A Dream of Seven Nights, Fading Moonlight (Tsuki/Rakkyo)

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Awesome. Roa doesn't get enough love.

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Down A Lonely Path

Part 3

"I'm quite surprised, Tohno-kun. Everywhere you go, girls seem to flock to you like flies to a pile of trash. Oh, you better warn your companions against any moves that might surprise me. I might accidentally twist your head off..." Roa's voice seems to merge with that of Ciel-sempai.

"Wa..why..." I struggle to speak as she stared down Kirara and Ryōgi-san.

"Why am I here? I've been asking the same question upon awakening into this world myself. And don't ask me why I'm in this useless shell of a church executioner. I mean, what's the use of a body that seems to reject my every wish? But..."

She gives Ryōgi-san a glance, pulls me closer and starts to lick my neck up to my left ear. The hatred in Ryōgi-san's stare as she watched was palpable.

"Ahhh... that almost made me... Umm... It's so strange, Tohno-kun, that this body would resist feeding yet would willingly let me do this to you..." This Roa/Ciel creature in front of me gave me an almost innocent look.

I felt Ryōgi-san slowly inching her hand towards one of the throwing knives my father gave her when we left my place. I know that she is seconds away from launching an attack that would definitely kill this monster before me. But the real monster was inside sempai. If Ryōgi-san acts, I'm definitely sure that I would lose Ciel-sempai.

"I know you won't do anything to harm me sempai." I simply gazed into her eyes. I know she's still inside this thing that is holding me by my neck. And not only that. It feels like that Roa himself is not really after my blood.

She gently lets go of me. It feels like that this person before me is nothing more than a frightened child, lashing out against the world after being left in a dark forest trail.

"Kill me Tohno-kun..." She whispered softly.

"You know I can't do that."

"I'm a monster... a murderer..."

"You are not like that, sempai."

"Roa is inside of me. I'm not the same sempai you knew before..."

"You're lying..."


"Because you're crying right now. And you've been crying when you first arrived here. Your eyes are red not from the bloodlust you claim to have but from the guilt that's been haunting you when you started killing." I gently wiped away the tears that streamed down her cheeks.

"Whatever force that sent you to this place it filled you with emptiness and loneliness. I'm not really sure, but the Roa inside of you is not the one at fault..."

"Kid... how did you???"

"Those you killed were either criminals or were felons fleeing from some crime. The woman you fed on the other night was actually a cross dressing guy who robbed a convenience store a block away. It means that the executioner still had control." Kirara puffed out her chest proudly. "Don't underestimate the Nanaya intelligence gathering network."

"And why did the Nanaya Intelligence Gathering Network neglected to tell us of that minor detail?" Ryōgi-san glared at Kirara.

"Well...uh...umm... Nyoron?" Kirara sheepishly scratched the back of her head.

"Even so..."

"Death really changes someone."

"I guess you're right. It affords clarity that one cannot understand when one is alive for several lifetimes."

Roa/Ciel smiled and wiped the tears off her face as she turned to me.

"I want to go back home, Tohno-kun."

"And I want to go back to my endless sleep."

"I'll see what I can do. I can't let you walk down this lonely path anymore..." I smiled, knowing that Ciel-sempai has her smile back.

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INTERMISSION: Little Sister I have always wondered what kind of person my nii-sama would be like when I finally meet him again, after all these years. I've only met him once, when the Nanayas took me in, after that incident so long ago. Even though by blood our families where enemies but it was not them that almost killed us off. It was one of the monstrosities my beloved father freed that brought the end to my family and it was the Patriarch of the Nanaya clan that saved me.

"Kiriya-sama, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am not even sure if I could even repay the debt that I owe you and your family..." I bowed low before the man who treated me as his own daughter for so many years.

"Ah, don't worry about it. And what's with this -sama stuff? You've always been so formal and like that to me for a long time. We are family here, my dear." He gives me a gentle pat on the head, like a father admonishing a daughter who had done some mischief that could easily be forgiven.

"Ah, it seems that they've manage to solve the problem that was plaguing the abandoned factory district. Well, that's my son for you." Kiriya-sama smiled proudly at the mention of nii-sama's exploit.

I could hear voices coming closer. And amongst them I could definitely hear nii-sama's gentle voice.

At last, I can see my beloved nii-sama again. After so many years. I can finally see him, touch him, hug him...

The shoji panel slid open.

"Nii-sama!" and with that I lauched myself against him and threw my arms around him.


After settling Ciel in one of the rooms of the mansion (it seemed that she was so exhausted that she fell asleep as soon as she laid down one of the futons) I made my way to the room that was kinda like our unofficial meeting place. However, as soon as I opened one of the panels a strange girl came up and wrapped herself around me.

"Um, dad. Can you tell me what's happening? " I turned towards my old man who seems to be suppressing his laughter.

"Well, I was hoping of bringing her after your wedding but she insisted on seeing her nii-sama so..."

"Wait..wait a moment. I have a sister? But I thought I was an only..."

"You're kinda correct at that point." My dad is averting his gaze for some reason. "She's not really blood related to you at all. More like we adopted her many years ago after a certain incident took away her family."

I kinda remember an incident like that from where I came from.

"Wa...from another family? Don't tell me, she's from the To..."

"Ah yes, it was kinda interesting back then. She shares the same name as you."


"Her name is SHIKI. Well actually...."

I suddenly remember something horrifying.

The real Tohno SHIKI was a guy...

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Pffft. This is great. Loving it man, keep it up.

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that made me LOL'ed..HARD..way to go, not only turning the tables around for SHIKI, but made him to a her..ahahaha..somehow i though it would be akiha but...wow.. :) keep it up i guess..lol

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Re: A Dream of Seven Nights, Fading Moonlight (Tsuki/Rakkyo)

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Bloody Crimson Red Butterfly

Part 1

"Uh.... Get off me...umm... Len..."

Something seems to be pressing down on me. I'm not quite sure what happened but after I came home from last night, something happened and I went to my futon to sleep it off...

An arm came out of nowhere and I felt something warm press against my arm. The sweet, gentle scent of jasmine danced just beyond my senses.


"SHIKI???" The thought of him sleeping beside me suddenly woke me from my confusion.

"Nii-sama, that was sooo mean getting up like that. I so wanted to see you for a long time. If I haven't been staying at the Asagami Residence to train my abilities we would have seen each other a lot... Big meanie." She.. HE... pouted as she pulled part of my sheets to cover her..HIS body.

For one thing I wouldn't have recognized SHIKI. The person before me is as different as a butterfly to a caterpillar. Long, black waist length hair and a face that somehow reminds me of Akiha, with only the liquid crimson eyes marking her, him different. She (ah, I better start using the feminine form, it's getting annoying shifting my thoughts about SHIKI's gender 'coz I've already been doing that with Ryōgi-san) wore a simple robe that somehow reminded me of my own.

"And what are you ding in my room? Any self respecting lady wouldn't go intruding upon her brother's room."

"Ah! You called me a lady... Nii-san." SHIKI blushed.

"GAH! Please leave before Ryōgi-san, Kirara or Ciel sempai comes here!"

"And why is that Tohno-kun?"

"They might misunderstand something Ciel sempai!!!"

"And what is that Shiki-sama?"

"That I have a thing for my sibling, Kirara!"

"But you are not really siblings, Shiki-kun."

"I know that Ryōgi-san!"

"So what's the problem my boy?"

"The problem is that they might think I have something for guys! Are you stupid as well as perverted you old man!"


"Uh, how long where you guys in my room?" I turned to Kirara.

"We were planing of having a late breakfast together with you Shiki-sama."



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Re: A Dream of Seven Nights, Fading Moonlight (Tsuki/Rakkyo)

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And so I must say you got me wanting to read this now. Keep up the good work on the story my friend.
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