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Posted: July 21st, 2008, 11:06 pm
by zweiterversuch
the idea behind this is to try to make somebody else see the kind of Arturia I imagined some while ago.

I will try to explain everything in a way that allows whoever might be interessted in this to create his own story rather than coping mine since it would be more or less like making somebody else do my work.


See this three videos please:

And try to imagine Saber.
Don't concentrate on the images but on the music.
On the kind of feeling they give to you and how that feeling might be used in a story with Saber as the protagonist.

Try to imagine her as good as you can, ok?

(dark saber I mean...or well... usual saber might be good too but....they are the same person so I think there is no differece.)

I had never heard of these groups before.

Sooo...did you get any ideas?

If you are just wondering what the hell I was trying to do with all this suff you can keep reading. If don't I recommend you to stop here and go work on your new fic.
are you gone already?


soo you want to keep reading?


If you paidd attention to the three songs and imagined saber while hearing it, I am pretty sure you have already have this kind of impression.

First song: Represents the past saber, a young girl with the heart of a lion and eyes full of fire, ready to sacrifice everything in order to make her people happy.

second song: An already crowned Arturia... Trapped in her castle's walls and her shiny armor. The years haven't come in vain and her heart has become weary while her eyes don't shine as they once did. The loss of dear people and the traition of people she loved lets her fall deeper in the abyss...
(the people who can actually understand german might have thought of something else since the text of the song talks about something totaly different. )

third song:Dark Saber.
The epicness that this song remind us of is different than the one the first song do.
This one has a heavier feeling to it.
Experience gained in battles nobody would have ever dreamt of.
The feeling of a sword than seems to rip violently rather than cut cleanly.
and a little bit of Something some people might refer to as "freedom", but what in reality couldn't be something more different than that.

I ask of you again.

Do you have know some kind of idea?
Yes/ no
if you don't, keep reading.
if you do...well go away.

Did they leave already?
ok the ones who stayed seem to want to hear the rest of the story.

Putting aside the epicness of the third song, I am sure you guys thought of something else while hearing it.


after this word, I am sure words like: Violence, beer, dirt, fur, snow, etc, came to your mind.
and that is the main theme of this story:

Saber's world.
The age she lived in.

slave market *, very unhealthy conditions, saxon invaders, starvation, the church, etc etc

The idea behind all this was a fic about Dark saber living in such a world.
That is why I thought of rating it +18.

Here is what I thought could happen in such a story, and why it would happen:

" After giving birth to Avenger, Sakura became an almighty being even more powerfull than the planet's will.
Thinking her task is now accomplished D. Saber asks D. Sakura to grant her wish, this being to be able to go and find her own happiness.
Sakura accepts unwillingly and congratulates saber for her chage of heart. She had choosen her own happiness over the one of the others. That made her a little bit cleverer than a certain sempai of hers.
Sakura then kills dark saber by eating her and send dark saber's memories to saber's past self.

Little by little the young saber begins to be tormented by the memories of her future self becoming steadly more and more like her.
She becomes King again and everything happens how it should until the day when she finds out that Lancelot and Guinivere had betrayed her. Thinking all those dreams she had were actually a premonition Saber flees three days after Guinivere and Lancelot escaped taking both swords (Caliburn and Excalibur) with herself to return them to their corresponding place. Excalibur to the lake and Caliburn to the stone she pulled it out from.
By returning the Caliburn she meets Merlin again who tells her she has changed a lot and that next time they meet he will kill her.
Because of that, by returning Excalibur Saber keeps the sheat of the sword and heads north.

In her travel she meets many barbarians who after seeing how strong she was decided to follow her rather than fighting against her.
[i]NOTE: the barbarian think she is a guy. A beautiful guy, but a guy in any case.

Saber never considerates herself the leader of the barbarians but she doesn't care about what they do unless they get in her way.

They then come to one village, where a young lad (10 - 13 years old) called " ??? insert name here" lives.
??? has a normal life until saber arrives to the village.
Saber asks ???'s family to let spend with them the night.
They accept because they are afraid of saber attacking the village.
??? then discovers that Saber is actually a girl but says that she is very different from the other girls he knows. She actually frightens him. The following day the men attack the village ??? asks saber to stop them but she refuses saying she isn't their leader.
???' father is going to be killed but ???'s mother gets in the way. She asks for mercy and then Saber tells her that if she kills her husband with her own hands and swears to be hers she will forgive her life and save the village.
????'s mother accepts but can only do half of what she has been asked. She kills her husband but gets crazy after doing so and kills herself.

NOTE: when ???'s mother dies she meets Sakura who asks her wheter she regrets what she did. ???'s mother says that she does.
"Even if Saber saves your kid?"
"yeah...I still regret it"
At some point this was supposed to be a manga I worked on. That is why it has such scenes.

After seeing his parents die before his eyes ??? doesn't know what he should do and just follows saber silently, since he realized that the bandits would never do something to her.

that night he goes fishing and in the river is attacked by one of the barbarians (a gay one) who is jealous of him for being the only one who can be near to saber.
??? tries to escape but get caught a short while after that.
Then they both hear something.
On the river side they see a saber whose lower body is painted red. (blood...lower part of the body....woman... = menstruation)
the gay bandit feeling betrayed wants to kill Saber but gets his head cut off what causes saber a lot of pain due to her menstrual cramps.
Seeing Saber in pain rejoices the kid. And he decides to help her in order to take revenge later, since he is the only one who really knows how weak saber (some times) can be.

that hate becomes later a kind of hate-love (one-sided. Saber doesn't give a damn)

the army of barbarians gets killed at some point in the story

some months later they (??? & saber) meet lancelot and guinivere, who had been living in the forest.
Saber is suffering under nightmares and allucinations of her past- self.
So she gets sick (psycological illness).
Lancelot brings her to them house and helps saber get better.

There saber tries to win Guinivere's heart back but she, Guinivere, tells her that she actually never loved her.
NOTE: in this fic I wanted Saber to be in love with Guinivere.
Saber then is tempted to kill guinivere but is stopped by lancelot.
Saber leaves together with ???.
NOTE: Lancelot and Guinivere die after that because of a poisoned bread ??? had gaven to them. Lancelot then thinks (in front of Dark Sakura) that ??? is actually Saber's biggest enemy.

??? is now a 16 years old and is now used by saber as toy (I am so jealous of that bastard!!)
Saber is now heading south west but on her way she hears about a Mordred who had become Camelot's king.
Saber then heads west but ??? recommends her to go south. He heard once that in south there was a king whose kingdom was supposed to be the happiest on earth.
Saber just keeps walking and tells him that she is sure that there isn't happiness in those lands at all.

they then keep heading west and on their way they get involved in a fight between mordred's and men and other people.
in battle ??? is kidnapped and saber losts excalibur's sheat, the two of them are brought to Mordred (Excalibur's sheat & ???)
??? meets mordred and tries to find out why he despises saber so much.
At some point mordred discovers that ??? was Saber's aquitance and orders to torture him until he says where his father (saber) is.

??? is tortured in horrible ways but since he doesn't know where saber might by he can't answer.
One day saber returns to camelot (in search of the sword's sheat).
She goes straight to the castle and orders Mordred to return it.
Mordred asks what she really wants: the sheat or her friend and lets ??? be brought to the room.
Saber answers almost immeditely: "the sheat"

Mordred says that Saber is boring and tells his soldiers to kill saber.
Saber then kills them all and asks Mordred why did he become King of camelot.
Mordred said he wanted to see her dream crumble.
but saber tells him that she doesn't care anymore and that he, like herself, is cursed and doesn't have a dream of his own.
She cuts off his hands and goes. Mordred doesn't want to live anymore but since he doesn't have hands he can't do much.

??? lies then on the floor covered in wounds, unable to move or speak.
Merlin arrives, kills mordred out of mercy and heals ????.
??? then hears what kind of relationship Saber and Merlin had.
Merlin tells him he plans to kill Saber.
??? then goes west in order to find saber.

When ??? finds saber she is already fighting against merlin.
she would have been already dead if she wouldn't have had the sheat.

Saber stabs merlin and merlin uses petrification to kill saber.
Saber begins to turn then into stone.

??? pushes her to the floor and tries to stab her with her own sword but it breaks.
He then begins to hit her but since his hands are hitting stone so he pretty much only hurts himself.
He cries a lot and curses a lot and says she is going to a place where he can't follow her anymore.
Saber then looks him in the eyes and puts her hands around his neck.
When she turns completely to stone she chokes him.

NOTE: after that Saber and ??? enter Sakura's domain (like all others before them) and sakura asks if she enjoyed her wish.
Saber then says " yes, but it could have had a better ending.""

OK!!! that is all this was about.

See you later!!


Re Schwarze Arthuria of Camelodunum. (a little 18+...again)

Posted: July 22nd, 2008, 3:11 pm
by zweiterversuch

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Re: Schwarze Arthuria of Camelodunum. (a little 18+...again

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Re: Schwarze Arthuria of Camelodunum. (a little 18+...again

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Posted: July 27th, 2008, 12:12 am
by DarkRedSky
It was pretty interesting. Made me think of Mordred a bit... not really Arturia.

Posted: July 27th, 2008, 1:11 am
by zweiterversuch

Posted: July 31st, 2008, 8:47 pm
by Donvermicelli
I just read it, amazing. I'd love to read more.

Posted: July 31st, 2008, 11:24 pm
by zweiterversuch

Posted: August 1st, 2008, 8:11 am
by Donvermicelli
In the pic where Sakura is sitting in the throne she appears to have almost no neck at all.

other than that it look great.

Posted: August 1st, 2008, 12:41 pm
by zweiterversuch

Posted: August 1st, 2008, 1:01 pm
by Donvermicelli
Looks much better now.

Posted: August 1st, 2008, 2:03 pm
by zweiterversuch

Posted: August 1st, 2008, 2:17 pm
by Donvermicelli
You got me hooked, can't wait for more 8)

Posted: January 15th, 2009, 10:38 am
by zweiterversuch
Read please the first post.