The Blood on Her Hands [Fate FF, Dark Fic]

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The Blood on Her Hands [Fate FF, Dark Fic]

Unread post by Elf » August 25th, 2008, 5:52 am

The story will follow in replies, I hope. It's just not letting me do a general post due to errors and stuff.

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Unread post by Elf » August 25th, 2008, 5:53 am

Disclaimer: Fate/Stay Night belong to Type-Moon and its respective companies. I do not own the properties or the characters contained within. This story is not written for profit, just entertainment.

WARNING: Dark fic, character death. Read at your own risk.

Author?s Notes: This is a lot different than what you guys are usually use to reading. There?s no real romance in this story and tragedy strikes heavily. The contest this is wrote for is for Shakespearean themes. Just my favorite Shakespeare works are his tragedies, which I hope this suits that need.

The Blood On Her Hands
By: Elf

The Counter Guardian formerly known as Emiya Shirou, currently known as Servant Archer scowled at the white panties he folded and shoved into the suitcase. He looked around the guest room of his former dwelling with a frown as he continued to pack things. His shoulders were tense as his Master?s Command ringing in his ears.

?Archer, I want everything packed and back at my house before breakfast is over.?

He?d tried pressing the issue, trying to manipulate her into telling him why she wanted to leave so quickly. However, those aquamarine eyes simply narrowed as she turned from him, tossing her long, wavy raven hair in the process. He tried refusing the Command, but she repeated it again and again until he had to obey or be severely weakened, heavy limbed, and lethargic. So he was currently packing Tohsaka Rin?s things, careful to keep everything in order because the girl seemed to live in disarray when it came to her things.

Not that he minded tending to her. In fact, it was one of his few pleasures in the repeating loop he?d cursed himself into by trying to change the past. The price for his sin for trying to commit suicide by murdering his past self because of a Faustian pact he made naively years ago. Now he was beginning to settle in the routine of the Fifth Grail War repeating itself over and over again. He realized he couldn?t change what happened to him, but he could manipulate events so his former lover and his past self could find happiness if he tried.

Just not always together, but sometimes things were not meant to be.

However, he had a feeling of dread coiled within his stomach. Something he couldn?t shake that he was seeing from Rin?s cold manner and the Shadow that was threatening to eat Fuyuki City. He knew who the Shadow was, as did Rin and the current Emiya Shirou. Especially since Shirou was currently sleeping with the person housing it in her body to supply her fragile existence with mana.

Just the problem was that Matou Sakura was Rin?s younger sister.

Saying Sakura?s story was tragic was an understatement at best.

As a child, Rin?s father gave the younger Tohsaka to the head of the Matou household, a magus line in which all the magic circuits were dead. The grandfather of the family had implanted magical worms into Sakura?s body in an attempt to copy his Magic Crest into the young girl. In return she?d suffered greatly to the point that her whole body had been transformed by the process. Then the old bastard had transformed Sakura into an immature version of what was tainting the Holy Grail.

This Shadow had to consume mana in order to survive, but in the process it obliterated every living thing it touched. Even Servants weren?t immune to its grim nature, as Emiya Shirou?s Servant Saber had realized just a scant few nights ago.

Which left Emiya Shirou practically defenseless, which was one of the reasons they were staying here. Rin was teaching Shirou how to use magecraft, or rather trying to because the boy was hellishly inept except one odd thing. Archer knew exactly what that odd thing was, but to bring it up would bring too much attention to his identity which was something he didn?t want.

He?d remembered in his time where she started to teach him magecraft. The lessons developed from more there and then he realized he?d been in love with Tohsaka Rin. The pendent she used to heal him, the same one that she used as a catalyst to Summon him, had been one of his prize possessions until he returned it to its original owner.

But there was something crawling in his gut that he couldn?t shake as he gathered her things and headed to her mansion.


Shirou cast a look over his shoulder at the beautiful girl with the violet hair standing behind him. Sakura?s amethyst eyes widened, a tiny smile graced her lips as her cheeks flushed attractively as she bowed her head. The pink ribbon she sported gently touched her cheeks as she cut through the leek. As he watched he noted the angle of her knife was wrong as he walked up to her and stood behind her with their bodies cradled against each other.

He inhaled her sweet, floral scent as he took her delicate wrists into his hands. Her skin was startlingly pale against his, as it had been last night and the night before that. He was filled with awe when it came to her. She leaned back against him enough so that her silky hair brushed against his chin and neck.

Shirou smiled against her hair and said, ?You?re holding the knife wrong, Sakura. Here, hold it like this.? He shifted her position and changed the angle she was holding the blade ever so slightly. He then raised her arm and gently brought it down. The knife cleanly cut through the vegetable as Shirou said, ?Let the blade do the work for you, Sakura, not your arm.?

?You?re good with your hands, Shirou,? she said in a breathy voice before she turned her head to look up at him. She was breathing hard which caused her breasts to rise and fall with each subtle movement, causing them to press against her shirt.

He swallowed as he watched her before bending down and brushing his lips with hers. She murmured sweetly against him as their lips caressed. She turned so she was facing him and her tongue danced to meet his own. He felt heat rise in his body as the kiss turned hotter. Their tongues met and danced against one and another. She pressed against him as her hands combed through his hair.

They parted for air and his face was burning, and hers was too if the pink flush on her pale cheeks was any indication. He stroked her hair and held her protectively. Her arms wrapped around him tightly as her face pressed into his shoulder, just as it had in the rain. His hands traced her spine as he whispered, ?It?s gonna be okay, Sakura, we?re not going to let this thing beat you.?

?You really think nee-san?s going to try to kill me?? she asked softly as she peered up at him.

Shirou replied, ?I don?t think Tohsaka would do anything like that. Archer on the other hand, he might.? Because he?s an ass.

?He?d be right though, sempai, I?m a ticking time bomb,? she said before looking away and taking a step back, ?I don?t want to murder anyone.?

Shirou gripped her shoulders and met her face. He peered into her eyes and said, ?We?re not going to let that happen to you, Sakura.?

?I already killed Saber! I . . . my grandfather made me devour her . . . you?re without your Servant in a war that can get you killed!? Sakura protested as her eyes began to waver with tears, ?And I don?t want to lose you, sempai.?

Shirou framed her face with his hands and swore, ?You?re not going to lose me, I promise.?

?But . . .? she weakly objected, ?What if I do become that thing??

He used his thumbs to brush her tears away as he steadily stared into her eyes. He said, ?Then I?ll do everything in my power to make sure I can save you.?

?Sempai?? she said with wide eyes before he kissed her again.

They parted and he flashed his brightest smile at her. He said, ?Come on, Sakura, I don?t know about you, but I?m starving!?

Sakura laughed as they started cooking again. He smiled as they cooked together, loving the feel of such a mundane task with this girl he?d fallen in love with. As they were bringing the food to the table, a silent, sensual figure in black drifted over with her long, lavender hair trailing behind her like a banner. Her covered eyes did not give any hint of expression, but now Shirou knew fully well why she wore the strange visor when she fought against Archer.

Medusa, the Rider class Servant, glided over to them and sat down beside Sakura. Shirou offered her some soup and asked, ?Won?t you try some??

?I don?t need food to survive, Shirou. I?m not like Saber,? Rider said in her soft, throaty voice, ?I am an actual spirit.?

Shirou held up the pot of miso and asked, ?But won?t you try it, Rider? I?m sure you?ll like it.?

Sakura smiled at Rider and passed her a bowl of the soup. Rider frowned at it before sighing and sipping gently at it. Her eyebrows lifted above her visor before she polished off the rest of the bowl before handing it back to Sakura. She bowed her head and asked, ?Sakura, may I have some more??

Sakura giggled as she poured more of the soup. As they ate, Rider said, ?Master, what are your plans??

Sakura flushed and then looked at Shirou. Shirou looked at her and said, ?I?d like to talk to Berserker?s Master and try to form an alliance with her, then stop your grandfather and his Servant.?

Sakura nodded and asked, ?Does that sound good to you, Rider??

?What of Archer?s Master?? Rider asked softly as she looked at Sakura behind her visor, ?He?s determined to protect her, however, things like honor and fair play are things he?d readily abandon to protect her. Even disobeying her orders to do so.?

Shirou frowned and asked, ?You think we should talk to that asshole??

?And he can talk to Sakura?s sister, yes,? Rider said with a nod.

Sakura swallowed and said, ?But his response to the Shadow . . . I heard him say that even in times like this, he?s still called to be a Cleaner? What does that mean??

?No, we?re not talking to Archer. He?s not going to listen to us, and I don?t like him,? Shirou said with a snort as he turned his head away, ?Especially if Tohsaka is so hard to kill you, Sakura.?

Sakura bowed her head with a nod as her violet eyes narrowed. ?Nee-san doesn?t understand this, she?s being selfish and . . .? Sakura swallowed and placed her hand against her forehead. Shirou frowned at her flushed cheeks.

Shirou leaned forward and took her hand. He asked, ?You okay, Sakura??

Sakura gave him a smile and took a deep breath. Her body shook with the motion as she said, ?I just got dizzy for a second, Sempai, that?s all.?

Shirou asked, ?Are you sure??

?Is it Matou?? Rider asked sharply as she placed her hand on Sakura?s shoulder.

Sakura shook her head and answered, ?No, it doesn?t feel like Grandfather, Rider.?

Shirou asked, ?Are you sure??

?Yes, sempai, I?m sure,? Sakura said with a smile as she closed her eyes. She wavered in her seat before pitching to the side. Shirou stood up as Rider caught her. Shirou ran across to the other side as Rider laid Sakura?s trembling body down to the ground.

Sakura was gasping hard for breath as her eyes fluttered towards the back of her head. She was shaking as Rider cradled her close. Shirou?s voice sounded odd to him as he screamed, ?Rider, what the hell?s wrong with her?? His heart was pounding in his chest as he knelt beside the girl he?d fallen in love with.

He began to stroke the silky strands of violet hair as he murmured, ?It?s okay, Sakura, we?re here, we?re not going to let anything happen to you . . .? He laid a gentle kiss on her forehead as her breathing began to slow and her trembling began to stop.

Rider sighed and said, ?She?s beginning to . . .?

Then Sakura jerked hard before collapsing, utterly still in their arms. Shirou shook her and shouted her name as Rider pressed her ear against Sakura?s heart. ?Her heart?s not beating,? Rider said in a trembling voice.

Shirou grabbed Sakura away from the Servant and laid her onto the ground. He placed his hands together and started pounding at her chest. He did five compressions before tilting Sakura?s head back, closing her nose and breathing into it. He pushed two breaths into her before starting the compressions again. He pressed harder in his urgency, his body felt as if he?d been drenched in ice as his heart wrenched itself into his throat.

With another press he felt something crack under his hands. He leaned forward and blew more air between those unresponsive lips. He did it over and over again for a small eternity before Rider grabbed him with surprisingly weak arms. She pulled him away from Sakura and whispered, ?Shirou, she?s dead . . .?

?No, she?s not dead, I won?t accept that!? Shirou screamed as tears streamed down his face.

Rider?s face fell as she said, ?Shirou, she?s dead . . . ?

?How?? Shirou asked as he looked into her face, ?How . . .? His body shook with the first sob as he grabbed the still warm body in his arms. He held Sakura close as he cried, ?Why? Rider . . .? Why . . .?

?I . . . I don?t know, Shirou,? Rider whispered as she wiped tears that had spilled from her visor as Shirou held Sakura?s body close.
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Unread post by Elf » August 25th, 2008, 5:55 am

Okay, anyone know how to fix the quotation mark snafu?

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Unread post by abscess » August 25th, 2008, 6:37 am

Elf wrote:Okay, anyone know how to fix the quotation mark snafu?
I gather you wrote it in OOwriter or something like that, right?
Apparently this forum can't understand some symbols, such as the quotations used in OOwriter and other stuff. What does that mean? You have to delete every single quotetation and retype it in this thing or in the notepad. In the Notepad the quotations from whatever other writer you use will appear but (at least in my case) slightly more curved than the ones that normally appear in Notepad when you type them.

What I do is type in Notepad and only use symbols that I know won't make this forum get crazy. If I want to run a spellcheck I copy-paste the whole text into a window with a writer that can do it. It may not be the greatest idea, but that's what I do.

As far as I know, every single symbol that can't be understood is changed into a "?". Take note of what they originally were and try to change them to something understandable.
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Unread post by zweiterversuch » August 25th, 2008, 8:21 am

A nice story Elf, really.
I would never had thought that Shirou would be the one who would hurt sakura beyond any kind of recuperation. (He broke her Sternum, right?)
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Unread post by TheXev » August 30th, 2008, 5:00 pm

If you are using Word and are attempting to copy and paste it into a chat window, try this first: save as... and export as a Windows based text file, then copy and paste that text file into the forum. This will remove all the double bite characters and replace them with single width ASCII.

Also remember, you can use the edit button instead of posting the same thread 6 times (which you did do). Please try to refrain from this in the future.

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