Kanon... almost here?!

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Re: Kanon... almost here?!

Unread post by Raven » July 14th, 2009, 8:45 pm

Well, I guess it's good news for Kannon's fans. Personally I would skip this tittle for no reason other than the weird mechanic requirement that imposed on me by Key's game. I hate how I have to explore the story in certain direction with other characters before I can go back and continue on the direction I'm actually interested in.

I suffer the same thing with Clannad, but at least most Clannad characters are someone interesting (still doesn't make the process less painful), but Kannon has a few characters I'm outright elergy to so I'll pass.

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Re: Kanon... almost here?!

Unread post by teiglin » July 16th, 2009, 12:47 am

Of the Key games I've played, Kanon has by far the least crossover between the various girls' arcs. Girls you don't pick tend to drop off the face of the earth or you just avoid meeting them at all when not on their arc, past like day 4. I don't really know what you mean by "elergy" but you can largely avoid girls whose arcs you're not involved in. The stories aren't nearly as complex/intertwined as in, say, Clannad.

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Re: Kanon... almost here?!

Unread post by X-Calibar » July 22nd, 2009, 4:59 am

Final patch is up...

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