Finished the Anime...thoughts.

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Finished the Anime...thoughts.

Unread post by Mkilbride » December 16th, 2008, 4:05 pm

The Anime, was pretty well done. Up until episode 24 though, 24-26, it started going downhill. They really rushed things a BUTTLOAD and left out VERY important plot information(That you get in the Visual Novel itself)

If I had watched the anime first, I'd confused as hell about alot of things. It's a good anime, and a decently faithful adaption, but DAMN! They don't even fight Iceman! That was an epic battle, when their God, their friend, and in most of the womans cases, their lover, attacked them and they had to defeat him. (Just stabbing him isn't as cool as a life or death match between friends, and seeing more of Icemans mad skills would of been good:P)

Also, I can understand the Hentai being written out, but I wanted Yuzuha(Or however you spell it) to leave a baby behind like in the VN, from Iceman. I can do with out all the other hentai bits, because they were mostly unimportant, but the one giving her a child is PRETTY special, I'd imagine.(Considering she dies and leaves it to one of the main cast)

I mean christ, it's a child of a GOD(thingy)! It'll surely be special in SOME way. Overall, I guess if you're not a Visual Novel Reader...then it'll suffice for people interested. As a whole though, if you're a fan of the Visual Novel, I can say it'll disappoint in the end. It has a strong start, a solid base, but a faulty end. Around episode 20 is when the quality started going down, plot wise. They had to cut a ton due to episode restraints.

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Unread post by X-Calibar » December 16th, 2008, 5:33 pm

Check out all the extras though :) The 4 Omake Theaters, 2 Utawarerumono Q&A sessions, and 2 Utawarerumono : The Story so Far synopsis.
The sessions and syonpsis make me wish I could check out the radio show and understand it :o

I think one of the grudges I have with the anime, is the lack of Aruruw, it skips most of the important interactions between her and Hakuoro... in the game she was like her daughter, while in the anime she was much more distant.
The other grudge being Hakuoro's true form... Is it just me or is that thing's roar just weak, compared to the VN? lol I was expecting the classic sound... not some muted blahhhh :P grrr and the looks and power of his true form, he just wasn't as interesting as the game.

Now combine my two grudges and you get the
► Show Spoiler

And the events afterwards were rushed as you say... Missing events, the changed ending eh... Yeah not the same. Although, I did kind of appreciate the changed dream like scene where Eruruw manages to get a kiss/hug out of Hakuoro. Too bad I didn't appreciate the other changes :/

STILL, like you say the anime is well done, especially as an adaption. Easily a B+ in my books.

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Unread post by Mkilbride » December 16th, 2008, 6:18 pm

Yes, there was no mask falling and Eruruw catching it. That was very disappointing for me, it was one of the best scenes. I never felt much for Aruruw, so maybe I just didn't care much, but I believe she was faithfully adapted.

The kiss wasn't bad; but it kind of detracts somewhat. We also miss out on the Physic explination of Kamyu and her origins.

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