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Battle FAQ

Unread post by Naleem » July 31st, 2008, 12:46 am

Hello, I'd like to write a short guide to cover some aspects of the battle system that weren't explained thoroughly enough in the training mission. I won't mention the basics since they are covered there pretty well. Testing has been done on Hard-3 mode. Should you find any mistakes, feel free to correct me.

- Every character participating in a battle gets an extra 150BP at the end of the battle (for Eruruw this is the only way to get BP)
- You get BP for killing/destroying stuff (barricades are great for BP gaining), note that only the character that lands the killing blow gets BP
- The amount is determined this way: the character gets 10BP for the killing blow + any attack after it (in combo)

EXAMPLE: Hakuoro is attacking a nameless swordsman with 220HP. First attack in combo deals 200 damage, swordsman has 20HP left. Since our Swordsman is still alive, no BP were gained. The second attack in combo deals 50 damage, which counts as a killing blow, earning Hakuoro 10BP. Since Hakuoro has been working hard on his tech stat, he makes two more combo hits, each earning him 10BP. Total BP earned : 30
Knowing how gaining BP works is especially helpful when playing without retries (which is required for some battle titles)

- Vitality is replenished by attacking and being attacked. Higher number of hits increases vitality gain
NOTE: Karura replenishes half of her vitality bar every time she is hit (heh)
- Characters with MAX vitality deal more damage and recieve less
- MAX vitality allows to add one extra attack to combo (shows as a red circle instead of white). However, performing this attack sets vitality to zero

- Investing in tech increases the possible amount of attacks in combo. These attacks deal progressively less damage (later attacks do just 1 point). They remain useful due to extra BP gain
- Once tech is maxed, the attack mentioned in the above section becomes a special attack specific to each character. Looks nice and deals loads of damage
- Doesn't help with spellcasting
- Here's a quick list of Starting/Max tech values for all playable characters
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- Hakuoro gives female characters around him a damage bonus
- Works only on hard difficulties
- "Around" refers to the 4 squares area in his attack range (i.e. the red squares)
- Oboro gives the same kind of bonus to Doriy/Guraa

Well, that's all I remembered. Hopefully you found this post somewhat helpful, and thank you for reading!

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