Fate/Relativity ( role play )

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Fate/Relativity ( role play )

Unread post by ckdragonck » April 19th, 2011, 6:38 am

I don't know if this is allowed (I didn't see any rules against it) so I'm starting this since I can't find one.

The world was said to end in 2012. Well...it did. According to Celtic Mythos, one divine year is about 100 earth years. So in the divine year 2012, the world ended in a flood. Which was actually bits and pieces of the nine worlds forming together in the Cosmic Ocean and ending in Regenesis. It looked like the world was flooded and the water receded but that's what happens when humans try to perceive the miraculous. So Ragnarok ended in the Myan prophecy that the world would end (technically begin again) in water. Now we're supposed to face fire. In hundreds of human years.

But someone is trying to make it happen now. That's what you get when no one stops humanity from becoming too innovative like they did on Atlantis. But we won't complain, it makes it possible for there to be Heroes in a "World Without Heroes". So this guy that wants the world to end created another Fake Grail War in America. Or more so he just created another Grail and Servants came forth from every part of the world with their Masters. He used a Fake Philosopher's Stone to create it so the Grail was more influential than desired. Now everyone is heading to "Hopi Land" because the signal from the Grail is there. They don't have to be Masters or Servants - this thing has been sensed by everyone. The war has already started. Let's begin.

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Calan was in Texas when the girl died. He and Dreamer know about the Grail but Calan has sensed another foreboding force in his own San Antonio. That is where their story begins.

Remember, your characters can be anything from the Nasuverse.

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Re: Fate/Relativity ( role play )

Unread post by solopy567 » April 19th, 2011, 4:57 pm

this belongs in type-moon fanfiction.
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