Fuyuki City. (Nonsense and +18)

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Fuyuki City. (Nonsense and +18)

Unread post by zweiterversuch » January 3rd, 2010, 2:54 am

This fic isn't complete. I just need some sleep.

Btw I think I got the characters right (but not their actions.)


She shivers in the wind like the last leaf of a dying tree.
She wears a red shirt and a black skirt, it is only natural that she will feel cold with that kind of clothing.

"Care for a smoke?"

I offer her the last of my cigarettes hoping it will warm her a little bit. I do it with a smile on my face. I don't want to scare her away.

"I don't smoke you pervert. Quit smiling it gives me the creeps!"

-Well, tell that to your chibi-counterpart, beatch! it is freaking confusing.- I think and put the cigarettes back in my reality marble. For some reason my pants don't have any pockets.

"I didn't come for the party. I have been watching you for days. Your eyes called for me."

The is stiff only for a moment. She looks at me with "this-guy-is-a-freaking-stalker" eyes.

"You are sick. Get out of here, you seem dangerous. And stop that smooth way of talking. It doesn't suit you."

Her words are like jewels charged with magic thrown at my tanned balls.
Really, who the hell is writing this.

"As I said before, I have been after you for quite a..."

"Stalker!! Stalker!! Stal--!"

She hits me with a paper bag and implies aloud I am a stalker. It really gets on my nerves.

F**ck the mood, to the hell with the story. I plunge my sword into her...wait...that sounds dirty. I plunge my excalibur...my mighty piece of steel...a dry squid I stole from the fridge...
why does even that sounds dirty? Kinoko you damn bastard.

I hug her tight before she falls to the ground . She is soft as a recently baked muffin and she has a perfume that brings tears to my eyes.

"It is smells like fried onions..."

God, I should have stabbed her with my sword and not with the squid. I am hungry.

I am by her side until the very end. I will never know what she what running away from. I will never know if she even was running away from something.

She has sunk into a deep sleep thanks to my squid. What do you expect? IT is a magical one.

The only think I know is that I will sell her panties in the morning.
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Fuyuki city.

If you turn on the right corner and go into the right back alley of Fuyuki city, there is almost nothing you can't find.

I open my place up and make myself ready for business.Ten little wood boxes are behind my back. Each one of them has the name and picture of a different girl. Of course each box is well separated from the other, I don't want the scents to mix with one another.
I am well known for the quality of my stuff and I want to keep that reputation, even though it is some times very tiresome to do so.


I stare at my client, who stands at the entrance of "my place", breathing hard as if wanting to make me clear that he is in need of something. His golden armor doesn't really match the pitiful appearance he has now.

"I salute you king of heroes. Blue glass moon..."

"I am not in the mood for passwords now, Faker. Here is the money, now take it out already!"

He puts a bag full of money on top of the wooden crate I use as desk. The crate is old so it squeaks under the weight of the bag.
Despite this I still ask for more.

"You know, things have been quite bad lately so I had to rise some of my prices..."

"You want more, mongrel! You could buy a whole country with the treasures inside that bag!"

He slams the crate with all his might and it is reduced to smithereens. He tries to intimidate me but the more he does that, the more I know that I am at advantage here.

"O-OK, mongrel, you won. I will bring you another bag tomorrow. Just let me find more treasure. Now, give it to me."

His attitude changes and he acts like a friend now but this is what I like about addicts. No matter what you do with them, you won't feel bad about it.

"Then, I will give it to you tomorrow."

"Oh, come on!"

He puts his hand in his reality marble and starts to look for something in it. But he finds nothing that could be of more value than what is already inside the bag.
A nervous smile appear upon his face and he says:

"Th-then take this. Take my gauntlet. It is solid gold. That should be enough."

He puts the gauntlet on the floor since the crate is now broken. But I still refuse to give it to him.

"Come on, man! I need it!"

He scratches his arm frantically and starts talking nonsense.

This time I could have played around too much.

"Hey, Gilgamesh calm d--!"

"I'll suck on it!"

"Say what?"

I am astonished.

"I said I will suck on your ice cream."


To tell the truth this stand wasn't supposed to be a meeting point for perverts but a ice cream selling stand, so to hear that he will be willing to eat it makes me somehow happy.

"What flavor do you have."

"Cherry. How many balls?"

"Give me one."

"...only one?"

"OK, make it two then!"

I give him to a cup with two ice cream balls. He eats it as if he were gulping down sand.

"How is it?"
I ask.

"It is warm."

Really, what the hell is wrong with my ice cream.

When he is finished eating I pass him one of the boxes.
He reads the note on top of it.
Inside the box actually there is nothing more than a couple of worn white panties with nothing more than little red ribbon as decoration but for him it looks like mankind's greatest treasure.
Every joint of his hands makes a cracking sound while he takes the panties in his hands and sniffs on them without caring if I see him or not.
He first kneels down and sinks his face into the panties and it looks almost like he has turned into a ball.
Thirty almost 40 seconds long he stays that way. For some reason it reminds me of some kind of ritual. Slowly he lifts his head up with the panties under his nose and takes a deep, deep breath.
He puts too much strength in his hands. The panties look as if they were about to rip.
The inhalation continues as well as the cracking sounds his body makes as he tenses more and more every muscle of it.
He is looking so much up that he is about to turn into a rainbow with his forehead touching the asphalt. The tension reaches it's peak and with one last crack he loses all the strength in his limbs and falls to the floor while he exhales as if he was getting rid of every impure air that might be in him.
Getting rid of those impurities might be the reason why, when he returns from that trance he was in after sniffing on Saber's underwear, he is the Gil everybody hates and loves, the real deal, somebody it is better not to mess with.

After the first time I saw him in that state some months ago when I started this shady stand, I would have stopped right away if I didn't knew there there was a fools proof way to make him hold back and turn him into that beatable version of himself.

"Gilgamesh, I am thinking about buying Saber something special to wear but I don't know what to. Do you have anything in mind?"

That phrase always works on him. The anticipation turns him into that pitiful creature I saw this morning.
The only thing that can beat Gilgamesh is himself. Be it his pride or his way of looking down on others, it is always something inside him that makes him go down. That is what I learned when I was fighting him.

"Mongrel, I heard you like mudkips."


"Oh, sorry, sorry. My mistake."

His voice is calm.
He takes out of Babylon's gate a desk made of the best wood I have ever gazed upon in my whole life. On top of it he sits and resumes his talk.

"Have you heard about the ones that can be untied on both sides? The new ones, those that are now so popular among the girls. Those would surely suit her.
But well, it is only an advice, mongrel. You are the one to choose. I just want to ask you to choose wisely."

He walks away full of pride.
People have already started to go out to work and live their daily lives, so moving around with his golden armor is out of question. As usual he wears a white shirt under a black jacket and black pants as well as black shoes. He is about to put the panties inside his pocket but after some thinking he throws them away.
I go to take care of them as usual.

Stretched to the max they lie there. They have only been sniffed and stretched out but for me they look worse than that. They have been robbed of what I like to call since I started this business "The soul of the panties".

"I sacrifice a pantie in order to buy her another one.

An old pantie dies a new pantie is bought. A fair trade."

I calm down myself with those words, go to a near window and knock a few times. From inside a familiar voice answers he will open soon. Lancer is already on shift.

"Yo, kid! What is up.
Oh! that is some nice desk you have there.
You want something?"

A head full of blue hair popes out of the window and greets me.
This guy is called Lancer and works part time at the pub I open my stand next to. He and the owner are very good clients of mine but also would prefer I didn't do this kind of thing so close to them.

"A burial."

I reply as a joke and he laughs.

"Goldy boy, was here, huh?

Wait, I will get it right now."

He is away for a few instants but when he comes back he holds in his hands rum, the best in the whole store, and two small glasses.
I suppose he is already done with preparations and wants to chat a little bit before opening up.

"So, should I sing something? "Brave Scotland" maybe?"

"Ha ha! They are just panties. Pour some rum on them and put them on fire. That should be enough. Besides a song called "Brave Scotland" doesn't exist."

We both laugh, even though we know that already the fact of burning panties and calling it a "burial" is already way too much.

"I really am to prevent Gilgamesh from getting his hands on Saber. I am sure that she would end up like her panties after being with Gilgamesh and I am also sure that I wouldn't be able to free her out of her misery like I do with them right now. I need to protect her."

"You talk about protecting her while you sell her panties to perverts at the level of gods?"

I can't answer anything besides...


"Honest, aren't we?"

-This is no Unlimited Blade Works.- I think to myself

We keep silent until some voices come from inside the pub.

"Oh! There are already clients there. See you later boy."

Lancer hurries back inside and takes the order. Apparently the client doesn't just only want to drink but he also wants some snacks.

"Hey, Lancer! if you are free after that come back here. I got some new stuff from the last shipment."

"Pfff! "Shipment" don't you just steal them?"

I smile and answer he shouldn't sweat about the small stuff.

"Oh! Is white-kun already there, Lancer? I will go and take a look on the goods."

"Just don't sniff on every one of them. I will have some too later"

"So, white-kun, let's see what you have got."

"White-kun" is the name some of the people, that visit this pub, call me. "White" means "Shiro" in Japanese. It isn't quite right but it is similar to my name. Only an "u" is missing.

Before it is time to go to school there have been already 3 clients and one potential client.
I really don't know why I do this, I just know I can't stop doing it.
The underwear of the girls that trust me the most are being sniffed by old perverts and geeks and Gilgamesh but I don't even think of not doing it anymore.

"Isn't it because you want the panties he possesses? "

Lancer talks.

"If I remember correctly it started because I used the nun's panties, that she had given me when she was trying to make me look like a fool pervert, to wipe my forehead after a hard day of work.
After that we all, you, the old man, Archer, Assassin, Gilgamesh, me and even Berserker started talking about it.
"What are your favorite kind of panties?" was the question wasn't it?"
then I said I liked striped ones, you said you liked ones with pictures on them and Gil said he only liked saber's."

"Yeah...after that it all went wrong."


I am surprised that Lancer still remember that day. Yeah, I am surprised by that and by seeing somebody sniffing panties that way. I had never seen panties being sniffed so casually before.
Lancer talks and makes a pause to sniff some. Sometimes Rider's sometimes Bazett's. He is apparently into purple haired girls.
The talk would have continued if we hadn't not been interrupted by the sound of a pub client on the door.

"There they are again. Well, kid see you....woaaaah!"

The sound of falling bottles and cups breaks the peaceful atmosphere we had. Lancer is on the floor unharmed, but also unable to tell left from right. Submerged in memories he sniffed too much without realizing it.

"Oh my god, Lancer! you alright!? I thought you could handle that much, what happened?"

"I just got distracted. No worries kid."

"what are you talking about!? wait, I will close here and help you."

I pack everything back together and am ready to go help Lancer but a voice behind my back doesn't let me.

"Are you going already, Emiya? or should I call you white-kun? What a bad luck, finally was I in the mood of trading my master panties."

The voice belongs to the guy I hate the most, servant Archer, the holder of the Tohsaka panties, one of the panties I have been after since the start and maybe the reason why I haven't stopped trading panties since then.

-But what about lancer?-
Yeah? what about him I need to help him. He is like that because of me.

"Come on, kiddo, start trading. This is nothing for a man of the "brave Scotland"."

The blue haired head is there again. I could tell he wasn't quite right since he got the song's name wrong again but I was at least able to relax a little bit.

"So, Emiya. Let's see what you have today."

He says and crosses his arms waiting for the first offer.
I decide to start with something soft.
I...open the first box.


I scream and take out of the box Taiga-nee's panties but things don't go as planed. Archer doesn't seem to be interested into women of his age.

"I am going home."

Archer replies.

I really didn't count with that.

"Wait, what do you mean you are going home!? you don't like them or what?"

He is already away going out of the alley but he turns back. From under his arm he takes a wooden box with "Tohsaka" written on it. I must admit that it s a unexpected coincidence that we use the same method to store panties.

"Tell me Emiya, do you know what the Tohsaka panties really are? "

"well... the Tohsaka panties are Tohsaka's panties, aren't they?"

My answer is a really stupid one but also not wrong.

"Yes. But kid they have also a secret.
Body fluids are in the field Magic very important, kid.
Blood, saliva, semen are maybe the most used but it doesn't mean they are the only ones.
Sweat, kid. Sweat is also used in magic. And kid do you know that Rin, whenever she is training also sweats a lot?"

Archer's explanation takes me by surprise.
With every sentence Rin's panties' worth seem to rise to the unreachable. If blood, saliva and semen aren't also the only body fluids used in magic; sweat also...then it would mean that...that

"Yes, Emiya. Those panties don't just only posses a concentrated and sweet scent but also are
The clock tower calls them "the jeweled panties of magical death, kiddo!
These panties are at least at Saber's training panties level!"

I fall down on my knees. After having sex with Rin I have many times been near such an item but I was never able to have them in my hands since she would crack my nuts.
isn't it a little bit too much calling them "the jeweled panties of magical death"?

"Boy, you don't seem to fully understand. Call it a coincidence but all Tohsaka related is like a jewel.
The sweat, result of her training, gets in the pantie and it is also dried up by the unusual high body temperature. In other words, it concentrates and as a result it
get harder than usual panties do.
This resembles the way jewels are created in the depths of earth, don't you think?
since you have to soft them up with steam in order to enjoy them, I could say they also resemble a tea bag."

His comparison is somehow gross but it also makes sense. I have nothing to offer him that could match their value. Maybe Sabers but those are already burned.

I give up. For the first time in years.

Lancer closes the window saying he has better things to do.
The sight of a loser must have made him sick.

Meanwhile Archer is nowhere to be seen.

"Came only to make me look bad and went away once his mission is accomplished without a word and full of satisfaction."

Damn, he is good at doing his job.

I go to my home in old town with so lower spirits I could even say I crawl to it.
Some other clients show up on my way home but I wave my hand before my face and tell them I am not opening today.
They smile and try to convince me of selling them some of my goods and when I still refuse to do so, they get violent and start to curse me.
One of them even tries to stab me with a screwdriver. It is a young guy with brown hair and glasses.

I don't really know the guy but I decide to kick between his legs as hard as I can. That is getting a little bit too personal for me but I really want to deal with him fast.

Just when I was about to kick the guy goes flying against the wall. I put the few boxes I have left after this morning sale inside my bag and since there isn't enough place in there due to Gilgamesh bag of gold, I have to leave one out.
"Everything all right, Shirou?"

"Yeah. You came right on time, Rider."

"It is dangerous to be on the streets, come on, I will bring you home."

she says and pats the back of her bike.

"By the way, Shirou, what is in the box?"

"An atomic bomb."

I answer.
Rider sees me as if she has not really understood the meaning of my words but doesn't bother any further with it and hurries me up to get on the bike.

The breeze against my cheeks is cold and the sky is red as blood. We, me and Rider talk from time to time about the scenery, the city or why am I so heavy. But the chit-chat isn't long and again we ride in silence.

By the time we arrive home it is already dark and from the kitchen comes out the smell of warm food.

"Thanks, Rider."

"It was nothing. We could have been sooner here if we had not stopped for shopping. Really, why did you buy those for?"

I tell her it is a secret and we both go inside the house.

Things are a little bit unfair today at the Emiya household. Seven girls eat with me a meal even the kings of the old times wouldn't dream to eat. Thanks to Gilgamesh "sponsorship" there has been no day when we haven't eaten the finest of finest. But that is not what is unfair about this meal. The fact that they are eating together with a scumbag like me is it. They even smile at me and want me to eat seconds. I should tell them I am full, that I can't get a single piece more down my throat, even though it isn't the case and go to my room to think a little bit about what I am doing to those girls, those angels.
But I won't.
I get my fill and drink some juice after I am finished.
The girls are all watching TV and let me wash the dishes in peace. Something rather odd but not bad.

"Woah! Shirou, your bag...do you have stones in there?"

Sakura asks while she tries to lift my bag from the floor. Some other girls have come to see if what Sakura says is indeed true or not, that my bag is as heavy as if I would carry stones in it.

"Wow! wait, wait, girls!

I run out of the kitchen and take my bag. Luckily they haven't taken a peek inside, so my dark secret isn't exposed and I am still alive.
Now is the time for an evasion Maneuver.

" I was hoping to give it to you later but...Here, for you."

From inside the bag I get a red package with a golden ribbon and hand it over to Sakura, who blushes a lightly.

When she takes it I turn my back and make sure to close my bag and put it in a place where nobody finds.

"I bought it thinking of you, Sakura. But you aren't supposed to open it now since it is somehow..."

When I look again at the girls all their faces are red. Even Caren, the perverted nun finds it a little bit too daring.
From Sakura's head steam seems to come out. I guess everything went just as planned.

"S-s-Shirou...wha-what is this?"

Her voice shivers just like her hands holding the erotic gift.

I go to her whisper to her ear my final blow.

"Men give presents to the women they love, not because they want to see them wearing it but because they want to take it off."

Sakura reaches her limit and runs out of the room. I am pretty sure the girls didn't hear that last phrase but they all are as red as tomatoes.

I am really getting better at doing this. That is no good.

The clock shows 10:00 PM. Just two hours before the day ends. For me and Sakura it is just beginning though.
At the door of my room, in front of me she stands wearing the lingerie I got her.

"That is something I won't ever give to anybody else. That is for sure."


Sakura might think I was trying to compliment her but that is only the half of it.
To never hand over Sakura, neither her, nor anything that belongs to her is truth.
She is mine as much as I am hers. Although my mind might be on some other girls some times, those fantasies won't ever make me betray her.
I am sure that if she ever tells me to stop dealing with panties, even if it is by mistake, if she just happens to end one of my thoughts about that perverted world I am to my neck sunk into, with a "stop" or a "no" I will do it and even more.

"The goddess."

I take her arm and bring her to our the futon. While kissing we both go down and take position. It is a long kiss. A very innocent one.
Our mouths are closed and our lips are only touching each other without any kind of movement. We only press our mouths together and taste the warmth of the air coming out of our noses. A warmth that is only the prelude of the flames of hell on earth.

While kissing I regret I couldn't give her my virginity. I regret that I had to go through Saber and Rin's arc to get to her. I am fully aware of how hurting those words are but at the moment I don't care. I am drunk of desire and lust. If somebody were to come right now, I would hurt him. There is no doubt about that.

The kiss stops and we stare at each other. Our cheeks are flushing red and or looks aren't focused.
We giggle like idiots, like youngsters that have kissed for the first time.

"Sakura, I love you."

"Yeah, me too, Shirou."

Those are the last words "Shirou" will say to "Sakura" tonight. If they meet again, it will only be afterward, when their longing for one another is stilled.

I begin to lower my head and search for her neck. I tremble out of fear of what might happen if I don't get myself under control.
Softly I bite her on the lower right side of her neck. I breath deeply without letting go.
Somebody says it doesn't like it.
But the fingers on my back tell me to keep going, tell me not to hear at the lying voice.
"She is only afraid to lose her mind"
They seem to tell me.

I lick her and bite another spot. I repeat it this procedure as many times it takes to make her realize that she is about to be eaten but that she is not to be afraid of it.

"It will feel good."

That is the meaning of my teasing bites.
My mouth goes lower and lower, to parts where mouths have really nothing to look for but where there isn't bad to go either.
A hand stops me from going any further a lot of times. When I rise my head I see some kind of eyes behind some hair. They stare at me while a head moves from side to side.

"No, no!"

They tell me.
But lower my head again and keep biting.

The hand then grabs my hair. It doesn't hurt...yet, but it will if I keep going down.
I ignore it. It doesn't have the guts to do so.
As predicted it lets go and the body I bit trembles in everything but in fear.

Whatever I am biting on is happy. Full of joy of such a marvelous act of such a well told lie and is now enjoying in secret, all by itself the public ovation or the sweet it stoled.

Finally I reach my destination. Between it's legs I found paradise.
I close my mouth and inhale.
Her body jerks surprised by such an action. A pillow hits me and the spell is broken.


She whispers.
Sakura's face must be red and surely there are tears on her eyes.
But I don't want to stop right now.
I want to go on.

I rub my nose on it.
Steady the hitting stops and instead a loud exhalation starts to fill the room with the scent of her breath. There is no sound, at least not a loud one.
Like in a gas chamber.

The joins in my body crack.
And it pains me to admit that I somehow understand Gilgamesh.

I hate how much I resemble those two Archers.

Sakura then turns back to it. And it starts to close her legs trying to keep my head on that spot. That is my victory.
But then a hand reaches for my head and pets it.
It is my loss.

As the servant I am I lick.

The clock shows 00:00 AM.
I am still awake. Sakura on the contrary sleeps soundly.
I watch her...for a long, long time.

After we were finished we giggled again, covered of sweat and sticky all over.
We kissed each other on the cheeks, the forehead. We rubbed our noses and made weirds sounds like animals do when they are happy.
Sakura even purred once for a short time before she, ashamed, stopped.

Now I stare at her. Wondering whether I should start to collect tomorrow's good from the girls.

"I will be right back." I say and kiss her on the forehead.

I go from room to room collecting the panties. Bazett's, Caren's, Taiga's, Saber's and for the very end Rider's.
Today it really hurt me to get hers.

I would have got Rin's and Illya's also but since Archer and Berserker are bound to be near, the Guardians of the Tohsaka's and Einzbern's panties, I couldn't.

When I go back to our room, mine and Sakura's there is somebody standing there.

"It this how you repay me? No. Forget about me. Is this how you repay her?"

Her voice is cold like ice and her eyes are fixed on mine like the eagles are fixed on it's pray before killing.

"Yo, Rider. couldn't sleep?"
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Re: Fuyuki City. (Nonsense and +18)

Unread post by zweiterversuch » January 6th, 2010, 4:53 am

Chapter 2.

day two - Morning-


The day starts. It is Sunday.
No school, no work and of course, "I" am not opening my little stand. But perverts know no holidays.
Hearing the morning news we, me and Sakura cuddle
a lot.
We do it in front of the girls, in the kitchen, when we have finished eating our breakfast and when we are ready to start making lunch.
We do whatever comes to our minds that a couple in the middle of the day with 5 people as their public can do:

Kissing, hugging, rubbing, licking, flirting, fighting reconciling. We did everything until Sakura got bored of it for the day and joined and the girls, that since hours had been telling us embarrassed to stop. Some of them did it, like Bazzett nodding as if encouraging herself, and other troubled like Saber or Rin, some of them even yawing and asking us to do more, like Caren.
But I am just way to happy. If Sakura didn't want to stop I would have continued and done a little more, just as Caren asked to.

It was troublesome at first, I was totally screwed. My secret had been found out and the one responsible was telling me she wouldn't keep it to herself.
I saw myself alone, dying in the same back alley I had been selling the panties, with the girls I betrayed making sure that me leaving my earthly self wouldn't be a fast and painless experience but worthy of being recorded in the bloodiest pages of human history.

"Girls, do you happen to know where Rider is?"

But on the contrary I got myself an accomplice.

"Shirou, do you know?"

"She went out early today. It seemed she had something to do. Something very important."

Rin asked, so I don't lie, she can tell if I am lying or not. I just don't tell the whole truth.

I sit on the veranda and remember, I am sure I smile as I do, how yesterday I was saved from falling in hell by a mistake of the same person, who was supposed to escort me there.

After I asked her if she couldn't sleep. A few instants later when she told me she would tell on me and by it send me to the worst of all hells, I remember I didn't apologize. No, I asked her to let me explain but not there, in front of Sakura's room and mine but to do it somewhere where I could really talk without fearing losing what is of most value for me than myself.

I asked and she accepted.

"I will go get my coat."

She said. She got a hers and brought me mine.

"It is getting cold, isn't it."

At that time I had the need to cry.
An angel? pfff! I laugh at those words! She was no angel.
She was more, much more than that but unfortunately there is no word to describe a being which is able to care for damned pig that had played with the trust of the people he cared the most.

The park was deserted when we arrived. Perfect also to discuss what we came to. No, perfect to confess.
She sat on top a swing and heard me out.
One by one my sins came out of my mouth slowly, making sure that I repented and just to be torture me, stayed a little bit longer in the echo of the night.
She didn't say a word. She didn't talk. Not even when I started to talk about my clients, her fans and the dangers Gilgamesh's addiction.
She let no sound come out until the very end.

To finish my confession I knelt before her and asked for forgiveness as if it were god himself I was talking to.

Come to think of it, it sure was a coincidence that she started to talk like him.

"Shirou, when a hero or something like me turns into a servant, we are no longer tied to time. We are beings outside the human realm but we also are still in contact with it somehow. I once heard in a church somebody talking about what a death sin is."

She really got into her role.

"Shirou, a death sin is a sin that is committed even though the person, who does it, knows it is wrong to do so. I also agree with that. That is true evil.
But your repent is true, Shirou. I am sure it will be a good start to pay for your sin by telling the other girls about it."

Then she stood up and carried away came closer to me and put her hand on my head.

I remember reading once that Medusa was one of the gorgons, sisters that were daughters of mighty sea deities, daughters of gods!
But by any means near to one.

Like the priests of a certain religion find their doom when they think that they are to look down on others and they believe that a thing such as defeat or perdition has forever been banished from their lives, like those did one of the sisters believe and let a human got too close to her. Ironically he killed her.

So why,Rider? why did you do the same mistake twice?

From Rider's hand I smell something I know. The same scent I carry within my boxes is on her hand, but this smell is a lot fresher.
I take her hand and she surprised goes stiff for a moment.

"Rider, come to think of it, what were you doing awake at such hour near our room? Moreover wearing the same clothes you had when we ate dinner.?"

After I finished my question and in those moments when she was thinking of a way to avoid answering I sniffed her hand loud and that she could see it. That way I left her no way to escape.

"You were watching us!"

I jumped and she went stiff again.


"You watched!"


"You did! You did!"

"No! no!"

We contradicted each other like little kids.

"What would she think...!"

"It was a mistake!"

But she dug her own grave faster than I thought she would.
Her legs lost their strength and she fell right to my feet. I didn't let that opportunity go.

"Rider, you pervert.
You voyeur.
I don't mind that you do it inside the house, hell, I did it many times when I was alone, Rider, I understand. The problem is that you masturbated at us and...orgasmed when doing it. "

I sniffed her hand again. This time louder than before.

" I must congratulate you, I didn't notice it at all. Possibly you have done it before, peeping I mean."

"No...I am not like that."

She answered with the sweetest voice I have ever heard coming out of her.
Rider, she was sorry.
Oh Rider, Rider!!

I would have let it go otherwise, really, I swear it. But I couldn't.
I noticed yesterday that there was also another reason for me keeping my erotic business. I had begun to understand a power I didn't know I had and now Rider was a victim of that power.

I continued torturing her mind, leading her to were I wanted to. I continued learning how to use my power but I suppose I was too greedy.

"Shirou, what are you doing? I thought you wanted to repent."

It hit me like a ball at the balls. The truth behind it all did, I mean.

It was too late for me to get myself out of it and Rider, who tried to save me had begun to sink also.

I left it to lady luck.

"Rider, you are right. I am sorry. Let us go back home. We will tell everybody the truth, it might costs us more than our lives but at least we will be free."

Then it all depended on her. Whether we sunk or looked up the sky again full of human pride.

"It would be bad."

We then sunk. And we did it to the depths of hell itself or deeper.

"Gilgamesh is an addict, isn't he? It would be bad to just suddenly stop it."

First the excuses...

"I think we should think of a better solution"

then the escape ways...

"Shirou, let's make a truce"

and at the end she is one of us.
By the power of Gray-skull, She has the power.
She came to the dark side of the force, Luke.

"Let us go home then. There are preparations to be made."

I shouldn't have bet to somebody with a luck stat of E.

I gave her the boxes and told her what to do, I explained to her how to torture Gilgamesh and how to tame him. I gave her a new load of ice just in case he wants again.

Rider left at 6:00 AM this house and now I am waiting for her return.

I got a burden from my shoulders and put it on somebody else's.
I couldn't be happier, I won't be going down alone.
There are now two of us.

"Ah, Rider! where have you been?"

"I wanted to pick up something."

"I see" that what Sakura says.

Rider sits next to me and I ask her how it went, what he said.

"He said it was warm."

I ask her what the hell is wrong with my ice cream.
At that time the clock shows 12:00 PM.
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