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Unread postby serious8 » November 21st, 2007, 12:10 am

end scene

It hurts
my eye hurts
even tough I am only using my left eye the headache caused by the lines is as painful as usual
too many
too poweful
that is the reason. Two true Ancestor and two of the most powerful dead apostols are standing in front of me
their only presence arise my blood and fear beyond human comprehension. Just the pain let me stay sane.
but I don't care anymore becase tese things before me have hurted my love ones.

I see Akiha laying unconscious by Hisui and Kohaku, who are taking care of her behind the wall of ice made by Ren.
Their clothes are ruined and have wounds all over her bodies. After Akiha was knocked down and before Fina* could thrust her chest with his sword the both of them attacked him which resulted with the three of them being blowed away.

"Damn it !!! you monster!!!"

but I can shout him all I want, he knows words will not kill him.
I am so angry with myself.
tough I said I would rescue Arcuried, tough i don't want to see anybody being hurt I can't do anything.
Actually I can see them
the lines which determine the death of any being
Three pitch-black lines and a point where the meet below his third left rip are al I can see but I am unable to cut them.
It doesn't matter how fast I move and how many I slice apart he always manage to put some more of his subordinates in my way escaping from my death blow.
I cut and cut rotten former sailors form me unknown sees


The suddenly sound of breaking bones and the warmth of blood over my face distract me.
A sensation of cold steel in my chest


An impossible scene
Fina had pierced trough the body of one of the old see wolves trying to impale me but a pilar of ice that was put by Ren between him and let just a part of the sword stab me.
Even though his strategy was a faliure I can notice behind his beard a grimase as a smile. The smile of a lunatic dissapearing among deads.

" Aeons ago... Aeons ago I felt the same way I feel now kid"
A voice like from an old captain hook reises from the see of men.

" This fear... this panic... the sensation to stand before the death self!!!
just like when I fought against her, my Master,....ALTROUGE BRUNESTUD!!!!!!!!!!! ."

Shouting her name as were it the one of a god a shadow emerges and swing his sword against me
I manage to avoid it but his other hand grips my neck and lift me up thirty or fourthy centimeters avobe the floor.

" My kid, my kid. You are good. The best may I say.
No man have entretained me so in a battle.
If only you were younger"

His eyes examinate every inch of my body.
for some reason I get sick.

"Give me..... Arcuried ....back"
I can't breath
Saliva is massively being produced in myopened mouth what causes me to droll
my eye wides as much as he presses

" Die Kid DIE!!!!"


- no... rather kill-
The sickness grows up.
Just to be touch by such a perverted makes me trow up.
I don't want it
I don't want it
even if there are no lines over his face I have decided to stab it until he let me go.


An eye.... not bad but not enough he is still holding me

" DAmn brat !!! Can't you die with some dignity!?"


by the nose.


trough his cheek

Slowly the pressure around my neck disappears.
but I was thrown several meters away from the bloody old man.

"how you dare!!!"

(No. 8 - Fina-blood Svelten Another of Altrouge's bodyguards, together with Rizo and Primate Murder, also nicknamed White Knight Svelten. He possesses a Reality Marble of unknown nature called Parade and is the captain of a ghost ship. He likes to suck blood from young boys and is on bad terms with both Rita Rozay-en and Van-Fem, the latter due to having destroyed one of his castles during a previous battle between the two.)
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Unread postby Einherjar » November 21st, 2007, 1:02 am

Well, it's not too bizarre but
1. Shiki wouldn't be that dramatic, the most he would do is grumble a bit;
2. $500? you mean 500 yen?
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Unread postby serious8 » November 21st, 2007, 8:55 am

hmmm maybe are you right... i edit it again....
but $500 are almost 450 Euro remember, Shiki is on a flight to Europa. (Shiki's city is not the center of Tsukihime's world)
do you have any other comments?
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Unread postby Henduluin » November 21st, 2007, 9:54 am

Actually, 500 USD is around 340 euros right now, and it's dropping every day >.>
*goes back into lurking*
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Unread postby serialies » November 21st, 2007, 2:09 pm

im suprised shiki managed to get away from akiha in order to fly with arc and ren XD
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Unread postby Naota » November 21st, 2007, 5:55 pm

Actually, I believe Altrouge Brunestud is a girl, and somewhat younger than Arcueid. So far she's only been mentioned indirectly in everything I've read (Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya, and the PLUS+Disk), but I did manage to google an image of her somehow. I'm not sure exactly how "canon" her appearance is, but it seems to remain more or less the same in every image I can find, though only this one may have been drawn by Type-Moon. I also heard somewhere that Altrouge is the reason that Arcueid has short-cut hair in Tsukihime rather than the ankle-length (lack of) haircut we see in flashbacks of her.

Altrouge Brunestud
"They marched onwards, fire against earth, bodies piling ever higher for the whims of rival demons, content in their game. The masses never questioned their intent nor knew their masters, serving Hell more than Heaven in their madness. For madness went unchallenged here, and the great machine of many faces, skins, and thoughts continued to turn in silence."
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Unread postby serious8 » November 21st, 2007, 8:10 pm


Fina approachs me slowly

his face recovers from the wounds and a new eye replaces the one I stabbed

I can't move
not because the wounds, not because the broken bones just because I have forgotten how I to move
my eye demand all from me
the taste of my sweat in my mouth get away
suddenly all around me is quiet
and the smell of blood is no more there.

only a sword avobe me is all I can see
I look at Akiha and the others. I can't say they are in pain but their face seem to have resigned to see another day.
I get angry not about something or with someone specific.
I am angry just that and no more.


Fina put his foot on my stomach with such strengh that I almost throw up
his saber point towards my uncover right eye

" with just an eye? huh?
Why kid?
Why are you fighting with just an eye?
do you think your glare can kill me? huh?"

his foot make more pressure on my stomach
I can't breath
my anger becomes hatred

this being should not exist
this being just die
without mercy or compasion

every one of them must die...

kill kill kill

Deads... demons... dead apostols... true ancestors

all of them just all of them want to take her away from me... my desire, my obsesion, my happiness


I see Arcuried sleeping on the leap of her sister. She is so cute as always
A sleeping beauty
she seems to be happy by her sister
a monument of eternity in a sea of death

-Arcuried. I really love you-

my head is going to fall apart
just that vision takes my pain away

Altrouge stares me.
looking down on me
I can think anymore
I must be dying

" You have courage kid"
Fina makes me a compliment
I don't know why but my hatred grows even while I am smiling him

"to faces the two princess... consider you lucky kid.
You know what I will do?"

his sword cuts slowly the bandage upon my left eye

" I will let you see them a last time, this is my thanks for the fight.
just for this moment they will be yours"

Altrouge looks Fina at the same way Akiha does when I say something unproperly of the Tohno household
It looks like Altrouge sees Fina as a member of her family
my left eye is still closed
I turn my head to see Fina's face

"Idiot. They are already mine."
I open my eye at the same time I pronounce this words
His eyes and my eyes meet each other for the first time

a face of incohomprension and fear, of hate and regret
the cold sensation of the knife in my hand
and the warmth of blood on my skin
a dismantelated body in the moonlight

my last memoryof that time.
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Unread postby serious8 » November 23rd, 2007, 12:32 pm

Ok i am starting to think the size of the Projectt is too big so i think i will try to make a demo of a graphic novel out of it.
The problem is: i don't have any pictures of the characters so if someone tried to make the desgins i wouldn't mind.
BUT i am going to keep writing.
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Unread postby Einherjar » November 24th, 2007, 2:42 pm

Wait, if this is Arc's true ending, then Shiki shouldn't have met Len in her true form yet.

BTW: I never guessed that the forum made a new section for this. Does that mean there'll be a lot of topics migrating?
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Unread postby serious8 » November 25th, 2007, 5:01 pm

Einherjar wrote:Wait, if this is Arc's true ending, then Shiki shouldn't have met Len in her true form yet.

BTW: I never guessed that the forum made a new section for this. Does that mean there'll be a lot of topics migrating?

Well... you are reight but if i had continued the history after Arcuried's true ending, there wouln't have been history at all. ( without Arcuried there is no Tsukihime)
Besides this project has as principal goal to create an extra ending for Shiki and Arc.

BTW: I was the one who made this topic. I don't know anything else. what does it mean " to megrate"?
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Unread postby serious8 » November 25th, 2007, 10:22 pm


on the way to the airport put a lot more of attention to the sorrownding city.
It was quite light to realize i was no more in japan, but under the snow there was some resemblance between my town and this place.

"under the snow all the streets look like the crossing in front of my old highschool... my highschool? why am i going there? i must to the airport there is something i must do there"

suddenly i found me walking trough unknown streets.

"no this isn't the right way. Why? why cannot go to the airport. Damn! it is just a pair streets away from here"

I strarted to run.
I think i was in panic. This feeling was just as if i were being controlled, as a puppet, which cannot move on his own.
i don'tknoe how long had i been running but at once all my strengh left my and i fell to the floor.

"i can't move any more...Why?...what is wrong?"

-what did you expect?
you are not going to do yourself any good by pushing myself here until i collapse again along the side of the road.-

"...i guess there is no helping it.....................................................................!!!!!!!!"

but when did i collapse. Since we arrived i havn't even felt any symptom of the anemy.

"I must go on..."


someone stood up and suddenly "i" was no more there.

Crowds of walking people...
nameless people without personalities walked straight ahead, without evencsting a glance at the people walking beside them... just like "me" now.
Even thoug there are so many people here together in this crowd "i " only see one thing... nothing

There was people, there was "me", but at the same time there was nobody, just puppets who only see their own path and only live the day from that perspective.

"I was once something different, but when was i like that"

the thoughts of my new me made "me" sick

"when was it. I don't know it any more"

one by one they come to me again. All my memories overcome "me" and my world ended to exist as it is...and began to take place as it was once on a summer day getting up from a guardrail resuming my way to the mansion so i can rest.

-----and exactly like the last time, it all lasted until i see her.

*doki doki*

All i did was casualy cast my gaze into the crowd, but my vision freezes.
golden hair and red eyes
her clothes are white, as if they were a symbol of herself-


-my pulse races.
my veins and arteries sping into action my nerves split one after the other.
my spinal cord goes berserk, as if it is about to leap out of my back-

This feeling... this thoughts... "i" already had them once...but...

- The gold-haired girl is just...beautiful-
as always Arcuried is precious

*Doki Doki*

- My heart beats in a rush, urguing me to hurry up-
Yes, it does.

- I can't think.
My brain tells me only one word.-
Yes, it does. Yes, it does!

-just oneword repeating in my brain.
That girl.
i am going to...-

Wait don't do that!

"I" tried to stop me but "i"wasn't able to do it

powerless "i" felt sick.
powerless "i" couldn't breathe
powerless "i" followed her
powerless "i" chased her
powerless "i" am going to kill her... again.

With every step i took "i" remembered the next one.
my voice was fading away and my troath was dryed up from shouting

I kept walking. i kept following her.
kept seeing which way did she takes, which building did she go in, which floor the elevator stops at.
I kept chasing her.

i and "i" are before the door.
Seeing me pressing the doorbell filled "me" with fear and hate
I didn't care anymore about the circumstqances and reasons of this dream "i" just wanted to stop me even at costs of our live.
"my" hands sorrownded my neck at the moment "i"heard Arcuried's voice at the other side of the door.
when i sliped through the door and "i" tryed to sofocate me, I regained my body and was shallowed by a world of lines and points.

Nothing was there just lines and points, which assembled forms and something, what looked like the horizont.
The coldness of the steel let me know "i" was holding the knife in the hand and the hot sensation on my skin let me guess Arcureid was already dead.

I fell blind on my knees on a floor that could at any time fall apart.

*step* *step*

the sound of steps, many of them echoed in my head.
they stoped near me.
the rough touch of the unknown hands, the warmth of the mixture of saliva and sweath. The sweet smell of perfume.
" A dream...?"


then the lines made a castle, by the castle a huge dog, whose side three human-shaped beings stand at.
the lines headed towards me and perfored my skin letting the other sensations go away.
the conversation of the three beings is the only thing i can hear now
They speak about weakness and shame.
They talk about punishment and death.
but i didn't care any more

- ...mine now Tohno Shiki -

A voice.
Her voice...?


so i noticed my dreams were not only mine but ours.

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Unread postby serious8 » November 29th, 2007, 7:53 pm

*tick* *tack*
6:00 o'clock

6:00 o'clock and he didn't return
but why?
the airport isn't so far from here
I am worried
I am worried even though just a few hours ago i could have been able to hit him as long i could have had.

"Shiki-sama... are we already too late?"
looking trough the window I bite lightly my lower lip.


AKiha-sama's voice lets me forget

"good morning Akiha-sama.
My sister is busy with your lagguage at the moment. "

"With the lagguage?"

"Yes. At 3:45 am we were called by the airport's managment and they asked us to pick it up and pay the damage caused to the conveyor belt"

"I am not interested at all in the lagguage but why did Kohaku go? My brother should have picked it up last night. Didn't he do it?

Akiha-sama frowns but her hands are holding tightly the vanilla sheets of her bed just like she held her skirt when she resisted the urge to cry after losing.
- Akiha haven't change so much like you think she did Shiki-sama-
Akiha-sama still looking at me waiting for an answer, which I don't want to give her but I have to.

"Shiki-sama seems not to have returned last night"

Akiha-sama sink her gaze in the sheets and asks where Shiki-sama would be now. After telling her that was me unknow With a fragile voice she asked me to leave the room
as I close the door a sob left her lipps. I don't turn around afraid of let notice Akiha-sama my tears as well.
I head to Shiki-sama's roo,which Ren is still sleeping in
actualy this shouldn't be a reason of saddnes or worry. For us it has become something rather normal that Shiki-sama disappears for two or three days. There is no helping it.
But this isn't the same.
Akiha-sama has sensed it.
she hasn't told me but it is the reason why she calls my sister every night to her room to drink her blood.
There is something dangerous lying in wait for Shiki-sama.


I crash accidentaly against the door.

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