Headron's Fate/Stay Night meets Tsukihime (Spoilers)

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Unread postby Shourai » March 6th, 2009, 8:08 am

Lancer and Archer's position is reversed...
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Unread postby solopy567 » March 6th, 2009, 6:33 pm

You made the only two GAR characters absolutely GAR-GAY. Its kind of creepy.
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Unread postby Headron » March 12th, 2009, 4:22 am

Episode Six ~The Return of the Dead~

*Out in the middle of the Country Side. Two men are walking along the road in the moonlight*

???: Nero are you sure where going the right way?

Nero: For the last time Roa yes we're going in the right direction.

Roa: OK. OK. OK. Hey Nero since you control 666 beasts, couldn't you bring up a couple horses for us?

Nero: Like i told you before i'm not going to use myself for something that trival and besides it would be weird for me to
be riding myself.

Roa: Fine i quess i have to walk.

Nero: Good now stay quiet your rambling is giving a bunch of headaches.

Roa: !!!! Nero Hide.

*Up ahead a women in robes is standing on the road*

Ciel: Finally i was able to ditch hassan. I never knew an assassin could be so annoying, all he talked about were all the
famous people he killed, shesh and i thought my hands were stained. Well i'll be glad to get home and have a nice giant
plate of curry.

*Ciel walks past Nero and Roa never noticing them*

Roa: Good shes gone. That was close.

Nero: see i told you we were going the right way.

Roa: Good now remember when we get their were going to kill Shiki so i can have Akiha all to my self. Stupid Shiki for talking my spot as the older brother, I WILL NEVER FORGIVE THAT BASTARD

Nero: Alright. Alright. now calm down before you blow a blood vessel.

*Several hours later Nero and Roa show up before the Church*

Roa: A Church? Out of all the places in the town, you had to bring us to a church, What the hell is your problem Nero?

Nero: i believe we shall find some allies in the desecrated church.

Roa: And where did you get this information?

Nero: Nasu.

Roa: Nasu? you mean THE NASU!!!

Nero: yep he came to me before we left and told me to seek allies in the church.

Roa: ah ok lets go in and say hello

Kotomine: No need to head inside.

Roa: HOLY SHIT where did you come from?

Kotomine: i've been here the whole time, and Nasu was right to send you here to look for allies.

Nero: Before we get to talk of allinces why don't you introduce yourself.

Kotomine: Ah excuse me i am Kirei Kotomine the bresiding piest of this church.

Nero: and i am Nrvnqsr Chaos. please call me Nero.

Roa: and i am Michael Roa Valdamjong AND Tohno SHIKI, just call me Roa.

Kotomine: Please come inside, the sun is going to rise soon.

Nero: Ah thank you.

Roa: yeah thanks.

Nero: well with the sun rising we need sleep, we can talk about our plans tomarrow night.

Kotomine: Alright let me show you to a place away from the sunlight where you two can rest easy.

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Unread postby Headron » March 22nd, 2009, 7:42 am

Episode Seven ~I'll go Berserk for your love~

*A Week as passed at the emiya household with little excitment, Shiki, Akiha, Arcuied. Kohaku, and Hisui have gotten
used to the place and plan to stay for another week or two. Shiki and Shirou are talking outside*

Shiki: so Shirou should i be expecting anymore surprises?

Shirou: Umm how about i take you to the shrine tomorrow so you can meet the strange people up their.

Shiki: More servents?

Shirou: yeah Caster and Assassin. Caster runs the shrine with her husband, while Assassin guards the mountain.

Shiki: Guards the mountain?

Shirou: yeah the guys in love with the mountain or something, theirs a rumor that hes a freaky mountain guy.

Shiki: i remember talk of a freaky fish guy but never a freaky mountain guy.

Shirou: Yeah i heard if you defile the mountain he'll cut you up with 3 strikes in one moment.

Shiki: Strange.... Hey whats that noise?

*The sound of very large foorsteps can be heard*

Shirou: i can't believe i forgot about him. ILYA BERSERKERS BACK!

Shiki: Berserker?

Shirou: Ilya's servent from the war. Come with me.

*Shirou and Shiki head out front where Ilya and berserker are talking*

Berserker: ------------ (Come back to me.)

Ilya: For the last time i'm not leaving Shirou!

Berserker: ----------------------------------- (But i love you more than anything in the world.)

Ilya: You keep telling me you love me but what about Shinji?

Berserker: ---------- (He Means nothing to me)

Ilya: DON'T LIE TO ME! I caught you two in the act.

Berserker: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(I told you before he forced himself onto me, i could do nothing before his GARness)

Ilya: Now we both know thats not how it happened, I say Casters recording of the incident, you asked shinji and besides
how can someone that small force themselves upon you.

Berserker: ----------------------------- (But, i still love you.)

Ilya: ENOUGH! I can't stand you anymore, leave my sight now before i have Shirou kill you again.

*Berserker begins to cry and runs away*

Ilya: i swear he really needs to grow up.

Shiki: Shirou what the hell just happened?

Shirou: something like Berserker asking Ilya out and Ilya rejecting him, after that i have no clue.

*Meanwhile at the Matou household*

Shinji: its ok Berserker i still love you.

Berserker: -------- (Truly?)

Shinji: Remember my love for you is like a truck, its big and works hard.

Berserker: ------------------ (I don't believe you.)

Shinji: I'll prove it to you so come with me.

Berserker: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Will you help
me forget the pain of my loss and show me what real love is?)

Shinji: Of course I'll rock you senseless

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Unread postby solopy567 » March 25th, 2009, 8:13 pm

??!?!?!?!??!?!? What the heck? This is so strange but its funny.
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Unread postby -Shiki- » April 10th, 2009, 4:00 pm

really lol'ed at the berserker part..thats juz simply hilarious..great job..but shinji as gar is a little distasteful.. :lol:
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Re: Headron's Fate/Stay Night meets Tsukihime (Spoilers)

Unread postby Headron » May 4th, 2009, 1:30 pm

*FINALLY i can update WOOt time to get this story back on the road*

Episode Eight ~A Man and his Mountain~

*Shirou, Saber, Shiki, Akiha, and Arcuied are walking up the steps to the temple*

Shiki: So this assassin servent, should i be worried?

Shirou: Nah he's pretty tame as long as you don't disrespect the mountain.

Saber: Besides if hes up for a fight i can just defeat him again.

Arcuied: Don't worry Shiki i'll protect you.

Shiki: And who will protect me from you?

Akiha: Do you even have to ask Nii-san.

*The group reaches the top of the stairs to the temple and Assassin is no where in sight*

Shirou: huh i guess Assassin must be busy usually hes standing rigth arnoud here.

Akiha: So can somebody tell me what this assassin guys whole afixiation with this giant "Rock" is all about?

Shirou: X( You shouldn't have said rock. i think i can see Assassin run this way as we speak.

*Suddenly Assassin appears out of no where with a katana in one hand and a baby bottle in the other"

Assassin: ALRIGHT who called my lovly mountain a "Rock"!!!!!

Shirou: Hey Assassin hows it going? I see your still working as Caster babysitter.

Assassin: Hey i'm doing fine, yep i'm still the babysitter... Wait babysitter, OH CRAP i've gotta get back to the babies!!!!

*As quick as he appeared assassin disappears as he runs back to the temple*

Arcuied: Is he always that easy to side track?

Saber: Pretty much but today he seemed a bit easier to side track, must be busy taking care of the twins.

Akiha: Twins? Don't tell me that scatterbrain is a father?

Shirou: Nope just a baby sitter for caster and her husband Kuzuki.

Saber: Well lets go say hi and see how things are going.

Shirou: i agree lets go.


(Writer's note; Headron: Since i don't think i stated this in any of the previous episode and i can't fit this in at this point in time i'll just state that the holy grail war ended about 2 years prior to the start of these events, Sorry for any confusion i may have caused. If anyone can point out a spot where i've already establish a time frame give me a heads up so i can modify my work so their are less inconsistances with what i've already stated.)
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Re: Headron's Fate/Stay Night meets Tsukihime (Spoilers)

Unread postby Kid-Wolf » May 4th, 2009, 9:57 pm

Yeah I was thinkg it was around that time period. At least it would of been sometime after F/HA. Although you may have to give an odd excuse on why Kotomine was revied though since he pretty much dies in every storyline sooner or later though.

Aside from that very nice work so far.
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