Could someone like me be of ANY use...?

Post about your projects or talk about mirror moon projects that haven't been announced yet... or something.

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Could someone like me be of ANY use...?

Unread post by Jikuu » April 21st, 2005, 10:35 am

What kind of skills do you need for this kind of hobby anyway? I was just thinking... but I've never really poked around enough to know any facts about game translations. I do have a long history with computers behind me, and I have too much spare time nowadays (retired due to disability). I wonder if there's anything I could do to be of use.

I've always admired all the hard work and tenacity of game translators working on those oldies but goldies SNES games. Heck, one of them (Tales of Phantasia) was even translated to my native language with ?'s and ?'s correctly displayed and whatnots, even as the audience for such release is propably countable with one's toes and fingers. Everyone but the youngest of gamers speak English here in Finland, and kids today don't care about old consoles/emulation.
=^.^= Duh. I always tend to rant... oh well, best of luck and strength of will with your projects, dear translators. Know that many people out there really appreciate your hard work.

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Unread post by Fuyutski » April 29th, 2005, 9:51 am

It entirely depends on the game being translated and the group doing it. At basic levels, are translators and coders, although some games have been translated where the people were both. :P However for most games by Revolve/Mirrormoon, the following professions are used:

Picture editors

Unfortunately, translators are always in sheer demand due to the lack of them, or the lack of them willing to commit to such a project, we're just lucky we have such dedicated translators.
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