Fate/Relativity ( role play )

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Fate/Relativity ( role play )

Unread postby ckdragonck » April 19th, 2011, 6:38 am

I don't know if this is allowed (I didn't see any rules against it) so I'm starting this since I can't find one.

The world was said to end in 2012. Well...it did. According to Celtic Mythos, one divine year is about 100 earth years. So in the divine year 2012, the world ended in a flood. Which was actually bits and pieces of the nine worlds forming together in the Cosmic Ocean and ending in Regenesis. It looked like the world was flooded and the water receded but that's what happens when humans try to perceive the miraculous. So Ragnarok ended in the Myan prophecy that the world would end (technically begin again) in water. Now we're supposed to face fire. In hundreds of human years.

But someone is trying to make it happen now. That's what you get when no one stops humanity from becoming too innovative like they did on Atlantis. But we won't complain, it makes it possible for there to be Heroes in a "World Without Heroes". So this guy that wants the world to end created another Fake Grail War in America. Or more so he just created another Grail and Servants came forth from every part of the world with their Masters. He used a Fake Philosopher's Stone to create it so the Grail was more influential than desired. Now everyone is heading to "Hopi Land" because the signal from the Grail is there. They don't have to be Masters or Servants - this thing has been sensed by everyone. The war has already started. Let's begin.

Template - Taken from http://randomroleplay.forumotion.net/t273-fate-stay-night-character-creator :

Master Template




Occupation: (If still in school, put student)




Servant Template

True Name:

Class: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Servant_classes Only one of the eight classes can be taken. If you want to create a variant class, it must be a sub-class and you must state what class it is specific too.

Apparent Age:


Skills: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Parameters_and_Skills You can have up to three skills and you are not limited to the ones listed here, you can make up your own.

Noble Phantasm: http://typemoon.wikia.com/wiki/Noble_Phantasm You can have a maximum of three Noble Phantasms, you can make up your own.

* Name:
* Type:
* Rank: (E being the lowest rank and A+++ being the highest. EX is technically the highest but no one should have EX rank)
* What it does:



My characters:


Name: Calan F Ulfr

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student


Eye of the Mind (True) (Rank A+)

Though born with an extremely strong and developed Mind's Eye, Calan could not fully access it. When he became "open" to everything it changed from False to True. The rank went to A partly because his Mind's Eye was so strong and partly because he opened his Crown. By this time he has trained his Crown enough to where its influence made this A+. (Note: Using one Chakra point to increase to potency of another is not an easy thing to learn. Using his Mind's Eye, Calan found the secret.)

Instinct (Rank A)

Was at Rank C until his Awareness was increased by the Crown and Mind's Eye.

Note: Though he has these he can only use one form of attack, the temporary and weak one below:

Imperial Privilege (Rank EX)

He uses this to create magic circuits, of which he was a human that was not granted them at birth. He like using Archer Emiya Shirou's attacks but, like his Hero, he has to start from ground one and his circuits drain him easily. He can produce Kroskyie, but only at level C or below. This causes little strain.

Appearance: Short Hair, less than 3 inches above scalp, brown. Brown eyes. Caucasian.

Personality: Loner, thinker, philosopher, wanderer, creative. Outgoing and introverted at about the same length. The ambitions come first. "Reality isn't real." - does not accept things as they come, always believes in other possibilities.

Bio: Born on the Summer Solstice, Calan always dreamed of being a Hero. He always believed that the shows he watched and stories he read were real, just in parallel universes. His "Hero" was Archer Emiya Shirou from the Fate/Stay Night universe. It turned out that that parallel universe was so close to his own that most concepts were exactly the same. That includes Magecraft and Magi. Other than specific characters, the universe was exactly the same. It was on his birthday, June 21, that he met a girl from Europe. Recently "opened" to the supernatural, he witnessed her fighting with her Servant against another partnership. He knew it was Nursery Rhyme, the Caster of Fate/Extra, but in a form similar to this older female. He also witnessed the death of both Masters and Servants. The last to die was the girl he had met. Walking towards her, he knelt to the ground. She smiled at him, "You saw it, didn't you?" He nodded and reached out his hand. She knew what he wanted and gave it to him. Calan watched her life fade away, took a moment of silence, and looked at the item in his hand. With the Perpetual Engine - Bachelor Empire, Calan created his own servant - Dreamer (sub-class of Caster).


True Name: Unknown

Class: Dreamer (Caster sub-class)

Apparent Age: 25

Gender: Male


High-Speed Divine Words (Rank A)

Since he is a personification of dreams, like Nursery Rhyme, he follows different rules than normal Servants. For example, he doesn't need magic circuits, as long as he states a command prompt (incantation) high level attacks can be used while low level ones simply are more powerful if stated.

Pioneer of the Stars (Rank EX)

Dream=Reality. As a Dreamer, he can put into reality that which "isn't real". However, since he has a flaw called "accept reality", only things explained to him by his Master can be realized.

Expert of Many Specializations (Rank A+)

As long as he knows about something, he can become an expert at it.

Noble Phantasm:

* Name: Dreamscape
* Type: Marble Phantasm
* Rank: A
* What it does: Creates a boundary in a specific area and recreates the area's "reality". This not only changes appearance but all natural laws. .... The Broken Phantasm version of it is called Ragnarok. Instead of the Marble Phantasm itself exploding, the Natural Laws which govern it are destroyed, recreating the Marble Phantasm into a realm of complete disharmony. Represents a true End World.

* Name: Kroskyie
* Type: Weapon
* Rank: E~A+++
* What it does: A weapon that is a mixture of a spear and heavy sword, the blade and handle are equal length and the weapon itself is long. It can be used like a spear and a sword. When one's hand grips it, their "true potential" takes the form of pure power, the sheer force of it can make the very earth float into the air after being torn apart.

Appearance: Medium-length hair, straight, brown. Caucasian. Wears a black undershirt and torn red overshirt with the crossed-scythes symbol on the back. Belt is a red metal which the belt buckle is a wolf head. Pants are black jeans and boots are red base and black trim.

Personality: Subtle. Does not speak much. "Must accept reality." - must accept things as they are.

Bio: Created by Calan when he used King's Glass Game, his own variant of Queen's Glass Game, Dreamer is simply the personification of Calan's Dreams. Technically, since he is Calan's mindscape, he is also its savior. Thus its Hero.

Calan was in Texas when the girl died. He and Dreamer know about the Grail but Calan has sensed another foreboding force in his own San Antonio. That is where their story begins.

Remember, your characters can be anything from the Nasuverse.
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Re: Fate/Relativity ( role play )

Unread postby solopy567 » April 19th, 2011, 4:57 pm

this belongs in type-moon fanfiction.
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