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PS2 Scenario

Unread postby Mazyrian » June 25th, 2009, 2:34 pm

Does somebody has a summary of the PS2 added scenario? I've just played it and though could go through the battles wthout much trouble the only bits I got from the story part were the kinda obvious.
It starts when, after Hakuoro and cia return from Na Tunk, Benawi tells him what they did in his abscence; it seems Kurou, Oboro and Doriy/Guraa were to some brothel? And the girls there recognized Oboro and were like fans of him; then appears the mistress who turns out to be Inkar daughter, and she is trying to reconstruct Kenashkourpe with help of some magician and a kimamau? And at the end they lose, but Kurou saves her from Benawi from some reason, and they all live happily aver after?
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