Eternity (f/sn fanfic)

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Eternity (f/sn fanfic)

Unread postby BlackTornado » December 13th, 2008, 7:46 am

This is my first fanfic ever, so go easy on me, ok? haha just kidding. Do give honest comments. Here's a little background on my story:

This is set 8 years after the 5th holy grail war in an ending similar to the fate ending. The grail was not properly destroyed, but shirou does not know. He went on to chase his dream and train his projection skills. Now the 6th holy grail war has started and is about to end. But shirou is not a master

Chapter 1
He stepped forward into the street completely devoid of life. The buildings around showed no hint of any activity at all. There was no hesitation. He had to end this catastrophe now, even if it meant that he had to pay with his own life. If it meant that nobody would cry.

Trace on.

The yin yang twin blades appeared in his hands. They became his favorites after many years of tinkering. Their history intrigued him; their devotion to each other touched him, reminding him of the days that seemed so distant. But, no, he had no regrets. He could look back at the path he chose and smile fondly; it had shaped him into what he was now, and he was grateful for every moment. But now was the time to reminisce. Now was the time to fight.

A slash to the throat. A stab to the heart. Both attacks were meant to kill instantly. But they were brushed aside like flies by the dark tendrils coming from her. No, she is a person no longer. She is a thing now, he corrected himself. He could not afford to think of her a person anymore if he wanted a chance to win. He quickly drew his swords back and leaped to the left to dodge the on coming assaults from the shadows. He barely made it. His next attack was parried with such force that his twin blades shattered. Almost immediately a new pair took their place. But with every passing second, his disadvantaged position became more evident. With every passing second, he knew with more certainty that he could not win. With every passing second, he cursed himself for not properly destroying the blasted Holy Grail 8 years ago. He cursed himself for not noticing Sakura?s plight and Zouken?s plot. He cursed himself for not coming back in time to prevent this war from escalating out of control.

Clank. Another pair was destroyed. His head now hurt so much he could hardly concentrate on the next projection. Fatigue began to take its toll on his legs as they began to lose their speed. As a result, there was a hole in his defense, and he was unable to block or dodge the next attack. ?Kknnn?? There was now a small hole in his kidney, and he collapsed on one knee from the pain.

?Hehe. What?s wrong, Senpai? You do not seem so well.? The face in the shadow showed a half smile, taunting the person she had once held dear to her heart.

I swore to be a hero of justice. If I am to reach my ideal, losing is not an option. Emiya Shirou silently stared at the shadow, planning his next move based on his years of experience in combat. But nothing came to mind. Unlike 8 years ago, he had no Saber.

?Oh? You are ignoring me, Senpai? After you left me on my own for so long, you would not even talk to me now? Haha, well, maybe I should let you live long enough to witness me swallowing up the whole city. Oh, that idea sounds so appetizing.? The smile widened sadistically.

?Stop it, Sakura! Stop this madness. This is not like you!? Shirou hissed through his labored breathing.

Sakura?s eyes flared in rage. ?And you know what I am really like?! And you know the pain and suffering I went though?! And you know the despair I felt after you left to chase your own dreams?! You know nothing about me! Nothing! It is your fault that I became what I am now! Yours and nee-san?s. She has already paid. Now it?s your turn!?

Shirou?s eyes widened in shock. Words could no longer form properly in his mouth. Veins began to expand to the verge of exploding.

?You? did? WHAT!?

With that he threw both Kansho and Bakuya at his enemy. Sakura dodged the attack with ease.

?Your attempts are reall? Aaah!?

The twin blades had returned in an arch, responding to the new pair that had been projected by Shirou and stabbed the unprepared Sakura in her flanks. She threw her head up in agony as she stumbled forward. This was the opening Shirou had been waiting for. He charged forward for the final attack.

Too slow. Shadows rushed forth at lightning speed to skewer him. His arms were torn off instantly. His abdomen was cut in half. He had no way to dodge them. He would die here. He had no chance in first place. The difference in power was too great. A last thought lingered on his mind.

If only?I could reach my ideal? He desperately called out to something. Anything.

Time stopped. Or it seemed to. Emiya no longer had a body. He felt like he was floating in an ocean of nothingness. He could not see. He could not feel. He could not hear.

Is this death?

An ominous voice filled his mind.

Do you want the power to win this battle?

Hell yeah?

Even if it means that you serve as a Guardian after your death?

A guardian? One who is called upon in times of great peril to save mankind? If Shirou had lips right now, he would have been grinning from ear to ear. This was everything that he wanted. To be a superhero, to save everyone, and make sure that no one would cry. That beautiful ideal that seemed so far away could now be reached. Without any hint of hesitation, he said the words that sealed his fate for eternity, Yes, I do. Then the space collapsed.

I am the bone of my sword.

Kansho and Bakuya in his hands swung around him to repel the shadows as Emiya seemingly teleported away from danger. Power radiated from him like heat from the sun. His silver hair fluttered in the wind and his eyes had a determination that could penetrate concrete.

?Wha?? Sakura was momentarily stunned by this unexpected turn of events.

Steel is my body and fire is my blood.

A bow and a horned sword appeared in Emiya?s hands. The blade began to glow with mana. Emiya aimed and released in one smooth motion. The projectile broke the sound barrier and left a sonic boom in its wake, leaving a trail of destruction. The impact of the explosion flung Sakura into a building.

I have created over a thousand blades.

Sakura tried to get within striking range. A volley of broken phantasms forced her back. Smoke filled the streets and cloaked over everything. Sakura used the cover to approach Emiya once again, but he was no longer there.

Unknown to death,
Nor known to life.

Sakura looked around but only smoke and debris filled her vision. She shook with frustration, and took her anger out on nearby buildings, destroying them one by one.

Have withstood pain to create many weapons.

At last, Sakura spotted Emiya on top of a building about 3 blocks away. She began charging towards him, wanting to end this fight,

Yet these hands will never hold anything.

Emiya?s speed was not human. His arms a blur, slashes and stabs rained down on Sakura. By the time she block the attacks. Emiya was out of her sight range. She quickly turned around, only to find herself almost face to face with the man she had been once so familiar with, but was no longer.

So, as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works.

And the world burned to the sole spell granted to the guardian-to-be. The barren ground was pieced with the finest swords in existence. Sakura knew instinctively that the situation was very bad. Emiya raised his hand, his eyes empty of emotion. Swords began to float in the air. Sakura desperately tried to lash out to defend herself. The first wave was obliterated. The second was barely deflected. The third came through. She was impaled from all directions.

?It? it hurts, Senpai?? A weak plea escapes the lips of the dying Sakura. Emiya?s expression did not change in the least.

Yes, this is the right thing to do. If I do not do this now, the results will be unthinkable.

Emiya raised his hand once more, and with a tone that could be mistaken for a normal greeting he used 8 years ago, Emiya said, ?Goodbye, Sakura.?
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