoon0011 » July 9th, 2007, 3:18 am

すごい! So, are you going to make a trans patch for the game, or just translate it in the forums?

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Unread post by hawthorneluke » July 10th, 2007, 5:22 pm

this is really awesome
you've done so much in such a short amount of time

i guess with the translation being done, just hacking the game is left, which would be far less time consuming it'd seem
it looks like we'll be able to play this after FSN is done without having to wait forever :D

when i'm more fluent in japanese, i'm so going to give back to the community my skills and aid with translation and hacking such games :P

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Unread post by Blue Gunner » July 12th, 2007, 6:29 am

bloodmoon0011 wrote:すごい! So, are you going to make a trans patch for the game, or just translate it in the forums?
Hm... will I make a patch or just translate it in the forums... I wasn't planning on posting all I translate on the forums, to be honest. It would be nice to see a patch made, but I don't have the skills required. I might get in touch with some people who approached me earlier and organise one though.
hawthorneluke wrote:this is really awesome
you've done so much in such a short amount of time

i guess with the translation being done, just hacking the game is left, which would be far less time consuming it'd seem
it looks like we'll be able to play this after FSN is done without having to wait forever :D

when i'm more fluent in japanese, i'm so going to give back to the community my skills and aid with translation and hacking such games :P
I've done barely anything. I think it said I've done about .03% or something. There's a loong way to go yet, so don't think it's something that'll be over nice and quickly. And hacking the game takes forever too. Sorry to shoot down your dream in flames, but it'll be a while before anyone even touches anything to do with a patch, methinks.
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Unread post by bloodmoon0011 » July 13th, 2007, 10:11 am

Awww.... Darnies. That's too bad. I can't translate more than a basic sentence at the moment, but I'm still working on it. All well, have you tried talking to mirror moon? Or is that a no go?

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Unread post by Blue Gunner » July 14th, 2007, 1:25 am

I'm not a part of mirrormoon, and I don't think it's the sort of thing you can just walk up to, bang on the door and ask to be let in... who knows, like I said I will have a chat with some people who contacted me before and see what happens. Who knows. What'll happen will happen.
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Unread post by bloodmoon0011 » July 14th, 2007, 5:12 am

Sagely words, indeed. Ironic since you have Aoyama as your avatar! ^_^

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Unread post by Xavier » August 3rd, 2007, 3:54 pm

Thanks for teh translation. :)

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Unread post by Ryuusoul » August 3rd, 2007, 6:54 pm

Blue Gunner wrote:I'm not a part of mirrormoon, and I don't think it's the sort of thing you can just walk up to, bang on the door and ask to be let in... who knows, like I said I will have a chat with some people who contacted me before and see what happens. Who knows. What'll happen will happen.
Actually, it kind of is... at least that is how everyone I know (myself included) kind of joined up.

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Project is still alive. Just progressing rather slowly is all. I haven't died just yet ^^ Here's about the first half of the first scene.

1/Heaven's Feel Backnight I

("For an unknown period of time, I was crouching down." is shown before vanishing against the red background)

There isn't a single moan.
A rotten branch is stuck in my neck.
First, my tongue is being pulled out.
So that I never spit out any words, they break my voicebox.

I can't writhe in pain.
They splay my limbs from the ends.
It seems only my heart is still alive.
Even though my body has already lost it's ability to function, it continues to move dutifully to the sense of pain.
Existance and pain are one and the same.
Even if I only have my heart, I continue to exist with the limited pain.

(scene shifts to an ear?)

A long time.
I was left for a long period of days. (a lot of days gathered and I was left)

That was an extreme hope, which soon decayed to despair.
I'm not getting down. It's probably a despicable delusion.
The reason isn't due to a lack of experience, and is different to a lack of knowledge.

...pain and contentment recur within me.
I remember a completed, repetitive excercise, a flavour of youth.
To the top, to the bottom, to the east, to the west.

("That's far away, deeper than everyone. Like a cradle, a paradise of blooms without an exit." flash across the screen)

Even though I have no arms or legs, even though I'm gradually losing, it doesn't hurt.
Yet, it's scary.
Something without anything.
I couldn't bear becoming something without anything. (it would disloyal for me to...)
Either that, you can say that nothing bears fruit.
This suffering, will likely become suffering for it's own sake.

This dying body that hangs on the edge of death.
While wishing frantically for death, I also recklessly wish to continue living.
That rebellion.
Those old fashioned men gave me the name of hell.

("How wonderful, I can hear a silver coloured song" passes over the screen)

If we confess.
I, didn't want to die.

("--- for a long time, she was in a state of suspended animation." passes over the screen)

...I can hear a sound.
Click click, click click.

A sound like stones reflecting off something, it reminds me of a cheerful polka.
I vaguely listened to that noise only.

...where am I?
I can't remember. No, remembering, is something I don't want to do.
I'm ashamed of my own untidiness.
Even though I woke up like this, my consciousness and reasoning haven't woken up yet.

"Ugh, ah-----------!"
I put power into my leaden arms and legs, and my heavy head.
(screen changes to the living room)
I slightly lever my previously vulnerable body up with my arms.
...it seems I was lying on the sofa.

How long did I sleep for?
(screen flashes)
Trying to remember that, no, trying to remember precisely where this is,
Terrible pain pierced through my temples. (she uses the word damage)
My eyes are dazzled. It's like the morning after heavy drinking.
...Putting a mask on my weakness to alcohol and drinking all night is a vice of mine, but happily, thereis no alcohol left in my body.

"---This, is---"
Shakily, I consciously confirm my situation.
...it's probably, some western building somewhere.
There isn't much I recognise. Why I'm here, why I've been asleep until now, I can't remember very well.

Click, click, click.
The noise continues on.
There's no clock. Outside is deep darkness. My feeling is that it's just past midnight. The appearance of the room --- no, I can't see it well enough.
It isn't just that my limbs are heavy, it seems that up to my eyesight is failing as well.
Even though I can see the appearance of the room, there are places that are blurry and I can't survey all of it.

So, I resolve to grasp my situation, and finally I

(a shadow appears)
Before my eyes.
I noticed that someone had turned their back and sat down.

"A man...?"
With no lights, due to my failing eyesight, I can't distinctly capture it.
Even so, I was able to read the figure was that of a male.
The man was sitting in a downcast manner.
His posture is like he is reading a book, and he doesn't notice me.
I feel like he's absorbed in something.

I wonder what he's doing. Slowly, I raise my body to the point of a push up, and inspect the man at close quarters.
It was easier to believe that my limbs had recovered, than that my eyesight had. (she uses the word "the mentality that...")

Once I get moving, mobility should return.

(screen changes to a tile game)

The thing the man was concentrating on wasn't a book.
That... probably, was a moving picture puzzle.
A simple minded game, breaking the picture into 16 pieces, shuffling each piece, then moving pieces to the empty block to return to the original picture... that sort of thing.
Something that everyone has probably held at one point, a child's amusement.

(changes back to living room)

The man is concentrating on the puzzle.
I stopped gazing, and raise my body to a sitting position on the sofa, (in the form of sitting on the sofa I raise my body)
"So, you've woken up, Master."
(the shadow appears again)
As if he's a friend who's known me for ten years, the man raises his voice.

I show my surprise in a mumbling voice.

"Hm? Don't tell me you've gone back to sleep.
Come now, open your eyes already! Your eyes are dying, where's your normal alert appearance gone?"
The man is cackling.
It's a harsh voice, but he doesn't seem like he's angry.
Dazedly, I stare strangely at the man.

"Why, am I...?"
In any case, I give priority to that question first.
To find out why I was asleep, why I can't remember anything.
The main lowers his eyebrows --- even though I can't see well it's a strange story --- and pointed to the corner of the room.
In the corner was an old, clouded full-length mirror.

"Find out for yourself.
Because, you can do anything by yourself."
With uncertain steps I head towards the mirror.
There aren't any lights, and the pale moonlight sets off the darkness.
In one room of the unknown western house, stood the long, neglected for goodness knows how long cloudy mirror surface.

(changes to the mirror)

Over there.
Looking at myself uncertainly, as if I can see without error, my reflection stands.

(the reflection clears)

I gasp. (my voice leaks)
It's incomprehensible. There's something astonishing about the figure I've associated as me for more than 20 years.
My red hair and eyes have taken on a dark cast.
The unkind figure, the one who can do nothing but coerce other people.
As if to deny womanhood, that manly outer armour.
That is me. The same until now, never changing, Bazett Fraga McRemitz.

(zooms on her face)

Even so, I'm surprised at myself.
I feel as if the me that's reflected in the mirror is somehow wrong.
There's something extra, something that's lacking that should be there.
This discrepancy floats through my mind,

(focusses on the mirror's crack)

"Have you calmed down? If you've learned what you wanted to, let's go and kill them.
It isn't characteristic for you to keep doing the same thing, Master."

With those words, my small discomfort is gone.
Why did I forget that word?
The war to bring about miracles, the survivor of the Seven Magi, the foundation of the Holy Grail, employing the most powerful of spells.
I came for that reason.
Happening on the island nation of the Orient, I came here in order to participate in that ceremony called "The Holy Grail War".

(returns to the mirror, without Bazett)

It is a relic that is said to grant the wishes of it's possessor, but there are none who have taken the true Grail.
It was only a legend after all. The Grail summoned in the district of Fuyuki is a fake that imitated that legend.
Although, even if it isn't the original, if a machine has the power to grant wishes then it is praised as a "Holy Grail".

To magi, it doesn't matter if it's real or not.
Really, the problem is whether or not the imitation has power, to give an example, the Fuyuki Grail was said to "have great problems".

(a spark of light appears)

"--- The named 726th Grail may possibly contain the real Grail. To preserve the order we envision, keep this from the human world---!"
The Mages Association that I belong to... the organised body formed in order to conceal magi... was below that format.

(screen goes black)

The other Holy Grail Wars are, to magi, competitions.
The numbers that can participate in the Fuyuki Grail War are limited, and the Association held only a single place.
The one who is chosen must be a specialist in battle.
The best man for the job is not one who studies magecraft but one who puts military force into practice.

(screen lightens on a sky)

...With no relation whatsover to the infighting of the factions of the island country's Association, just a troublesome ceremony.
A battle where defeat is unforgivable, yet the winner receives no honour.
For that battle, I was chosen.

Use the relic delivered to your house as a catalyst to summon the Servant.
(screen darkens)
Having confidence in the prestige of the Association, I shouldered my sword and went after the Association (must check)

"We have not the slightest doubt.
Isn't that so, Bazett Fraga McRemitz?
You are a brilliant magus. In relation to battle, you are second to none. Because your position is procarious, you see." (once again, a little ?)

A sly smile playing on their lips, they sent me away.
Just as they said, I have supreme confidence in my battle abilities, and bore their scorn.

God's Holders.

Those two names. To tell of my lineage, it's an old blood line of magi, but my path was determined.

(Screen changes to Bazett in the mirror)

"...That's right. I was a Master, and participated in the Holy Grail War."
To the magi of the Association, to challenge the Holy Grail War and emerge victorious.
That was my duty.
I expected that to be my only duty.

(screen goes fuzzy)

...So then, why?
I've got a vague feeling that I was searching for something that wasn't the Holy Grail.
For something. For someone.
Something, stronger than the Holy Grail, the thought that I wanted to meet someone,

I can't remember.
In these passing days, what happened to me?
Even though I can confirm what I am, after that - my memories after arriving in the Fuyuki district are unclear.

I have memories of having fought as a Master.
I have memories of patrolling the district with my Servant.
But there are missing places here and there. For days... that's right, I remember a mist descending after I arrived in the district.
From the beginning, why am I in this western room, why have I been sleeping until now??

(image sharpens)

"Oy. You can't just stand around all day you know.
We don't have time, so let's go and clean up all ready."

(view shifts back to the room)

... That shadow that spoke a little while ago.
He is a Servant. A hero of the past, summoned and given form in my service.
Called Heroic Spirits, a magic of the highest rank humans can employ.

There is a link to provide mana between Masters and Servans.
My mana... putting it plainly, my life force... is moving that Servant, and feels as if it's keeping my body together as well as keeping that Servant in this world.
There is no mistake he is my Servant.
Although... was the Servant I summoned really the one over there...?

"You... you're my Servant?"
Suffering a headache I ask that question.
With doubts growing, the Servant stands and stared at me.

(shadow appears)

"Heh. Hey, you.
You mean to say you still haven't returned to normal condition?"
The smouldering shadow, was like a flame.
...it was intuition.
This man may be my Servant, but he is not even close to an ally.
He is the type of brute that, given the chance, would murder his master to become free.

The relationship between Master and Servant is not that of lord and peasant, only one where there is an agreement based on mutual interests.
If you show little looseness, few mistakes, then they'll take any opportunity to betray you.

"Hey. Your worried partner is asking you a question. Isn't it polite to answer?"
"--- You're right. To be frank, my efficiency is declining.
Motion is not a hindrance, but my consciousness is confused. Especially, my memories of yesterday are unclear."

Hiding my confused memories is not an advantage.
I return the Servant's stare, and highligheted my shortcoming.
However, what you should hide you hide.
My failing eyesight, the fact I have no memories that are unclouded, I cannot tell him these things.
... Those are the shortcomings of the current me. If I spoke, this Servant would instantly skin me with his teeth.
The best I can do, behaving naturally while drawing information from the Servant, attempting to piece together my memories.

"You're memories are fuzzy? Don't you know anything about summoning me? You're saying you don't know anything about the Holy Grail War or who you are?
Now wait a sec, excuse me! You're trying to tell me I've been paired with a complete amateur?!"

(the shadow disappears)

"No, I know quite clearly who I am.
I also remember summoning you, and participating in the Holy Grail War as a Master. What's unclear is after that.
For example, why I was sleeping here, I just can't seem to remember."

Not showing my timidity, I speak the truth.
Whether I succeeded, having a Servant clears the doubtful odour.

"I would like to question again.
Will you tell me why I was sleeping here?"
(the shadow appears on the left)
"I know why you're here.
You were the one who said you'd use this place as a hideout, and the one who said she would rest because she was tired after summoning me was you.
You don't remember even that?"

Certainly --- before visiting the Fuyuki district, I researched a suitable hideout that was used by the Association in the battle.
Inside there... Yeah, I must have found this western building.
(screen flashes red)
...my consciousness mists over.
The feeling my memories are returning grows distant.
I'm not really overdoing it, and I have to hear the Servant's information.

"So the one who chose this western building as a hideout, was me, right? I have memory of that.
And then --- I summoned you."
... I vaguely remember.
I certainly formed a contract with a Servant in this western building.

(the shadow appears again)

"Right, right! And, you instantly became sleepy. You gave your name, and then said 'Don't do anything until I wake up'.
So I've just been sitting around here, collecting dust.
Even though you called me to kill, why did you you leave me just waiting here?"

Just my name...?
No, more importantly, this Servant's protest is dangerous.
There's a reasonable limit to belligerence, but if he likes battle more than necessary I'll be in trouble.

"Wait. I wish to confirm, did we have an agreement on a battle plan?"

"Nup. Surely we didn't need one.
You probably investigated this district beforehand, and what sort of thing the Holy Grail War is was hammered into my head before you summoned me.
Speed before need, efficiently, not choosing a method, just saying it was good provided we killed the other Masters. It wasn't a discussed point or anything."

"...ge, don't force such a face, you. Don't stare at me like that, you're scaring me.
What, have I said something that upset you?"
"Yes. It seems you need some mutual understanding. That my Servant would be so thoughtless is irritating.
I am the representative magus of the Association, and I don't have the inclination to wield a wild animal."

I coerce the Servant with my eyes.
The Servant starts, and averts himself from my gaze,
(shadow disappears)
"..... Well. Mutual understanding, is someting I don't think I can do."
He murmured like other people.

"That's fine. Well, what, what sort of battle does the Grand High Association Representative like?"
"We cannot fight in secret, pointless battles.
Firstly, our priority is researching the enemy Masters. Once we know what sort of war it will be this time, we can consider in what order we will defeat them, then switch to annihilating each and every one."

Those are instructions from the Association.
First we have to research the Masters from the three families controlling the Grail War, the Einzberns, the Tohsakas and the Makiris.
After that, we research the remaining three Masters.
There may be Masters who would give up their Masterhood after consulataion, and there may be talents that should be under the protection of the Association.
To take action while all the Masters have not assembled would cause shame for an Association magus.

(the shadow appears again)

"Hmm? Certainly we aren't dogs who spend our energy running around, but do we have the time to be this leisurely?
Let's kill a Master when we find them. In the end, it's the same as crushing them. If we meet with them, they can't run and we can't let them run."
...It wasn't said until now.
I feel the same way, but I can't go against the Association's way of doing things.

"You will obey. This organisation in order to conceal the mysteries of the Association. We cannot make an unseemly uproar.
Also, if we fight in confusion, then a sacrifice from the general peoples will have to be made.
Obtaining the Grail is our utmost priority, but we must strive to keep the people of this district from becoming caught up in it all."

This objective isn't purely the Mage's Association's.
The Grail War is chewed over by the Sacred Church as well.
In the case that damage in the district occurs, they strenuously try to conceal it, and smoothly allow the ceremony to continue.
But, whether it gets to that degree revolves on our enemies.
Last time, in the Fourth War, there were Masters who indiscriminately killed many people. So, the Father supervising brought down heavy penalties on the offender.

"...Hmm. I wonder if that's the method of choosing.
I don't remember, but isn't there something about it being better not to kill and being the only survivor?"
"The point isn't to be the survivor. We are magi. If there's something necessary we order it.
Although, it probably makes sense to provide the basic defence to people."

"Heh. Ah, well then."
The energy fell from his voice.
Apathetically, the Servant took a breath,

(the screen flashes red and darkens)

"...Hey, why don't you use a command seal on me?
Something like, don't disobey me. If you don't, I might kill you first."

I clear my throat.
...This Servant is serious.
He isn't considering the consequences.
The rule of co-operating with a Master for one's own self defence wasn't applying here.
This guy was seriously aiming for my throat.

He told me to use a command seal to protect against that.
The ability of a Master to issue absolute commands three times.
The powerful 'command spell' given by the Holy Grail.
Only usable three times, but a Master's trump card that forces obedience to their command.
So I answer immediately.

"---I decline. A master is never ordered by his pet dog,
and he who is killed by their pet does not deserve to be called master.
You are MY Servant. I shall decide how you move and when you challenge death."

I answer murderous intent with murderous intent.
In any case, if I use a command seal for something as small a degree as this then I have no future.
Clenching my right fist, I carve a rune into the floor with my heel so as to be ready to meet any attack.

(room lightens)

"I see. Mm, if that's the way it is then I'll try and change the way I think.
OK, I'm you're Servant. I will obey my master."

The Servant folded too easily.
...How do you say it, it was a bit of a letdown.
Even though my breast had warned that he would leap at me and I would know his power here.

"Hm? What, you still got something to say?"
"N, no, no problems, but,
... really, do you understand what I've said?"
"Yeah. Don't generate corpses if I can help it, right?
I understand your plan of action. Anything else? Anything left to say?"

...There are a mountain of little things, but I don't have anything I should say in terms of a strategy. Afterwards is just giving directions by responding to the situation.

"Right. If that's all, let's go already. Adjusting is nice, but I'm sick of sitting around here."
Let's go out to the districts, the Servant urged me.
My body's still unstable, but I want to know the situation of the town.
And --- seeing as how I've been asleep all this time, I really just want to get my body moving again.

"...I understand. Let's change our small battle plan depending on the situation."
I re-energise.
For the moment, I'll leave Rach here.
There are limits to that sword, and I can't use it with my body in this condition.
Once we've identified the other Masters, I can decide who best to use it against.

"But hey, 'don't generate corpses if I can help it', hey. Hehehe. I like it, maybe it would be great if I could do that."
The Servant repeated playfully.

"...If you have any implications say them straight.
Any opinions about my strategy, let's sort it out right here."
"I said I understand. Hey, you're scary, so I'm not going to pick a fight with you just yet.
But you know, that's impossible, Master.
There's no relationship to generating corpses or getting others involved here.
Cause no matter how hard you go at it, this town is only around for four days."

(screen goes black)

...? Only around, for four days?

(back to the shadow)

"...What, did you say?"
"You'll understand when we go outside. It isn't quite the situation you think it is. Cause the people in this district have been slowly cut down by a 'party of mysterious animals' for days now."

"A party of mysterious animals you say...?
That's stupid. You, you're just playing a farce because my memories are confused-"
"When you go outside you'll understand. Seeing is believing after all."

The crushing Servant tittered away.
The black shadow grasped the hand of the lost me and started to walk.

(screen blackens)

"Come on, let's go on to the Holy Grail War, Bazett Fraga McRemitz.
---This time, to find your wish."


Look out for the rest in the coming weeks. And thanks for your comments guys.
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Unread post by hawthorneluke » August 24th, 2007, 11:48 am

Blue Gunner wrote:
hawthorneluke wrote:this is really awesome
you've done so much in such a short amount of time

i guess with the translation being done, just hacking the game is left, which would be far less time consuming it'd seem
it looks like we'll be able to play this after FSN is done without having to wait forever :D

when i'm more fluent in japanese, i'm so going to give back to the community my skills and aid with translation and hacking such games :P
I've done barely anything. I think it said I've done about .03% or something. There's a loong way to go yet, so don't think it's something that'll be over nice and quickly. And hacking the game takes forever too. Sorry to shoot down your dream in flames, but it'll be a while before anyone even touches anything to do with a patch, methinks.
haha, i'm very aware of that ^^
i meant its a lot just looking at how much you've done from looking at the text alone, not in comparison to how much there is in the game
and i know this wont be done anywhere near over night (and im also used to people expecting you to do such huge projects in that amount of time), but compared to it being started by some people that can't really be bothered in the end in say 3 years from now, i'd say it's progressing well for what it is, even if it is just the extreme start

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Unread post by Blue Gunner » August 27th, 2007, 1:28 pm

hawthorneluke wrote: haha, i'm very aware of that ^^
i meant its a lot just looking at how much you've done from looking at the text alone, not in comparison to how much there is in the game
and i know this wont be done anywhere near over night (and im also used to people expecting you to do such huge projects in that amount of time), but compared to it being started by some people that can't really be bothered in the end in say 3 years from now, i'd say it's progressing well for what it is, even if it is just the extreme start
You know, I just re-read my response to that and found it rather rude. Sorry about that ^^; I'd just like to say thanks for reading so far, and look forward to more coming soon (hopefully. Assignments are taking priority at the moment). It's comments like yours that help me decide what to do when I sit down in the house on my own and think, now what should I do...
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Unread post by galvenize » August 27th, 2007, 1:53 pm

You rock dude ! Keep the good work !

EDIT : btw , i'm always confused : wich of the 3 FSN scenario is F/HA the sequel to ?

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Unread post by Raitei » August 30th, 2007, 1:42 pm

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I guess that's that...
btw, do you have an ori copy of fha..?wanna sell it to me...?
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Unread post by galvenize » August 30th, 2007, 2:07 pm

Nah , i don't have it yet .

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Unread post by Blue Gunner » September 3rd, 2007, 7:34 am

This isn't as long as the others have been, I've been a little busy recently. But here's where I'm up to.

(a picture of a mansion)

The western building was built on top of a tall hill.
There are no other buildings around, and it stands as if hidden in the forest.
... my head hurts.
I thought I would clear up once I breathed the outside air, but the cold night air just confuses me more.

"What's wrong Master? Still too early to be going outside?"
The voice of the Servant making fun of me.
I shake my head and continue forward.
(changes to a black moon)
The world around me was revolving slightly.
In the bright moonlight, it seemed I was getting dizzy.

(changes to the bridge, then the main area of Shinto)

It was quiet.
Even though it was past two in the morning, the city was too quiet.

(a white moon)

...maybe, it looks a little like my hometown.
The harbour town where I spent my early childhood.
At night the lake would flood into the town, and people would shut themselves in their homes as if they were afraid.
The deserted streets were like a ship that had sunk to the bottom of the ocean, and was what caused the child me to want to run away from that land.
It was probably that I had the feeling that everyone would forget me if I stopped on the bottom of the ocean.
I couldn't help thinking that having no-one remember me, like no-one remembered the old gods who followed their final days, was like a curse.

(changes back to Shinto)

(goes grey)
And then, just now, Fuyuki City is sinking into the deep ocean.
This is different from the atmosphere of Fuyuki that I remember.
It's too quiet - this is no different than old ruins.
Yet, there are signs of living things.
I feel incredible numbers breathing neatly.
There are signs of things I've never experienced all around me.
...there are mysterious things, the Servant had said.
I don't want to admit it, but what he says seems reliable.

(changes to a dark street)

"Hey, what's that?"
About two hours have passed while we walked in the city.
The Servant stopped walking, and looked up at someone's house.

"That's incredible. I've looked around here before, but to think something was still left."
An admiring voice.
The house he was staring at was a completely ordinary building.
If we had to find a part that was different to other buildings, that would be - the lights were on in this one.

"You stay here. You probably aren't back to normal condition yet.
I'll go and check out the situation."
The Servant who walked on alone.
(screen goes fuzzy)
I try to give chase,
Unseemingly, I become dizzy in the light of the moon.

(screen blacks out, then is replaced by the moon)

---Let's talk honestly.
I have no idea how the other Servants are, but I didn't feel like doing this right from the beginning.

(moon turns to a black foetus with a red outline)
In the spells that summon Servants, beings revered at the level of legend and giving them form lies a great sorcery.
It isn't something as cheap as borrowing a part of the power of a hero, but the skill of breaking the rules and creating the full person themselves.
Resurrection lasting only during the Grail War. A short-lived clone. A guardian of humanity brought to modern times.
Listening to that, it sounds good. Autonomous weapons should be convenient as well, right?

But, it's probably overdoing it to reproduce even the inside.
Familiars don't need intelligence. For Servants it applies even more. If a familiar is more intelligent than it's master, there is no reason it won't rebel.
Fortunately the Master who summoned me is the type of woman I like, but even though I'm satisfied with her, like I thought I'll be rebelling a bit.
Because I have no choice, I may not have any complaints about my master but I have plenty about the world.
I have the worst feeling, a feeling like I've been left in the morgue.

(changes to shades of red)

When I was alive, the world was still fresh and young.
But now it's dying, it's days are numbered, an old body. Being someone who knew it when it was healthy, it would be injust not to be a little furious.
Well, it was obvious we were ravaging all we could, but still this pace is too fast.
This means that I hate humans for their vulgarity, but at the same time I feel like I want to praise them.

The power of humanity is too terrible.
The bustling changing of values. I wonder how many generations of 'new humans' have been born, and how many have died out?
That this habit of doing things quickly hasn't brought forth new evolution patterns other than consuming resources is a shame. Well done, rather than move towards new circulations we've strived to amplify a ready-made system.

(fades to black)

But that doesn't mean there's nothing ahead. I would like it if, in a little, with no hesitation, we could make new growth and move forward.
I mean, we've already destroyed this much.
Where we wanted to face, for what purpose did we devour the earth's resources, whether it was a good or bad thing, I want results that anyone can understand. It doesn't matter to me if it was a mistake.

(blue sky returns)

"Ahh. I really wonder what the other parties are thinking."
There's no way that any Heroic Spirits don't harbour hatred for this era.
Even so, Heroic Spirits are on the side of humanity, they'll probably respect whatever happens. I see it all as a mistake.

For the time being - if we say that the God-like force is good, what would it do if it was summoned here?
Would it approve, would it protect?
If it approves, then we move towards extinction. If it protects, then we move to the sidelines.
If it's a proper Epic Spirit, then it would probably protect us.
A guy with a screw loose would likely rejoice and lend a hand, and a guy with one screw remaining would rouse himself to world reforms.
Like, "I'm going to save the world!", or something.
Yeah, I really don't want to meet that sort of guy before fighting them.

(screen goes black)

Well, I said it, and - it there's only one thing I'll do.
Among the Heroic Spirits, I'm not particularly powerful. Even if you cast your eye across the folklore of the whole world, you won't find a weaker Spirit than me.
Yaaay, I'm Number One! You've got it now Master, there ain't nothing lower than me! There's only thinking about how to devour the strong, so setting up a base of operations is no problem.

...I didn't want to think about it from the beginning, but if we're talking battle prowess then in fact that young lady is better than me.
A Heroic Spirit that would lose to a human. Hehehe, I already want to disappear.

"Yeah - I'm not telling her the truth, that woman."
(shifts to the room)
Bazett said not to create more corpses than I had to.
As I expected from the Lady Magus of a distinguished family, a sheltered girl on the honour roll. A Master suited to driving a Heroic Spirit, a human of purity.

But you know, that's really impossible for me.
Cause the only thing I can do is kill, and a true, bloodless victory is out of my league.
On top of that, I'm the weakest, and we can't win with the method she chose.
If we treat this as a real war, then we should be relying on the man-made arts of massacre.
Anyway, Servant's Masters are human, so it should be simpler to drop land mines like the last war.

(screen returns to black)

"...Well, I guess now isn't that sort of period.
It was a dangerous period before, life was cheap-"
This time things aren't like that.
The eye of the Mages Association is strict, and the peace and order that modern humans have made is brilliant. If I riot about, then the other Masters would probably be able to find Bazett.

It would be great to finish this off as quickly as I can, but a series of battles on consecutive nights would be tiring so I want to avoid that.
On that point, the plan that Bazett came up with of doing things moderately suits me.
As it suits me, I'll act Servant-like, and do my best to follow my Master's plans.

(goes back to the street)

Now then.
We've looked forwards and backwards, lets talk about the present.

"Wait - what the hell do you think you're doing?"
I disregard my Master's weak voice and turn towards the residence.
It should be ok if I just investigate.
That the lights are on indicates that there are live people inside.
Unfortunately, I don't have the ability to sense humans, nor the skill to detect heat.
The Servant skill I possess is "Nothing".
But that's ok. The things inside are humans.

(screen blurs to black)

I change to spiritual form and pass through the entrance.
I give form to my lethal weapon and head to the living room, where the humans are.
Let's finish this quickly and cruelly, as always.
Even if by some mistake the most powerful superhuman in history is inside, but even if he has more battle strength than a Heroic Spirit it isn't a problem.
For I, the weakest of all, am skilled against the most powerful human.
Because -

--- It isn't a brag, but.
If a human is my opponent, I'm the strongest in the world.

(screen is covered in blood)

Blood was spraying.
The people had died.
One middle aged, two boys, one granny and gramps holding a blood-stained knife... he's still alive.
"----What the hell."
What a let-down.
By the time I intruded, the deed had already been done.

(changes to a black animal with a blue outline)

"Hah... hah..." he breathed.
The vicious criminal had brutally murdered the inconvenient four.
He wanted to kill the remaining grandpa, and didn't pay any attention to me, who had just walked in.
"Hii, hii, hiiiiii"
Gramps backed up against the wall, and shook his head at his inevitable death.

(changes back to blood)

I glanced over the horrific murder scene and the method of murder.
Everyone had been shredded beyond recognisability, their blood, flesh and innards splayed all over the room.
The stifling smell of living things, living things splattered here and there, "Goodbye, Goodbye" to a happy family.

Ugh - why is this murder scene so clean?
There isn't a single horrible point. It was pointless murder for murder's sake.
No ravaging, no rape, no appetite, not a particle of those exists here.

"Su, someone, save me!"
Well, he asked so I'll save him.
(changes to a bloodied blade)
It was a sudden strike from behind, he died readily enough.
After that, I returned to my original job.

(shows a blood spray, then screen goes bright red)

When I flew into the house, it was all over.

(changes to splatters)

Thanks for the comments guys ^^; Sorry for the slow progress though, just moving bit by bit.
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Unread post by Raitei » September 5th, 2007, 12:15 pm

edit: sorry,a foolish question indeed , I have made...
btw, i've got another question for ya..
should the translation has been completed, will it be displayed at mirror-moon like f/sn?
should it not, i 'd like you to notice us then, when it's completed...
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