Fate/Inferno Stays Hopeful

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Fate/Inferno Stays Hopeful

Unread postby inferno_flamex » January 26th, 2009, 11:58 am

Ohkays... I guess imma gonna move my "INFERNO's Fate" route, and Tiger Dojos here as some of you guys requested.

So.. As tribute to the official FSN title.. Fate/Stay Night... I'll call mine..

~Fate/Inferno Stays Hopeful~

It basically means, that it is Inferno's (my) true wish to hopefully continue staying in the world of FSN... Despite having finished the story...
And this is at least, his (or my) attempts...

FISH for short.. >_<

Well.. To start it all off. I guess.. im gonna.. uhh..
Yeah.. Im gonna tell you guys how this all began...

So here's some sleeping pillows in case its too long of a story for you guys!
*gives out white fluffy pillows... With a picture of an embarassed Saber*

*notices what lolipedofin is trying to do with the covers*

Oho~.. So bold... But dude... Dont get stains on that thing okay...


Raitei! NO.. You CANNOT bring that piece of dakimakura cover back with you... Sigh..

It all started with my boredom, and my desperation that i've finally completed Fate/Stay Night... Yes.. Its a sad sad sad sad sad sad feeling.. Dont you agree? So while feeling so down, and trying to cheer myself up by visiting the "what will they tell the kids" topic... I got an idea.. It all started as a 'What if!?'...

'What if' im able to live among them.. in the world of Fate/Stay Night...

And that 'what if' became... 'lets try mimicing the Tiger Dojo'... So i pretty much got my ideas from the people that were there... They provide me with the scenario.. All i did was produce the 'death scene'.. Haha. XDD

And as this topic is partly going to be a recollection of my Alt. Tiger Dojo... This first post will include the 2 previous posts of Dojos...


First Tiger Dojo wrote:INFERNO: *joins in with Shinji... Singing* What is Love? Baby dont hurt me... Dont hurt me... no more... WooOooOooOoooOOO UwoowoooOO! Oooohh!

Then he throws rock on top of Shirou's roof...

Gil: Which mongrel DID THAT!?
INFERNO: *Points at Shinji*
Shini: Fwuehh!?



This is the Tiger Dojo. Take the advice?

1. Yes *click*

2. No

Tiger Dojo is a strange hint corner.
If you would like to defeat the game by yourself,
or if you would like to keep the characters' images, please be warned.

__ ________ __ _________________________/\\_______ .
(__(________{__{________________________//||_:_:_:_) .

Taiga: SHOCKuu~! Suugoku SHOCK! SENIOR STUDENT! Who is this guy!? How did he get here!?.. more importantly... What are we doing here helping HIM!?

Ilya: Osu! This dojo has also applied a part-time job besides saving that baka-baka Shirou. It is known to be the only foundation for 'INFERNO's route. It would not be an exaggeration to call this the fruits of his otaku-ness and serious boredom, as well as sadness after completing the "Fate/Stay Night PC game!"

Taiga: Hhhmm... And here i thought that i have a well deserved vacation..... And? What was this dangerous choice that he made?
Ilya: Welll as for him... He threw a rock on Gilgamesh who was on top of Shirou's roof... and also stood there alongside with Shinji..

Taiga: Acaa~ Body pierced by thousands of blades. And death alongside Shinji? Someone who would do such a thing must be stupid and tone deaf. What do you think about that, student?

Ilya: *pumps fist!* No problem! That was a cute, pop type of boy to boy love!
Taiga: *Thwacks with shinai!* UNSATISFACTORY!

Ilya: Owww... I-I was not serious with that answer sensei. I meant, this was a result of a similar baka-type Onii-chan making a particular mongrel-fetished servent angry...

Taiga: That is exactly right. In other words, broken the samurai code 'Bushido', seppuuku if you disgraced your honor. From now on, please DO NOT choose such stupid choices like this as they are stupid and causes your death. You're suppossed to 'find ways of telling your kid'. But how are you going to have one if you behave like such an IDIOT!

Ilya: But sensei. If he dies alot. Would'nt we have much more screen time in his route?

Taiga: ...
Ilya: ...

Taiga: Hai!~ Hai!~ Remember, from now on, please choose funny and silly choices like this as you'll die alot. This way, you'll have TONS of stuffs to tell your kids! Ahahahaha~
Ilya: ...

Taiga: Ahahahaha~
Ilya: Hai!~ Nii-san. Please choose the other choice okay? Sore ja! Mata-ne!


Second Tiger Dojo wrote:INFERNO: Araa? Im not dead yet?... phew...

He then noticed a commotion within the Emiya household... Acting like its his own home.. He heads towards the kitchen...

INFERNO: .. Haa!?!?!

Shirou: Aahh!?... Hey you.. Who are you? And what are you doing in our house?
Saber: Shirou. Stay behind me... You too dear.
Kid: Yes mommy...

INFERNO: Ah... Gomen gomen... My name is XXXXXXX, but you can call me 'Inferno'... Please... I do not meant any harm. To make a long story short, i was... well you can say that in a way i came from a parallel world...

Saber: A parallel world?... Are you a servent!?
INFERNO: No... Definitely not...


Nasu: He is a normal boy Saber, from my world... Well.. As normal as any otaku can be actually...
Shirou: Haa? Otaku!?
Saber: So he was SUMMONED to this world!?
Nasu: Well.. you can say that...

INFERNO: N-N-Na-Na-NASU-SAMA! It is an honor to meet you sir! *bows*
Nasu: Oho. Well...

Shirou: You two know each other?
INFERNO: Ah.. Not really.. but you see.. In my world.. You guys, ALL of you.. Like Saber-chan, Shirou, Rin-chan and even other servents like Archer and Gilgamesh are all charact-

*Sakura enters the room*

Sakura: Sempai! SEMPAI! I bought tons of groceries from the supermarket... Lets cook up some- *drops the groceries*

Shirou: Ah.. Sakura! Are you alright? What's wrong?

Sakura: *blushing* Mush-Mush-Mush... B-B-Bii-
Shirou: Sakura.. SAKURA! Oooi! SAKURA!!
Sakura: .... *blush* What a biig mushroom...

Shirou: ... Erk...
Saber: ...

Sakura: ... Uhuhuuhuu.. Mushroom-chan... Come lets play for abit... Uhuuuhuu..
Shirou: Acaa... Sakura has become dark again...

Nasu: KYAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! HELP ME! HEEELLLPP MEEEE!!! Tasukete! TAAASUUKEETE!! the tentacles! Kyaaa!!!

Dark Sakura: Ahahaahaa... Mushroom-chan. I'll treat you really good... Im going to show.. you... an angle.. no one.. has... ever... seen... Uhuuhuu...

Nasu: ... *pales*... KYAAAAA!!!

Kid: What does auntie Sakura mean mommie?
Saber: Dear.. I think its best if you run along for now okay?
Kid: ho... *goes away*

INFERNO: uh.. Shirou.. If Sakura-chan is doing what i think she's doing.. Wont that trouble you?
Shirou: .. ahhh.. Yeah.. I dont think even the Tohno extract could help an increase in size THAT big...


This is the Tiger Dojo. Take the advice?

1. Yes *click*

2. No

Tiger Dojo is a strange hint corner.
If you would like to defeat the game by yourself,
or if you would like to keep the characters' images, please be warned.

__ ________ __ _________________________/\\_______ .
(__(________{__{________________________//||_:_:_:_) .

Taiga: Hello!~ Mina-san! I'm Fujimura Taiga, the instructor of this alternate Tiger Dojo. INFERNO's Tiger Dojo, a dream-like rescue corner that trains this poor boy called INFERNO in his boredom as he creates his own Fate/Stay Night scenario.

Ilya: Im Ilya-desu, keeping Taiga company out of compassion, once again...

Taiga: *Shinai Katwhack!* Doryaaa! Tora-Shinai!!

Ilya: *dodges* Huumph!... LoliCo-Buruma! *swissh*

Taiga: UUuuu.. Such an attack... The fabled pants, LoliCo-Buruma, is fearsome indeed... Uuuuu~
Ilya: Hmmph!

??? wrote:*ding~* "LoliCo-Buruma" has been added to the weapons dictionary

Taiga: Hmm? Hmm?! Did you hear a weird sound just now?
Ilya: No... Anyway Taiga.. What is the lesson about today?

Taiga: Hm! Today's lesson is about sudden deaths. Its sudden... But as long as you have nothing to tell the kids like the topic says... You die easilly in "INFERNO's Fate". So its proper practice to get a girl pregnent fast, and save every time you reach a choice.

Ilya: Yeah... The other heroines are always so mean. No good ever comes out from flirting with them. As I thought, maybe its a good idea if he get's me pregnent instead.

Taiga: *Kathwaack* Chest-o!
Ilya: Oouch! Master, that was no fair! Hitting a maiden's unripened body!
Taiga: Quiet! A girl like you who senselessly speak out about giving her body should run around the dojo three, no FIVE times!
Ilya: Heh?... Im against anything tiring.

Ilya: Ceh~ I know i know... Alright, I'll go.

Taiga: ... Ara? Why has my stamp been modified?... Ah.. Nevermind... Now, the cause of your death this time is considering to run away from that aggresively exited girl... Its your duty to assist our creator Nasu from his ecchi fate! Be careful since a half-hearted attempt will bring only death.

Ilya: Tiger?... There's a weird cat near the dojo...
Taiga: Step on its tail and drive it off!.. And.. Do not call me Tiger.

Neko-???: Kyaaarrgh! Why you little-nya.. I'll be back you hear-nya! Treating me like a cat-nya...

Ilya: Haii~.. I made it go somewhere...

Taiga: Very well. We are done. Your story is just getting started. Once you get through all this useless chatter, the battle will finally start.. Until then!


Neko-???: Kyaaah-nya! Im not done yet-nya! Listen well-nya! I brought you here for a reason-nya! But you have to find that reason on your own.. Nya!~hahahah!... Now take this, I've used this weapon during the Tiger Coloseum UPPER-nya... Use it as you see fit next time-nya...

??? wrote:*ding~* "Neko-Arc's beam gun (ver. SPECIAL!)" has been added to the weapons dictionary


So there you have it..
A recollection of the first 2 dojos...
Im gonna start the 3rd when i get the ideas... It might be about FSN... Heck.. it might even be my real life story, played in by/with FSN characters...
All i know is that its gonna come soon...
And you guys could help me come up with a scenario as well! XDDD

Coz since i got this topic started..

And im gonna keep on getting that FISH Tiger Stamps! XDDD
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Unread postby HeartCard » January 26th, 2009, 6:01 pm

*Suddenly Gilg grabs Nasu and throws in back in his gate for safety*
*Without receiving an answer, Gilg impales thousands of blades through Shinji.

And then jumps back on top of Shirou's roof.*

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Unread postby inferno_flamex » February 4th, 2009, 4:35 pm

At the Emiya household... A party is being held...

Shirou: *Fweeee!!~* Now we're celebrating Tohsaka-san's birthday, and the arrival of a new family and friend of the dojo... Inferno-san..
Sakura: Hai!~ Eat up everyone! Sempai and I made extra servings for everyone!
Saber: Shiro. We should have a feast like this more often... *slurp*

Rin: Hmmph.. Guess i have no choice but to accept this offer then... Thank you everyone.
Inferno: uggh.. You guys really dont have to go through all these trouble for me you know? I think i've caused enough trouble just by accepting your offer to stay at the dojo.

Shirou: It is no trouble, Inferno-san. Im glad that i could help you. You seem to have no place to stay otherwise. So im going to insist even if you had rejected the offer.

Inferno: Heh.. You're still as helpful as ever i guess. Although, i really appreciate it. Im thankful to you as well Sakura-chan... Im sure with me here, things will be alittle... awkward. But i'm very thankful for letting me stay here as well...

Sakura: It is Sempai's decision... and i must agree with him that being alone is not... a good thing.

Rin: Why dont you accept their kindness and enjoy already Inferno-kun. They're throwing this party for you as well. So you should at least get used to the fact that you're already one of the family. It would be the right thing to do, if you're keen on repaying their kindness.

Inferno: Ah! You're absolutely right Rin-chan...

Rin: !! (Rin-chan!?) .........
Shirou: *sweatdrop* Uhh.. Yeah! So you two should enjoy yourselves, and eat up.

Saber: *passes bowl to Sakura* Can i have another serving please...

Inferno: Well... Rin-chan.. I would like to wish you a great birthday as well. I hope your wish will come true when you blow out those candles.

Rin: Why thank you Inferno-kun. And it seems you can hold your sake well. Unlike some other person we know...


Taiga: *Singing on the Karaoke* CHA-LA!! Head-Cha-LA!... Nani ga.. nani-nani??...~~.. lalala... FLLYYY AWAAAYYY!!~~

Shirou: haha.. Dont worry about her. She'll tire out pretty soon.

Inferno: Ah yeah... But Rin-chan. How old are you this year?
Rin: Inferno-kun~... Its impolite to ask a lady her age. *smile*

Inferno: uuhh.. yeah.. My bad.. hahahaha *tense laughter*

Rider: She's *BEEP* years old...

Rin: !!!

Shirou: Acaaa~
Sakura: .... *looks down*

Inferno: ... wha? b-b-but.. but.. but...
Shirou: Uuhhh. Inferno-san.. In-Inferno-san!

Inferno: you're older than me?! But you still look so young!

Rin: !!!

And the whole household went quiet. Except the voice of Taiga singing, drunk, in the background...




This is the Tiger Dojo. Take the advice?

1. Yes *click*

2. No

Tiger Dojo is a strange hint corner.
If you would like to defeat the game by yourself,
or if you would like to keep the characters' images, please be warned.

__ ________ __ _________________________/\\_______ .
(__(________{__{________________________//||_:_:_:_) .

Ilya: ... Onii-san... Baka... You're so mean... How could you say that? What is wrong with having a young body?! Do you know how hard it feels to be under-devaloping!? Baka! BAKA! BAAAKAA!!


Ilya: Huumph... Sensei.. Do you have anything to say to this Baka-nii-san?

Taiga: SPARKING!~~


Gilgamesh: Could you mongrels SHUT HER UP!?!? I'll destroy the roof if i have to!.. I swear.. Im not kidding you know!
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Unread postby inferno_flamex » March 8th, 2009, 3:09 pm

Inferno: Yatta!~~ Its completed!

Shirou: ... Hey! Inferno-san! You sound happy...
Inferno: Ah~ Hey Shirou. Yeah.. I've just finished making this AMV about Fate Stay-.. Ugh.. Uhhh.. i meant you guys...

Shirou: .. Us? Something about us?
Inferno: Uhh.. Yeah.. well.. You guys know that in my world.. The holy grail war that you guys did was 'recorded' as a Visual Novel... And also 'televised' as an anime... right?

Shirou: Sigh.. Yeah.. but it does seem alittle hard to believe-.. no i mean.. it is still hard to believe but, you did have proof...

Inferno: Haha.. Haa.. So..Yeah.. It just so happenned that before i came here i started doing an AMV about you guys... And i've only just completed it..
Shirou: A video? Well.. Can i see?

Inferno: Ah! Of course!..

[logs on and started to play the video on his computer]

[Some time Later....]

Shirou: Acaa!~ It's abit embarassing to see yourself in a video like that...
Inferno: Is it? Well.. Dont worry.. This is just between us.. It would cause trouble if someone else from outside knows of this...

Shirou: ...Well i hope so.. or we're going to have trouble explaining the situation.
Inferno: Ah.. Yeah yeah.. I know...

Shirou: No worries.. It was fun to watch... yet also strange... Seeing myself, even Archer there...
Inferno: ...I believe so that it would.. wouldnt it?

Shirou: But you know Inferno-san. This might not go so well with the girls...
Inferno: Oh? What do you mean?

Shirou: Well... Firstly... You've got that bloody scene where Saber fought Berzerker...
Inferno: Ooh... Yeah.. I apologise man.. Didnt mean it that way... I realise how that would have looked now that i think back on it.
Shirou: Yes. She might get depressed easilly with her inability to protect me, back then...

Shirou: Secondly... There's Sakura..
Inferno: Sakura?
Shirou: ... In a costume that could barely be called.. a 'dress'...

Inferno: ... point taken...
Shirou: Yes.. Who know what would happen if she found out... She would either break down, or break out...

Inferno: ....
Shirou: Last but not least...
Inferno: ... Rin... *gulps*

Shirou: Ah... Tohsaka-san might not appreciate being portrayed as 'weak' like in your video... and she does not like her private life made public...
Inferno: ...
Shirou: Despite the fact that Tohsaka-san is the main heroine in this video.. She might still-

Rin: I might what Shirou?

Inferno & Shirou: Toh- Toh- TOHSAKA-SAN!

Rin: Huuhuu~ What are you boys watching about me? I wonder...

Inferno: Uuhhh.. Uhh.. Nothing Tohsaka-san! Absolutely nothing.. We were just talking-
Rin: Ohoo.. It's very polite of you to finally call me 'Tohsaka' right this minute... Inferno...-kun~

Inferno: Crap...
Shirou: Hahaa.. Tohsaka... your.. smile.. heheh...

Rin: Yes? What is it Shirou? Anything else to say before i see what it is you're both watching?
Shirou: ... uhh... naii~

Rin: Well then.. Inferno-kun~ Show me?
Inferno: *gulp...*

[Plays the video once again with Rin in the room now.]


[Later after the video ended]

Rin: Was this what both of you were watching?
Inferno & Shirou: Uhh.. haa...
Rin: Hmm?? *still smiling...*
Inferno & Shirou: ... uh.. hai~

Rin: I see... Shirou... Did you have any part in the making of this video?
Shirou: ... uh.. no.
Rin: Very well.. You can go Shirou.

Inferno & Shirou: !!!!

Rin: But i'll be expecting you to cook dinner tonight...
Shirou: Ah... Ahaha.. Alright Tohsaka-san! I'll get right to it!
Inferno: !!!

*Shirou begins to leave the room*

Inferno: .......!! (TRAIIITOORR!!~~)
Shirou: .... ..........(I'll be praying for you my friend.. I apologise)

[After Shirou left]

Rin: So I want you to be honest with me... Inferno-kun.
Inferno: *gulp* uhh.. Hai?... What is it?

Rin: Did you honestly make that video all by yourself?
Inferno: ... Uhh... uhh... yeeah? *nervous laughter*

Rin: Can I have a copy?
Inferno: ... fweh?
Rin: ?! Fweh-janaii... I asked you if I could have a copy!
Inferno: Ahh.. A co-copy?

Rin: That's right.. A copy.. Could you please send it to me?
Inferno: Oo- Oooh... Ookay..

Rin: Aha!~ Arigatou Inferno-kun! That was so sweet of you to make a music video for me... Thank you.
Inferno: Ahh haa... Uhh.. Yeah.. No.. I was.. going to surprise you.. Tohsaka-san... but-

Rin: Oh~ you dont have to call me Tohsaka. Just call me by name.. Inferno-kun.
Inferno: !!! Rin-chan!?
Rin: Just...Rin.. Okay? Inferno... -kun~?

Inferno: ..Ah.. hai~ Rin...
Rin: Mmm~ *nods*

Inferno: Ah! Here you go.. Rin.. The video has been burned properly into this CD...
Rin: Thanks again Inferno-kun...

Inferno: You're welcome.. um.. Just make sure that-
Rin: I know.. No one else from the outside should see this.. Right?
Inferno: Ahh.. Yeah.. Thanks Rin...

Rin: Well.. Im gonna watch it again Inferno-kun.. Care to watch it with me?
Inferno: Naah~ You go ahead Tohsaka- i mean.. Rin... Im just glad that you liked it...

Rin: Very well... I'll be going then Inferno-kun.. Thank You!
Inferno: Yeah... Later Rin!~


Inferno: PHEEEWWWwwww~~ That was a relief...
Gilgamesh (Inferno's ROOFMATE): Hahahahahaa!.. Dont be so confident yet kid..
Inferno: Heh?


[Meanwhile back in the kitchen...]

Rin: Hey everyone! Want to see a video that Inferno-kun made about all us?

Saber: Video?

Sakura: About all of us?

Shirou: !!! ugg-... *chop* siigh...


This is the Tiger Dojo. Take the advice?

1. Yes *click*

2. No

Tiger Dojo is a strange hint corner.
If you would like to defeat the game by yourself,
or if you would like to keep the characters' images, please be warned.

__ ________ __ _________________________/\\_______ .
(__(________{__{________________________//||_:_:_:_) .

Ilya: ...
Taiga: .....

Ilya: ............
Taiga: *hikkup* .............

Ilya: So? Nii-san... What is your excuse now?
Inferno: ... Uhh... Hehh?
Taiga: *hikkup* Sparking~

Ilya: Uuuu~ Onii-san... unfair...
Inferno: No! NOOO!~ What did i do wrong to displease my dear dear little Ilya!?

Ilya: *sniff* *sniff* Why did'nt I have any more scenes in YOUR VIDEO!?
Inferno: No Ilya.. i didnt mean that.. Its just that-
Ilya: Baka BAAAKAA!~~ Or did you actually prefer berserker over me!?

Inferno: ... *Dooom*... Kyaaa!~~ *genuflect*... *shiver shiver*


Kotomine: I was also not there...
Inferno: Huh!?~

Kotomine: *stare* ...
Inferno: Koto... -mine... What are you-

Kotomine: To exist.. but yet not appear in the video... It seems you might have something against some people, making sure that they remain.. 'unborn'... in your video. Correct?
Inferno: Haa!?

Taiga: Zzzzz....

*SHADOW*: And I... Am nothing more than a passing shadow on a mountain, at point 2:14... (2minutes 14seconds) in the video...
Inferno: Assassin... you-

Rider: ... Inferno... You have shown too much of Sakura... For that you shall pay...
Inferno: Too much!? She only appeared in one scene when she was wearing that-... uhh... uhhh..
Rider: ...

Archer: And you shortened my GAR-est of scenes... The scene that made me GAR in the first place...
Inferno: But- but Archer you had-
Lancer: Hey Boy... what about me eh?? You dont think that the part where i SACRIFICED my life against the KING OF HEROES was Gar enough did you? HUH!? Did you!?

Inferno: ...Oohh crap...

Zoken: And what about my-
Inferno: SHUDDUP YOU FRIGGIN OLD MAN!.. You're not even in the anime...
Shinji: ... Then-

Inferno: Shinji I SWEAR.. If you say another effing word... I will PERSONALLY kill you... Again..
Shinji: .... hiiiihh!!~
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Re: Fate/Inferno Stays Hopeful

Unread postby RinTohsaka » August 10th, 2009, 2:19 pm

lol.what happens next?
Totally hardly posted
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