"Omake - About Utawarerumono" questions and aswers

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"Omake - About Utawarerumono" questions and aswers

Unread postby John_Edward » February 24th, 2008, 9:50 pm

First of all, big thanks for translating this, I really enjoyed playing it, and you did a great job :)

Now, I finished the game in hard 1, trying hard 3 and getting owned, so first I'd like to know these things.
They are found in Training -> Omake -> Programmer Iwaki Neko -> About Utawarerumono
0. It is good to place women by Hakuoro
1. Oboro and Do...
2. During Derihourai Battles...
3. Press Ctrl key during battles to...
4. If you place friends close to each other, parameter will change (opposite happens for enemies).
5. # of enemies has an effect on the turn gauge.
6. Maxin vitality causes something good (for enemies, too).
7. If Hakuoro's level is high...
8. If Karura Receives damage...
9. If Aruruw receives damage...
10. Right-click turn list is useful. If an enemy moves only 1 square, the order changes.
Confirm these details in the game by playing and use them to your advantage.

So far, the answers I have found out are...
0. (because he's a big pervert ?)
1. (...riy are both gay)
3. ...speed up the time the same way as in normal.
6. ...Being able to use the final combos
7. (he owns ?)
8. (she's hurt, owie)
9. (she's hurt too, another owie)
10. ...you are able to see who moves and when, neutralizing the biggest threats first, not sure about how the order changes.

Anyone know anything, especially 1,2,8 and 9?
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Unread postby Lynx190 » February 24th, 2008, 10:27 pm

I'm not sure if this is actually spoilers, considering it's part of the actual gameplay mechanisms (and I sure would have had a lot less painful time if I wasn't trying to guess how everything worked), but anyway...

0. Female characters get a boost to their stats if next to Hakuoro (attack definitely, defense maybe)
1. Dorii and Guraa get a boost to their stats if next to Oboro
2. Not sure, guessing he probably gets a boost for standing next to Karura
6. Having a maxed gauge increases your stats (and I think turn speed too) for both enemies and allies... on high difficulties I never use up my special gauge unless I absolutely have to, especially with Hakuoro... the resulting loss of defense will likely get him killed,
7. I believe someone said the final boss level/stats depends on Hakuoro's level only, not his stats.
8. Karura's special gauge refills extremely fast from receiving damage... any significant amount of damage will instantly max it
9. Aruru gets an extra/faster turn after getting hit, I'm not sure which... sometimes it causes her to have two turns close in the order (which would be an extra turn) but other times her next turn is way down the list if on it at all... either way, she will get a turn very quickly after getting hit, regardless where her next turn was in the order.
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Unread postby TakaJun » February 26th, 2008, 6:55 am

0. Women gets a boost to their attack and defence when placed next to Hakuoro.
1. Dorii and Guraa gets boost to thei attack when placed next to Oboro.
3. Ctrl speeds up animation
6. Max vitality lets you do special moves. And I'm not sure if this is for the PC version, but Hakuoro has a one-time auto revive if he's defeated with full vitality.
7. Hmm... This might be pointing to the fact that last boss's level=Hakuoro's level

That's all I know...
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Unread postby A.R.C.C. » February 26th, 2008, 5:59 pm

If #2 is anything that can make him last just another two rounds in the first ambush fight, I'd really like to find out. I'm playing Hard mode 3 my first time around and haven't had a real problem up to this point.
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Unread postby Lynx190 » February 26th, 2008, 10:32 pm

Hard 3 it shouldn't be too much of a problem... pull Derihourai and his generics back and keep Derihourai walled off (line of 3 swordsmen, archer + Derihourai behind, as far back as this formation can be placed)... and put the swordsman who's element is weak against the closest enemy archer (after their first round of moves) on the left of your defensive line (against the water), where he can't be hit by an archer. My first try I didn't do this, the archer saw a good target and came over to attack, I had to rush out and kill him, all the other enemy units turned around and attacked. When I put that swordsman in the safe spot, the AI decided there weren't any good targets and *everything* went after Hakuoro's group initially. (Eventually a lone swordsman turned around, Derihourai's group quickly killed him; the super swordsman then attacked and they killed him too, just need to keep Derihourai safely back for a while until the generics have weakened him). The main trouble was actually keeping Hakuoro and Eruruu alive with everything (damn archers) attacking them.

If you have swordsmen going right after you and not a lone archer messing you up, then I don't know what to say, it must be difference in stats between your regular characters and mine, or random difference in elements. However it's possible to beat Hard 5 with the enemies rushing Derihourai, so it should be possible on Hard 3 as well.

Hard 5 your generics are so weak compared to the enemies that it's a huge mess, the AI just rushes them right away. I had to send Hakuoro and Touka full speed ahead, leaving Aruru and Kamyu to mop up the one swordsman that actually went right at them. Ended up getting 3 kills with the generics (bleh waste of BP) while manipulating the AI's movement just right to keep them alive as long as possible.
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Unread postby John_Edward » February 26th, 2008, 10:45 pm

TakaJun wrote:
7. Hmm... This might be pointing to the fact that last boss's level=Hakuoro's level

That's all I know...

Actually, Hakuoro's lvl x 2
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Unread postby Sandal Hat » February 29th, 2008, 3:16 am

hakuoro's level does affect final boss level, meaning if hakuoro is higher level, you get more xp per hit which means if he's high enough you can level every hit (had this happen on hard 3 karura got 20+ levels in one round, nearly killed him alone)
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