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TYPE-MOON Wiki Development Project

Unread post by InsaneZero » August 29th, 2007, 10:42 pm

Yesterday, I decided to go and make a TYPE-MOON wiki. It's been a long time since fuyuki shut down, and it was getting to be pain in the rear to pull the site out from archive hell... so, I figured, why not?



Now, if you clicked on the link above, you can easily tell that the Wiki had just barely started. I've spent most of my morning making pages and setting up categories, but all I managed to do was about 2% of what needed to be done.

So, I'm asking TYPE-MOON community to go help out with this project. It's a huge task, and unfortunately I'm very new at actually working on a wiki. If you can help out in some way, or make helpful suggestions, it'll be much appreciated. Let's make this work.

Oh, and for the sake of organization, I already have a topic in Beast's Lair about this Wiki: http://nrvnqsr.proboards20.com/index.cg ... 1188372509

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