Another vanity [tsukihime fanfic]

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Another vanity [tsukihime fanfic]

Unread post by ayadew » April 30th, 2008, 1:13 pm

The mourning silence of death, only broken by my heaving breaths, crackling fire and the distant howling of wind.

The stench emitting from my stained clothes of all things a human body can produce; burning flesh, excrement, blood, rotting meat, salty tears and sweat.

The fleeting, mixing feelings of love, indiscriminate destruction, disgust, euphoria, vanity and nostalgia.

The familiar buildings around me, their shapes twisted by fire and physical force, illuminated red and yellow in the night.

I found myself there.

Oh, this is my house in front of me, a bakery. Then I must have finished killing my family. My father just stood there, accepting his fate as I ripped out his heart. I laughed at him. So this is his corpse in front of me. Such a useless bag of meat.
That's not true..

My house, why is it burning? What is this terrible smell? Why is that woman hanging headless out of my window? What is going on? Who is that corpse in front of me, why, why, why
That's not me..!

"Father!" As I pick him up and press him against my chest, the memory of his warmth makes me burst out in violent crying... Never again will I feel it. Even dead, he's smiling, as if his last words were to comfort me, as if it wasn't my fault. My fault...
Hahahaha, only my fault!

I throw it away, dead and meaningless object. Why did I pick it up? It bled on me. Now I have to lick myself clean..
"There is no pity for a coward... Crying won't save you. You were merely a human, do not try to be more or less. I grow tired of repeating this."

Danger. I turn around - the great, divine light not belonging to the rules of this reality pierces me. How.. very tedious...
I see the back of a blond woman, clad in seemingly randomly picked clothes, moving away. To be killed by such a... sleep...

I was floating in oblivion. No feelings, my senses registering nothing. Only the faint state of awareness.
I remember... I had experienced this once before when I was a child, moving outside my own body unwillingly, staring at it from overhead.
Only this time, I didn't see anything... and I heard voices.

"She is the 17th, correct? This is not normal, it's merely a common girl in a backwater town."

A prickling feeling slowly went from my fingers up to my arms, filling my entire body.

"Not quite, the body of this woman... It has extremely high magical potential. More than any of the other hosts registered. The reason he chose this must be of that reason only."

And that creeping feeling of apathy, seemingly always connected with pain fear. I felt them both now, so it wasn't very surprising to me.

"Curious. But there is no doubt, Brunestud did a through rough job as always."

I wanted to give up, but my body was calling me. Death, give me death... for all I have done... There was nothing left for me in that existence.

"Uuh... what is this! WHAT IS THIS! EXECUTORS!!!"

Prayers in vain, I woke up.
As I opened my eyes I saw them swiftly coming down through my chest, legs and head. Black swords.
I died.
But not as I did when she came. Having no further need of my body, I was released from it once more. I saw it regenerating, then I was sucked in. It needed me again to exist. Only a few seconds had passed.

"In the name of God, kill it! KILL IT!"

The desperate voice filled my ears once more, and I attempted to cough blood out of my throat.
The measly resistance was effectively stopped by more swords. Again and again. I cried, screamed and lastly I laughed. Laughed in the face of the desperate voice, both of us unable to understand anything, only the vanity of the situation. To live to die, not accomplishing anything else, it was amusing in a morbid way.

"... Lock her in, we'll take her to the Vatican. I will erase this contradiction. My Lord, I swear it... I swear it... I swear it..."

The voice rabbled on as I stopped listening. It felt far away and meaningless. With the swords still sticking through my body, I was lifted and thrown into darkness.
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Unread post by ayadew » May 1st, 2008, 3:15 pm

Not sure where all those posts came from, but I deleted them now. ._;
Had some problems yesterday posting, so it looks like the server wanted to post all my tries at once!
Fixed a little with the text too, this is the one I intended to post from the start.
This is quite embarrassing
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Unread post by Lusor » May 1st, 2008, 4:07 pm

good fic about the past of ciel.

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