Last 2 screens and 100% of the game

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Last 2 screens and 100% of the game

Unread post by Kenzu » October 20th, 2009, 7:44 am

Hey. Got through Utawarerumono a while ago and I didn't have the last 2 screens in the gallery.
I got through the story on Normal, then I got through Hard Mode 3 and got the "Congratulations" screen, but I still can't view that one screen in the gallery.
How do I get the last 2 screens in the gallery?
Do I have to gain all the titles? If so do I have to get them on Normal or some hard mode? Or do I just have to get through Hard Mode 1 and 2?

I suppose getting all the titles is 100% of the game, isn't it? But is it needed to get the last 2 screens?

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Re: Last 2 screens and 100% of the game

Unread post by Mazyrian » October 21st, 2009, 2:26 pm

To get the second to last CG indeed you have to finish in Hard Mode and save battle data (for me Hard 1 didn't do it; maybe you need to finish Hard 2 or harder); if you finished hard 3, you should have unlocked it.
To get the last one, you have to get all the titles, not necessarily in the same game (which also is not possible), and save battle data; when you save the data that has the last titles, you unlock the CG. Beware though that I got this in Hard 1 and that relocked the other CG; I had to load a save from just before the last battle in a Hard 3 play and replay it.
The titles are, well, "titles", that you get for having have made some things in the playthrough, like having some character reach level 50, etc. Somewhere in this forum is the list of titles and their requirements.
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