Kohaku. (this one is pretty weird)

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Kohaku. (this one is pretty weird)

Unread post by zweiterversuch » February 16th, 2009, 4:56 am

If somebody asks, must I say that on that day, I, tohno Shiki, didn't feel anz kind of change in my life. At least any that could mean something to me. That was weird. I should have noticed already by then.
On that day M... XXth of 19XX, due to some stuff, had I to leave the house, where I the last eight years of my life spent, and move into the house on top of the hill near the town, into my little sister's mansion. On the way to school I didn' meet or talk to anybody I wanted specificaly meet or talk to, I saw the buildings I had to see and thought seriously about small things in order to hold on the important ones. Already in the school, the repeating sound of hammer on wood, apparently coming from the back of the school building attracted my attention but it wasn't enough to make me come late to homeroom, what I later didn't appreciate.
When the bell for the third time rang, I was already inside my designated room surprised that Inui Arihiko, some kind of friend of my, was already in there.
"Yo Tohno!"
his characteristical greeting
"what are you doing here?"
my just as characteristical answer.
Arihiko wasn't the kind of person who would sacrifice any time of sleep in order to come eartly to school so it was a very weird event. What his reason was to do this was something I couldn't care less but what I had to ask in order to continue. There is something called courtesy.
Our talk kept being of the same kind and wasn't interrupted by anything besides the rather often gaze of a brown-haired girl, I knew as "Yumizuka".
If what my..."friend" said as we..."spoke" was truth, I had to be carefull whenever I walked late in the night since a dracula-wannabee had been terrorising the streets of misaki town since weeks, what I did thought was very strange, since I apparently like to watch the news while I eat at night.
Later came the the teacher into the room, talk about something and went.
I was introduced to a girl with glasses called Ciel (surname unknown) and later, after class, "Yumizuka" promoted me to her personal hero, not without before telling me about her birthday and other stuff I won't remember unless it is really necessary.
Our way home, mine and "Yumizuka's" was, from that day on, the same to a certain point, to the intersection just before I had to climb the hill.
After she said good-bye (in a very dramatic way) I head towards my new home.
As I walked my head got filled by thoughts about the tragic accident I had in my childhood, because of which I met the only teacher that taught me something usefull, and because of which my father found a reason to send me to my relatives in order to get rid of me.
It took me 20 or 30 minutes to reach the house. The place was a lot calmer, no, more silent, no, under circumstances more eerie than I thought it was.
Under the setting sun, without any kind of life, stand before me an western mansion, from the kind you see in the horror films, and where nobody except the portagonist makes it out alive before everything else burns down, destroying the evil that resided within.
According to this image blew the wind against my back as if triying to pull me in.
"Wow..."- I said and stepped in.
The Gate, which I didn't had anything to do to, since it was already open when I came, creack behind me as the mansion's door, a beautiful decorated piece of wood opened itself.
"Welcome home Shiki-sama"- said some girl near the door as this opened,- " We have been waiting you"
Behind the door stood a girl as tall as myself, with the pink hair, the amber eyes I never forgot about in the time I was by my relatives but whose bright smile confused me. And just as her I smiled.
"Thank you" I replied and began to look inside my schoolbag for "it".
I had not yet entered the house. But since she already stood before me I didn't think it fit, not to return "it" to her.
5 minutes I spent in front of her and the house without moving only looking for the object I was bound to return if I ever was to set my foot on this house again. Unfortunately this didn't seem to be in the bag.
"Did you lose something , Shiki-sama?"
Yes. I, I can't seem to find "it".

"Well...it could be in one of the boxes inside your room, Shiki-sama. Please come in."
The girl stepped aside making the way into the building free.
I excused myself, took my shoes off, put them on again and did finally as told.
"Is it important?"
"What you you were looking for, Shiki-sama. Is that important?"
Said the girl and chuckled.
"Yes. It was a present."
When the girl heard this changed her facial expression and her smile looked even more artficial than before.
"a...present" she repeated almost to herself as if trying to convince herself of believing.

"A present!?
Brother, you shouldn't have bothered!"
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Unread post by Xanathos » February 16th, 2009, 12:48 pm

Poor Shiki is going to die a painful death. Pretty good.

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Unread post by zweiterversuch » February 16th, 2009, 6:50 pm

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From the second floor of the house a young girl, a little bit shorter than me, called.
Her long black hair and blue eyes resembled the one of my sister but everything else, from the clothes to the personality seemed to have changed.
"Long time no see, Brother. Was that present for me?"
She asked and began to come down with such a elegancy that I didn't doubt she was the lord of this modern castle.
Akiha, my sister, seemed to have changed a lot in those eight years. Instead of the shy and cute girl I unwillingly had to left behind, a selfaware and unbeliavebly beautiful young maiden stood. She wore a white, short-sleeved man's shirt and a red pleated skirt to her ankles.
The white ribbon she used to wear was replaced by a, I would say blue, alice band and the high lanced boots she had made every one of her steps look firmer than they already were.

Surprised I stopped looking for the ribbon and said "hello" to my sister.
Behind my sister a third girl came. This one just like the first girl I met in this house had pink hair and a certain resemblance to her what made me thougth they were somehow related to each other.
The thrid girl had on an english maid's costume and, contrary to her apparently happier counterpart, had blue eyes and didn' even smirk, neither to me, nor to her sister.
"Welcome home, Shiki-sama" - she said and bow.
I just thanked her and felt a little bit embarrassed since I somehow had a different image of her from our childhood together.

"So.Brother. Was the present for me?"
Asked my sister again expectant but in order to avoid any misunderstanding I tried to explain her as clearly I could that the present wasn't for her.
After everything was left clear and the girls for some reason were for some seconds silent Akiha coughed and suggested Hisui, as I later was to refer myself to the pretending deadpanned maid to, to bring me to my room.
We then separated.
Hisui lead me upstairs while Akiha and the girl remained in the first floor and headed to, where I supposed, was the dinningroom.
The room where I was to stay from that day on was the second door in the west wing of the mansion and was remarkable bigger than the one I had in the house I lived before. All my things were already there when I entered so I feel somehow at home and bagan again to search for the the girl's ribbon.

The contents of three boxes, and my bag, what I had brought with me to this house, were already all over the room, when Hisui who patiently waited thirty minutes for an opening to tell me something, told me when the dinner was served.
"Please excuse me, Shiki-sama"
and went to the door but before she could set her hand on the door'd knob I stopped her on her tracks.
"Hisui, could you please call me only Shiki. I don't really like you being so courteous"
The pettition was a small one baut she reacted as very different as I expected her to.
She didn't say anything and tried to excuse herself and leave again but in vain.
Again I asked her and got closer to her but the more I tried to get near her, the more she stepped back as if escaping from a dangerous animal.
Hisui hit the door with her back and without any kind of expression on her face but with a certain degree of fear she excused herself and opened the door but didn't leave the room. At the same time and as if she had ran against a mirror Hisui crashed against the other girl who with her kimono and since she was the one with the less acceleration was thrown against the wall.
Hisui screamed and I asked wheter of not she was alright but to the girl incorporated herself slowly and didn' t answer until Hisui screamed again in panic.
Her sister had hit herself just above her right eye so the wound didn't need to be too deep in order to bleed.
I told Hisui to go and tell Akiha about what just happened and to calm herself while I take her to wash and treat her wounds. Hisui did as I said but I didn't.
The blood that from the wound oozed had soaked part of her hair making it stick to her forehead.
near to her eye like a tear a clean drop of the red liquid had made a path from there to her chin where it dripped and tainted her right shoulder.
But despite her state she didn't stop to smile and tell me it wasn't that bad as it should seem.
Her beauty and the creepiness of the image reminded me of a certain sentence of one of my favorite novels.

"And there! There! In the shadows just as alluring as frightening does he lonely stand. He, the devil."
With a piece of cloth I had in my pocket I stopped the bleeding and we went to the bathroom to wash and treat the wound.
It didn't take to long to get there but the clothe was already red so I asked her to hold it until I find something else.
"It isn't that bad, Shiki-san."
she took the cloth off her skin but suddenly her face turned white.
In her hand lay the ribbon, the one I am sure she gave me when I left this place, covered by crimson.
Both of her hands hid her face and as if trying to prevent her from falling apart due to the laughing her elbows were tight pressed against her ribs.
The hand that hold the ribbon squeezed it strong enough to make some blood come out. and ran down her arm.
Suddenly she ran off and let me alone in the bathroom.
I didn't followed her. It would have been pretty rude, I think.
I washed my hands and went to the dinning room where an angry Akiha waited for me.
Before I sat I told Hisui about her sister's condition so she didn't have to worry anymore.
The dinner was more than cold when I took a piece of it into my mouth. The meat and cooked broccoli that would have taste like heaven as it still was warm, were hard and dry. And all the other food was already unenjoyable.
My sister didn't say a word and just ate.
The great dinner she tought for this day was ruined.
and with a dry "Thank you " she left for her room just like Kohaku, whose name I had just heard from her sister. I didn't go behind her, neither did I go to her room later that night.
I am sure she hadn't thought of that either.

At 01:00 o'clock I still hadn't got to sleep one single hour.
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Unread post by Kid-Wolf » February 16th, 2009, 9:11 pm

So far I have to say that I like where this story is going, so keep up the good work.
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