Tsukihime EX/Seven Nights of Nanaya

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Tsukihime EX/Seven Nights of Nanaya

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Disclaimer - The author of the fanfiction, Tsukihime EX/Seven Nights of Nanaya, does not, in any way, profit from the story and that all creative rights to the characters belong to their original creator(s) [Type-Moon].
This is my first take on a Tsukihime fanfiction. I'm a confident writer, but I tried to mimic Tsukihime's style of writing in this fiction, in order to keep in context, so I'm a little concerned about the content and flow. But, well, come what may.

First, a brief introduction for you readers. This story is held in an Alternate Universe to the Original Tsukihime, what I would've seen happening had one (Or maybe more) events been a little different. Foremost is the event in which Makihisa chose on a whim to adopt Nanaya Shiki, mainly because the boy had the same name as his own son. What if this capricious whim had not been so kind? What would've become of the last Nanaya?

This story is of the Nanaya Shiki left behind to die in that forbidden forest, that one fateful night. Of course, the other characters will be making appearances as well; however, as you'd expect, their relationship with Shiki would be a little different then with the original Tsukihime. Of course, I'm going to attempt to illustrate some scenes and characters; particularly the new Shiki. But well, quite frankly my skills aren't so grandeur so it'll take a while. A long while. If ever.

Yes, I lied when I said it'd be a brief introduction. But, without further ado...


Tsukihime EX/Seven Nights of Nanaya


I swallow. The bile built in my mouth after my coma subsides in the recesses of my throat. Ironically, despite its foul taste, a part of me revels it as a sign that I am again among the living. It was a strange glory that was short lived. Despite this, my world is still filled with darkness. I can’t see a thing.

In contrast to when I was in a coma, however, I can feel that this darkness is simply due to gauzes having been wrapped around my eyes. I decide to try my hand at removing these annoying blindfolds. I desperately want to see something real again.

?So you’re finally awake, eh? I wouldn’t touch those if I were you,? A husked voice tells me with an aged maternal tone. Without seeing him I recognize the voice and an image of the man comes to mind. His old face, with greying hair, a slick mustache and goatee and deep wisdom in his eyes. I know this man; he’s a Doctor called Jinan Sougen. He and my father spoke on many occasions.

?So, how’re you feeling, kid?? The Doctor asks gruffly. Choosing not to inform him that just because he was my father’s friend it doesn’t make him mine, I deftly answer, ?I’ve been better, gramps,?

?Well duh, that’s a given, kid, now tell me how you’re really feeling,? He talks to me like I had been brain damaged. I hate this man already. Had he only a drop of Demonic blood in him, I would’ve twist his neck a full 360 by now.

?Terrible, my whole body aches and I have the worse migraine; you’re a Doctor, so fix it,?
…When was I so mechanical? So fraught with an insatiable desire to kill and an instinctual knowledge of how to do it? This is…

?The cursed blood of the Nanaya; I can’t fix that, boy,? Sougen replies like he read my mind. My thoughts must’ve been obvious from the troubled expression on my face. ?Besides, I’d get in trouble with the higher ups if I tried; they don’t want Shiki, you see, they want Nanaya,?

?He was right then…? With that, the conversation ended and old man Sougen carries out his usual inspection on the newly woken body of Nanaya.


There’s something wrong. I feel it to my very core. A man looks over me with disgusted eyes, as if to him my very existence was a sin. I, Nanaya Shiki, the son of Nanaya Kiri. What had my father done to this man to make him hate us so?

?Your name’s Shiki? My son has the same name,? The man looks at me bemusedly. As if he couldn’t decide whether to spare or slay me. It was mere coincidence that the son of his most hated enemy had the same name as his own child. Perhaps on a whim, the man considers adopting the boy Nanaya.

?End him,? And that was it. His deliberation was over. With just a waning whim that could’ve easily been swayed either way, that man, Tohna Makihisa, chose death over life for me.

It was merely misfortunate, a chance decision. Had the wind been blowing in a different direction, had the trees not rustled so loudly, had the stench of blood not been so dampening…All these and many more trivial factors may have swayed such a capricious decision. Perhaps an entirely different reality would’ve been realized had the conclusion to this massacre been different.

The hired soldiers of Tohno raised their guns at a child and without even a moment’s pause, they riddle me with bullets. Every shrapnel piercing through my skin cleanly or embedding itself in my muscle.

Unconsciousness came instantly; fortunately, death was not so fleet of foot. In the nexus twixt Life and Death, I stood before Hell’s gate.

?You’re pretty weak, aren’t you, Shiki? ? A boy who looked uncannily like me, though his eyes betrayed a deep seated blood lust, sat upon the gate. He chuckled lightly as his legs crossed and his arms folded.

?Who are you?? I ask, my bewilderment overwhelming my obligation to answer his sarcasm.
?I am you, well, the killer in you,? The boy’s eyes flash a dangerous hue, ?You know my name,?
?Yes, Shiki, I am the incarnation of Death that all of the Nanaya Clan carry within them,?

Not quite understanding him, I pause to contemplate my situation. It takes a while before an unwelcome realization dawns on me.
?Am I dead??
?Most definitely, but not to the point that it’s irreversible,? Nanaya’s words gave me hope. Can you believe that? A dead man having hope?

?H, how…??
?There are those who covet the power of the last Nanaya,?
My eyes brighten at the thought that someone might still need me. Yet his eyes shoot it down with an omnipotent cold glare. ?The last Nanaya, not Shiki,?

?Eh..? But aren’t I Nanaya??
?No, in name perhaps but not in person,? He answers me coolly while I just stand dumbfounded. Noticing my confusion, the boy almost identical to me save for his sharp eyes, elaborates, ?As I said, the true Nanaya is I, a flawless killer, that resides in you; a helpless boy is of no value to anyone,?

My heart skips a beat. ?Then h, how can I exist…??
?Join with me. If Shiki chooses to live, he must become the Nanaya; you must accept me,?
It was not a hard decision. Given the choice, a human would always choose immediate self preservation over long term sacrifice. ?I accept,?

?Then sleep, sleep and wake up as Nanaya Shiki; a true killer,?

So I slept. And as I slept, I dreamt of a different reality that could’ve been; had that Makihisa’s whim been on my side. In this dream reality, I spent my days with a strict, but cute, little sister, twins who were my maids, a nosy but fun-loving Senpai or a selfish, beautiful vampire. It was a fleeting but pleasant premonition of what could’ve been.

A dream that was so fragile that I had no doubt I’d forget when next I open my eyes.


?This isn’t right!? The girl yells desperately. She clings on to me and her brown hair rather annoyingly covers my blindfolded eyes, rubbing against the skin of my forehead. ?We can’t turn this child into a killer!?

From listening to the conversation thus far, I’ve learnt that the woman’s name is Jinnan Tokie, the daughter of Jinnan Sougen. She’s just as despicable as her father. Holding onto my head tightly as if I was a child (Which I suppose I am physically), she cradles me and every now and then whispers in my ear, ?It’ll be alright, Nee-san will take care of you,?

Like I said. Despicable.

?Haa, Tokie, I keep telling you that we have no say in it,? Sougen reassures the girl, a faint sigh betraying his age. Sougen may act young, but he really was just a weary old man who’s lived too long. ?This boy belongs to the Demon Hunter Organization now,?
?I, I can’t accept that, father!?
?You’ll have to,?
?Are you saying we should make him a murderer??
?He’s already a murderer! It’s in his blood!?
?Don’t be so ridiculous!?

Ignoring the fight, I passively stare straight forward (Since it doesn’t matter where I look, everything is still a pitch black with my eyes covered by gauzes). I remain a stalwart silent amidst the intense conversation. It’s not that I have nothing to say. ?Get the hell off me, bitch,’ was a very tempting, but, I hold my peace. I just don’t have the energy to speak unnecessarily. My chat earlier this morning had all but drained me and it would be a while before I could even move my hand.

I learnt from Sougen that I had been in a coma for over a year and a half. My bullet wounds have all been treated and they’ve long recovered, they were only waiting for my mind to catch up. Now that it had, I, the last Nanaya, was to be adopted by the Demon Hunter Organization. Perhaps ?adopted’ isn’t the right word? It’s more like ?enslaved’.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind though. I have no doubt that they would let me do the two things most important to me; exist and kill. It might sound like an oxymoron, but it isn’t really. To exist myself and to kill others; I had convinced myself that my life would be that simple.

?Hey, Shiki…don’t you have anything to say about this? This is your future after all!? Tokie-san looks at me to reaffirm her arguments. Making no effort to change my posture or show any sign that I’ve acknowledged her, I nonchalantly, and truthfully, reply, ?Not really,?


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When will you post the next story?...

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nice story i say, cant wait for the rest.

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