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Headron's Fate/Stay Night meets Tsukihime (Spoilers)

Posted: February 7th, 2009, 6:16 am
by Headron
I moved this here from the original place i posted it. Here's episode one i'll be doing a new episode once every couple a days or so(life permitting) so i hope you find this intresting. I'll accept all comments on this wether good or bad so don't hold back on any critizism or praise.
Episode One ~A Fateful Ecounter~ Part 1

Shiki: So Akiha were looking for one of our relatives?

Akiha: *nods* Our Family records say he died in a huge fire in this town.

Shiki: Then why are we here if he's dead?

Akiha: Like i said before nii-san we recieved notice that he had survived and was adopted into the Emiya family. Even though he is a distant cousin he is still a part of one of the Tohno Branch families so i need to meet him and see if he can be an asset to the tohno family.

Shiki: Being head of the Tohno family must be tough, but isn't this more like a vaction especially since we brought Hisui and Kohaku?

Hisui: ... Sorry about being a bother Shiki-sama.

Shiki: I didn't say that Hisui, its just feels like were on a family outting instead of going to see a relative.

Kohaku: hehehe. So shiki-sama would rather just go see a relative than have an outting with all of us.

Shiki: Kohaku you know i didn't mean that stop giving Hisui and Akiha the wrong idea.

*After a little more arguing they find themselves in front of the Emiya household*

Shiki: Well i guess were here, i hope someone is hope.

*all of a sudden a loud voice comes from the roof*


Shiki: WHOA!

Hisui: *Hides behind Shiki*


Kohaku: Akiha-sama now is not the time to get angry especially just before were supposed to meet someone!

Akiha: your right kohaku now is not the time to get in a fight but i will teach that guy later who is the mongrel here.

*Front door opens*

Shirou: Ah sorry about that please come in we can talk over some tea.

Akiha: Thank you please lead the way.

*Tea has been served and everyone is sitting around the table*

Shirou: so who are you 4 and what brings you here?

Akiha: I am Tohno Akiha Head of the Tohno family. This is my older brother Tohno Shiki. And these two are our servent Hisui and Kohaku. And now i ask who might you be?

Shirou: ah sorry i'm Emiya Shirou, please call me Shirou.

Akiha: Well Shirou-san we came here to meet you.

Shirou: why me?

Akiha: Because you are a mem-

*Front door opens*

Sakura: Senpai I'm home!

Shirou: ah give me a moment my wife is home.

*walks to the hall talks for a few minutes and returns with sakura*

Shirou: * introduces everyone to sakura*

Sakura: Pleased to meet you i am Emiya Sakura.

Shiki: Pleasure all ours.

Kohaku: Shiki-sama always sweet talking the ladies.

Akiha: *glares at Shiki*

Shiki: Now Kohaku you know i'm not stop trying to get me in trouble.

Sakura: so what brings you 4 to our wonderful home?

Akiha: we came here to see Shirou-san. i was looking through some of our records and it shows tha-

*door to the outside slides open*

Saber: Shirou you late for sword practice.

Shirou: um Saber we have guests. *points over towards the tohno family*

Saber: Oh sorry pleasure to meet you i'm saber.

*introductions are made once again and the conversation continues*

Akiha: like i was saying i was looking through our records and this shows that shirou is par-

*Front door opens once again, and rin walks into the room*

Rin: Shirou i'm home when dinner going to be ready?

Shirou: um Rin before you ask about dinner please introduce your self to our guests.

*Once again introductions are made*

Shiki: Akiha i think you should just get straight to the point this time.

Akiha: Agreed. Shirou you are ou-

*all of a sudden the front door is rushed open than slammed shut, then running is heard from the hall*

Ilya: Nii-san i'm home!!! *Tackle-hugs shirou*

Shirou: Ilya stop embarrassing me in front of our guests.

Ilya: guests? *looks around the room* oh sorry let me introduce myself i'm Illyasviel von Einzbern, please call me Ilya.

*For the fifth time introductions are made*

Akiha: ok shirou straight to the point your our cousin.


*Please note that i'll be working on getting rid of most inconsistancies in episode 1 part 2 so please be patient on that part*

Posted: February 7th, 2009, 6:18 am
by Kikuchi
Hmm, did you know that a lot of fanfics have inconsistencies in them because they try to combine several parts of a story that contradicts one another? But that's what makes fanfics good, and more... interesting to read than canon works. :wink:

Posted: February 7th, 2009, 6:34 am
by that one guy
And Gil becomes more and more of a joke on these boards. A funny joke, but a joke nontheless.

Posted: February 7th, 2009, 6:42 am
by Headron
Who do you think started the whole gilgamesh lives on shirou's roof.

i still don't know why people have continued with that but i find it some what enjoyable that something i started was picked up by other people.

Posted: February 8th, 2009, 7:30 am
by Headron
Episode One ~A Fateful Ecounter~ Part 2

Shirou: so wait were family?

Akiha: Yep, your original parents were part of a Tohno branch family so that makes us cousins.

Sakura: wow senpai i didn't know you had more family.

Shirou: neither did I.

Shiki: yeah since we fond out we had more family we decide to come visit and learn a few more things about our new family member.

Shirou: so what should i explain first?

Kohaku: How about you explain why there are so many cute women surronding you?

Shirou: Oh that, well to make a long story shot i'm married to all four of them.

Shiki: :shock:

Akiha: Isn't that illegal?

Kohaku: wow Shirou you really got around didn't you.

Hisui: :oops:

Shirou: well Rin and Sakura come from prominant families in the town and we have connections with the church, so we were somehow able to get away with it.

Shiki: but didn't Ilya call you her brother plus she looks to be under twelve years old!

Ilya: For your information i'm older than Shirou i just have an under developed body.

Shirou: Its true, plus Ilya is my adoptive fathers daughter and she likes to call me Nii-san and it doesn't bother me.

Akiha: Ok next question whats with the MONGREL on the roof?


Akiha: OK THATS IT I"VE GOT ME A MONGREL TO DRAIN!!!! *hair turns red*

Shiki: Ah Akiha i think you should calm down now is not a good time to start a fight.

Rin: yes please don't kil our guard dog, i'll find a suitable punishment for him later.

Akiha: FINE! But if he calls me a mongrel one more time i'm going to make him pay. *hair turns back to black*

Saber: Um Akiha-san what was with that red hair it felt dangerous?

Akiha: um lets just say people of the Tohno family have interesting abilities and my red hair is an indicator of thet power.

Shirou: Ok let me explain about the guy on the roof. The best way to put it is that he is a familiar that is tied to the roof and is forced to protect this house.

Shiki: well i think thats enoguh talking for tonight. Shirou do you have some spare rooms we could use?

Shirou: Sure. Girls could you please help me prepare some rooms?

Ilya: Sure Nii-san.

Saber: Ok Shirou.

Rin: Alright i'll help.

Sakura: Of course Senpai.

Shirou: Ok you four use the bath in the hall way while we prepare your rooms.

Shiki: alright than we can continue our conversation in the morning.


Posted: February 8th, 2009, 9:00 am
by Xamdou
You should let Gil live in the toilet =P

Posted: February 19th, 2009, 10:53 am
by Headron
Episode Two ~Women Troubles~

*Early morning Shirou and Shiki are talking in the Dojo*

Shiki: So you seriously have 4 wives?

Shirou: Yep. But i gotta tell ya its pretty damn hard keeping them satisfied. If it wasn't for strengthening magic i'm pretty sure i wouldn't be able to keep up with it all.

Shiki: atleast its only 4. I have 5 seperate women, 6 if you count my familiar, after me and three of them can get jealous over the slightest little thing.

Shirou: Wait SIX, but you only brought 3 with you?

Shiki: We left before the other two could even try to follow us.

Shirou: I wonder what their doing now?


*suddenly gilgamesh apears before shirou*

Gilgamesh: Be warned one MONGREL works for the Church and the other is a MONGREL blonde with very scary red eyes.

*Gilgamesh Disappears as he runs into the house very fast*

Shiki: Uh oh.

Shirou: Don't tell me they are the other two girls that have the hots for you?

Shiki: unfortuntely.

Shirou: Well lets go great our guests.

*Shiki and Shirou proceed to the front door to welcome the two new guests*

Shirou:*opens the door* Welco-

Arcueid:*pushes Shirou aside* Oh Shiki i so worried about you, you left with out telling me.

Ciel: Tohno-kun next time you go out of town unexpectedly please tell me where your going,

Shiki:*laughing nervously* Arcueid, Ciel-senpai its so nice to see you *whispers* and how the hell did you find me?

*with both women having heard his whisper....*

Arcueid: I tracked you through Len. I know her magic signiture since i took care of her for awhile.

Ciel: I followed Arcueid since she's pretty easy to track.

Shiki: If Akiha sees you two were going to have trouble.

*Shirou finally gets up from the floor*

Shirou: Where is Akiha anyway i havn't seen her with morning?

Shiki: She Shou-


Shiki: That was Akiha!!!

Shirou: that came from the out building near the bathroom if i'm correct.

Shiki:*Runs to the out building taking his glasses off on the way* AKIHA I'LL PROTECT YOU!!!

*Shiki arrives to find a red haired Akiha yelling while standing behind Gilgamesh with his head stuffed into the toilet*


Gilgamesh:*speaking with his head in the toilet under the water* MONGRELS

Shirou: My what an eventful morning, i wonder what will happen next?


Posted: February 19th, 2009, 5:58 pm
by solopy567
Lol, Gilgamesh's master is Shirou's roof, like Assassin's master is the mountain.

This is funny, cant wait for the rest.

Posted: February 19th, 2009, 7:31 pm
by Kid-Wolf
I have to say this story is making me lol in a very good way. Keep up with the good work now.

Posted: February 20th, 2009, 3:20 am
by SmellyGoomba
Keep up the great work! It's making me lol all in the right places.

Posted: February 20th, 2009, 6:21 am
by that one guy
Needs moar Shirou/Akiha interaction. I don't know why, but that just seems like a funny pair to me. Oh, and don't forget to bring in everyones favorite nun.

Posted: February 20th, 2009, 9:42 am
by Kikuchi
that one guy wrote: Oh, and don't forget to bring in everyones favorite nun.
Karen. 8)

Posted: February 22nd, 2009, 5:11 am
by Headron
Episode Three ~Lunch Time Fun~ Part One

*Akiha, Shirou, Kohaku, and Sakura are sitting in th living room drinking tea*

Shirou: Boy it was one eventful morning now i'm hungry.

Sakura: Senpai why don't i go make lunch?

Shirou: That would be great.

Kohaku: Why don't i help you so i can show you how Shiki and Akiha-sama like their meals.

Sakura: Thank you for the assistance.

*Shiki walks into the room and sits down*

Shiki: Finally my headache is gone.

Akiha: Thats what you get for taking off your glasses.

Shiki: Sorry i figured you were in danger.

Shirou: Why did taking off your glasses give you a headache?

Shiki: well since were family i might as well tell you, I have mystic eyes of Death Perception.

Shirou: DEATH PERCEPTION!!!!!! So you can see the death of things?

Shiki: let me show you. Do you have anything thats really hard that i can cut into peices?

Shirou: Give me a sec i'll create something for you.

Akiha: Create?

Shirou: Yeah watch. Trace On. *Creates a copy of a basic longsword* Have fun.

Shiki: Thanks now watch this. *pulls out his knife, takes of his glasses, than cuts the sword into 17 different pieces*

Akiha: You must be affixciated on the number 17, seriously. First you cut Arcuied into 17 peices and now this sword, well atleast it's not the number 69.

Shirou: Wait when you say Arcieud you mean he cut that blonde woman into 17 peices and she lived?

Akiha: Oh she didn't tell you yet? Well i might as well tell you, she's a vampire.

Shirou: Shiki you have some weird people attracted to you.

Shiki: I know what you mean. Akiha its not nice to reveal other peoples secrets, i need to punish you later.

Akiha: :shock:

Shiki: Wait a minute, Shirou come with me for a seconed.

*Shiki and Shirou go out into the hall and talk for awhile*

Akihi: *walks into the kitchen* Umm Kohaku do you have any sedative injections on hand?

Kohaku: Is Shiki going to punish you again?

Akiha: :( yes.

Kohaku: *pulls out a syringe* ok use this when he get close to you it will knock him out for a few hours.

Akiha: Thank you Kohaku. *walks back into the living room and sits down*


what are Shiki and Shirou talking about? What is Akiha Punishment going to be? And was that really a sedutive that was handed to Akiha? Find out in Episode Three ~Lunch Time Fun~ Part Two

Gilgamesh: Read the next Episode when it comes out or i'll have to kill some MONGRELS!!!!

Posted: February 23rd, 2009, 7:39 am
by Rhode_Chamelot
keep up the good work man this is really give lol

Posted: February 27th, 2009, 3:52 am
by Headron
Episode Three ~Lunch Time Fun~ Part 2

*Shirou and Shiki are talking in the hall way*

Shirou: So what do you need my help for anyway?

Shiki: You're going to help me punish Akiha.

Shirou: How are we going to do that, even i can sense that she has a very dangerous power.

Shiki: I know but shes never used it on me so i'm pretty sure we can find a way to exploit that.

Shirou: And how are we going to do that?

Shiki: Is there anyone here that can do disguises?

Shirou: Give me a sec i know someone who might. *leaves and comes back in a few minutes with Rin in hand*

Rin: Shirou said you need me help?

Shiki: Do you think you can make Shirou look and sound like me?

Rin: Sure give me a few minutes. *Rin's magic crest glows and after a few minutes their are 2 Shiki's standing their*

Shiki: Now Shirou let me explain my plan. *explains the plan for giving punishment to Akiha*

Disguised Shirou: Oh this going to be fun.

Rin: Mind if i watch?

Shiki: Sure go ahead.

*Shiki and Shirou walk into the front room with wooden paddles in their hands*

Akiha: Why are their two Shiki's?

Shiki: Youve done a bad thing Akiha.

D-Shirou: Telling other peoples secrets without permission is unforgiveable.

Shiki: And now its time for your punishment.

Akiha: Why are you carrying wooden paddles?

D-Shirou: Diddn't we tell you?

Shiki: Today's punsihment is a spanking.

Akiha: *looking Terrified* please don't i'm sorry i didn't mean to say anything, i don't want another spanking.

Rin: wow this is great i'venever seen someone look so scared over a simple spanking.

*Shiki and Shirou surrond Akiha and prepare to administer punishment*

Shiki:*looks over at Shirou* so who should get the first swing?

D-Shirou: Well since i'm her brother i should go first.

*As Shirou goes up to Akiha and prepares to swing the paddle, Akiha turns to him and plunges the syringe with the sedative into his arm*

D-Shirou: WHAAAaaaa....*As Shirou falls over unconsious Rin breaks the disguise spell and shirou reverts to normal*

*Suddenly Gilgamesh runs into the room*

Gilgamesh: Stupid FAKER unable to handle such a weak sedative, i can't belive i lost to this FAKER.

*As suddenly as he appeared Gilgamesh leaves the room

Akiha: Wait if that is Shirou than that means that the other Shiki really is!!!

*As Akiha is distracted by Shirou, Shiki comes behind her and swings the paddle bring on here punishment, Akiha being in such a surprised state can't do anything while she reseives her punishment, after a minute or two the punishment ends and akiha stands their rubbing her sore behind*

Akiha: I'm sorry Nii-san i won't do that again.

Shiki: Thats a good girl.

*Kohaku and Sakura walk into the room with lunch completely oblivious to whats happened*

Sakura: What happened to Shirou?

Akiha: He just passed out. Kohaku since you know about medicine and such could you help him? *wink*

Kohaku: Oh sure Akiha-sama leave Shirou to me.

Shiki: Well since lunch is here lets eat.


Posted: March 1st, 2009, 10:05 pm
by Headron
Headron: Sorry about the double post but its time for the next episode.

Episode Four ~Unlikely Lovers~

*A few hours after the lunch time fiasco, Arcuied, Ciel, Saber, and Shiki are sitting in the front room drinking tea.*

Shiki: Saber i'm sorry for the intrusion of these two.

Saber: It's alright luckly we have the room here for alot of people.

Ciel: well i won't be staying here long since i know Shiki is ok. I think i might see how the church is doing with its new priest.

Arcuied: Well i'll be staying here so i can be with shiki but i won't be that active during the day being a vampire and all.

Saber: yes i heard about that. Oh Ciel-san say hello to the priest for us and thank him for marrying the five of us.

Shiki: Shirou must have alot of stamina with being able to satisfy four women.

Saber: Were just lucky he's really good at strengthening magic.

Ciel: well thanks for lunch and the tea but i have to be heading out see ya.

Saber: Thank you for stopping by.

Arcuied: Um... Does the guy on the roof ever try and attack you girls?

Saber: Don't worry about him he's Homosexual and he hates losing. Because of this he devotes himself to the last person who beat the crap out of him.

*Suddenly the front door open and a yell could be heard from the entrance*

???: I'm home

Saber : Well speak of the devil here come's his boyfriend.

*Walking in from the entrance hallway Gilgamesh and Archer are seen locking arms*

Saber: Welcome back Archer. We have guests.

Archer: I see. Gilgy was this blonde woman the one you were talking about.

Gilgamesh: Yep. This MONGREL really scares me. Can you defeat her like you defeated me FAKER-SAMA?

Archer: Miss what is your name?

Arcuied: I'm Arcuied Brunested and i'm a Vampire. Pleased to meet you.

Archer: Vampire huh. No wonder Gilgy here is afraid. Gilgy lets go to our roof she won't bother us their.

Gilgamesh: Yes FAKER-SAMA.

*Archer leave for the roof with Gilgamesh cradled in his arms*

Shiki: Their a strange pair.

Saber: You'll get use to them in a day or two. Just if you hear ponding above your room don't investigate i might be a little traumatised. If i remember right Ilya was in a coma for a week because of the truama.

*Both Shiki and Arcuied shiver at hearing this*

Saber: well enough talking for now i need to go train. If you want to you can observe.

Shiki: Thants for the offer.

Arcuied: i'll go if shiki decides too.


Headron: Short episode tonite. so i'll have Gilgamesh and Archer leave everyone some parting words.

*Meanwhile Archer and Gilgamesh are on the roof*

Gilgamesh: We gonna rock down to Electric Avenue, and then we'll take it higher.


Gilgamesh: I used to rule the world, Seas would rise when I gave the word, Now in the morning I sleep with Archer, Sweep the roofs I used to own

Archer: now coldplay with badly substituted lyrics, gawd what are you going to come up with next.

Gilgamesh: My name is Gilgamesh. You killed me father. Prepare to die

Archer: Ok thats enough. Trace on.

*Suddenly a giant hammer appears in Archer's hand. Archer than takes the hammer and proceeds to beat the crap out of Gilgamesh*

*Meanwhile inside*

Ilya: OH GAWD THEIR AT IT AGAIN. *starts shivering uncontrolably* make it stop.... please make it stop

Posted: March 1st, 2009, 10:13 pm
by solopy567
lol homosexual Gilgamesh and Archer.
Saber: Don't worry about him he's Homosexual and he hates losing. Because of this he devotes himself to the last person who beat the crap out of him.
epic quote except the first part

Posted: March 3rd, 2009, 3:53 am
by Kid-Wolf
For some reason I find the whole Gil and GARcher bit funny, since it does show what the true meanning of GAR is there.

Keep up the good storyline.

Posted: March 3rd, 2009, 8:32 am
by Rhode_Chamelot
good keep up the good story

Posted: March 6th, 2009, 3:08 am
by Headron
Episode Five ~The Church of the Dead~

*Ciel-Senpai is standing before the town church*

Ciel: For some reason this church gives me the chills. Might as well head inside and say hello.

*Ciel walks into the church and no one seems to be inside*

Ciel: Hello anyone here? I'm Ciel of the Burial agency, i came to talk to the local priest.

???: Welcome.

*Ciel turns around at the sudden voice behind her to see a man in priestly robes*

???: I am Kirei Kotomine presiding preist of this church.

Ciel: Kotomine? i heard you were killed in the Holy Grail war incident.

Kotomine: It seems the world decide that i must live, just like you.

Ciel: huh, so it seems. oh Shirou and the group give their regards about the marriage thing.

Kotomine: no problem i just hope tahy can live a happy life together.

Ciel: so does anyone else stay here?

Kotomine: This church also house 3 more people, refugees from the last grail war.

Ciel: oh where are they?

Kotomine: Downstairs. Follow me

*Ciel and Kotomine head to the basement of the church*

Kotomine: Before you stands: True Assassin, Zoken Mato, and my old servant Lancer.

True Assassin: Please call me Hassan.

Zoken: Huh another meddler.

Lancer: *day dreaming* Oh Archer when will you come back to me?

Kotomine: Don't worry about Lancer he's always day dreaming.

Ciel: Thats one strange group you got their. Well i'll leave you guys to you own thought i've got to be going.

Kotomine: Have a nice day.

*Kotoming shows Ciel out then returns to the basement*

Zoken: Do you thik she suspests anything?

Kotomine: i doubt it but we should keep an eye on her.

Zoken: You heard him Hassan, follow her.

Hassan: yes master.

Kotomine: Lancer i want you to go see whats going on at the Emiya household.

Lancer: YAY i can go see Archer again!

Kotomine: Lancer i want you back by morning and fully clothed, i don't want a repeat of that incident.

Lancer: I know, I know, but like I told you I couldn't resist Archer's offer for a threesome.

Kotomine: I thought i told you not to bring that up again. Now be back by morning or you won't be able to see archer for
a month.

Lancer: Fine i'll be back by morning.